OIAA: Chapter 87

Everyone knew that the establishment of the allied government today was actually a complete history of the development of the abilities field. As humans awakened their abilities, more and more powerful abilities appeared in everyone’s field of view.

At the same time, it was historical innovation.

In the early days, a powerful ability was undoubtedly the greatest protection of human beings. However, as science and technology rapidly developed, some subtle contradictions became increasingly fierce.

The mechanics standing at the top of science technology gradually mastered more and more technology beyond imagination. There were many cutting-edge technologies that broke through human cognition. The rapid progress of the times meant there was inevitably a fierce collision between this brand new technological force and the major ability master families that had continued since ancient times.

For those major forces ruling the world, it was natural that they didn’t want these mechanics to become threats to their authority by relying on the cutting-edge technology.

Although some ability masters agreed with the power of technology, the balance that had been formed over thousands of years of history wasn’t easy to break. A large number of ability masters were inevitably hostile to the increasingly powerful mechanic group.

It was precisely due to this that conflicts broke out more than once. Among some ability masters and mechanics, the contradictions continued to intensify.

Against this background, a group of mechanics who categorically denied the current allied government came together to form an organization called Arbiter.  Arbiter, taken from the meaning of ‘judge.’ In the eyes of these people, they were the new judges of the world and the allied government was long due to a total demise. Arbiter’s believers wanted to overthrow the power of the ability masters and create a new world revolution with their absolutely top technology.

This was the first time Yi Jiamu had heard of the name Arbiter. He listened to Yang Xingwen’s words and many things in the past suddenly became clear. Yi Jiamu wondered, “So the incidents on the news about the mechs running wild were them?”

“Yes, those weren’t accidents.”

Yang Xingwen saw Yi Jiamu fall silent and sighed wearily. “It is precisely because of the existence of this organization that the local governments of all galaxies have strengthened the inspection when entering and exiting. However, no matter how we guard against the smuggling of various energy sources, we haven’t been able to stop Arbiter from taking action.”

Yang Xingwen spoke up to here and his voice trembled slightly out of excitement. “However, today I finally seem to know the reason.”

Before this, they had been putting their energy on detecting energy that was a lethal threat. Then what if it was as Yi Jiamu said and the mechs and weapons used by Arbiter weren’t any energies they knew? Applying abilities to these cold metal equipment was unbelievable no matter how he looked at it but if it was true then the consequences would really be…

Yang Xingwen’s heart was shocked and he didn’t dare to think about it.

Yi Jiamu also knew the seriousness of the matter. There was a question in his heart and in the end, he couldn’t help asking it.

Yang Xingwen didn’t answer the question. “Your ability, is it immunity to all abilities?”

After all, the other person had a high identity and status so it wasn’t surprising that he knew Yi Jiamu’s ability. At this time, Yi Jiamu naturally wouldn’t conceal it and he nodded directly. “Yes.”

Yang Xingwen stared at Yi Jiamu and spoke in a sincere tone. “Next time, we may need your help.”

Such a request seemed a bit sudden but if these people were indeed using such weapons, it was reasonable based on the special nature of immunity to abilities.

Yi Jiamu didn’t rush to answer. “Mr Yang, I am just an ordinary college student. I might need to think about this matter.”

Yang Xingwen didn’t ask again and nodded. “I will wait for your reply.”

Yang Xingwen left and Yi Jiamu sat on the chair beside the hospital bed in a daze. He instinctively reached out only to remember that his communicator had been completely broken into fragments from the previous explosion.

He didn’t need to guess to know that the Star Network was wild now that this had happened after the end of the league. Forget it, there was no need to look.

Yi Jiamu gently scratched his messy hair and looked down at Gu Yesheng, whose eyes were closed on the hospital bed. He carefully brought the cactus over and placed it on a corner of the pillow. Compared to the major events that Yang Xingwen mentioned involving all the stars, he was more concerned with Gu Yesheng’s current situation.


This sleep seemed a bit long.

Gu Yesheng could feel that he was completely trapped in darkness. The surrounding emptiness seemed to have swallowed all his vision and sound. No matter how he screamed, there was only a terrifying silence.

A splitting pain pulled the young man back to his mind. In this state where his five senses were sealed off, he was like a grain of dust that was falling with nowhere to stop. He fell endlessly in the darkness where his fingers couldn’t be seen. It was clearly a feeling of chaos and nothingness but the tearing feeling all over his body seemed too real. Every second made him feel like he was gradually being torn apart by an invisible power.

In this groggy state, he sank deeply like he was having an excessively long dream. Then there was something else sinking beside him. He didn’t know who sighed softly but in the original endless darkness, a vague and thin light seemed to leak out. It quietly cut through all the despair and struggle.

Gu Yesheng’s body shook and he instinctively reached out to grab it. The moment he opened his eyes, he saw only white. He could perceive someone around him. Immediately afterwards, before he fully regained consciousness, he heard a cry. “Go and notify the family. The patient is awake!”

There were footsteps as someone rushed out.

Family… patient…?

Gu Yesheng frowned with some difficulty and finally, sporadic and scattered fragments from before he fell unconscious appeared in his mind. A gloomy look flashed in his eyes and almost instinctively, he got up and grabbed the person in front of him with his hands.

His body was connected to various instruments. Due to his excessive movements, some of the equipment were scattered all over the ground. During the excessive movement, Gu Yesheng felt a sudden prick from the back of his left hand.

His vision gradually cleared and he lowered his head to see the cactus that was the culprit. The overly gloomy eyes shook and most of the hostility dissipated.

Gu Yesheng was dragging an omega doctor. Originally, the moment the doctor was grabbed, a faint dizziness occurred but then he returned to normal. He saw the patient who had been going crazy suddenly calm down. He inevitably had some lingering fear and cautiously pulled out his sleeve that was being dragged. Then he ran to the corner in a panic, keeping a vigilant distance.

Gu Yesheng didn’t seem to notice the movement there. His sight was completely attracted by the cactus and never moved away.

The doctor saw this desperate appearance and didn’t know if he should leave or continue to observe the situation. He was a bit at a loss. Then he turned around and found someone standing at the door of the ward.

Yi Jiamu had been guarding Gu Yesheng but he just happened to go out to get a bottle of hot water. Therefore, he was taken aback to see the figure sitting on the hospital bed. Joy gradually filled his eyes and he opened his mouth. “Gu Yesheng, you woke up?”

Gu Yesheng’s back shook slightly at the overly familiar voice and he looked back. The light might be behind him but he only needed to glance once at such a familiar figure. This was exactly the appearance of the young man in his mind.

The next second, Gu Yesheng suddenly stood up. He was so flustered that he didn’t even notice the devices connected to him. Seeing him sway and about to lose his balance, Yi Jiamu’s heart jumped and he couldn’t care about the bottle in his hand. He threw it to the ground and rushed over to firmly hug Gu Yesheng who was about to fall. The moment skin contact was made, they could hear each other’s sudden heartbeats.

Seeing the two people hug each other tightly on the hospital bed, the doctor blinked slowly and cooperatively left. He quietly closed the door, leaving space for solitude. The ward was quiet and only their breathing could be heard.

Gu Yesheng was already holding Yi Jiamu in his arms. The excessive force of the arms made Yi Jiamu feel that he was going to be sucked into Gu Yesheng’s body. A moved expression flashed in Yi Jiamu’s eyes and he started patting Gu Yesheng’s back gently, whispering, “It’s me, I’m fine.”

A long time passed before Gu Yesheng slowly let go of Yi Jiamu. However, his gaze was examining Yi Jiamu all over like he didn’t want to miss any details.

Yi Jiamu laughed. “I’m really fine.”

“Look, there are no wounds at all.” He rolled up his sleeves and revealed his smooth and delicate arms. “It is a long story. I’ll tell you when there is time.”

Gu Yesheng seemed to let go of his worries and slowly sighed with relief. He collapsed on the bed and nodded, voice extremely low and hoarse. “Okay.”

His ability burst out at too high an intensity, inevitably making his physical strength a bit overdrawn. He hadn’t noticed it originally due to his tight nerves but once he relaxed, he felt an extreme exhaustion filling his body.

Yi Jiamu helped Gu Yesheng lie down and lowered his head to see the wound on the back of Gu Yesheng’s hand. “How did this happen?”

Gu Yesheng rubbed his temple and glanced at the cactus beside his pillow. “The mark left by our Cici.”

It was strange.  He remembered that the dark emotions still surged in his body when he woke up but due to the momentary pain on the back of his hand, he was completely pulled back from the edge of chaos. Could he say that this deserved to be the child raised by his family?

Gu Yesheng had these messy thoughts in his mind but in the blink of an eye, Yi Jiamu was taking care of the wound on the back of his hand for him. Yi Jiamu looked up to see that Gu Yesheng was still tired. His mouth flattened and he asked, “Do you need pheromones?”

This sudden question stunned the already dull Gu Yesheng. “What?”

The moment he raised his head, he saw that Yi Jiamu had unbuttoned his collar and pulled it down, exposing the delicate glands of his neck. Yi Jiamu leaned over and urged, “Come on, bite.”

Gu Yesheng, “……”

Such an overly simple attitude made him wonder what he should be feeling. He might’ve bitten here before but this business-like appearance made him feel there wasn’t the ambiguity of a lover. In fact, Gu Yesheng knew in his heart that Yi Jiamu regarded himself as Gu Yesheng’s medicine.

The surrounding white space was filled with the faint smell of disinfectant. The omega’s thin neck gave off a unique and irresistible attraction.

Gu Yesheng’s heart moved. The words of refusal had reached his lips but he couldn’t say it anymore. More than just pheromones, he just… wanted Yi Jiamu.

Gu Yesheng gently licked his dry lips and leaned over to kiss the omega’s overly alluring glands. The moment he bit gently, he could feel Yi Jiamu’s body trembling instinctively. The simple movements were enough to make a person more eager.


If Gu Yesheng had known what the consequences of these actions would be, he would’ve controlled himself and acted wisely.

However, when a group of people opened the door of the ward and walked in, the two people on the bed were maintaining this ambiguous posture. Gu Yesheng was holding Yi Jiamu from behind and biting his neck.

Due to his physiological reactions, Yi Jiamu’s eyes were filled with water and he looked a bit pitiful. He obviously hadn’t expected someone to come in at this time and was a bit dazed when he looked up.

Then Gu Yesheng heard Yi Jiamu’s hesitant and confused voice. “Grandpa, Dad… what’s going on? Why are you here?”

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damn lol the second hand embarrassment, and in the beginning, he was making it seem like there is gonna be a big time skip I was imagining when he opened his eyes two years would have gone by or something.