OIAA: Chapter 86

This gloomy tone was like a curse and nightmare.

Gu Yesheng had almost lost his sense of reason. He could feel the blast hitting his empty soul and his entire body seemed to shatter.

The distant flames reflected on his pale face and he instinctively wanted to stagger in the direction of the location where Yi Jiamu was swallowed up. However, Shen Ling was like a poisonous snake that firmly entangled him in place.

“Gu Yesheng…” Shen Ling’s voice became increasingly hoarse as his thin hands pulled Gu Yesheng’s arm tightly like shackles. “Sure enough, you really like the gift we gave you, right?”

He let out another low laugh. Before he could say anything else, he was suddenly pulled by a huge force. The sky overturned and he hit the ground in a heavy manner.

The heavy impact inevitably made Shen Ling dizzy. By the time he recovered, he was firmly pressed to the ground by Gu Yesheng. Fingers were deeply embedded in his neck and there was the faint smell of blood from a cut in his mouth.

Shen Ling couldn’t help coughing at the sudden situation but he didn’t seem to feel the faint tingling of his neck at all. His lips were curved in a strange arc. “Why? Are you angry? Still, it is a pity, you should know your ability has no effect on me.”

Then a light flashed in his eyes. He didn’t seem to fear the man in front of him losing control as he used his own ability to make Gu Yesheng’s ability more violent.

Gu Yesheng’s eyes were wide open and a strange scarlet colour started to appear in them. The frantically screaming emotions collided in his mind and tore at him. He looked at Shen Ling and seemed to be looking at a dead object.

He didn’t seem to hear Shen Ling’s words or have any idea about what he was doing. Everything was just subconscious instincts. The fingers around Shen Ling’s neck became stronger.

Due to this contact with each other, Shen Ling even seemed to vaguely feel the other person’s ability. He was almost suffocated but Shen Ling’s smile became wider. This was exactly what he wanted.

Satisfied thoughts flashed through his mind. He was ready to enjoy Gu Yesheng’s state when his eyes suddenly shook violently. Then almost instinctively, his entire body curled up. The smile was missing from Shen Ling’s face when he looked at Gu Yesheng again. There was only a type of extreme fear like he was looking at a monster.

Impossible! His master had completely cut off his emotional receptor system. How could this be…?!

He had forgotten how long it had been since he felt real emotions. The intense maliciousness in his mind seemed to be tearing at all the nerves in his body. This extreme pain caused Shen Ling’s entire body to be numb. He seemed to be squeezed to the extreme and the unbearable torture made his body twist into a strange shape.

Gu Yesheng, who was pressing on his body, didn’t seem to be aware of Shen Ling’s near collapse. His scarlet eyes were staring at Shen Ling’s hideously distorted face while the ability in his body exploded in almost cathartic bursts toward the surroundings.

He couldn’t hear the hellish screams or even the approaching explosions. He didn’t care if he would be turned into ashes like Yi Jiamu just now. He only knew that after the light in his life had faded away, his only thought was that he wanted this guy in front of him to follow him to death!

Shen Ling existed to restrain this person in front of him. He never imagined that he would be tortured so badly. It was just that this pain was too extreme. It surpassed his body’s tolerance and his mind instantly became black. He completely fell to the ground like a pile of rotten meat.

However, Gu Yesheng’s madness wasn’t restrained by Shen Ling falling unconscious. The overpowering explosion of the mental ability was invisible but at the same time, due to the overly terrifying ability, the surrounding air pressure formed a piercing wind around Gu Yesheng.

The negative impact that Shen Ling couldn’t bear caused more people to feel overwhelmed after being affected.

Just one glance showed that there was no more fighting in the large area. There were only pained figures curled up on the ground, their limbs sometimes twitching. Some of them couldn’t bear it and fell unconscious.

The surrounding area lost the artillery fire and fell extremely silent. A few people held their breath and ran a long distance but even a few streets away, they could still feel the pain splitting their minds.

A speed ability type like Zhou Ming naturally ran the fastest on this occasion. At that time, he had grabbed Xu Yi who was nearby. Now he stared at Gu Yesheng in the distance and gritted his teeth. “You must stop this guy!”

Yes, it had to stop! It wasn’t just for the people who fainted within the range of the ability. It was also for Gu Yesheng himself. Every year, there were ability masters who were completely abolished because they went out of control. If Gu Yesheng continued to go crazy like this, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Xu Yi was well aware of this and there was no smile on his face. “How can I stop him?”

Zhou Ming choked up and his eyes were a bit red. He also knew what was causing Gu Yesheng’s madness. Even he still couldn’t accept the reality of Yi Jiamu’s accident, let alone Gu Yesheng.

The surrounding wind unknowingly became more bitter. There was a vague roar and it seemed particularly abrupt in the dead silence. This feeling was as if that person wanted to take everything around him and completely fall into hell.

After all, friends were still in that area. Some people tried to approach after escaping but they all retreated without exception. There was nothing they could do and someone finally couldn’t help sobbing.

A tragic mood started to spread. In this atmosphere, Xu Yi couldn’t help cursing and the expression on his face became solemn. He took a deep breath and was about to take a step forward when Zhou Ming grabbed him. “What are you going to do?”

Xu Yi frowned. “I can’t watch this guy continue to seek death. I will try and stop him.”

“Try what?” Zhou Ming couldn’t help raising his voice. “You know what Gu Yesheng’s ability is! I wouldn’t stop you if there is a 1% chance. Then tell me, what are you going to try?”

Xu Yi was surprised to hear something from this tone. He wanted to say something when Zhou Ming’s eyes suddenly lit up. He grabbed Xu Yi’s arm and cried out, “Look who is that?!”

In the direction he was pointing, a figure could be seen struggling out of a wreckage. Step by step, he walked in Gu Yesheng’s direction. Everyone, who was emotionally out of control, watched the figure that suddenly appeared. They seemed to have forgotten to sob.

Gradually, they could see the person clearly. The aftermath of the wreck left thick smoke and dust on his body. Combined with the clothes that were almost completely burned, he looked like he had just come out from the ground. It seemed that he had a foot injury and the entire moving process was awkward and difficult.

However, such a figure became the only dynamic in this lifeless area. The space that everyone stayed away from seemed to have no effect on him. In this breathless atmosphere, he walked step by step to Gu Yesheng’s side.

Gu Yesheng seemed completely emptied out and unaware of anything until a hand was placed on his shoulder. It seemed to have a unique magic power and all the howling and frantically cold wind seemed like it never existed. The smoke dissipated in an instant.

As the crazy clamoring in his body fell silent, Gu Yesheng seemed to realize what happened and his body shook violently. He turned his head with an almost blank mind and finally saw the face in front of him. He opened his mouth but due to his wild emotions, he failed to find any words.

There was a slight trembling in Yi Jiamu’s apricot coloured eyes. He saw Gu Yesheng’s appearance and felt something in his heart twitching fiercely. He didn’t know what to say for a time before finally speaking in a soft tone. “Don’t be like this. I… I’m okay.”

Gu Yesheng didn’t seem to understand it immediately. It was only after a long time that the gloom in his eyes started scattering little by little. The corners of his dry lips curved up slightly but he didn’t have time to say anything. The moment he relaxed, his body swayed in the empty air and he fell heavily.

Worry flashed in Yi Jiamus’ eyes and he rushed forward quickly to firmly hug the person who had fallen unconscious. The two figures leaning against each other maintained their posture in this space for a long time.

From madness to calm, everything happened too suddenly.

Finally, Xu Yi reacted first and rushed forward. The others recovered and followed.

At this time, in addition to some innocent players who were affected, the attackers of an unknown origin had completely fainted. All the disputes were naturally gone.

Not long afterwards, Zhu Yanghui finally arrived at the scene. He might’ve missed the moment of crisis where his help was needed but this didn’t affect the intensive work he had to do to deal with the aftermath. He had to watch the attackers and sent over the rescue team.

Xu Yi hurried over after confirming that none of the other members of Sublime Star were in danger. He saw that Yi Jiamu still maintained this posture while holding Gu Yesheng firmly. Due to the lingering fear in their heads, other people didn’t dare approach this side.

Xu Yi’s gaze was embarrassed as he looked at Yi Jiamu and he asked with some uncertainty, “Mumu, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.” Yi Jiamu nodded and answered carefully. Then he looked down at the unconscious Shen Ling at his feet. “Senior, I need your help with something.”

“You say it.”

Yi Jiamu was obviously unhappy and his lips were flattened to the extreme. “Can I trouble you to stare at this person and don’t let Mr. Zhu or Perpetual Full Moon take him away. If I’m not mistaken, people from the Ability Masters Association should arrive immediately after this incident. Find an opportunity to contact Mr. Yang and have him detain Shen Ling in isolation. If possible, I also hope that Mr. Yang can meet with me alone.”

Xu Yi had also seen Yi Jiamu being hit and now he saw that Yi Jiamu was almost unscathed. There were already some doubts in his heart but he didn’t ask. He just nodded without hesitation. “Don’t worry, I’ve noted it down.”


The city gradually recovered from the chaos. Under the active rescue of various departments, electricity and communications were gradually restored. The hospital had undoubtedly become the busiest place.

Yi Jiamu’s appearance was a bit embarrassing but in fact, only his ankle had suffered a small injury from being hit by a falling wall. He received brief treatment and didn’t continue to occupy the scarce medical resources. He went directly to Gu Yesheng’s ward.

Compared with him, Gu Yesheng’s situation was much worse. He had been unconscious from the scene to the hospital. At this time, there were various instruments in his body and the beating indicators inevitably made people feel a bit upset. It was just that there were no wounds on his body. Even if they wanted to  treat Gu Yesheng, there was nowhere to start.

Someone knocked on the door of the ward. Yi Jiamu looked up and saw Xu Yi. He saw the cactus in Xu Yi’s hand and smiled with gratitude. “Thank you Senior, I troubled you.”

Xu Yi really didn’t know why Yi Jiamu asked him to go back to the hotel to grab the cactus at this critical time. In the end, he didn’t ask much and just shook his head politely. “It’s nothing.”

Then he gave way to the person behind him. “Mr. Yang, over here.”

Yi Jiamu saw Yang Xingwen walk into the room. He placed Cici on the table beside him and then his expression became slightly solemn. “Mr. Yang.”

The things that happened on this planet made Yang Xingwen too busy to stop moving. Then he heard from Xu Yi that Yi Jiamu was looking for him and pushed everything to come over without any hesitation.

Yi Jiamu was a bit moved by this type of attention. He stared at Yang Xiwen and spoke bluntly. “Mr. Yang, it is like this. I might not know the origin of the other party but I have a discovery that I hope can help you.”

At this attitude, Yang Xingwen’s expression stiffened. “Yes, what is the discovery?”

Yi Jiamu glanced at him. “Mr. Yang, have you done any research on the weapons used by these people?”

Yang Xingwen heard this and couldn’t help expressing regret. “All the weapons left at the scene have been recovered. Unfortunately, there was obviously a self-destruction procedure set in them. They are just a pile of scrap.”

Yi Jiamu obviously hadn’t expected this result. He was stunned and started frowning.

Yang Xingwen wondered, “Is there a problem?”

Yi Jiamu was silent for a moment before opening his mouth. “It might sound ridiculous but all the weapons used by those people don’t seem to use new types of energies but…”

He took a deep breath before stating seriously. “But… abilities.”

A hint of consternation flashed in Yang Xingwen’s eyes. “Are you sure?”

“I’m quite sure.”

The entire ward fell silent. Then Yang Xingwen suddenly told Xu Yi, “This student, can I trouble you to go outside?”

“Ah, yes.” Xu Yi was obviously shocked by Yu Jiamu’s words and he came back to his senses after hearing this. He walked out without forgetting to shut the door behind him.

There was no one else in the ward. Yang Xingwen watched Yi Jiamu seriously for a long time. Based on this attitude, Yi Jiamu vaguely realized that things might not be so simple.

A long time later, Yang Xingwen spoke like he had made a decision. “Have you heard of the organization called Arbiter?”

The author has something to say:

#Night Narcissus has no endurance#

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