OIAA: Chapter 85

The sudden change made the entire situation a bit chaotic. In the blink of an eye, there was a rush of footsteps from the end of the corridor. Since the power was cut off, the elevator had stopped working and the staff could only climb the stairs.

As they approached, people could see clearly that the person in front was Zhu Yanghui. The intense exercise inevitably created a layer of sweat on his forehead. Through the mottled starlight leaking through the window, it could be seen that his face wasn’t good.

Originally, after today’s dinner, all the work of the league would come to an end. He might not be destined to stay in this position but it could be considered to be overall effective. He might be demoted but it would be three or four levels lower at most.

As a result, he never expected such a big incident to happen.

These students might only be college students but they were qualified to participate in the league. It could be said that they would be elites in the field of abilities in the future. If something went wrong here then Zhu Yanghui would need to bear the responsibility. This would crush him to death.

Before this, Zhu Yanghui tried to find the nearby Ability Masters Association. However, the communication system was cut off along with the electricity. He couldn’t get in contact with the outside world at all.

To be able to get to this position, Zhu Yanghui could be considered as a person who had experienced winds and waves. He took a deep breath to calm himself down, looked around using the weak light from the fire outside and asked, “Who is a capable person of the electricity system?”

There was a moment of silence before several people walked out of the group.

“Can I trouble you to follow me? You might need to use your abilities.” Zhu Yanghui stated. Then before leaving, he didn’t forget to tell everyone else. “I don’t know what is happening outside. It is a bit chaotic. Everyone, gather in the lobby for the time being and don’t worry. Once I have learned about the specific situation, I will make the next arrangements.”

The group of electricity type players left with Zhu Yanghui while the others followed the staff to the lobby downstairs. The sound of explosions were still occurring outside, one after another, causing everyone’s hearts to shake.

During the entire process of moving with the large group, Gu Yesheng always held Yi Jiamu’s hand and didn’t let go. The soft touch on his palms made Yi Jiamu feel at ease. Nevertheless, whenever he raised his eyes to look up at the red-stained sky, his brow furrowed. He didn’t know if it was an illusion but the explosions that occurred one after another always felt like it was spreading to this area and even intensifying.

By the time everyone gathered in the lobby, the electricity hadn’t been reconnected. It was dark all around them. This made the already panicked people more and more disturbed.

Gu Yesheng noticed that Yi Jiamu was always looking outside and approached quietly. “Don’t worry, I’m here and it’ll be fine.”

Yi Jiamu was still pondering on the situation outside. Once he heard these words, he couldn’t help smiling. “Shouldn’t I be the one saying that?”

Gu Yesheng thought about it and laughed softly. “In any case, it is all the same. If there is real danger then I am willing to be your human shield.”

Yi Jiamu’s heart was moved but he still reached out to push Gu Yesheng away while pretending to be disgusted. “It is just you. How much damage can you block? Forget it.”

It was dark but Gu Yesheng could still read the embarrassment in the tone. He smiled and was about to say something when someone rushed over and shouted. “Everyone, I have received news from Mr. Zhu. The hotel isn’t safe. Please come with me!”

Just then, a huge explosion caused the ground to shake hard. The group didn’t hesitate. They immediately followed the people out and walked along the street that was in a relatively quiet area. Yi Jiamu and Gu Yesheng also followed the group to go out. Then they found that Xu Yi walking in front had stopped and the other members of Sublime Star had also stopped in doubt.

Yi Jiamu wondered, “Senior, what is it?”

Xu Yi was frowning deeply. “The person leading the way, have you ever seen him before?”

Xiang Zhuo was silent for a moment before replying, “He seems to be a new face.”

There were many people who came with Zhu Yanghui just now but if they really thought about it, there would still be some impression.

Xu Yi’s tone became heavier. “Moreover, don’t you think the surroundings are too quiet?”

It was obviously a chaotic city but since coming out of the hotel, they didn’t even see any escaping or panicking passersby.

Zhou Ming exclaimed, “Wait for me, I’ll call them back!”

He was about to leave when he was pulled back by Xu Yi. “Be careful!”

Looking up, a group of people dressed in the outfit of the special department was coming from the other end of the road. The players finally got a response and were happy. They were about to come forward when the approaching group suddenly took out cold mechanical weapons and fired at the players in the league without warning.

There were no defenses. There was one muffled sound after another and a bloody smell spread.

The opposite group was dominant in number and the distance was close. At this time, they opened fire suddenly and a large number of injuries occurred in an instant. This bombardment created an increasingly frantic landscape in the already chaotic city.

Sublime Star’s players were far away and were fortunate not to be involved in the first wave. However, the scene in front of them was too tragic and everyone’s faces inevitably sank. The surprise attack came too suddenly but after all, they were professional players participating in the league. Most of them responded quickly.

A moment later, multiple abilities cut through the silent night sky and struck the other side.

Xu Yi made a decision. “Go and help!”

It was clear that the group opposite them was prepared. However, after a moment of confrontation, it wasn’t hard to see that these people were just ordinary people with sophisticated weapons. In such a situation where they didn’t know the details of the opponent, rather than scattering, they might as well stick together until the real rescuers arrived.

On the way to support, Yi Jiamu helped a player of the Perpetual Full Moon team. He looked down at the bloody leg and turned the person over to Gu Yesheng. “Help take care of him. I’ll go ahead and take a look.”

Gu Yesheng stated, “I’ll go with you.”

“No.” Yi Jiamu shook his head. “It is too chaotic and it isn’t convenient to use your ability. You should stay and help look after the wounded.”

Gu Yesheng certainly knew his ability wouldn’t help and was more likely to hinder in this situation but he still couldn’t help frowning after hearing Yi Jiamu’s blunt words. “Then you…”

Yi Jiamu gave him a comforting smile. “Rest assured, I’ll come back immediately.”

Before Gu Yesheng could open his mouth, Yi Jiamu agilely headed to the front lines. Gu Yesheng stood in place and didn’t move. He watched the slender figure moving away. His eyes shook slightly and his hands formed fists. He had never felt before that his ability was so useless.

After a long time, Gu Yesheng unceremoniously carried the groaning person on his shoulder, stepped on the body on the ground and moved to a relatively safe place. He placed this person on the ground and had time to observe the situation on the field.

Despite holding sophisticated weapons, they were just a mob with no abilities. Once the players of the league came back to their senses, it could be found that the situation had been controlled instantly. This was a good thing but looking at what happened today, it was too unbelievable.

These ordinary people with no powers got a batch of weapons and equipment from somewhere, causing chaos on the planet. Forget how they got these weapons while passing the quantum censorship technology. Rather than rushing to set fire to the high level departments of the allied government, they made such a big trap for the school students participating in the league. No matter how he looked at it, he always felt that everything from beginning to end was full of suspicion.

So what exactly was the origin of the other side? In addition, what was their purpose?

Looking down at the rare metal debris that fell at his feet, Gu Yesheng’s brow furrowed even further. He might not be valued by his family but he was still the heir of the Gu family after all. He had heard about the top weapons in the stars but he had never seen these equipment before. It was like a new weapon that had never been unveiled before.

In the end, Gu Yesheng couldn’t stand it. He chose to go and find Yi Jiamu. He helped a few injured league players on the road, walked through the last street before the battle and finally found his heart in the midst of such a chaotic scene.

He couldn’t help speeding up his pace. Just as Gu Yesheng was about to fly over, a vague coolness was felt down his back. This overly familiar feeling made him abruptly stop. He didn’t turn back but he could still feel someone standing quietly close behind him.

It sounded like the reunion of an old friend but this strange voice caused a feeling of discomfort throughout his body. It sounded like an old friend’s reunited tone, but because of this strange tone, it fell into the ear with an inexplicable feeling of discomfort.

The look in Gu Yesheng’s eyes sank to the extreme. “Shen Ling.”

His name was directly called out but it didn’t affect Shen Ling’s mood at all. His eyes took a morbid turn and he poked out his head from behind to meet Gu Yesheng’s gaze. “It’s me.”

Gu Yesheng felt an instinctive disgust at the short distance and took a few steps back without hesitation. After pulling away, his voice was gloomy to the extreme. “Is there something?”

“There’s nothing. Just something I need to complete.” Shen Ling was wearing rumpled black clothing and licked his index finger with his tongue while looking thoughtful. “Speaking of which, today we made a special trip and arranged a big show for you. I don’t know if you will like it.”

“For me?” An ominous premonition filled his heart and Gu Yesheng’s body stiffened as he looked up.

“Yes, for you…” Shen Ling’s vicious gaze fell on Gu Yesheng’s face and his lips curled up in a smile as he pointed to the left front direction. “Tell me, in such a chaotic scene, shouldn’t there be more accidents to make it more interesting?”

A familiar figure passed in front of him and Gu Yesheng felt like a basin of cold water had been poured on his head. “What are you going to do?”

Shen Ling asked, “Do you see it?”

A huge beam of light was fired in the distance, causing Gu Yesheng’s pupils to shrink. He suddenly realized what was going to happen and heard himself yelling, “Get out of the way!”

However, it was too unrealistic to be heard in this situation. In the direction the beam was being fired at, Yi Jiamu and two other players were preparing to evacuate. As the blast of flames approached, dismay swept through the apricot coloured eyes. Seeing that it was too late to dodge, he turned around without hesitation and protected the two people behind him.

The excessively dazzling light instantly rushed into the sky. The entire night sky was lit up and the thick red colour was like the light of hell. The ground shook violently from the aftermath. In the area, almost all the buildings had collapsed to the ground and billowing smoke covered the view. This made Gu Yesheng feel that his entire body had been pulled into an endless void.

Intense pain rushed to the top of his head. The extreme darkness that had been calm in his body for a long time swept through him, rushing up completely and enveloping all of his sense of reason.

Under the extreme emotions tearing at all, Gu Yesheng felt all his blood solidified and then an endless falling sensation. The moment he lost consciousness, he seemed to hear Shen Ling’s low laughter in his ears. “Look, what splendid fireworks…”

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1 year ago

I still think that Meyan or whatever his name was has something to do with this situation. He’s the one who’s most knowledgeable of GYS’ ability, including the drawback and his experiences as he grew up. The way he was training gys seemed more like he was trying to achieve something rather than train him. Like he was trying to get him to overreact.
Plus finding this SL who seems to be completely unfeeling towards his ability and his own ability just happens to make gys overreact.

1 year ago
Reply to  Dultse

Oh. Too bad they didn’t take into consideration who JYM is and who his grandad and dad are.