OIAA: Chapter 84

In the corridor of the hospital, a group of people stood, making the originally solemn environment even more solemn. Fortunately, the final examination result given by the doctor indicated that Lu Zexiu was fine.

As they waited outside, the other members had learned about their president’s situation. They heard about what Lu Zexiu went through and their eyes inevitably turned red. It was only now that they finally sighed with relief.

The worries in their hearts dissipated and Zhen Jingyao’s eyes became wet instantly. He sniffed. “The captain is really too much. He didn’t tell us about such a big thing. Isn’t it just a trophy. If something really happened to him…”

“Bah, what’s with your crow’s mouth!” Zhou Ming quickly interrupted the unlucky words and turned to look at the closed door not far away with displeasure in his tone. “He was afraid we would be worried so he hid it from us. That’s fine. I’m just wondering what’s the situation with Xie Louyuan?”

From the end of the game to the hospital, almost all the arrangements were done by Xie Louyuan. He was obviously the captain of Sublime Star’s enemy team but he knew Lu Zexiu’s physical condition better than any of them.

Xu Yi was silent for a moment before gently patting Zhou Ming’s shoulder. “Go and see him.”

The ward was filled with the smell of disinfectant. The team members walked in as Lu Zexiu was reaching out to receive the glass of water Xie Louyuan handed over. He noticed the movements and his hand paused in the air.

Xie Louyuan noticed this man’s rare distressed demeanor and he couldn’t help smiling slightly. He placed the water glass directly in Lu Zexiu’s hand and said, “Okay, all your team members are here. I will go first.”

Lu Zexiu was inevitably scolded by the doctor due to his unreasonable behaviour but he was completely relieved since there was nothing wrong with him. Before Xie Louyuan could step away, Lu Zexiu reached out to grab a corner of his clothes. “Please wait a moment.”

Xie Louyuan looked over.

Their eyes met and Lu Zexiu was silent for a moment. “I heard you stopped those interstellar media outside. So what do you plan to do next?”

Xie Louyuan told him, “Rest assured, I have already arranged it. The news will come out saying it was due to a food allergy. Your secret won’t be revealed.”

Lu Zexiu nodded. “Thank you.”

Xie Louyuan stared deeply at him. “Don’t be polite.”

It wasn’t until the tall figure disappeared that the other members gathered around. Facing the inquiry of his crimes, Lu Zexiu felt an unprecedented pressure.

Zhen Jingyao’s eyes were still red. He sniffed and asked, “President, why didn’t you tell us in advance about such a big thing?”

Lu Zexiu sighed softly. “It made no sense to tell you. Isn’t it good now?”

Zhen Jingyao couldn’t help feeling choked up at the calm tone. “If it was really good then you wouldn’t need to run to the hospital as soon as the match was over!”

Lu Zexiu had never been good with crying omegas. He wanted to use his eyes to signal to Xu Yi to handle it but when he looked up, he found that his old friend’s expression was even gloomier. Lu Zexiu’s lips tightened slightly. His expression had always remained unchanged even if a mountain collapsed in front of him but now he was silent out of guilt.

Listening to the people in the ward questioning Lu Zexiu out of worry, Yi Jiamu was sure that Lu Zexiu was fine for the time being and was truly relieved. He stood in the corner and quietly walked out when no one was paying attention.

At almost the same time, there was the faint sound of footsteps behind him. Yi Jiamu leaned silently against the wall and turned his head to meet Gu Yesheng’s gaze. The two of them watched each other for a long time and didn’t speak.

After a few moments, Gu Yesheng slowly walked over and dropped a kiss on Yi Jiamu’s forehead. “Today’s game was hard, our little hero.”

The soft touch remained on his forehead for a moment before gradually dissipating. Yi Jiamu’s heart felt like it was melting. Then he realized where he was and his face became hot. He pushed Gu Yesheng away while looking at the people coming and going. He muttered in a low voice, “Don’t make trouble. We are still in the hospital.”

Gu Yesheng gave a wicked smile. “Does this mean that as long as we aren’t in the hospital, you will allow me to do whatever I want?”

Yi Jiamu touched his burning face, glared at this shameless fellow and stopped talking.


In previous years, the organizers would invite all teams to dinner the day after the league ended. Originally, this year should’ve been the same. However, due to the unexpected situation of the championship team after the league ended, the organizers were uncertain. The organizers specifically called Lu Zexiu’s number to inquire about it.

Lu Zexiu heard the other person’s words and replied without hesitation, “Don’t worry, my team members will be there on time.”

The staff were relieved and happily continued to prepare for the dinner. Everyone in Sublime Star had been staying by Lu Zexiu’s bed day and night and they were a bit unhappy after hearing this. Xu Yi stopped cutting the apple and looked up at him. “If we all go to the party then what will you do here? Or should I stay? In any case, someone has to look after you.”

Lu Zexiu was a bit helpless against such a distrustful attitude. “I’m fine, you don’t need to be so nervous.”

Xu Yi chuckled, as if mocking the trust that their president had been completely lacking when it came to them.

Lu Zexiu was feeling speechless when his communicator lit up. He looked down at the message he received and his eyes flickered. Then he said, “Don’t worry, Xie Louyuan said he isn’t interested in the dinner. He will come and sit with me.”

Zhou Ming raised his eyebrow. “We can take care of the president ourselves. Why should the captain of an enemy team…”

Before he finished, he was directly dragged out by Xu Yi by the collar. “Okay, if we want to participate in the dinner then it is almost too late. We should go back and prepare.”

Zhou Ming was dragged out and it wasn’t until he was approaching the corner of the corridor that he broke free from Xu Yi’s hand. “Xu Yi, are you sick?! I haven’t finished speaking yet. Why pull me out?”

Xu Yi saw this angry expression and was silent for a moment. He couldn’t help running his aching head. “In the end, when will you learn to look at the situation?”

Zhou Ming was a bit confused but he couldn’t stand this look that regarded him as an idiot. The expression on his face became serious. “Don’t look at me like this. Of course I understand! After all, we are the championship team! We can’t lose our momentum at dinner. Let’s go. Hurry back and prepare!”

Then he went downstairs without looking back. Xu Yi was left facing such an unruly back and fell into a long silence.


That evening, under the arrangements of the organizers, the players from the school teams gathered together. As the brightest star of this year’s league, everyone’s attention was inevitably on Yi Jiamu.

If it wasn’t for Gu Yesheng’s hostile gaze, they probably would’ve surrounded him like hungry tigers. Instead, they could only pretend to be close to the other members of Sublime Star to inquire about Yi Jiamu’s situation.

The current league might’ve just ended but for all colleges, it was just the starting point for the next league. There was no doubt that Yi Jiamu would definitely become one of their biggest headaches in the future.

Of course, there was a team that was particularly still at the dinner and it was Holy Sun. Only two people were absent tonight and they were the crucial captains. It was an incident where Lu Zexiu of Sublime Star had actually ‘abducted’ their captain. It was absolutely impossible for the members of Holy Sun to say there was no resentment. Combined with the missed championship trophy, they were full of resentment and bitterness at their own table, turning a blind eye to everything else.

On the other side, Yi Jiamu was unconcerned about these disturbances from the outside world. His focus wasn’t here. He saw the gorgeous and delicious dishes on the table and his eyes were shining like stars.

As for Gu Yesheng, he seemed infatuated with something new. Every time a new dish was served, he would actively deliver it to Yi Jiamu’s bowl. It was like he was feeding a kitten and he was happy.

Everyone in Sublime Star had to cope with the information gathering of the other teams and at the same time, they had to endure this overwhelming dog food offensive. If they knew this, they would’ve rather stayed at the hospital with the president!

After the meal, everyone walked out of the banquet hall and couldn’t help feeling they needed some support.

Jing Yao was originally behind his teammates. He saw Yi Jiamu of the Sublime Star team in the distance and his eyes shook. He hesitated for a moment before coming over. Before he got close, Gu Yesheng had already stopped in front of him and asked with an indifferent expression, “Is there something?”

Jing Yao wasn’t too at ease from the hostile attitude. He looked back behind Gu Yesheng at Yi Jiamu  and said, “Tomorrow, we are going back.”

Yi Jiamu obviously didn’t know what to say and he blinked slowly.

Jing Yao felt a bit heartbroken by such a calm reaction and knew the other person didn’t really feel anything toward him. He took a deep breath and reorganized his words. “I regret not winning the championship this year and I hope that in next year’s competition, there will be a chance to communicate… have a positive exchange with you!”

Yi Jiamu was taken aback for a moment before laughing. “Okay, I’m looking forward to it.”

Gu Yesheng looked down at the polite but bright smile on this small face and the corners of his mouth lowered. Before he could speak, the lights above his head went out. There was inevitably a bit of agitation in the surroundings. Immediately afterwards, someone looked out the distant window and found that it wasn’t just the hotel they were in. The entire surrounding area seemed to have the electricity cut off.

In the silent night, everything fell into an endless darkness.

After all, those present were all elite players selected by the major colleges and they were somewhat calm. However, far away, screams and noises could be heard from the streets outside.

Yi Jiamu frowned and quickly looked around. Just then, he felt something soft touch his hand. He was firmly held by Gu Yesheng next to him and with a bit of force, he was instinctively pulled behind Gu Yesheng.

A touch of warmth flashed in Yi Jiamu’s eyes. Before he could say anything, he heard a small explosion. The tall building diagonally opposite them collapsed in the response and the ground shook violently. There was a scorching wave of heat that flew into the sky and lit up the night.

Everything happened a bit too suddenly. However, no one thought that this was only the beginning. Intense blasts were fired from the ground again and again and the bustling city fell into complete chaos.

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