OIAA: Chapter 83

They had lost two matches in a row so the atmosphere of Holy Sun’s player seats had changed from the previous liveliness to dullness. Xie Louyuan saw such a scene when he came back. He looked around at the group, walked silently to the centre and suddenly bowed deeply to his teammates. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t win this match.”

Such a move shocked the other members. They jumped up from their chairs and hurriedly helped their captain up. “Captain, don’t be like this! There are always winners and losers in a match. You can’t be blamed for the match just now.”

Xie Louyuan’s lips tightened. “No, it was indeed my problem.”

It was an objective fact that he didn’t shy away from. In normal circumstances, if Lu Zexiu was eager to decide the outcome of the match with one move then the sensible approach would be to avoid it. He knew very well that Lu Zexiu wouldn’t want a hidden danger to continue to exist in his physical condition.

However, it was because his heart knew this that he instinctively made that choice. It was a very irrational choice for a player. Thus, he lost. Intricate thoughts flashed through his mind. Xie Louyuan rubbed his temples in a tired manner and sat down without saying anything else.

The other players exchanged looks and were afraid to say anything due to Xie Louyuan’s coldness. It was just that the captain’s actions made them more passionate about winning. Wasn’t it just losing two matches? Now the score was 2:2 and the final battleground of the team match was to be selected!

Xie Louyuan felt the subtle changes in the atmosphere and his heavy expression eased slightly. Nevertheless, his brow was still furrowed. Then he heard movement and looked back to see a figure appearing in Sublime Star’s player seats.

A long time passed after the match ended before Lu Zexiu returned. The other members were somewhat confused but Yi Jiamu told them the president just went to the lounge to adjust his state. They thought about how he needed to play another match in a row and no one said anything.

They didn’t know that Lu Zexiu had taken three doses of medicine in the break room just now. It was equivalent to forcibly suppressing his own heart.

Yi Jiamu saw everything with worry but he couldn’t prevent the president from taking such a risk. It obviously wasn’t a sensible action to take a full three doses of the heart medicine. However, as an indispensable member of the team match, the final step had been reached. Lu Zexiu probably wouldn’t be willing if he had to give up.

At this time, Lu Zexiu had returned to the player seats and seemed to have recovered his former indifference. It was just that anyone looking closely could see the sickly paleness on his face and the lip corners that were obviously dry and cracked.

Yi Jiamu was anxious but couldn’t reveal anything. He had to quietly pull Gu Yesheng to a corner before the team match began. Gu Yesheng let himself be dragged by Yi Jiamu and then looked down with a smile. “What is it? You’re acting so mysteriously. Do you want to motivate me before the match!”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Yi Jiamu wasn’t in the mood to flirt and glared at him with a serious face. He thought about it and said, “In the team match, I think we need to watch the president more.”

Gu Yesheng knew his worry and nodded in agreement. “Yes.”

Yi Jiamu added, “We must not let Holy Sun target the president.”

Gu Yesheng hummed with agreement. “Yes.”

Yi Jiamu thought for a moment before stating once again, “If we can, try to reduce the president’s burden and don’t let him use his ability too much.”

This time, Gu Yesheng didn’t make a sound.

Yi Jiamu looked up in a puzzled manner. “Why aren’t you talking?”

Gu Yesheng saw this determination and seemed a bit amused. He couldn’t help his mouth twitching as he suggested, “Mumu, why don’t you just say that the two of us should directly take care of all the Holy Sun members?”

Yi Jiamu couldn’t help falling silent before nodding in agreement. “It isn’t impossible.”

If such words fell into other people’s ears then they would laugh at him for not knowing the height of the sky.

However, Gu Yesheng just laughed after listening. “Then I will listen to you. Let’s work hard together after we get on the field.”


No one had expected to see a team match in the finals. It was precisely due to this that the intensity of the game was revealed.

The other school teams who had missed the finals were amazed and started to gamble privately on who they thought would win the championship trophy this year.

In the midst of such high anticipation, players from both teams stepped onto the field.

Xu Yi might’ve missed the chance to participate in the last two games but his name had always been on the team list. In addition, Gong Yue with her healing ability finally had the chance to appear in the team match of the finals.

They entered the virtual cabin and everyone refreshed in the team’s initial position. During the preparations, Yi Jiamu quietly walked to Gong Yue’s side and whispered, “Sister Gong, please follow the president during the match.”

“I should follow the captain?” This wasn’t the first time Gong Yue was participating in a team battle and she had some understanding of the situation on the field. This was why she was slightly surprised. “Then what about you?”

Unlike previous matches, a healing player was often the key to team battles. Yi Jiamu was still calm after such an inquiry. “In short, always pay attention to the situation of the president. We have our own arrangements.

Gong Yue frowned slightly but she saw his serious attitude and cautiously nodded. “I know.”

Yi Jiamu sighed with relief and finally gave a small smile.

Just then, the team match officially began. The previous four matches were enough to liven up the atmosphere to the highest point but the intensity was still quite different from this type of multiplayer melee team battle.

There was a short two minute testing at the beginning. The two sides made contact and had several waves of head-on collisions.

It might be in the virtual platform but Xu Yi was still sweating slightly. “What is going on with Holy Sun this year? Why are all of them so brutal? All their main outputs were arranged in the team battle. Do they want to use firepower to beat us?”

Lu Zexiu was always frowning while staying silent. A team would generally bring a healer to avoid a lack of strength in the late part of the team battle. However, Xie Louyuan directly brought four other attackers. This was obviously to end it early without letting them drag things out. This man seemed to be even more anxious than him to end things today. He thought up to here and his heart moved slightly.

At this moment, a floating figure flashed in the aftermath. Lu Zexiu was about to condense a gust of wind when he saw a swift figure had already approached that direction first. The other side was obviously very surprised by such a quick response and fired a thunderbolt.

Due to the lightning, smoke rose and everyone was in a state of tension. All of this happened too suddenly. Forget Lu Zexiu, even the official commentator with a god’s perspective only realized what happened afterwards.

Yi Jiamu’s attack could be said to contain no mercy. Perhaps he was too confident or relied entirely on instinctive persistence. He quietly went around this wave of powerful attacks and directly hit Holy Sun’s side with a surprise attack.

Of course, Holy Sun reacted quickly. In the blink of an eye, they had already prepared their abilities. However, they didn’t have time to use their abilities when a shadowy black curtain covered their eyes.

They didn’t know when but Gu Yesheng had climbed up a tree. Currently, his fingertips were strangely bent and he leaned lazily on a branch, his narrow eyes full of profound meaning. “Why? Did I allow you to move against him?”

The words were like a restless hand that scratched at their hearts.

Gu Yesheng smiled quietly at the camera and couldn’t help taking a look at the sky, secretly thinking to himself. He hadn’t paid attention to his image in the doubles match but he should’ve been handsome just now?

The cooperation between the two people was almost perfect to everyone. It was seamless. People on Holy Sun’s side tried to fight back against the psychological deterrent but Yi Jiamu stopped all abilities thrown at Gu Yesheng.

Yi Jiamu’s light apricot coloured eyes lifted slightly. “I’m sorry, you can’t make a move against him.”

The audience was strangely quiet for a moment. They didn’t know why but there was a feeling of being supported. No one thought that Sublime Star’s new combination would actually create such a one-sided situation in the team match.

However, this obviously wouldn’t be the end. Some of the audience had discovered Xie Louyuan’s location. During the team when everyone’s attention was drawn away by Yi Jiamu and Gu Yesheng, the man who was regarded as the pillar of the Holy Sun team had quietly chosen a position.

Fog filled the surroundings and everything on the screen was silently swallowed up. The entire map was covered with thick fog. They could vaguely see a man standing at the highest point, like the absolute king of this foggy city. Thanks to the director zooming in, they could see that the fog seemed to be shocked by an invisible force when it touched Yi Jiamu’s body and instinctively retreated.

However, even if Xie Louyuan’s ability had no effect on him, Yi Jiamu couldn’t eliminate the barrier that hindered his vision. He briefly hesitated and ignored the Holy Sun players who were using this opportunity to retreat. He turned to find Gu Yesheng and protect him from the thick fog.

It all happened in a flash and the audience couldn’t help holding their breaths.

In this tense rhythm, everyone on the Holy Sun team was going to evacuate safely under Xie Louyuan’s cover. Just then, the wind rose. The roaring wind and fog collided again, just like the previous match. Under the collision of evenly matched forces, the entire virtual map looked like it was going to be completely torn apart.

Xie Louyuan and Lu Zexiu confronted each other as they provided strong support for their teammates.

One minute passed.

Seeing that the two sides couldn’t fight for a long time, Yi Jiamu’s expression became more solemn. He could clearly see the coldness, excessive self-control and endurance in Lu Zexiu’s eyes. Determination filled Yi Jiamu and he slowly held his breath as he examined the situation on the field.

Finally, his eyes flashed and his feet moved again. It all happened in a short moment when the strong wind split apart the wall of fog.

Yi Jiamu’s mouth finally curved up slightly. No one realized what had happened. In a flash, there was an opportunity for Yi Jiamu to break the deadlock. The screen showed all these abilities falling on him without any effect at all.

Yi Jiamu rushed quickly through the field while dealing rough blows to his opponents. In an instant, he completed a wave of thorough cleaning. Four members of the Holy Sun team were all eliminated.

The official commentator was shocked. In his long career, this was the first time he had seen someone bulldoze their way through using fighting skills in the abilities league. However, Yi Jiamu did it!

In the end, only Xie Louyuan was left on the Holy Sun side. He might be strong but he was still outnumbered.

[Winner: Sublime Star]

The moment these words appeared on the big screen, all of Sublime Star’s fans at the scene fell into a frenzy. The long-awaited victory inevitably made everyone’s eyes wet. In the player seats, Zhen Jingyao held Xiang Zhuo tightly and almost sobbed with joy.

The match ended and the director quickly changed the camera to the players. However, there wasn’t the expected cheering. In the camera, Yi Jiamu rushed to the next virtual cabin and hurriedly helped the person inside along with Gu Yesheng. In the close-up, Lu Zexiu’s faintly pale face could be seen. Later, they saw Xie Louyuan squeezing through the crowd with a solemn expression. He placed a hand on Lu Zexiu’s shoulder and supported him to move quickly to the door.

The players in the Sublime Star seats were dumbfounded when they saw this. Zhou Ming was the first to react and rushed out like lightning.

At the final awards ceremony, it could be seen that the players from Sublime Star were absent. Xu Yi was the only one who stayed as a representative. During the host’s interview on the stage, he relied on his sharp tongue and replied to all questions in a perfunctory manner.

Later, they declined all press conference arrangements. The Sublime Star team took the trophy and championship ring and hurriedly exited. No one thought that the final glorious moment belonging to the champions would end like this.

Compared to Sublime Star finally winning the championship, this sudden situation made it inevitable that all attention from the media was focused on Lu Zexiu. It was a pity that even if they went to the hotel or hospital, Xie Louyuan’s rigorous arrangements meant that everything related to Lu Zexiu was tightly locked up.

Xie Louyuan: This is even worse than losing the game.

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