OIAA: Chapter 82

After finally winning a match, the atmosphere of the Sublime Star team became a bit more lively. The next player of the singles match was Lu Zexiu. He was the backbone of the team so even if the opponent was Xie Louyuan, everyone still felt very relieved. Perhaps they didn’t even realize it themselves and they didn’t know when they started to have an instinctive trust in their president.

Yi Jiamu returned to the seat after the match, took a few sips of water and rubbed the bottle cap in his hand with some unease. He couldn’t help looking up at Lu Zexiu.

According to the previous physical examination, the president’s various indicators were very stable. However, the doctor advised that he wasn’t suitable for participating in such intense sports. Moreover, even if Lu Zexiu could defeat Xie Louyuan very efficiently in the next individual match, Sublime Star still needed to win the team match if they wanted the championship. An individual match against a strong opponent wasn’t reassuring, let along the unknown team match.

Lu Zexiu noticed Yi Jiamu’s gaze and also understood his thoughts. During the time when others weren’t paying attention, he came and patted Yi Jiamu lightly on the shoulder. “Don’t worry, I know it.”

Yi Jiamu stared at the still calm expression and slightly frowned. “President, please grant me temporary supervision.”

Lu Zexiu was a bit surprised. The so-called temporary supervision referred to the power to execute decisions on behalf of the team. This also included off-field surrenders. He knew Yi Jiamu’s concerns but after a moment of contemplation, he still refused. “No.”

He didn’t wait for Yi Jiamu to say anything as he turned around and walked out of the player seats to the virtual cabin for the final preparations before the match. Yi Jiamu watched Lu Zexiu leave until the figure walked around the corner and he still didn’t look away for a long time. Such an expression entered Xu Yi’s eyes and he felt something strange. He walked over and inquired, “Mumu, what is it? Is there something wrong with the president?”

“It’s fine.” Gu Yesheng answered lightly. Then he lazily leaned on Yi Jiamu and smiled. “After all, this is the first time our little friend is participating in the competition. The championship trophy is close to him so he will inevitably feel a bit nervous.”

Yi Jiamu pursed his lips and silently glared at Gu Yesheng, but he didn’t refute it.

It wasn’t until Xu Yi walked away that Gu Yesheng rubbed Yi Jiamu’s head. “Okay, don’t think too much. Lu Zexiu knows what to do.”

He raised his head slightly and his gaze happened to fall on the big screen. Then he muttered in a low voice. “Although… I really want to shake him directly.”

Yi Jiamu looked back at Gu Yesheng. He picked up his mineral water and was ready to take a sip. Then his eyes slightly flickered. “By the way, I didn’t tell you before. My brother said that my father and grandfather would be watching today’s game. They should’ve seen our performance on the field just now.”

Gu Yesheng had just taken a sip of water. “Pfft—!”

Once he heard the words, he directly spat it out.


The lineup for the fourth match was displayed on the big screen and the audience went crazy for a while. The venue was full of screams. The match officially began and the director quickly moved the camera to them. Unlike all the previous matches, the two people on the field weren’t in a hurry to act.

Zhen Jingyao felt his palms were sweaty from nervousness. “What is the president’s plan? Doesn’t he want to act first to seize the opportunity?”

“The opponent is Xie Louyuan so it isn’t easy to take advantage.” Xu Yi spoke casually but his voice was inevitably a bit tight. “The two of them have been opponents since the first time they participated in the league. They know the other person too well. I am afraid the situation won’t be easy.”

There was no sound from Yi Jiamu. His focus was on the match time. The overall pace of the match was clearly much slower than all the other individual matches previously.

Singles were different from doubles. In a doubles match, if there was a mistake, there was a teammate to help cover it. However, in a singles match, the player could only rely on themselves. Therefore, the degree of concentration and the psychological pressure were much higher.

Not to mention, this was still Holy Sun’s match point. If Holy Sun lost this match, there was still a chance for them in the team match. If Sublime Star lost, their league journey would really end here. It was conceivable how heavy the burden was on Lu Zexiu’s shoulder.

The official commentator talked endlessly. “Everyone knows that the two players, Lu Zexiu and Xie Louyuan, have been compared since they entered the league. Both have elemental abilities, one from the strong wind system and the other from the unpredictable fog system. Now they are captains of their school teams and it isn’t an exaggeration to say that they are fateful opponents. In addition, this will be the last year for the two players to participate in the league. I wonder if Lu Zexiu, who lost to Xie Louyuan last year, will once again be ashamed this year? Let’s wait and see!”

Zhou Ming was irritated when he heard this and couldn’t help pulling at his ears. “That crackpot is speaking nonsense!”

Just then, there were screams from the audience. From Xie Louyuan’s perspective on the big screen, Lu Zexiu’s figure could vaguely be seen.

Xiang Zhuo frowned. “The president doesn’t seem to have found Xie Louyuan’s location.”

Gong Yue couldn’t help holding her breath. “Don’t let Xie Louyuan take the lead…”

Just then, the image on the screen became covered with a dense layer of fog. It was obvious that Xie Louyuan had taken action first. Lu Zexiu hadn’t found any traces of Xie Louyuan but he had a judgment in his heart from the moment the fog rose.

He had already memorized the surrounding environment by heart just now. Based on his understanding of Xie Louyuan, he locked onto a few possible hiding places and the wind rose without hesitation.

Roaring winds suddenly swept over the earth. The moment the dense fog was dissipated, the faint figure of a person appeared in his field of view. A smile finally appeared on Lu Zexiu’s expressionless face. “I knew you were there.”

Xie Louyuan was forced to expose his trail but he didn’t show much panic. On the contrary, everything seemed expected. “Sure enough, I can’t hide from you.”

He saw the violent wind howling and fog engulfed him in an instant. He disappeared from view again and the offensive wave was lost.

Lu Zexiu had missed a move but he wasn’t in a hurry. His eyes swept over the surroundings indifferently. Before he completely lost sight of the surroundings and before the temperature dropped to the extreme, a strong air current appeared under his feet and helped him rise into the sky.

At the same time, the air current cut through the surrounding space and caused a drizzle of rain to fall to the ground.

Everything happened in almost a moment. A thick black fog quietly rose up and Xie Louyuan’s figure could vaguely be seen. In a flash, he was facing Lu Zexiu again. For a time, only the violent rain and whistling wind remained on the ground. The audience could only see two figures surrounded by wind and fog colliding and intertwining with each other.

The entire venue was silent. They were worthy of being the top existences in the league. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say this was a fight between gods.

Yi Jiamu saw everything while glancing at the time. Unknowingly, his fingers became tightly embedded in his palm. It had been too long! This individual match lasted too long! Next to him, Gu Yesheng seemed to feel his nervousness and gently patted him on the back.

Just then, the clash in the sky and on the ground suddenly stopped. The dust that had covered their vision gradually dissipated. After seeing the positions of the two people, it was found that after countless collisions and temptations, the two on the field had entered the range of the opponent’s strongest ability.

The commentator was a bit stunned and was ready to judge the possible responses of the two according to his professional ability. Then he saw that the two people on the field unexpectedly chose a frontal collision.

This obviously wasn’t Lu Zexiu’s style nor was it like a decision that Xie Louyuan would make. However, it happened.

The entire venue was silent as the camera director zoomed in on the two people on the screen. The commentator quickly described the scene on the field. At the last moment, he finally couldn’t hold back and stood up excitedly.

The battle between the two kings finally came to an end. All the attention of the audience and the attention of the interstellar network was on the big screen as the final result was displayed.

In this match, Lu Zexiu had won.

In the Sublime Star player seats, everyone jumped up and hugged each other while cheering. Immediately afterwards, the audience also let out enthusiastic shouts. “Lu Zexiu is awesome! Sublime Star is awesome! Won two and let’s chase after the third! Rush to the championship!”

A burst of cheers filled the air.

In the overexcited atmosphere, even the camera director was too excited. By the time he remembered to move the camera to the backstage, he found that the two people in the virtual cabin had long left.

It was completely different from the enthusiasm of the front. In the safe passage backstage, Xie Louyuan held the weak Lu Zexiu in his arms. The person in front of him was completely different from the usual spirited appearance on the field. He could clearly feel a paleness from this unsmiling face that couldn’t be hidden.

Xie Louyuan looked down at the slightly gasping Lu Zexiu and his voice sank a bit. “I’ll take you to the hospital.”

Lu Zexiu pushed away Xie Louyuan’s hand without hesitation and leaned heavily against the wall. “It doesn’t matter. There will be a team match later. I just need a rest.”

The surroundings became quiet.

Xie Louyuan’s mouth had long been lowered to the extreme. “The championship, is it that important?”

Lu Zexiu looked up and met the other person’s eyes. He couldn’t help being stunned by such a gaze. He took a few deep breaths as the abrupt heartbeat caused by the match gradually calmed down. He tilted his head slightly as he watched the man in front of him. Then he asked instead, “Isn’t it important, Captain Xie?”

There was no smile on Xie Louyuan’s face at this time. His Adam’s apple moved up and down before he squeezed out a sentence. “I won’t be merciful in the team match.”

If someone from the Holy Sun team saw such a heavy expression, they would probably kneel on the spot out of fright. However, Lu Zexiu was just a bit amused. “Then you agree with me.”

Far away, footsteps could be heard. Xie Louyuan glimpsed at Yi Jiamu and Gu Yesheng rushing over and turned away without saying a word. He could feel Lu Zexiu’s gaze on his back and it wasn’t blocked until he passed the corner.

Lu Zexiu stood there and didn’t move. Just now, he had chosen that style of play because he felt the load on his body. He knew he had to finish the match as soon as possible. He just didn’t expect for Xie Louyuan to make the same choice as him instead of rationally avoiding it. As for the reason, it was tacitly understood.

Lu Zexiu felt a vague tightening in his heart.

He used Yi Jiamu’s support to slowly stand up from the wall. He was silent for a moment and didn’t choose to go to the player seats. “Go to the lounge first. Don’t show them this.”

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5 months ago

ooh is lx the bottom… Kinda hoping, he was the top but whatever someone has a weakness or illness it’s usually reversed and now I hope the next leader is MC because he already has the qualities for it.