OIAA: Chapter 81

It was unknown if Gu Yesheng was pretending not to care or if he really wasn’t worried. During the pre-match preparations, the expression on his face didn’t change like he had never seen the criticism on the Star Network. Instead, he noticed Yi Jiamu’s lowered eyes and glanced over with a smile. “Mumu, what’s wrong? It is the match point. Are you nervous?”

Yi Jiamu thought about it and shook his head. “No.”

Gu Yesheng smiled and gently rubbed Yi Jiamu’s head. “Indeed, there is no need to be worried about a winning match.”

Such words might be arrogant but coming from this person’s mouth, it indeed felt true. The two people exchanged looks, tacitly not saying anything. Then they turned around and got into the virtual cabins.

Two consecutive defeats had made the momentum of the Sublime Star camp a bit sluggish. The fans might not accept it but they knew their team had been forced to the edge of a cliff. Just then, the lineup for the match was displayed on the big screen and made the audience fall silent for a moment.

Then someone started shouting again. It originally started from just a corner but spread out little by little until it filled almost the entire venue. All the supporters of Sublime Star knew this doubles match must be won. This was the last chance left to them in this league.

Moments later, the match official started and both sides refreshed at their respective initial locations.

Holy Sun’s second doubles pair were all veterans who had competed in the league for two years. The reason why they were scheduled to play in the third match was obviously to target Gu Yesheng and Yi Jiamu.

The lineup of the Holy Sun team had always been huge. The total number of substitutes and official players alone was more than three times that of Sublime Star. Therefore, their selection range was wide to make the most suitable lineup adjustment before every match.

Thanks to the information collected during the online training matches some time ago and guessing the position of Gu Yesheng and Yi Jiamu, Holy Sun naturally made the best adjustment possible.

The official commentator saw the lineup and understood Holy Sun’s intentions. “From the previous match, all elemental abilities have no effect on Sublime Star’s Yi Jiamu. Obviously, Holy Sun has noticed this situation so in this match, they sent the power enhancement player Ou Yongsi and the mental player He Gan. In this way, there is a mental ability player in both lineups. Let us see which side is better in the end!”

On the screen, it could be seen that the two people of Sublime Star moved actively once it started. At the same time, the Holy Sun side also wanted to do a preemptive attack. Thus, before a minute passed, the two sides had met in the centre. Since neither side had elemental abilities, it saved the time for a long-distance testing.

Holy Sun’s Ou Yongsi took the lead to uproot a tree on the side of the path. He raised his head and threw it at Sublime Star. Then he uprooted another tree and continued to throw it. Such a move seemed to be a cover for He Gan’s mental ability.

A power enhancement type player was doing what an elemental ability player should be doing. Such an arrangement seemed unnecessary in the eyes of other people but it made Yi Jiamu frown. There might be no basis for it but he inexplicably got the feeling that Holy Sun chose such a tactic because Xie Louyuan had basically seen through his ability.

It was true that abilities had no effect on him but if the energy was transformed to other physical objects, it wouldn’t fall under the scope of this immunity. For example, the air flow after flames exploded and the giant trees that were approaching now…

The situation was clearly forcing him to confront it with a simple and brutal attack. In ordinary times, Yi Jiamu would probably choose to directly avoid it.

His brain moved quickly. He saw the giant trees rushing toward him, glanced at Gu Yesheng beside him and didn’t hide. Rather, he gathered his strength, flew forward and kicked the trees one by one to the side.

The heavy trees caused dust to rise when they hit the ground. The overly heroic scene caused the audience to pause for a moment before they boiled over. Damn, weren’t these kicks just now too A?! They remembered that Yi Jiamu wasn’t a power type player. Then what was this just now? Why did it look like the ancient martial arts seen in documentaries? It was too good!

The audience and the commentators couldn’t help feeling a bit crazy. In addition, the two opponents on the field were shocked.

However, the situation on the field was changing rapidly and the players of Holy Sun had no time to be distracted. Ou Yongsi’s harassing behaviour remained the same while his eyes moved and he caught the position of his teammate He Gan.

Based on the distance, it was almost approaching the range of influence of He Gan’s ability. In the entire abilities league, everyone agreed that Gu Yesheng had the most difficult mental ability to deal with. However, in terms of comparison, He Gan’s ability wasn’t weak. He might not be able to defeat the opponent’s defenses in one move but He Gan’s ability could control the mental world of other people.

However, those with a mind type ability had inherently powerful mental worlds. When confronting each other, those with stronger mental worlds would be the ultimate winner. Prior to this, He Gan and Gu Yesheng had fought and He Gan was finally defeated. So at this time, he used the cover of Ou Yongsi and He Gan’s main goal was actually Yi Jiamu.

Gu Yesheng might possess an absolutely strong mental ability, but those with a mental ability were notoriously physically weak. In this doubles match, he just needed to control Yi Jiamu in front of him and it would become much simpler.

In regards to today’s tactics, the Holy Sun duo had practiced it countless times. Now it was officially implemented on the field and it was even more accomplished. Yi Jiamu vaguely felt the opponent circumventing around but his main attention was on protecting Gu Yesheng. By the time he reacted and looked back, He Gan was already approaching.

“Sorry, your league this year has come to an end.” Before He Gan finished speaking, his pupils flashed and turned a deep green. He stared into Yi Jiamu’s eyes and a faint light started to surround Yi Jiamu.

“It appeared! He Gan has finally used his ability!” The commentator’s voice became higher. “Once Player Yi Jiamu is controlled, it means Gu Yesheng will have to face a three against one situation! It will undoubtedly be a huge crisis for Sublime Star!”

The entire venue was quiet and everyone stared at the big screen. In the video, they could see Yi Jiamu’s eyes slightly lowering. The faint fluorescent light around him seemed to quietly restrain him. Seeing that the control was complete, He Gan clearly delivered his first command. “Go take care of Gu Yesheng.”

Gu Yesheng was standing not far away. It was unknown what he was thinking but he just raised his eyebrow and stood still. This scene entered everyone’s eye and a thought emerged in their heads. Had Sublime Star completely given up?

Just then, the controlled Yi Jiamu started to slowly move. However, he didn’t go to Gu Yesheng as expected. Instead, he reached out, grabbed He Gan’s collar and threw him fiercely to the side. He Gan fell heavily against the ground and couldn’t react for a long time until he stared up in a daze and met Gu Yesheng’s eyes.

Gu Yesheng spoke in a ridiculing tone and distinct dissatisfaction can be felt from it. “Who do you want to handle?”

He Gan’s pupils contracted slightly from excessive shock and he glanced at Yi Jiamu. Then he finally managed to find his voice. “You aren’t controlled? No! This is impossible!”

Perhaps it was because the questioning expression was too genuine. Yi Jiamu couldn’t help scratching his face and he said sincerely, “I’m sorry…”

He Gan opened his mouth to say something but his entire body suddenly shook. He held his head tightly and curled up on the ground in pain.

Gu Yesheng seemed very dissatisfied with this person and quickly acted. “This is a game. Why are you talking?!”

Yi Jiamu hadn’t expected to smell this sudden sourness on the field and he couldn’t help laughing. Just then, he felt a whistling wind. His eyes flashed sharply and his feet moved. In the blink of an eye, he stood in front of Gu Yesheng and blocked Ou Yongsi’s sneak attack like flowing water.

The moment the two sides touched, there was a huge wave of power and air was blasted toward the surroundings. The audience was a mess from the excessively violent impact.

At almost the same time, Gu Yesheng had smartly moved behind Yi Jiamu. Once the surroundings calmed down, he poked his head out and a dangerous smile appeared on his face. “Oh, this is delivering yourself to the door?”

Ou Yongsi saw that his teammate had missed and found the right time for a counterattack. It was a pity that he was too late. He stared at Yi Jiamu with an expression of consternation. They might have previously been in contact during the online training matches but this was the first time he had a head on collision with Yi Jiamu.

Just that, all his condensed strength had completely disappeared at the moment of contact. It was as if his ability was quietly resolved by an invisible threat and it didn’t pose the slightest threat. This was the first time Ou Yongsi had encountered such a situation. He wouldn’t have believed it if he hadn’t experienced it personally.

In the third match, the winner was decided. Sublime Star finally got one point after losing two matches in a row and the supporters’ hearts relaxed slightly. At the same time, speculation about Yi Jiamu’s ability spread on the Star Network.

Elemental abilities were ineffective, he couldn’t be controlled by mental abilities and even physical enhancement players couldn’t suppress him in combat effectiveness. So what type of ability did he have?

It wasn’t just the netizens. Once the news spread, it attracted strong attention from relevant departments in the allied government.

After all, it had been too long since the development of abilities that a new ability had awakened. The rapid progress of technology had faintly replaced abilities. If the entire field of abilities wanted to develop further then they needed more capable people.

As the person involved, Yi Jiamu didn’t know what type of turbulence today’s match brought to the entire Star Network. In his opinion, one thing was more worrying. He came out of the virtual cabin and sighed with relief. Then he looked up at the score on the big screen and frowned slightly.

Lu Zexiu was destined to appear as the player in the fourth match. His opponent was Xie Louyuan, who was known as the uncrowned king of the league. It was the well-deserved battle of two kings.

The author has something to say:

The focus of all netizens: What exactly is Yi Jiamu’s ability?

The focus of the allied government: Has a new ability awakened?

The focus of Dad and Grandpa: Who is that hiding behind our baby??!

Proofreader: Grinding Love~

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1 year ago

Dad and grandpa: he dares to mark our baby then goes to hide behind him?! He’s not even as strong as our weakest soldier?! 🙀
Brother Qin: I already beat him up once, but I still think dad and grandpa should give him another beating! 😡