OIAA: Chapter 80

The game between Burning Wood and Perpetual Full Moon ended with Burning Wood’s victory. This year, the Perpetual Full Moon was still squeezed out of the top three rankings.

Normally, Yi Jiamu wouldn’t care about the records of other teams. However, after watching the entire game, he found that the person called Shen Ling never appeared. Gu Yesheng wasn’t surprised by this. “His goal was originally me. He is no longer playing a game against us so there is no need for him to participate anymore.”

Yi Jiamu frowned slightly. “So have you investigated the origin of this person?”

Gu Yesheng told the truth. “Not yet.”

Yi Jiamu was speechless at Gu Yesheng’s overly calm manner and couldn’t help muttering, “You really don’t care at all.”

Gu Yesheng noticed Yi Jiamu’s expression and smiled slightly as he leaned forward. “What’s the matter, little boyfriend? Are you worried about me?”

Yi Jiam felt his ears becoming itchy. He pushed this shameless guy away with his shoulders and didn’t say a word. Xu Yi had gradually become immune to the actions of these two. He coughed and told them, “Someone is coming. Pay attention to your actions.”

Yi Jiamu looked up and saw the Perpetual Full Moon team not far away. He took a quick glance and truly didn’t see Shen Ling in the team. Perpetual Full Moon had just finished the post-game interview. Now they saw Sublime Star and were slightly taken aback. Despite the gloomy atmosphere, they walked up and greeted Sublime Star politely.

Ji Wenxing absent-mindedly said a few words with the others. Then he walked to Yi Jiamu and noticed Yi Jiamu’s inquiring gaze. He understood the question in Ji Yiamu’s eyes and took advantage of the time when no one was paying attention to lower his voice. “…Shen Ling didn’t come and I don’t know where he has been for the last two days. He left school.”

No one thought it would be such a situation. Beside him, Gu Yesheng also heard it and his eyes changed. He turned his head and met Yi Jiamu’s gaze. No one said anything but they could grasp the key point.

Originally, they thought that Shen Ling’s goal was to limit Gu Yesheng’s performance in the league. However, this person’s real motives likely had nothing to do with the league. Then Shen Ling’s goal was probably only Gu Yesheng. Even entering Perpetual Full Moon to study was just to get closer to his goal.

Yi Jiamu realized this and inevitably felt a subtle uneasiness. Back at the hotel, they had just walked out of the elevator when he suddenly stopped and reached out to grab Gu Yesheng’s clothes. Gu Yesheng paused slightly at the action and noticed Yi Jiamu’s expression. He instantly saw through his boyfriend’s thoughts. His mouth softened slightly.

Gu Yesheng reached out to pat Yi Jiamu’s soft hair gently. “Don’t worry, I will pay attention. Don’t think about this trivial matter. Finish tomorrow’s game first, okay?”

Yi Jiamu pressed his lips together and finally nodded. “Yes.”

An unknown smile suddenly floated in Gu Yesheng’s eyes. By this point, the other teammates had gone far ahead. He confirmed that no one was paying attention to their actions and Gu Yesheng leaned forward with a smile. “Speaking of which, can we arrange the pre-match motivation?”


The grand final was scheduled for the morning of the next day. On this day, the entire venue was crowded with people inside and outside. It was truly a spectacular sight.

The members of Sublime Star got out of the car and were surrounded by extremely enthusiastic media reporters and fans. Finally, under the escort of the bodyguards arranged in the starting area, they managed to break out of the siege and fled to the lounge.

Zhou Ming raised his head and drank a few mouthfuls of mineral water. “I suspect that those people were hired by Holy Sun to stop us! It’s too cruel, too murderous!”

Xu Yi laughed. “This is murderous? Then you haven’t seen what usually happens after winning the championship.”

Zhou Ming smiled. “It doesn’t matter if I haven’t seen it. In any case, I will see it soon after the game.”

Zhen Jingyao couldn’t help intervening when he heard this. “Zhou Ming, can you speak a bit more carefully!”

The rules of the finals were the same as the previous semi-finals. Two doubles and two singles matches were played alternately. If a winner wasn’t decided in these four matches, the final team match would be used to decide it.

Lu Zexiu was still arranged for the fourth match. Only Yi Jiamu and Gu Yesheng knew the reason apart from stabilizing the finals.

So far, they had controlled the number of matches well and saved a lot of burden on Lu Zexiu. Although the probability of them winning three matches directly against Holy Sun was close to zero, the time gained before this could ensure that Lu Zexiu was in his best condition.

Of course, in Yi Jiamu’s mind, the sooner today’s game ended, the better. Seeing Xiang Zhuo and Zhen Jingyao about to leave for their pre-match preparations, he hurried over and handed them each a bottle of water. “Seniors, I’m cheering for you!”

Xiang Zhuo smiled at him. “Don’t worry, we will win.”

Gu Yesheng saw them leave while Yi Jiamu stayed at the door and stared into the distance. He couldn’t help walking over and patting Yi Jiamu’s shoulder while asking with concern, “What’s wrong? You seem very nervous today.”

Yi Jiamu glanced at Gu Yesheng and wanted to say something, only to stop. He finally shook his head and remained silent. He decided not to tell Gu Yesheng that he received a message from Yi Jiaqin last night, telling him that his father and grandfather would be watching the live broadcast in front of their devices.

A few minutes later, the cheers of the audience overturned the roof and the finals of the College Abilities League finally began. On the big screen, he could see Xiang Zhuo and Zhen Jingyao moving quickly.

The player seats for Sublime Star were quieter than ever as everyone watched the situation on the field with a serious expression. After all, it was the finals and Holy Sun was a strong opponent. No one dared to relax. However, the battle wasn’t optimistic.

Xu Yi couldn’t help furrowing his brow. “What’s the matter? Is Zhen Jingyao too nervous today? I always feel that he isn’t at his usual level.”

Lu Zexiu’s eyes fell on the big screen. “Don’t blame Zhen Jingyao. The opponent is too strong.”

Holy Sun had arranged a new combination for this first match. However, being a newcomer didn’t mean they were actually newcomers. The two of them entered the Holy Sun Abilities Association in their freshmen year last year. After one year of training together, they stood out and won the opportunity to represent the school. In the games before today, they played several matches for Holy Sun and had a winning record.

Gong Yue sat in her seat and was sweating as she whispered, “Come on, win…”

However, God didn’t seem to hear her prayers this time. Once the final result came out, silence filled the room of the Sublime Star participants. Despite several attempts to break through, their ace combination failed to win the first match.

Zhou Ming took a deep breath and stood up. “I’m going to get ready.”

Xu Yi noticed his solemn expression and called out, but he didn’t get any response. Zhou Ming walked out without stopping. Yi Jiamu noticed this interaction. In the somewhat heavy atmosphere, a bad feeling filled his heart. Perhaps it was because of the finals but the mental pressure on everyone was too great.

This obviously wasn’t a good thing in such a crucial match. Unsurprisingly, Sublime Star once again lost the second match.

Zhou Ming clearly wanted to get their team back in the game. The moment it started, he took the lead to launch a very violent offensive, taking the absolute initiative at the start.

However, in the second half, it was precisely because of this over-eager state that he didn’t notice the opponent’s actions. He gave the opponent a chance to counterattack, instantly reversing the situation.

After two consecutive defeats, the points displayed on the big screen became 0:2, giving Holy Sun the match point.

Sublime Star, who had been gaining momentum the entire time, was hit like this the moment the game started. This inevitably made the audience feel a bit dissatisfied. Today’s finals were being broadcasted live to all the stars. The atmosphere at the venue was depressing and it wasn’t difficult to imagine the scoldings that would appear online.

Zhou Ming didn’t say anything when he came back. He sat down blankly and started to desperately drink water. In front of an almost doomed defeat, only deathly silence was left in the Sublime Star player seats. The strange silence continued to spread until someone chuckled.

They didn’t know when he did it but Gu Yesheng had downloaded an app to his terminal. He read the barrage on the league’s official website one by One. “’I said that you were bragging too much before. Sublime Star is destined to accompany you this year.’ ‘It has been a long time since I’ve stopped being a fan. It is always like this. The first half is fierce and then they are abused like a dog in the finals.’ ‘Congratulations to Holy Sun in advance for winning the championship with a score of 3:0. Sublime Star is doomed to lose .’ ‘A cool song was given to Sublime Star. What type of terrible’….”

“That’s enough!” Zhou Ming’s mood was very bad after losing and he finally stood up.

The moment he moved his feet, no one could see his movements clearly and he had already taken away Gu Yesheng’s terminal. Gu Yesheng’s hand was empty and he couldn’t read the words of the barrage. Instead of being angry, he laughed in a low voice. “So what? You didn’t fight well and other people can’t say it?”

Zhou Ming’s face was white and he was going to argue when he was stopped by Xu Yi. “The game is still ongoing. Don’t make trouble!”

“Trouble? Like this, I can’t be bothered to make trouble with him.” Gu Yesheng gave a smile that wasn’t a smile. He turned around, grabbed Yi Jiamu’s shoulder and started walking. “Let’s go Mumu. We will show them how  the finals should actually be played.”

Yi Jiamu hadn’t intervened in the confrontation of the two people from beginning to end. It wasn’t until they reached the door that he looked back at Zhou Ming. “Senior Zhou Ming, don’t worry. We will win. Wait for the team battle and prepare well.”

Zhou Ming was originally furious at Gu Yesheng but now he couldn’t help being stunned. By the time his mind returned, the two figures had long since disappeared. It was only at this time that he understood Gu Yesheng was deliberately trying to anger him. An emotion flickered in his eyes and he couldn’t help cursing in a low voice.

Then he raised his head again and emerged from the slump he was in after the match ended. He spoke to Xu Yi next to him, “Don’t pester me. Take advantage of this chance to warm up for the team battle. We absolutely can’t lose again!”

Xu Yi saw the somewhat puffy face and smiled slightly. “It must be so.”

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