OIAA: Chapter 8

At present, the allied government’s technology in the field of abilities was very developed and detection was rapidly developing.

Sublime Star Abilities College was a top ranking college for abilities. It was naturally equipped with a perfect testing system. The inspection process of these items was actually very cumbersome. Yi Jiamu went with Yu Sheng. Later, once Yu Sheng was busy, Yi Jiamu was entrusted to the teacher in the laboratory. Once everything was tested, a whole afternoon had passed.

The teacher handed him a paper towel. “Student, it was hard on you. The data detection results will come out tonight and a copy will be sent to your terminal tomorrow.


“You must be tired after such a long afternoon. Hurry back and rest.” The inspection teacher smiled and glanced at the glands on Yi Jiamu’s neck, specifically reminding him, “I will notify the relevant teachers. Don’t wander around outside. Hurry back and take a shower.”

“Thank you, Teacher.” Yi Jiamu thanked him and left the testing room.

At this point in time, the stellar luster had gradually dimmed, leaving only a faint afterglow. It became a background painting with intense colours in the distance.

The Academic Affairs Office was located on the first floor near the staircase. From a distance, he could hear harsh reprimands coming from it.

The inspection teacher already said there was no need to say goodbye to anyone else and Yi Jiamu had no plans to join in the excitement. He walked down the stairs and was about to leave. Just then, he heard the office door being kicked open from the inside. It slammed against the wall heavily and a person walked out casually with his hands in his pocket.

Unexpectedly, their eyes met. The indifferent expression on Gu Yesheng’s face instantly changed to a smile of interest. “Little friend, what a coincidence.”

Yi Jiamu didn’t speak and just looked past this person’s shoulder. The door of the Academic Affairs Office was opened like this but it was completely silent inside. Based on the situation just now, he didn’t know if the director had died of anger.

Gu Yesheng noticed that Yi Jiamu was distracted and walked over. “Don’t worry about that old man. He is just grumpy. I heard you were checking…”

His words came to an abrupt stop. He hadn’t noticed it previously due the distance. It was only after getting close that he could feel the unique scent in the air.

It was like a green plum quietly maturing in late spring. It was wet and sticky in the warm season after the first rain. Even so, the faint sour scent couldn’t be hidden. It was very light, somewhat immature but with a deep and calm sweetness.

Gu Yesheng’s eyes flashed and his gaze lowered to Yi Jiamu’s neck. He opened his mouth and found that his voice was uncontrollably low and hoarse. “Your pheromones are leaking, little friend.”

The inspection of various indications in the field of abilities consumed a lot of physical strength. Although the sweat around Yi Jiamu’s neck had been wiped off with a towel, there was still the wet feeling left after the release of physical strength. Therefore, the faint green plum scent was covered by this layer of sweat and lingered.

This faintly discernible scent made people feel itchy.

It stood to reason that there was almost no trace of this scene. Yi Jiamu hadn’t expected it to be smelt by Gu Yesheng and gave him a surprised look. “I know. I’m going back to take a bath.”

Gu Yesheng saw that he was so indifferent and couldn’t help laughing. “Do you know what it means to leak your pheromones in front of an alpha?”

Yi Jiamu looked at him strangely. “Do you want to mark me?”

Gu Yesheng, “…I don’t have this plan for the time being.”

“Then I’m going back to take a shower.”

It was such a coincidental meeting that Gu Yesheng wanted to ask about the report on the forum. Then he saw Yi Jiamu’s innocent appearance and suddenly felt there was no need to ask. Sure enough, it was useless to worry.

He quietly pulled back his hand. At this time, his voice was filled with regret. “I had wanted to invite you to drink milk tea today but it seems it isn’t possible.”

Yi Jiamu had been exhausted from his afternoon. Now he heard this and his eyes brightened. “It sounds good.”

Gu Yesheng hadn’t expected Yi Jiamu to actually be greedy at this time. His eyes lowered slightly and he suddenly moved forward, pressing this person against the wall.

His two hands were placed by Yi Jiamu’s shoulders and Gu Yesheng glanced at his neck meaningfully. He saw the glands behind the neck and couldn’t help licking his dry lips. “Little friend, you agreed so easily. Do you know what this looks like?”

Yi Jiamu was close enough to have this breath sprayed on his face and was stunned. He asked without thinking, “What does it look like?”

The hoarse voice contained a bit of an alpha’s possessiveness. “It is like… you’re seducing me.”

Yi Jiamu froze for a moment before reacting. He reached out for Gu Yesheng and pushed him to a safe distance. “Sorry, I always forget that you are an alpha.”

Gu Yesheng’s bewitching smile faded away. He looked at this person for a moment before smiling again. This time, it seemed a bit more meaningful. “You mean that I don’t look like an alpha?”

Yi Jiamu thought about it under this threatening gaze. “You look so beautiful. The average alpha doesn’t look so good.”

Gu Yesheng hadn’t expected him to say such a thing and suddenly felt it was quite reasonable. “This isn’t false.”

He seemed to be in a good mood as he leaned against the wall and watched Yi Jiamu. “Still, even if I look good, I am an alpha.”

As an alpha, he was always an unstable factor in front of an omega leaking pheromones. What’s more, the little friend in front of him was so unaware. His figure might be slim but the slightly open collar revealed the delicate collarbone.

Yi Jiamu seemed to digest the meaning of Gu Yesheng’s words and he frowned slightly. Gu Yesheng looked down at Yi Jiamu’s thin clothes. Seeing this person’s serious expression, he suddenly felt his throat tighten.

He just wanted to say something when he heard faint movement behind him. The person he almost angered to death was walking out of the office.

Gu Yesheng had been lectured for an afternoon and his head was aching so badly that he wanted to avoid the director. Thus, he grabbed Yi Jiamu and flashed to the triangular space under the stairs.

After the whirlwind, the two people’s breaths were tangled together in one place. Their entire posture was basically together.

Gu Yesheng held Yi Jiamu’s waist with one hand as he listened to Yu Sheng gradually walking away. He sighed with relief before noticing their posture. Then his thoughts took a quick detour. “Ohh, this little friend’s waist is really thin.’

He was thinking casually when he looked up and encountered a gaze. The light apricot coloured eyes were watching him quietly, bright and clear like a cat.

There was clearly nothing distracting in the sight but Gu Yesheng felt the blood in his body boiling. In addition, there were the omega pheromones floating around and seemed to stir a certain alpha possessiveness in his body.

Gu Yesheng was uncomfortable. Once Yu Sheng’s figure finally disappeared from view, he almost threw Yi Jiamu out of this triangular space and chuckled lightly. “If Old Yu saw me then I would be scolded again. It’s okay now. You can go back.”

Yi Jiamu didn’t speak. He just watched Gu Yesheng and didn’t walk away.

Gu Yesheng raised an eyebrow. He couldn’t help wanting to tease this person. “What is it? Do you need me to send you back?”

Yi Jiamu finally opened his mouth. “Your pheromones seem to be leaking.”

It was unknown when it happened but a sultry fragrance suddenly appeared in the midst of the omega pheromones in the air. It was soft, charming and had a unique sense of arrogance, like snow-white stamens suddenly blooming.

It was a solitary narcissus alone by the water, flamboyant, charming and unrestrained.


Gu Yesheng had been uncontrolled for a moment and released a few strands of pheromones. The moment he regained his mind, he withdrew them but he hadn’t realized there was still such a strong lingering scent around him.

Before this, he had never been moved by an omega’s pheromones. In addition, it was just a light scent.

Yi Jiamu saw that Gu Yesheng didn’t talk for a while and had no plans to stay. “If there is nothing else, I’ll go back to take a shower.”

Gu Yesheng leaned against the wall and watched the back that was walking away for a long time. Then he made a smile with an unclear meaning and murmured roughly, “What should I do? Little friend, you seem to have successfully hooked me…”

The author has something to say:

Therefore, the pheromones in this book are [evil, independent and beautiful narcissus x fresh and attractive little green plum]

Exchanging pheromones scent get√

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