OIAA: Chapter 79

Yi Jiaqin left but didn’t ask anyone to send him away. He originally came with the team from the Abilities Research Institute and he would naturally leave with them. It was just that out of selfish intentions, thinking that it wouldn’t have any substantial impact on the subsequent ability research, he quietly cleaned up the abnormal pheromones data. This type of business should be left to their family to handle.

In any case, Gu Yesheng was brutally destroyed today. He didn’t have any substantial skin injuries due to the virtual cabin but he was beaten a bit miserably in true mode. Having said that, he did mark Ji Jiaqin’s brother. It wasn’t unjust to be beaten up and he couldn’t say much.

Yi Jiamu sent him back to his place and the two of them ordered takeaway, saving them the effort of running outside. Gu Yesheng leaned against the sofa and watched Yi Jiamu rushing in and out, his eyes gradually filling with joy. As Yi Jiamu was passing by, he reached out and grabbed Yi Jiamu. Then he used a bit of force to pull this person into his arms and gently hugged him. “Mumu, tell me, what should we do next?”

He still couldn’t forget the warning that Yi Jiaqin gave before leaving.

Yi Jiamu was instinctively trying to get free. Then he became slightly stunned when hearing these words. He thought about it and said, “Don’t worry. Brother just can’t easily accept it for a while. He should think about it and understand the next time we meet.”

He spoke up to here and paused. “As for Dad and Grandpa… at most, they will be a bit harsher. For my sake, they won’t really kill you.”

“……” Gu Yesheng had meant to seek a bit of comfort. Now he heard Yi Jiamu’s words and instead of being comforted, he felt increasingly more concerned for their future.

He lowered his eyes, glanced at Yi Jiamu’s expression and then blew into this person’s ear. “Then what about you? What do you say? They are your family so I won’t dare fight back even if they beat me. However, are you willing to watch me be beaten up without protecting me?”

Yi Jiamu’s ears were itchy due to Gu Yesheng. He leaned his head back and forcibly squeezed this guy further away. “What are you thinking about? Of course I will protect you.”

Gu Yesheng smiled crookedly and leaned against the sofa. He tilted his head back and met Yi Jiamu’s eyes. “What is the meaning of protecting me? Can I understand it as you being willing to let me go to the door and propose marriage?”

Yi Jiamu was slightly stunned. His face became hot and he immediately stood up. “It’s still early! What is the rush? Say it after the game!”

Gu Yesheng chuckled. “Okay, I will say it after the game.”

At this time, the takeaway they ordered arrived downstairs. Yi Jiamu heard the tone and ran out to grab the takeaway without paying attention to Gu Yesheng’s expression. Gu Yesheng leaned sideways on the sofa and watched the thin figure disappear in the blink of an eye. He couldn’t help his smile growing.

For so many years, Yi Jiamu was the only person who made him feel so warm. He naturally wanted to raise the matter of marriage. Then he thought of the situation of his own family and couldn’t help his smile disappearing. His eyes were cold as he leaned on the sofa and closed his eyes. If he let the other party know that he was in such an embarrassing situation with his family, he didn’t know if they would entrust his little boyfriend to him.

Sure enough, there was still something that needed to be completely solved?


Over the next training period, Gu Yesheng was like a different person. This actively made people wonder if the stars were coming out from the west.

Xu Yi saw the compiled data sheets and was amazed. “This isn’t easy! This is really the power of love! Mumu’s brother came here and made Gu Yesheng so diligent. If he comes a few more times then he would probably be able to face the entire Holy Sun team?”

Gu Yesheng was sitting next to him and drank half a bottle of water in the blink of an eye. Then he looked more relaxed. As for Xu Yi’s words, he didn’t mean to pay attention to it at all. If Brother Qin came a few more times, he didn’t know if he could fight all of Holy Sun’s team but he was certain that he would definitely die! A large part of the reason why he had been training so hard recently was to strengthen his body as much as possible before meeting his future father-in-law.

Yi Jiamu came over with a stack of documents. He didn’t hear the previous conversation and headed straight to Lu Zexiu to submit the documents. “President, the final system analysis about the finals between us and Holy Sun has come out.”

Xu Yi immediately became interested and came over. He read the data statistics in Lu Zexiu’s hand and couldn’t help raising his eyebrow. “Our winning rate against Holy Sun is only 40%?”

“I think this data is very good.” In this regard, Lu Zexiu seemed indifferent. “Compared with the original situation, our winning rate has improved a lot after adjusting the lineup.”

Xu Yi was completely surprised when he heard the words. “It has improved a lot?”

The so-called adjustment was obviously the situation after Yi Jiamu had joined. He hesitated before asking, “So President, what was our original winning rate?”

Lu Zexiu glanced at him. “Less than 10%.”

Xu Yi, “……”

In his impression, they might’ve lost last year but they should be 50:50 when facing Holy Sun. However, listening to Lu Zexiu’s words, 40% was actually the result after Yi Jiamu joined. Before that, their chance of winning was only 10%?

Players in the league naturally knew what 10% meant. It might be the result of a system’s rigid calculations but such a value meant that if there was no Yi Jiamu, they would have no chance of winning against Holy Sun.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi couldn’t help glancing at Yi Jiamu. Putting aside other things, the participation of one person alone caused the system analysis to increase the winning rate by over 30%. Was Yi Jiamu’s strength this high?

For a while, Xu Yi didn’t know what to do. Should he be worried about the finals or be proud that Yi Jiamu was recognized by the system as a supreme fighting power?


No matter how worried, they couldn’t make much improvements in such a limited time. The day of the finals arrived. Just like in the past, the organizers divided this into two days. Before the finals officially started, the other teams would compete for the third place and fourth place trophy.

On the day of the third place battle, Sublime Star met Holy Sun in the corridor backstage. Xie Louyuan was walking in the front of the team. He saw Sublime Star and stopped, his eyes always on Lu Zexiu. Then he got closer and greeted Lu Zexiu. “Long time no see.”

Lu Zexiu also nodded to him. “Long time no see.”

Xie Louyuan smiled. “Isn’t it better to watch the game together?”

Such words were too natural. It was like the one standing in front of them wasn’t the enemy they would be fighting to the death tomorrow. Behind him, everyone in the Holy Sun team couldn’t help staggering. Their hands quickly supported each other so they didn’t show embarrassment.

Lu Zexiu was calm. “It isn’t necessary. The competition’s organizers should’ve arranged positions for us. Don’t make their work difficult.”

Then he looked back at Gu Yesheng. “Take the players first to sit down.”

Gu Yesheng met this gaze, glanced at Xie Louyuan and smiled slightly. “Okay, let’s go.”

He stepped forward toward the passageway. The other members of Sublime Star were surprised for a moment before following.

Xie Louyuan turned to his teammates. “You go too.”

The Holy Sun people were slightly stunned before understanding.

They realized that the two captains probably had something to say and kept silent. They followed behind Sublime Star and once they reached the corner, they parted ways according to the positions arranged by the organizers. In the blink of an eye, all the people around them were gone, leaving only two tall figures in the corridor.

Xie Louyuan examined Lu Zexiu’s face. “It seems your condition is pretty good recently.”

Lu Zexiu knew what was being asked. Seeing that there were no outsiders here, he replied very honestly. “Don’t worry, before coming here, I carried out a detailed inspection. All the indicators are normal.”

Xie Louyuan was emotional. “On the one hand, I want to play against you on the field. On the other hand, I hope you don’t have to play. These feelings are really complicated.”

There was a slight pause here before he smiled. “However, if Holy Sun directly scores the first three points then it seems I don’t need to be so entangled over this matter. Tell me, isn’t this correct?”

Lu Zexiu gazed at him calmly. “You are thinking too much. Even if you want the game to end early at three points, it will be our Sublime Star doing so.”

This serious attitude caused Xie Louyuan to chuckle. “Lu Zexiu, you are such a person. You take any joke as the truth.”

Lu Zexiu watched him silently. After a moment, he opened his mouth. “I know that you are worried about my physical condition.”

He stared at Xie Louyuan’s every expression and change in his eyes. “However, the game is the game. Even if we meet on the field tomorrow, I will never let last year’s ending repeat itself. The championship must belong with Sublime Star.”

The atmosphere suddenly became serious due to these words.

Xie Louyuan’s heart was moved. He wasn’t angry and instead smiled. “That should be my words. This year’s championship will still belong to Holy Sun.”

Then he slowly extended a hand to Lu Zexiu. “Tomorrow, I won’t show mercy to your team. Then see you on the field.”

Lu Zexiu also extended his hand and grasped it gently. “See you on the field.”

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1 year ago

If we didn’t have the author themselves saying they’re a couple, I would have thought I’ve been imagining their growing closeness 🙀 these two children are too cute and responsible.