OIAA: Chapter 78

They left Wu Qingji and Yi Jiaqin took Yi Jiamu to an empty corner of the medical building. He handed over the inspection form in his hand and asked, “What’s going on?”

Yi Jiamu was confused hearing the question and looked down in a dazed manner. He didn’t understand this type of medical-related numerical analysis table but he knew one of the sub-headings.

He looked at the abnormal data in the pheromones concentration column and was slightly taken aback. Even laymen could find abnormalities in the ratio of AO pheromones. He realized something and completely froze.

Yi Jiaqin was always watching his brother’s reaction. He saw Yi Jiamu’s expression and his eyes became cold. “So who is it?”

Yi Jiamu felt some heat on his face. Regarding the matter between him and Gu Yesheng, he hadn’t been planning to hide it from his family. He just hadn’t expected it to be exposed in this way before he could find the right timing. Yi Jiaqin had never looked like this before, making Yi Jiamu very suspicious. The moment he spoke Gu Yesheng’s name, his brother might directly rush to the association building to kill someone.

Under the excessively low air pressure, Yi Jiamu hesitated a moment before saying, “Actually, Brother… the entire process of this matter is a bit complicated.”

Yi Jiaqin stared at him blankly and ordered succinctly. “Say it.”

Yi Jiamu, “……”

‘Senior, this time I might not be able to save you…’


Far away in the association building, Gu Yesheng was lying on the sofa like a salted fish. For some reason, he felt something cold shoot down his back and he instinctively sat up.

Xu Yi had just walked out of the virtual cabin when he saw such a scene. He couldn’t help laughing and teasing, “What’s the matter, Gu Yesheng? Isn’t it just Mumu asking for leave? Why be so shocked?”

Gu Yesheng didn’t say a word. He just touched the back of his neck that was still a bit cold, raised his eyebrow and looked around. Strange, what was the killing intent he felt just now? He just had this thought when the elevator door opened.

The people inside came out and happened to meet Gu Yesheng’s eyes. Gu Yesheng saw who was standing next to Yi Jiamu and immediately stood up from the sofa. Before he could speak, Yi Jiaqin had already blocked his words with a cool tone. “It is worthy of being the team who got a ticket to the finals. You are still training at this time. It is really hard.”

Yi Jiamu agreed to the side. Then he took advantage of Yi Jiaqin’s inattention to blink at Gu Yesheng. Unfortunately, all their tacit understanding developed during this time was suddenly ineffective.

Gu Yesheng obviously got the wrong intention. Rather than seizing the chance to slip away, he smiled and greeted this person. “Brother Qin, long time no see. Why are you here?”

Yi Jiaqin seemed to only just notice Gu Yesheng’s existence and he raised his eyes as he gave a smile that wasn’t a smile. “You didn’t want me to come?”

“How can that be? Mumu and I are very happy that you came to the school.’

Yi Jiamu, “……”

Yi Jiamu glanced at his brother’s expression and couldn’t help wanting to hold his forehead. He had the desire to rush over and directly block Gu Yesheng’s mouth. At this time, don’t talk!

Gu Yesheng noticed that Yi Jiamu hadn’t made a sound and leaned over. “What’s wrong, Mumu? You aren’t feeling well?”

“No.” Yi Jiamu quietly pushed him away, maintaining a safe distance in front of his brother.

Yi Jiaqin noticed the interaction between the two and his eyes sank. He spoke casually. “The finals are next, right? How are your preparations?”

Yi Jiamu watched him and didn’t glance at Gu Yesheng. “It should be good. Recently, everyone has been training hard. We are waiting for the day of the game.”

Gu Yesheng seemed uncomfortable with Yi Jiamu deliberately maintaining a distance. He frowned slightly and was trying to secretly reach out to pull Yi Jiamu’s sleeve when a figure flashed in front of him. He looked up and was taken aback after meeting Yi Jiaqin’s eyes. “Brother Qin, what is it?”

Yi Jiaqin had heard his brother’s explanation. Although it seemed like there really was a reason, he couldn’t help feeling agitated when he thought of the cabbage he raised at home being eaten by a pig.

He still remembered that the last time they met at school, Mumu hadn’t felt much for this Gu Yesheng. Who would’ve thought that in a short period of time, it would become like this? If it wasn’t for him coming to take a look, who knows how long it would’ve been hidden. Perhaps Yi Jiamu would’ve only confessed it when they already had a child.

Yi Jiaqin became even unhappier and his eyes narrowed slightly. He didn’t answer and instead turned to look at the equipment placed next to him. “These should be the virtual cabins you use in training right?”

Then he paused briefly, took off his jacket and handed it to Yi Jiamu. He rolled up his sleeves meticulously while saying, “Gu Yesheng, that’s right. If you aren’t busy with anything then go in and play with me.”

Yi Jiamu came back to his senses and blurted out, “Brother…”

He didn’t have time to finish when he was blocked by Yi Jiaqin’s eyes. “Help look after my clothes and deploy the equipment in true mode.”

The so-called true mode was to give 100% physical pain in the holographic simulation.

Yi Jiamu didn’t know what Yi Jiaqin wanted to do but the other person didn’t give him a chance to intercede at all. Yi Jiaqin turned around, touched an information card on the side and entered the virtual cabin.

Meanwhile, Gu Yesheng took the opportunity to get closer and asked, “Does Brother Qin really want me to practice with him?”

He said it was practice but the other person was his brother-in-law. It was impossible for him to do anything.

Hearing this, Yi Jiamu looked up and stared deeply at Gu Yesheng. He tried to speak several times before finally organizing his words. “Brother, he… he knows about what happened between us. I’ll explain the specifics later. You might need to work harder today…”

Gu Yesheng froze and suddenly understood where the murderous energy he felt came from. He stood motionless for a moment and his expression was solemn. “I know. I will do my best.”

He took a long breath before turning to the other virtual cabin. Looking from the back, he seemed like someone walking to his death.


The movement over here caught the attention of the other members. Yi Jiamu watched the imported images from the platform motionlessly while a circle of people formed around him.

Everyone was stunned when they clearly saw the tragic virtual battle.

Xu Yi opened his mouth, unable to easily recover from his astonishment. “Mumu, your brother… isn’t he a scientific researcher working for the allied government?”

Yi Jiamu knew what he wanted to ask. Yi Jiamu didn’t look away from the screen as he replied, “Brother just prefers academic research. If he didn’t give up on the path of an ability master then he would’ve already obtained an S-grade qualification certificate.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help exclaiming, “Sure enough, talents are awesome in every field!”

Zhou Ming looked over and couldn’t help teasing. “Why? Do you also want to be ‘guided’ like Gu Yesheng?”

Xu Yi glanced at the figure on the screen who hadn’t been able to land for more than 10 seconds and instinctively flinched. “No! I’m afraid I can’t bear the love of this bigshot!”

In the process, Yi Jiamu was always keeping an eye on the duration of the custom room. He didn’t know what Gu Yesheng was thinking but this person insisted on not admitting defeat and quitting.

Yi Jiamu endured and endured but he finally couldn’t stand it anymore. He forcibly cut in from the outside to stop the one-sided beating. The hatch opened and the moment Gu Yesheng walked out, he staggered and almost fell down. He was quickly caught by Yi Jiamu.

Yi Jiaqin had just walked out of the other virtual cabin. He saw this scene and seemed dissatisfied with Gu Yesheng’s weak appearance as he frowned. He didn’t say much. He just walked to the sofa, took his coat and calmly put it on. It was as if it wasn’t him who had been doing the beating in the virtual cabin.

In fact, Yi Jiaqin wasn’t too possessive. Yi Jiamu had to start his own life sooner or later and Yi Jiaqin shouldn’t intervene too much. It was just that the mark was completed so hastily. It was completely impossible not to be angry. Still, he considered his brother’s happiness and restrained his impulse to kill.

After coming out of the virtual cabin, the atmosphere was a bit heavy and the other people smartly avoided it. Due to the true mode, Gu Yesheng felt his entire body wasn’t his own after he came out of the virtual cabin. Every bone marrow was filled with unspeakable pain. Thanks to Yi Jiamu’s help, he moved to the sofa and slowly sat down.

During the entire process, he barely made a sound. Then seeing Yi Jiaqin ignore him indifferently, Gu Yesheng actually called out, “Brother Qin?”

Yi Jiaqin looked back indifferently. “What is it?”

An ordinary person would’ve been completely killed by this look but Gu Yesheng didn’t seem to perceive the disgust. He had a moment of reflection before saying honestly, “Brother Qin, regarding the matter between me and Mumu, I will definitely find time to make a special trip to propose marriage!”

The strap on the sleeve of his coat was directly torn off. However, Yi Jiaqin looked like he hadn’t noticed at all. He was frowning as he looked back. “There is no hurry. I will discuss this matter with my father first.”

He paused after this and his lips curved up in a meaningful manner. “After all… your small body can’t stand so much hardship. You might not be able to live for two years if you enter our house.”

The threat fell into Yi Jiamu’s ears but he was too distracted to care about it. Only one thought filled his dazed mind. Was this preparing to let the family know?

The author has something to say:

The entire army has come out.

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1 year ago

I don’t really understand why the family didn’t tell Mumu about his granddad’s real identity. Were they trying to develop his personality first so that he wouldn’t become arrogant based on someone else’s achievements or something of the sort? But he should be 18-19 years old if he’s in his first year of uni? So his personality should have been mostly formed by now. It can actually be a bit dangerous for him not to know about it if others recognise him based on his similar appearance with his grandpa and if they’re holding some sort of grudge.

5 months ago
Reply to  Dultse

Well there’s that, my there’s also that mc’s grandfather wanted to be low-key as not to attract enemies to endanger his family. And then there’s also mc’s cheat ability. If the enemy were to find out about him, wouldn’t they do everything they can to try and capture him?