OIAA: Chapter 77

They took turns when it came to cleaning. Yi Jiamu finished taking a shower and walked out in a bathrobe. His wet hair fell to his ears and although his expression was blank, he gave off a different type of temptation.

Gu Yesheng’s eyes moved over his body and a strange impulse surged. However, he quickly restrained it. He cleared his throat and joked with a smile, “Aren’t you afraid I can’t control myself if you come out dressed like this?”

Yi Jiamu glanced at Gu Yesheng. “I was in a hurry when I came back yesterday and left my space necklace in the lounge. My clothes are all inside.”

After last night, his original clothes were no longer wearable. However, he was now in Gu Yesheng’s room and couldn’t grab new clothes. Gu Yesheng raised his eyebrow and blurted out, “Wear my clothes.”

Then he soon found some white clothes and handed them over. Yi Jiamu was in a daze and didn’t accept them.

“What’s the matter?” Gu Yesheng asked.

Yi Jiamu slightly moved his lips. “…My room is downstairs. I can just go and get it.”

Gu Yesheng stared at this expressionless little face. Then he glanced at the red ears and a smile flashed. “It isn’t impossible.”

He touched his chin and thought about it. “However, you are an omega in a bathrobe. What if you bump into someone? Or should I help wrap a quilt around you as well? It would be relatively safer to escort you back like that.”

“……” Yi Jiamu was silent for a moment before reaching for the clothes. “I’ll change.”

It wasn’t until he heard the bathroom door closing that Gu Yesheng let out a low laugh. How could his little boyfriend be so cute?!

Yi Jiamu’s change of clothes was quite slow this time. It was almost twice as long as when he took the shower before he walked out of the bathroom.

Gu Yesheng heard the movements and looked up. His clothes were obviously too large for Yi Jiamu. They fell loosely on the omega’s thin body, adding a sense of laziness that had never been seen before. The neckline wasn’t buttoned up so the delicate and sexy collarbone was exposed from the slight opening. The clear outline fell in his vision in a sultry manner.

It was just that Yi Jiamu didn’t seem to realize the lethality of his current appearance to an alpha. He was a bit absent-minded. It was natural to be distracted. Gu Yesheng’s scent still faintly remained on this outfit. It was the faint scent of narcissus. There was a layer and once Yi Jiamu wore it on his body, it felt like he was completely enveloped in it.

After last night, they were obviously more sensitive to each other’s pheromones. Therefore, this light scent seemed to be magnified by tens of thousands of times thanks to Yi Jiamu’s sensitivity. In an instant, a thought faintly appeared in his mind. This feeling was like being gently held in Gu Yesheng’s arms. He thought about it this way and an uncontrollable wave of heat rushed to his head.

Gu Yesheng raised his gaze and saw Yi Jiamu’s expression. He might not know what the other person was thinking about but some thoughts flashed in his mind. He watched Yi Jiamu and his heartbeat inevitably accelerated.

He got closer, cleared his throat and naturally took Yi Jiamu’s hand. “Let’s go. I will send you down.”


No one expected to run into the other members at the elevator entrance. At this time, Yi Jiamu was very thankful that he had listened to Gu Yesheng’s opinion. Otherwise, if he was wrapped in a quilt then he would want to find a hole in the ground to hide in.

Everyone knew about Gu Yesheng’s susceptible period. They didn’t see him last night so it was inevitable that they looked at him with concern. Then their eyes fell on Yi Jiamu’s body and they couldn’t help pausing slightly.

The strangeness of the clothes on Yi Jiamu’s body showed they weren’t his own. As for who they belonged to, it was obvious. As for what happened, why would he need to change clothes after spending a night? The answer was clear.

In addition, there was still a trace of water in Yi Jiamu’s eyes. This was completely different from his usual appearance. There was a trace of charm in the midst of the innocence.

Gu Yesheng seemed to notice the other people’s gazes and pulled Yi Jiamu behind him. Then he raised an eyebrow. “What are you doing?”

There was a burst of coughing around them. In the end, no one spoke words of gossip and instead gave symbolic care. “How are you? Has your susceptible period stabilized?”

“Yes, it’s fine.” Gu Yesheng’s eyes swept over the group. “The game has ended? What was the result?”

Zhou Ming cleared his throat. “What else? Of course Holy Sun won!”

The others smiled bitterly. This ending wasn’t surprising but judging from the previous training games, Holy Sun this year was too strong. If possible, no one wanted to choose Holy Sun as their opponents in the finals.

Lu Zexiu felt the suddenly heavy atmosphere around him and frowned. “Why? Are you so afraid of Holy Sun?”

Xu Yi hurriedly waved his hand. “Of course not! That is, I feel some pressure because of the strength of the opponent! This type of situation is suitable for stimulating my potential. How could it be called fear!”

Lu Zexiu stared at him in an expressionless manner. “Don’t wave your hand.”

“……” Xu Yi hurriedly pulled down his sleeve.

Lu Zexiu actually knew the strength of the Holy Sun team well. He was silent for a moment before saying, “Go and rest. Once we go back, I will draw up a training plan and send it to you as soon as possible.”

“……” Everyone was speechless due to Lu Zexiu’s diligence. “Okay, President! Work hard, President!”


The finals of the league was close at hand. The performance of Yi Jiamu and Gu Yesheng in the doubles made the existence of the Yemu CP even more noticeable. At the same time, a number of support teams expressed their expectations for their performance in the finals.

Yi Jiamu didn’t have time to pay attention to this. Apart from his usual classes, he devoted almost all his energy to training with Gu Yesheng for the doubles match. Holy Sun was different from other schools and every point was important.

This afternoon was the associations’ training time. After receiving a call from Wu Qingji, Yi Jiamu asked Lu Zexiu for leave and hurried to the medical building. He knew how much trouble he had caused by suddenly exposing his ability. According to what he promised previously, he needed to cooperate with Wu Qingji for a full body examination.

Today, the Abilities Research Institute had sent people over. It seemed to be very important so they had arrived early while he was still in class. Yi Jiamu hadn’t been in contact with the high level departments of the allied government and didn’t dare be slow. He rushed around the corner and saw Wu Qingji waiting there. Just as he was about to wave, he paused when he saw a familiar figure next to Wu Qingji.

The person seemed to notice Wu Qingji’s gaze and turned his head. He saw Yi Jiamu standing there and smiled. “Why are you stunned? Are you unhappy to see me?”

“Of course I’m happy!” Yi Jiamu recovered and his eyes lit up. He immediately rushed over and threw himself into Yi Jiaqin’s arms. “Brother, why are you here?”

Yi Jiaqin rubbed Yi Jiamu’s hair and smiled gently. “Our studio happened to have a project cooperation with the Abilities Research Institute. I heard they were coming to Sublime Star to check on you and asked the teacher for leave to come over and take a look.”

Then he suddenly patted Yi Jiamu’s head. “Speaking of which, how much thought did the entire family put in to make your stay at school a bit more comfortable?! It is good of you to go to participate in some college league but there is a lot of limelight. Didn’t you think about the other people who are busy for you?”

Yi Jiamu knew he was wrong. Despite the pain, he didn’t dare say anything. He just replied in a low voice, “I was wrong. I gave everyone trouble.”

“It’s fine if you know.” Yi Jiaqin stared angrily at Yi Jiamu but he couldn’t stand to maintain it.

In fact, he was a bit concerned that his brother was in a doubles pair with Gu Yesheng but this time, he didn’t say anything. He took Yi Jiamu forward. “Let’s go. I will accompany you to do the full body examination first.”

The main research project that the Abilities Research Institute came for at this time was aimed at the smooth awakening of Yi Jiamu’s ability when he was a patient with the Ability Deficiency Disorder. It might only be a passive ability but it was still unprecedented. If they could find the reason then it would be a qualitative leap in scientific and medical research.

The entire inspection process went smoothly. Yi Jiamu cooperated to complete all the tests and waited on the chairs in the corridor with Wu Qingji for the results. Yi Jiaqin stayed in the laboratory to help. He finished counting the last indicator in his hand and looked up to see the researcher next to him complete a report. He asked casually, “What is this?”

“Oh, it is an analysis of the pheromones concentration.” Then the scientific researcher suddenly chuckled. “Speaking of which, college life is really vigorous. I really miss it!”

Yi Jiaqin didn’t pay much attention at first. Then he heard these words and froze for a moment. He took off the fiber gloves and read the report.

The indicator data for each column was rigorous and clear. He looked down and his gaze fell on a certain column. Then his entire body froze in place. Yi Jiamu, who was staying in the column, naturally didn’t know what was going on inside. He looked up after hearing the door opening and happened to see Yi Jiaqin walking over.

He immediately greeted his brother. “Brother, is everything okay?”

Yi Jiaqin had changed out of the lab coat he wore in the research room. His complicated gaze fell on Yi Jiamu’s body and his face didn’t have a smile for once. After a while, he took a long breath to calm his emotions and found his voice. “Mumu, there is something we need to talk about.”

The author has something to say:

I heard that Narcissus was a decent man before his death.

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Poor little flower. Only bloomed once then big brother Qin killed him 😭 well, he should have expected it tho 😂