OIAA: Chapter 75

The audience was in an uproar. No one thought that the two people on Sublime Star’s side would emerge unscathed from Perpetual Full Moon’s precise ambush. In the end, what the hell had happened?

The camera director quickly called up a close-range slow motion playback and placed it on the left half of the large screen.

Through the video, they could clearly see that Zhong Kaifeng’s thunder and lightning hit Yi Jiamu impartially. At this moment, Yi Jiamu moved Gu Yesheng behind him with one hand without even turning around. The moment the fireball was fired, he reached out his palm and caught it lightly with his bare hand.

In the end, all the thunder, lightning and flames just caused smoke. If it wasn’t for the exploding earth and rocks around them, it would seem that everything was just an illusion.

The commentator felt overwhelming shock and it took a long time for him to come back to his senses. Then his tone was uncontrollably excited. “We can see from the playback that the cooperation between the Perpetual Full Moon duo was indeed quite tacit, whether it was the impact, the angle or the positioning. It was all very precise! However, these attacks hit Yi Jiamu’s body and seemed… to have little effect at all?”

Such a scene inevitably reminded them of Yi Jiamu’s appearance in the round of six. If the ineffectiveness of the ice ability at that time was enough to cause a shock then the current situation was undoubtedly even more incredible.

As the official commentator of the league, it was natural to have a detailed understanding of all players before each game. At this time, he pondered for a while before objectively coming to a judgement. “It seems that for Yi Jiamu, all abilities of the elemental type don’t pose a threat…”

The audience was silent for a long time after hearing these words. It was true that there was mutual restraint between various abilities but the ability to directly invalidate elemental abilities completely broke the balance. It was hard to imagine if they hadn’t seen it in person.

In particular, the elemental players had always been proud of their ability. At this moment, their faces inevitably didn’t look very good. They realized that if they were to go up against this Yi Jiamu, they wouldn’t know how to deal with him.

Some players were seriously watching the field and the atmosphere became more solemn. The players of the school teams turned their attention to the big screen, wanting to see how the two veterans of Perpetual Full Moon would crack this situation.

They didn’t know that Luo Bian and Zhong Kaifeng were cursing in their hearts. They originally thought the newcomer on the other side just restrained the ice element. They never expected that their fire and thunder abilities wouldn’t work.

In this way, Gu Yesheng just needed to hide in the back like a cat and all the offensives they launched would be completely resisted like before, causing no harm. The point was that even now, they didn’t know the identity of Yi Jiamu’s ability and how much physical energy it took to offset their damage. There was no way other than to try and force the newcomer’s exhaustion.

On the other side, Gu Yesheng had tidied up his clothing. He raised his head, saw the incoming fire and hid behind Yi Jiamu without hesitation. His expression was unhappy. “What is this? Perpetual Full Moon is still addicted?”

Yi Jiamu’s expression didn’t change as he blocked the opponent’s offensive one by one, not forgetting to keep an eye on the position of the opponents. He soon decisively locked onto the first goal. “Senior, pay attention to their position and find a chance to solve one first.”

Gu Yesheng was a bit disgusted by Yi Jiamu calling him ‘Senior’ but he didn’t say much at this time. “It is simple. Leave it to me.”

Therefore, the entire audience watched silently as the two people on the screen moved calmly in the midst of this frantic bombardment.

Everyone, “……”

If they hadn’t watched it live then they would think it was spoof editing. What type of ability did this newcomer have? Wasn’t it a special cheat? Just as they were madly complaining in their hearts, they saw that the movements of the two people on the field suddenly stop.

They thought it was a turning point and everyone’s breathing became tense. Then they saw Zhong Kaifeng of the Perpetual Full Moon team swaying. He knelt down and clutched his head tightly. After a while, a system prompt appeared to show that Sublime Star had successfully eliminated one person.

The players watching the battle, “……”

Sure enough, it was a familiar sight and a familiar formula. Don’t ask. They knew it must’ve been done by Gu Yesheng. It was obvious that the feeling of being aimed at by a powerful fireball made him very upset. Once he found a chance, he struck in seconds without mercy.

The players in the spectator seats exchanged looks with each other.

During the entire process of Zhong Kaifeng’s elimination, Yi Jiamu stood next to Gu Yesheng and didn’t show any unusual reactions from beginning to end. Did it mean that even the abilities of the mind department had no effect on him?

This shocking thought emerged in their minds and all the players fell silent. If this was the case, it wasn’t enough to call it a cheat. Wasn’t this a bug?

One person was solved smoothly and Yi Jiamu should’ve been relaxed. However, on the screen, he was frowning slightly like he wasn’t satisfied with Gu Yesheng’s performance. On the field, Yi Jiamu examined Gu Yesheng’s expression and frowned slightly. “Wait here and leave the other one to me. It will soon be over.”

He didn’t give Gu Yesheng any chance to respond and rushed toward Luo Bian of Perpetual Full Moon. Gu Yesheng’s eyes flashed but he didn’t follow.

Luo Bian watched as his teammate was eliminated while he couldn’t do anything. Then he looked up and was happy when he saw that the two people had separated. He immediately adjusted his angle and was prepared to take care of Gu Yesheng before he could act. As a result, he didn’t have time to form flames in his hands when a figure flashed in front of him.

A calm voice was heard in front of him. “Don’t be distracted. Your opponent is me.”

Luo Bian never expected that Yi Jiamu could get close so quickly. By the time he recovered and wanted to resist, it was too late. What was it like when an elemental player was slammed into the ground?

The answer was only: terrible.

In the spectator seats, Jing Yao saw this overly familiar scene and couldn’t help covering his eyes. This scene was too tragic and he empathized.

Luo Bian was also eliminated and Sublime Star won the third doubles match. They gained three points and it meant Sublime Star had successfully qualified for the finals.

It wasn’t until the screen showed the players walking out of the virtual cabin that the fans recovered from the match and started to shout loudly. “Sublime Star, awesome! God Ye, awesome! Yi Jiamu, awesome—!”

According to the past, Gu Yesheng should send some fan benefits to the camera. However, before the camera zoomed in, he was directly pulled away by Yi Jiamu. The situation inevitably flustered the senior camera director who controlled the rhythm of the scene.

Sublime Star had made it to the finals. Regardless of the results, they would at least be the runner up. For Sublime Star, it made up for the position they came in last year.

The organizers efficiently arranged for the host to go over for an interview. Originally, in addition to the team captain Lu Zexiu, the key interviewees should be Gu Yesheng and Yi Jiamu, the new partners who cooperated for the first time.

However, the host arrived at the scene and didn’t see the two people. The expressions of the Sublime Star members were complicated but they converged it after seeing the camera.

Lu Zexiu calmly answered all the interview questions. Once it came to the whereabouts of Gu Yesheng and Yi Jiamu, he replied in a calm tone, “I know that many people want to learn more about them but the time hasn’t arrived.”

Xu Yi heard this and couldn’t help looking over admiringly. It was worthy of being the captain. This answer didn’t reveal anything at all. Even he would think it was a tactical evacuation if he didn’t know the reason for the two men’s early departure.


The moment the vehicle stopped at the hotel, Yi Jiamu brought Gu Yesheng down quickly and bypassed the large flow of people to head upstairs.

On the field, he had felt something wrong. Then once he came out of the virtual cabin, he found that Gu Yesheng’s pheromone was about to overflow. It was obvious that the fierce battle situation had stimulated him, making the alpha’s susceptible period more turbulent so that even Enthus could barely suppress it.

The moment they arrived in the room, he could clearly feel the pheromones around Gu Yesheng pouring out.

Yi Jiamu had previously seen Gu Yesheng’s susceptible period. After helping Gu Yesheng to the sofa, he closed the door without hesitation and also didn’t forget to firmly lock the windows to avoid affecting others. He confirmed he didn’t miss anything and turned around to take care of Gu Yesheng’s situation. Perhaps it was due to the Enthus but everything broke out too quickly.

Gu Yesheng, who was able to joke with him after getting out of the car, was now completely drenched in sweat in a short time since entering the room.

Yi Jiamu could feel the pheromones belonging to the alpha rushing toward him in a strong and domineering manner. This made him soften instinctively. He faintly shook and held the wall next to him.

The pheromone concentration was many times more than the last susceptible period. The outbreak was too fierce and it was inevitable that Yi Jiamu would be worried about whether Gu Yesheng’s pheromones system had completely collapsed due to the medicine.

Gu Yesheng was dizzy due to the overly violent reaction but he still held onto his last trace of reason. He tugged at Yi Jiamu’s clothes and said, “Once you go out, remember to close the door.”

His body temperature was a bit abnormal and at this time, his voice was muffled. Heat was rising and his breathing gradually became rapid.

Yi Jiamu’s eyelashes shook slightly but his feet didn’t move.

Gu Yesheng had also discovered that he had underestimated the effect of Enthus. Every second that passed made it more difficult to endure. Seeing Yi Jiamu standing there in an unmoving manner, his eyes changed and he told a half-truth. “If… you stay here, I can’t guarantee I won’t do something…”

Yi Jiamu could feel the pheromones gradually engulfing the entire room and something in his body inevitably started to move. Of course, he knew what might happen if he stayed. However, he still remembered the distressing scene of Gu Yesheng’s last susceptible period, not to mention the exponential explosion after the influence of Enthus was added this time. The moment he thought about what Gu Yesheng might go through alone after he left, Yi Jiamu inevitably couldn’t move.

Gu Yesheng closed his eyes in the midst of the waves of dizziness and bit his tongue to make himself stay sane. His voice was tight to the extreme. “Will you go?”

He was in trance when he heard Yi Jiamu’s voice. “I’m not leaving.”

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