OIAA: Chapter 74

By the time the two of them came to the player seats, the first match was over.

Xiang Zhuo and Zhen Jingyao were worthy of being Sublime Star’s trump combination. Even if Perpetual Full Moon had changed to a new set of partners to target them, it still failed to stop their winning streak in this league.

The entire scene was still immersed in the fierce battle just now.

Xu Yi looked back in the midst of the enthusiastic cheers and saw Yi Jiamu’s blushing face instantly. He obviously thought the wrong thing. “The two of you are still like this. Gu Yesheng, you should control yourself. You are about to play. You can do whatever you want after the match is over.”

Zhou Ming stood up and was about to prepare for the match. He turned around after hearing the voice and noticed the pheromones surrounding Gu Yesheng. He couldn’t help saying contemptuously, “Collect your pheromones. Do you really think you are a narcissus that blossoms everywhere?”

Yi Jiamu’s ears were red and he felt a bit dull. Then his mind returned after hearing these words. “No, it isn’t like that…”

He was about to explain when he was interrupted by Gu Yesheng chuckling. “If I want to blossom then I can only show it to Mumu. Are you envious?”

Zhou Ming felt choked up. He raised his middle finger and turned away.

Yi Jiamu took Gu Yesheng to the seats and sat down. He glanced at Gu Yesheng in a worried manner and asked, “Why didn’t you tell them?”

Gu Yesheng didn’t care. “It doesn’t matter if I say it or not. Why? Do you want to tell them?”

Yi Jiamu thought about it and nodded. “Yes.”

Gu Yesheng seemed to find Yi Jiamu’s attitude interesting. His eyes narrowed and he smiled. “Why? Are you worried about me?”

“Didn’t you tell me previously that the side effects of Enthus are great? Not to mention, you just… sprayed so much.”

“There is no other way. You haven’t seen how violent I become when I’m in my susceptible period. I’m afraid I won’t be able to suppress it until the end of the match.” Gu Yesheng spoke up to here and his lips curved in a subtle manner. He got up and leaned toward Yi Jiamu’s side. “If you are really worried about me, it will depend on your performance after the match is over.”

The overly meaningful sentence made Yi Jiamu’s face red and he directly pushed Gu Yesheng back. “What performance… you were the one who wanted to use Enthus so bear it yourself.”

Gu Yesheng received such cold and unfeeling treatment but he only gave a low chuckle. “Okay, I will go to my room alone and endure it.”

Yi Jiamu felt a bit unbearable when he heard this laugh. His mouth moved slightly but he didn’t say anything. He just watched the match with an expressionless face.

At this time, the lineup for the next match appeared on the big screen: [Sublime Star] ZHou Ming VS [Perpetual Full Moon] Shen Ling.

There was a moment of silence before the audience boiled over.

Obviously, everyone thought that Sublime Star would still arrange for Gu Yesheng to play in the second match yet Zhou Ming was actually sent. They recalled the scene of the top six and it was inevitable that some people speculated about deliberate avoidance.

On the big screen, Shen Ling’s frustrated face still didn’t show much emotions but he stood in place for a long time, staring at the lineup. This fully expressed his surprise. Once he retracted his gaze, his eyes lowered and he walked into the virtual cabin without any expression.

Compared to winning the match, the thing that made him more concerned was that his master’s information was actually incorrect? Didn’t he say that Sublime Star would definitely arrange for Lu Zexiu to play the fourth match? In the current situation, did Gu Yesheng not plan to play today?

Shen Ling’s eyes rolled around and around. Among his chaotic thoughts, there was finally a trace of emotion in his eyes. Such a big mistake happened today. His master should be very disappointed with him, right?

The match started and Zhou Ming took action the moment he entered the field. He found Shen Ling and saw this person was still standing in the initial position. It was unknown what he was thinking. Such an attitude entered Zhou Ming’s eyes and he inevitably felt a bit contemptuous.

In addition, this guy had really frustrated Gu Yesheng during the semi-finals. Zhou Ming might not always get along with this surnamed Gu but they were on the same team after all. Zhou Ming really didn’t like the newcomer from Perpetual Full Moon. He immediately launched an offensive without any hesitation.

Shen Ling’s ability was to induce the other side to use their ability. This could be said to have no effect at all on a physical enhancement player like Zhou Ming.

There was no doubt about the one-sided situation.

Seeing the one-sided beating on the field, Gu Yesheng couldn’t help shaking his head emotionally. “Hey, I said you would lose miserably today. You didn’t believe it? It is terrible, truly miserable.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help looking over and joking, “During the round of six, I don’t know who was the miserable one?”

Gu Yesheng stood up from his seat defiantly. “Let’s go Mumu. It is time for us to prepare.”

Yi Jiamu nodded. “Yes.”

The second match was very efficient. By the time they reached the battle zone, the match was over.

Zhou Ming was a player who was used to playing singles. He was like a fish in water after returning to his home field. Combined with his two consecutive losses in the doubles match, he vented his grievances and desire for revenge on Shen Ling.

Shen Ling walked out of the virtual cabin and saw the two people waiting at the door. His gaze lightly passed over Gu Yesheng. Perhaps it was because he was too miserably abused on the field just now. In the end, he turned away without saying a word.

Zhou Ming had triumphed in the match and came over enthusiastically. “It is two straight wins. Then it is up to you next!”

Yi Jiamu high-fived him indifferently. “Yes, leave it to us.”

It was the semi-finals and no one thought that Sublime Star would’ve reached match point so easily. However, Zhou Ming had already participated in the singles match. The next doubles lineup naturally become the focus of the audience.

It wasn’t a secret that Sublime Star’s doubles were a weakness. According to the current situation, was Gu Yesheng placed in the fourth singles match while Lu Zexiu and Xu Yi formed a doubles pair?

In the face of everyone’s speculation, the third match lineup was displayed on the big screen. The two names from Sublime Star were clearly Gu Yesheng and Yi Jiamu.

The audience almost went crazy. In these circumstances, Gu Yesheng actually went to play doubles?!

Gu Yesheng never played doubles for a reason. In fact, after he entered the Sublime Star Abilities Association, they tried to arrange a partner for him. As a result, due to his attacks that didn’t discriminate between people, he often created trouble before beating the opponent. One teammate even fainted. Therefore, everyone accepted that he was unlikely to appear in a doubles match.

Now the words on the screen were clearly telling everyone that it wasn’t a dream. Gu Yesheng really represented Sublime Star in the doubles match! In addition, his partner was Yi Jiamu, the newcomer player who directly became famous after the top six. As a target that needed to be focused on in the next few years, Yi Jiamu’s appearance made the players of other teams suddenly pay great attention to his match.

The two of them were about to enter the virtual cabin but they paused slightly when sensing the subtle changes in the audience. Gu Yesheng gazed at Yi Jiamu deeply and smiled. “It seems that everyone is looking forward to our performance?”

Yi Jiamu pursed his lips and only said, “Resolve this in the shortest possible time.”

It didn’t matter if the effect of Enthus was as effective as Gu Yesheng said. The one thing he could be certain about was that the longer time was dragged out, the worse it would be. Gu Yesheng was stunned when he heard the words. He understood it and blinked meaningfully at Yi Jiamu. “So anxious?”

Yi Jiamu’s ears instantly turned red and he ignored this person to enter the virtual cabin.

Five minutes later, the match officially began.

The maps for doubles were much larger than the singles match and the types were also varied. Since it was chosen randomly, they entered the map and briefly analyzed the surrounding environment.

The commentator saw everything. “There is still a difference between a temporary duo and old partners. Sublime Star is still getting familiar with the map while the Perpetual Full Moon players have already taken the lead.

Perpetual Full Moon had also adjusted the lineup compared to the round of six.

In this game, Ji Wenxing had sat on the bench from beginning to end. The third doubles match was arranged for a senior duo in their team to participate. This was obviously to ensure that they could take a precious point from the novice partners Zhou Ming and Xu Yi.

Perpetual Full Moon just hadn’t expected Sublime Star to disrupt all their plans at once. They never expected Gu Yesheng to appear in doubles. It meant all the tactics they developed were ineffective and brand new adjustments had to be made temporarily.

Perpetual Full Moon’s Luo Bian and Zhong Kaifeng were elemental type players and the map today happened to be one they had contact with during training. They had ideas in an instant.

Gu Yesheng’s ability had been thoroughly studied by all the school teams in the league. They just needed to take advantage of the chaos caused by the confrontation of the two sides to get rid of him first. Then the other one could be handled much easier.

“I will give you cover. Find a chance to get rid of Gu Yesheng first.” Seeing the opponents finally appear in his vision, Zhong Kaifeng took a deep breath and took action the moment he spoke.

He was a capable person with a thunder ability. In the blink of an eye, there was a dense flow of electricity around him. Once in attack range, he aimed in Gu Yesheng and Yi Jiamu’s direction.

There were huge waves of lightning and thunder, causing the surroundings to explode and pieces of earth and rocks to fly. Billowing smoke and dust covered the entire scene and only Luo Bian’s back could be vaguely seen.

The commentator exclaimed, “Pretty! Perpetual Full Moon’s wave of attack is quite beautiful. It seems they are planning to get rid of Gu Yesheng directly!”

As if to confirm his words, he hadn’t finished speaking when a strong fire appeared on the big screen. The huge fireball slammed toward the person in the smoke. Sparks scattered due to the impact. The audience couldn’t help holding their breath at the unknown ending.

Finally, the thick smoke on the screen dissipated little by little. Far away, a thin figure could be seen standing in place. Everyone’s eyes widened.

Perpetual Full Moon had solved Gu Yesheng so smoothly? Just as such a thought emerged in their minds, Yi Jiamu slightly frowned, patted the remaining smoke on his palm after the flames went out and turned around to ask, “Are you okay?”

“You are here. I’m naturally fine.” Gu Yesheng easily came out from behind Yi Jiamu, his eyes narrowed and his mouth curved in a faint smile. “This is really a fantastic welcome! Then let’s have fun with them.”

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