OIAA: Chapter 73

It might’ve been carried out in secret but the frequent meetings between Sublime Star and Holy Sun on the virtual platform still attracted the attention of others. Who would’ve imagined that the two teams who were always regarded as rivals would secretly hold training matches together? This stirred up a thousand waves.

Various posts started to pop up on the forums of the league such as: ‘What’s the situation, century old rivals have shaken hands?’

‘Sublime Star and Holy Sun have joined forces. Is this not giving the other two school teams a chance?’

’Are there any Burning Wood or Perpetual Full Moon people visiting the forums? Rush in!’

’This operation, I can think of a double CP!’

’Wtf, I previously felt that Lu Zexiu and Xie Louyuan had something fishy going on. Please tell me if it is true or not!’

’The new century’s version of Romeo and Juliet!’

Xu Yi, who was always struggling at the forefront of gossip, naturally knew about it first. After the last training session, he couldn’t help knocking on the door of the president’s office and asking tentatively, “President, have you read the posts on the league’s forum?”

Lu Zexiu didn’t look up. “What posts?”

Xu Yi didn’t speak and just handed the terminal to Lu Zexiu with a serious face. Lu Zexiu glanced at it casually. Then he clearly saw the contents and his gaze paused. Immediately afterwards, Xu Yi could see the corners of his already serious mouth tightening a bit.

Lu Zexiu’s tone was unprecedentedly low. “Are you too idle? Even if you haven’t been arranged in the lineup, you still can’t relax!”

Xu Yi instinctively shook from such words. “…How can I be idle?!”

Lu Zexiu glanced at the training schedule posted on the wall. “Today happens to be the last day of training. There is time. Go and do 10 sets of Plan B.”

Xu Yi, “?!”

He wanted to argue when he saw Lu Zexiu look at him calmly and he subconsciously shuddered. “Okay President, I will go and do it now!”

Lu Zexiu waved his hand. Xu Yi left and calm returned to the office.

Lu Zexiu sat at his desk for a while and for the first time, he felt that the documents in his hand couldn’t be read. He frowned and hesitated for a moment before taking out the terminal. Each title fell into his eyes and the corners of his lips were pressed down to the lowest point.

He didn’t know if Xie Louyuan had seen these posts.


For the semi-finals, everyone in Sublime Star arrived at the official hotel one day in advance just like before. Then they set off directly to the stadium on the day of the game. The opponent this time was Perpetual Full Moon, who almost made them stumble, so morale was very high.

After all, the entire team had been at the most critical point against Perpetual Full Moon. Lu Zexiu was banned from participating in the competition while Gu Yesheng was almost hit by the opponent due to a tactical arrangement. Although strictly speaking, it was just a matter of arranging troops on the battlefield, but everything at that time was vivid and all members of Sublime Star were eager to fight.

The key stage of the league had been reached and all the interstellar media had been waiting since early in the morning. They saw everyone from Sublime Star get out of the car and immediately surrounded them.

Yi Jiamu was just an assistant previously and it had always been the other members being surrounded. He was preparing to go back to the lounge first with a calm expression on his face. Unexpectedly, he was blocked before he could take a step. The media in front of him threw out seven or eight questions in the blink of an eye. Yi Jiamu had never experienced such a scene before and he was stunned for a moment.

Gu Yesheng couldn’t help wanting to laugh when he saw such a Yi Jiamu. He leaned toward Yi Jiamu’s ear to remind him softly. “Relax, just casually say something. You can shout a slogan or anything.”

At this time, a reporter who was close to them asked loudly, “You are facing the Perpetual Full Moon team again. Does Sublime Star have anything to say to them?”

Yi Jiamu thought about it and replied calmly. “In any case, we will win. There is nothing to say.”

Such an answer caused the surroundings to be quiet for a moment. Then Gu Yesheng, who listened to the entire process from beside Yi Jiamu, couldn’t help laughing loudly. Thanks to the escort of the on-site security, everyone finally escaped from the media and arrived at the lounge smoothly.

Zhou Ming thought of Yi Jiamu’s cruel remark just now and couldn’t help raising a thumb. “Mumu, awesome! Such a sentence is directly filled with the momentum of our Sublime Star!”

Yi Jiamu looked at the reaction of others and realized he must’ve said the wrong thing. He couldn’t help mumbling, “Don’t say it, Senior.”

“You are telling the truth. Why can’t you say it?” Gu Yesheng smiled and patted Yi Jiamu on the shoulder. “Today, it is us who will win.”

The two people were blatantly ‘casting amorous glances’ at each other and Xu Yi felt it was a bit shameless. He turned around to give a reminder. “Xiang Zhuo, Zhen Jingyao, it is time to prepare for the match.”

Gu Yesheng raised his eyebrow slightly and stood up. “I am going to the bathroom.”


There were no extra figures in the empty backstage corridor. Gu Yesheng walked out after washing his hands and happened to bump into someone. Shen Ling obviously hadn’t expected to meet Gu Yesheng here. His eyes with dark circles slightly widened and he paused for a moment. Then he continued walking like he didn’t see Gu Yesheng.

Gu Yesheng didn’t speak but as Shen Ling was walking past, he suddenly chuckled. “Are you ready to snipe me today?”

Shen Ling looked up blankly. He still didn’t speak and his expression was completely indifferent.

Gu Yesheng glanced at the other person’s expression and smiled slightly. “I won’t fall down twice from the same thing. Today, you have lost.”

The gloomy expression in Shen Ling’s eyes flickered and he finally spoke in a strange voice. “It doesn’t matter if I win or lose.”

Gu Yesheng’s eyes slightly narrowed as he felt something rushing into his body. His voice was cold to the extreme. “Why? Are you going to fight me here?”

Shen Ling heard this and seemed to realize that he had involuntarily used his ability. He converged it and licked the corners of his lips. “Sorry, I couldn’t hold back.”

There was no expression on his face but Gu Yesheng inexplicably got the feeling that this person was looking at prey. In the past, it had always been him looking at others with such eyes. Now that it was directed at himself, it felt really unpleasant. The emotions surging in his heart were hooked and subconsciously wanted to gush out.

Gu Yesheng lowered his eyes, his mouth lowered slightly. He didn’t say anything as he turned and left. He could feel that emotionless gaze on his back until it was completely blocked after he passed a corner. He walked to the door of the lounge and paused slightly.

In fact, after listening to Yi Jiamu’s reminder, he had privately investigated Shen Ling’s origins. Unfortunately, only extremely ordinary information was obtained. Everything else seemed to have been erased in advance.

He originally wanted to see if he could discover any information through this match with Perpetual Full Moon. He hadn’t expected that after the last match, such simple contact could easily arouse those bad emotions.

So what type of existence was this guy?

Gu Yesheng couldn’t help his brow furrowing. At this moment, his heartbeat seemed a bit too fast. Feeling hotheaded before the match obviously wasn’t a good thing. He took a few deep breaths to calm his emotions and pushed open the door.

The lounge was currently empty. Apart from Xiang Zhuo and Zhen Jingyao who had to prepare for the match, everyone else had gone to the front player seats to watch. Therefore, when Gu Yesheng walked in, he only saw Yi Jiamu sitting in the middle. Yi Jiamu heard the door opening and turned his head.

Gu Yesheng suppressed the impetuous feelings in his heart and smiled as he spoke in a teasing tone, “What is it? Did you stay here to wait for me?”

“Yes.” Yi Jiamu nodded without any concealment. He was about to say something when his eyes abruptly stopped on Gu Yesheng’s body. “Do you… feel uncomfortable?”

Gu Yesheng hadn’t planned to mention Shen Ling to avoid any unnecessary worry. Unexpectedly, Yi Jiamu asked this the moment he opened his mouth. Gu Yesheng froze for a moment. “Why do you say that?”

Yi Jiamu watched him with a complicated expression. He was silent for a moment before saying. “Haven’t you found that your pheromones…”

Due to this reminder, Gu Yesheng realized that he was unknowingly wrapped in a strong narcissus smell. In this way, the faint feeling of dizziness just now seemed to be a sign of his susceptible period.

For a while, the two of them stared at each other silently.

It stood to reason that the frequency of an alpha’s susceptible period was much lower than an omega’s heat period. It didn’t make sense for it to arrive so quickly. However, Gu Yesheng knew the level of chaos that had been caused thanks to Shen Ling in the last match. If in the process, the synchronization affected the condition of the pheromones in his body then it wasn’t impossible.

If it was a normal time, Gu Yesheng would probably be happy to let Yi Jiamu appease him during his susceptible period. However, this happened to be the semi-finals. He thought about it before asking, “Is there a pharmacy nearby? If not, I’ll go ask the staff to see if I can get an Enthus sent over?”

There were actually many agents for temporarily suppressing the susceptible period but in order to ensure the best control in the short time, Enthus was undoubtedly the best choice if it wasn’t for the side effects.

Yi Jiamu heard Gu Yesheng’s words and was slightly taken aback. “You want to use Enthus?”

Gu Yesheng could feel bursts of pheromones in his body and his brow tightened. His expression wasn’t joking at all. “It must be as soon as possible or it will be too late.”

Yi Jiamu naturally knew the importance of today’s match to the members of the abilities association. Then he thought about the lesson Gu Yesheng had taught him previously and was worried about the side effects.

His lips pressed together tightly and his ears turned red. Finally, a low voice emerged. “Don’t ask others… I have Enthus.”

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