OIAA: Chapter 70

The result of Yi Jiamu’s ability registration was announced on the school website the next morning. It was only the concise words ‘passive system ability’  and unsurprisingly, it caused a stir.

Soon, the news that the Abilities Research Institute intended to conduct a targeted inspection spread wildly and the ‘righteous people’ who questioned the results of the original reporting incident shut up.

Forget the fact that people with passive abilities were recruited into the School of Theory and there was no such thing as cheating for admission. Even if it was disclosed that Yi Jiamu had an active ability—as long as the so-called Ability Deficiency Disorder was a true fact—it was at most, his ability awakening later and everything was within the scope of the rules. Not to mention, Yi Jiamu had attracted the attention of the Abilities Research Institute. Perhaps after assisting in the inspection, he could make some contributions in the field of abilities research and receive recommendations from the allied government!

The moment the announcement was made, there was another wave of enthusiastic discussions on the campus forum. As the protagonist of the hot topics, Yi Jiamu currently had no time to pay attention to the trends in the forum.

He had followed the members of the abilities association to participate in the Abilities League. He might’ve asked for leave from his teachers but he still needed to make up all the schoolwork that was left during this period.

After all, unlike the others who were in a pure abilities school, it was well known that the School of Theory had the most learning subjects, especially the two semesters of the freshmen year. In just one week, the amount of homework that needed to be supplemented was enough to kill someone.

Fortunately, Yi Jiamu never had any worries about learning. In addition, the professors of various subjects knew that he took a leave of absence to participate in the Abilities League. As long as he didn’t miss out on too much of the course, they gave him a pass for most of the homework content.

You know, this was the first time anyone had been qualified to participate in the league since their School of Theory was founded. The professors had always been upset when people from the other schools showed off their strengths. Now there was Yi Jiamu who could make them proud. He was the new signboard of their department!

So what could they do? It was naturally to spoil him!

Yi Jiamu hurriedly ran between the major teaching buildings for most of the day and finally arrived at the last professor.

The professor just asked him a few simple questions in a perfunctory manner and let him pass smoothly. In the end, he didn’t forget to pat Yi Jiamu’s shoulder in an approving manner. “Yi Jiamu, the following section of the league must be played well! Don’t worry about the credits for different subjects. The professors in the School of Theory are very supportive of you. It is important for the School of Theory… ahem, it is important to win glory for the college, understood?”

Yi Jiamu didn’t know how many times he had heard these words this morning. He nodded calmly and replied, “Thank you Teacher, I will work hard.”

The professor amiably waved his hand. “Go!”

Since there were no classes today, Yi Jiamu packed up lunch and returned to the dormitory. Sang Bei had just woken up and was in a daze. He was very surprised when he saw Yi Jiamu. “Why are you back so quickly?

Yi Jiamu simply explained the situation. Sang Bei listened to it and fell silent. He thought of the scene where he almost died staying up all night in order to catch up with his homework and he suddenly felt a bit angry at everyone’s different fate. Sure enough, constantly comparing himself to others would only make him angry! Sang Bei was bitter and could only turn his sadness and anger into hunger.

Yi Jiamu and Sang Bei had lunch together. Once the table was cleared, Yi Jiamu stood at the door and didn’t know what to do.

Sang Bei looked at him strangely. “You are in the final four. Don’t you have to train?”

Yi Jiamu’s mouth twitched. “Do you want it?”

“Then… you don’t need to go?”

Yi Jiamu was silent for a moment. “I should go.”

Sang Bei saw that he didn’t move and slowly blinked. “What is it? Why don’t you want to go? Is someone in the association treating you badly? No, you just won the game for them. Why would they treat you badly?”

Yi Jiamu saw his roommate’s thoughts were becoming more crooked and had to interrupt. “They are very good to me. I… I’m going now.”

Then before Sang Bei could say anything, he changed his shoes and left. In fact, the training of the association started this morning but due to his academic issues, he asked Lu Zexiu for half a day of leave. He had to admit that he really wanted to avoid someone but in the afternoon, he couldn’t escape.

Yi Jiamu walked and pulled out the communicator from his pocket. He stared at the still dark screen and pursed his lips. Yes, even now, he still hadn’t turned it on. After all, he didn’t know what happened last night. What if his social account was directly bombed the moment he turned it on?

Yi Jiamu hadn’t thought about what to say after meeting Gu Yesheng. However, what he was afraid of would always come. Yi Jiamu had just walked out of the elevator. The moment he looked up, he saw a figure leaning against the sofa right in front of him. Their eyes met and he seemed to see a dim emotion in those narrow eyes. The expression was blank.

Yi Jiamu saw Gu Yesheng stand up and instinctively glanced away. He was just looking for a reason to escape when Zhou Ming flashed up to him, placed a hand on his shoulders and dragged him into the meeting room. “Mumu, you finally came! We were waiting for you to come before starting the meeting!”

Yi Jiamu was taken aback for a moment. He noticed that Gu Yesheng was following a few steps away and couldn’t help speeding up his pace. “I’m sorry. Let’s hurry to start the meeting!”

Throughout the ensuing meeting, Yi Jiamu held Zhou Ming’s arm in a corner and kept the furthest distance from Gu Yesheng from beginning to end.

Xu Yi saw everything and asked Gu Yesheng, “What’s the matter with Mumu? Wasn’t it good before? Did you argue as soon as we got back?”

Gu Yesheng had a smile that wasn’t a smile on his face the entire day. At this time, he glanced quietly at Xu Yi. “No argument.”

“No argument? Then why is he hiding from you?” Xu Yi was surprised. “I was having a good conversation with Mumu last night and then there was suddenly nothing. Come on, why is your little friend like this today?”

Gu Yesheng’s gaze had originally been on Yi Jiamu’s body. Now he looked back. “Oh? Mumu was talking to you last night?”

Xu Yi paid attention to the wrong point and solemnly justified himself. “Don’t think about it, I was just chatting a few words. It was a conversation between ordinary friends. Later, I sent a message and Mumu never replied to me!”

Of course he didn’t reply. He directly shut down the communicator. The corners of Gu Yesheng’s mouth subtly lowered before he smiled at Xu Yi without any warmth. “I see.”

The words were simple but his gaze was like a cold knife. The stunned Xu Yi instinctively shook and pulled his chair back in the blink of an eye. What was with this feeling of imminent death?

Today’s meeting was mainly about the configuration for the next semi-finals. As it progressed, Yi Jiamu quickly understood why Zhou Ming was so enthusiastic about him. It wasn’t hard to see from the previous matches that the new pairing of Zhou Ming and Xu Yi wasn’t working out. In order to prevent the doubles match from becoming Sublime Star’s weakness in the later stages, Lu Zexiu wanted to form a new doubles group.

Yi Jiamu had performed well his first time on the field and was naturally one of the best candidates. Yi Jiamu had been planning to sit back on the bench once Lu Zexiu returned to the team. He hadn’t expected the president to let him play in the doubles and was a bit surprised. “Who will partner with me if I play doubles? Senior Xu Yi?”

“No.” Lu Zexiu shook his head. “Your partner is Gu Yesheng.”

Yi Jiamu repeated, “Who?”

Gu Yesheng had been sitting silently. At this time, he smiled and opened his mouth. “I suggested the two of us play doubles myself. There are too many individual players and they sometimes need a chance.”

Yi Jiamu’s back stiffened slightly when the familiar voice was heard and he finally looked up at Gu Yesheng.

Gu Yesheng’s eyes were filled with a faint smile and his mouth was curved in a meaningful manner. “Isn’t it good to play doubles with me?”

Yi Jiamu was silent for a moment. “…Very good.”

The new duo had been confirmed and the next content of the meeting continued smoothly.

Yi Jiamu was deliberately avoiding someone and turned to leave as soon as the meeting was over. As a result, he was stopped before he could leave the meeting room. The tall shadow hovered over him and he could smell this person’s faint scent.

In the past two days, Yi Jiamu had a clear feeling. It seemed that after the temporary marking, he had become more sensitive to the smell of Gu Yesheng’s pheromones. For example, there was only a shallow wisp just now but it was enough to make his entire face hot.

Gu Yesheng looked down at Yi Jiamu and saw the child staring at his toes without speaking. This guilty look was full of cuteness and provocation. Suddenly, Gu Yesheng’s momentum of being a teacher and investigating a crime broke down. He almost couldn’t hold onto his serious expression.

However, he still hadn’t forgotten the bleak image of holding a cactus on his balcony last night. He finally maintained his tone and asked meaningfully, “New partner, shall we find a place to have a good chat? Or do you think this place is good?’

Seeing the other association members to the side, Yi Jiamu’s heart jumped and he blurted out, “Go to the lounge to talk.”

Gu Yesheng made sideways in a contented manner to give way to Yi Jiamu. The two of them walked into the lounge. Yi Jiamu was working hard to control his emotions. Then he saw Gu Yesheng close the door calmly and suddenly got close, pressing him against the locker.

The long and narrow eyes were filled with deep waves of emotion and Gu Yesheng’s lips was curved in a smile that wasn’t a smile. His voice dragged out meaningfully. “Then the first question for today.”

His silky scent moved over Yi Jiamu and his words lingered in Yi Jiamu’s ears. “I want to ask, among these ‘favourites’, which one is your favourite position?”

The short sentence caused fireworks to explode in Yi Jiamu’s mind.

The author has something to say:

Can’t hide from the past. Must be punished!

Proofreader: Grinding Love~

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