OIAA: Chapter 7

The Sublime Star campus forum had been very active since the start of the school year. That night, someone made a new post with the title: [Urgent! Asking for the identity of this college student!]

There were many posts asking for new information like this every day. It was quickly ignored by everyone and gradually buried under the vast sea of posts. It was only the next morning that they found it had become hot.

Some people passed by it several times on the forum homepage and eventually couldn’t help going in to take a look. The style at the beginning of the post was still normal and the top comment was a photo that was clearly taken secretly.

In this photo, the omega had exquisite silver-white curls and cat-like light apricot coloured eyes. He was holding the metal ball common to the school and looked indifferent.

Following it was a series of replies:

[Is this a new student? This omega kid is a bit cute!]

[I always thought I wouldn’t like this soft and cute style. Now I’ve found that I was wrong. It’s not that I don’t like it. I just haven’t encountered it before!]

[So does anyone know which school this omega is in? Asking for information!]

[I’ve confirmed it. This is the type I like. Ahhh, I want to touch.]

[I just wanted to squat quietly As a result, I found that my future love rivals seem to be a bit too many?]

The style of the post was normal until a newly registered account suddenly appeared as the 53rd comment.

[I know. This is a new classmate of Class 5 in the SChool of Theory. During yesterday’s physical fitness class, he threw the ball and directly crushed those from the School of Combat!]

[Isn’t this fake? The students of the School of Theory don’t have strengthening abilities. How can they crush others?]

[I seem to have heard it as well but I didn’t expect the students of the School of Combat to be so weak? They might not have received systematic training but they can still use their ability…]

Such doubts made the senior students of the School of Combat unable to sit still. They launched a water army to state that it was absolutely impossible for the School of Combat to be crushed by the School of Theory in terms of physical fitness. Some people exaggerated the trend by saying it might be mistaken. The omega wasn’t a student of the School of Theory but the School of Elements.

No matter what, everything came across with a condescending attitude. The students of the School of Theory couldn’t bear it and directly made posts insisting that the School of Combat was too much after losing.

The searching for information on this good-looking person post was soon reduced to a battlefield.

Later, it was unknown how but someone suddenly posted a UVA scan test sheet onto the post. According to the physical examination report, the omega freshman actually had a complete source vein space.

One stone caused a thousand waves.

Everyone knew that the source vein space could only be possessed by those who could effectively control the release of their own ability. Ordinary theory students and those with passive abilities couldn’t awaken it. Sublime Star’s School of theory clearly stated that it only recruited students who couldn’t train their ability.

If this omega really entered the School of Theory by concealing his ability then it was no longer a matter of whether he crushed the School of Combat. The nature was undoubtedly more serious.

The trend of the post changed again. The onlookers who were quietly eating melons started to express their doubts about whether the omega had applied for the School of Theory with fake information.

The post ended with this reply:

[Don’t argue. I have reported the situation here to the school. I believe it will be dealt with seriously. Please wait patiently for the final reply!]


The next day, there was no class. Yi Jiamu got up late and was confused to find several messages on his communicator. They all came from the Academic Affairs Office asking him to go to the office at 12:30. He blinked his sleepy eyes and found it was almost 12 o’clock.

Yi Jiamu didn’t know what happened. He just yawned, did his bed and went to the bathroom to wash up. He finished washing his face and came outside just as the door of the dormitory opened. Sang Bei entered and looked like he wanted to talk. He finished explaining the situation and Yi Jiamu finally knew about the situation on the forum.

“I bet it is definitely the work of those in the School of Combat! Yesterday, they were very dissatisfied. Now that they have lost, they have started to do these small actions behind the scenes!” Sang Bei was filled with indignation. Then he saw Yi Jiamu calmly eating instant noodles and fell silent.

Although there was no one else in the dormitory, he couldn’t help leaning over and lowering his voice. “Speaking of which, you really don’t have an ability?”

He was present in yesterday’s physical fitness class. The way that Yi Jiamu threw the ball was too wonderful. The moment he saw the post, he started to be shaken even though he was an ally. Of course, it was just by a small amount!

Yi Jiamu glanced at Sang Bei. “I didn’t violate the regulations when signing up.”

Sang Bei saw that he was so calm and finally let go of his worries. “No violation, no violation is good! Once the time comes, the teachers will say the report is invalid and the School of Combat will be red-eyed!”

“Yes.” Yi Jiamu answered and picked up his finished instant noodles. “I’m going to the Academic Affairs Office first.”

He left the dormitory and threw the instant noodles bowl into the garbage collection area at the corner. As he walked toward the school building, he took out his communicator and called Wu Qingji’s number.

His physical information was originally provided by Wu Qingji. As a resident professor of Sublime Star Abilities College, it was much more convenient if he came forward. Unfortunately, Wu Qingji seemed to be busy. The call was automatically cut off after a moment of the busy tone.

Yi Jiamu thought about it and didn’t try to call again. He just directly placed the communicator in his pocket.

The director of Sublime Star Abilities College’s Academic Affairs Office was called Yu Sheng and he was from the practical school of action group. He read all the files of Yi Jiamu in advance. After meeting Yi Jiamu, he clicked on a piece of missing data and asked, “Did you bring the previous hospital inspection report with you?”

Yi Jiamu replied, “Professor Wu has it. I tried to contact him but I couldn’t get through.”

“Wu Qingji? At this time, he should be holding a teaching and research conference in Galaxy 6.” Yu Sheng’s eyes swept over Yi Jiamu’s likable face and his never-smiling expression softened a lot. “I will leave a message for him. Before he comes, we will first do a complete GUI physical examination according to the process.”

The current level of technological development meant it wasn’t difficult to falsify medical reporters. As a whole, it could only be used as a side reference. For Yi Jiamu’s situation, the Sublime Star school would use on-the-spot tests. This made the final judgment results more convincing.

Therefore, Yu Sheng might want the original inspection report but it wasn’t urgent to contact Wu Qingji.

Yi Jiamu nodded. “Okay, I will have to trouble you.”

Yu Sheng couldn’t help his lips curving up at this well-behaved appearance. “No trouble, it is no trouble.”

Yi Jiamu followed Yu Sheng to the inspection room.

The two of them had just walked through the front door when someone took a photo and posted it in a gossip group. The news of the new student being taken for a medical examination spread quickly.

The campus forum might have the largest traffic but no one dared to openly eat a melon involving something that Yu Sheng, the director of hell, was dealing with.

Xu Yi saw this photo at random and couldn’t help shoving his terminal in front of someone’s face. “Awesome! Gu Yesheng, this kid has become a big hit so quickly. He is really the small OO you like!”

Gu Yesheng was lying on the sofa but not sleeping. He had a lazy expression as he directly asked Lu Zexiu, “How is the check?”

Lu Zexiu replied, “The post that revealed the medical examination report encrypted the IP source but I have determined that it is the school network that the School of Elements’ dormitory building is using.”

“Sure enough, it is related to Gu Xiucheng. It seems he really wants this kid to leave the school!” Xu Yi grunted and looked at Gu Yesheng. “So what are you going to do? You’re finally interested in an omega. At this critical moment, shouldn’t you be the hero preparing to save the beauty?”

“Who said that I’m interested in him?”

Xu Yi smiled. “If you’re not interested then why weren’t you willing to act in the warehouse?”

Gu Yesheng’s gaze fell on Xu Yi quietly before he spoke in a soft tone. “How do you know I didn’t do it?”

This time, Xu Yi was completely stunned. “Eh?”

“I started. I just don’t know why but my ability had no effect on him.”

Xu Yi recalled the situation at the time and suddenly understood. “That’s why you touched him?”

After he finished speaking, he shook with fear. “Gu Yesheng, you’re really brave! If you didn’t control it well then that student might’ve completely become a waste!”

Based on the power of Gu Yesheng’s ability, maintaining a certain distance under normal circumstances was enough to cause a good psychological suggestion. This type of effect that induced the dark side would double or increase by tens of times when coming into contact with the body.

Gu Yesheng apparently had no mental burden over almost turning a person into a waste. His mouth was open in a weird arc and his eyes faintly glowed. “That’s why I said that this omega is very interesting.”

Xu Yi saw his expression and knew this person was ill again. He could only ask Lu Zexiu for help. “President, can you control him?”

Lu Zexiu didn’t speak for a moment. Once he did, he quickly grasped the key point of their conversation. “So does this omega have an ability?”

Xu Yi became aware of the serious problem once he heard this.

If this reporting incident was just Gu Xiucheng acting against Gu Yesheng, it wasn’t difficult to see the moves no matter what Gu Xiucheng did behind the scenes. However, if the physical examination report was completely true and the little school student really violated the admission regulations of the School of Theory, he would be forced to drop out of school and it would be added to his resume. It was estimated that there would be no way for him to mix in with the abilities circle for the rest of his life.

Gu Yesheng noticed the eyes of the other two people and raised his eyebrows lazily. “Don’t ask me. I don’t know.”

Xu Yi wanted to say something when he saw Gu Yesheng roll over and suddenly jump off the sofa. He couldn’t help asking, “What are you doing?”

“I’m going to the school building to accompany the old man for a few cups of tea.” Gu Yesheng impatiently rubbed his messy hair and looked unhappy. “The other day, I was teaching a trash a lesson and he directly reported me to the Academic Affairs Office. It really gave me trouble.”

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Gu Yesheng: Who said I like him?

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