OIAA: Chapter 69

Yi Jiamu arrived at the administrative office building and saw Wu Qingji waiting there.

Not surprisingly, before he could speak, Wu Qingji started nagging at him. “If you wanted to reveal your ability then reveal it. Why did you have to do it in such a high profile manner? Did you know that ever since yesterday, my communicator has never been quiet? All these people are asking about your ability. Little ancestor, if you really wanted to make it public then tell me in advance so I could be prepared!”

Yi Jiamu blinked slowly and smiled. “I’m sorry, something suddenly happened. I have troubled Uncle Wu.”

He was so obedient, docile and soft that Wu Qingji could no longer continue nagging.

Wu Qingji rubbed his temples. “Forget it. It is important to register quickly! By the way, you need to participate in a full body examination in a few days. After all, this is the first case of a person with the Ability Deficiency Disorder awakening an ability. Those guys at the research institute will stare at you the moment they get the news and I can’t stop them! Once the time comes, do yourself a favor and help cooperate or else those academic maniacs will go crazy. It will be really endless if they become serious!”

Yi Jiamu was puzzled. “What will be checked?”

“At most, it is some things related to your ability. It isn’t very clear but don’t worry, I will be with you throughout the entire process.”

Yi Jiamu didn’t ask any further and nodded. “Okay.”

The registration of the ability information was still very fast.

The person in charge of the process was Yu Sheng, who handled the previous reporting incident. Once all the procedures were completed, his gaze toward Yi Jiamu was inevitably a bit complicated. “Okay, your ability has been fully registered. Since it is an ability of the passive department, you don’t need to change your school and major. You can keep it as it is and continue to attend your original classes.”

Yi Jiamu nodded. “Yes, thank you Teacher.”

Yu Sheng thought about it and couldn’t help adding more words. “If someone contacts you privately about issues after graduation, you can contact the college first if you are uncertain. The college handles many matters in this regard and we can check it for you.”

Yi Jiamu, “?”

Wu Qingji saw that Yi Jiamu didn’t understand and told him, “In any case, just write it down and you will understand later. However, you don’t need to ask the college. Just ask me directly. In this regard, I am more professional than many people in the college.”

“……” Yu Sheng’s mouth twitched but in the end, he resisted dismantling this person’s words. He told them, “In any case, that’s it for today. You can go back.”

Yi Jiamu followed Wu Qingji downstairs, saw him off and headed back to the dormitory. The tree-lined paths of the school were calm and serene. He could feel occasional gazes from the surroundings.

Yi Jiamu felt strange about this sudden attention but he didn’t care too much. Until… he took out his terminal and logged into the fan section of the school network. Then he saw a new entrance in the forum: [Yemu CP Fan Area]

It was a section he had never seen before. Yi Jiamu looked at the name of the new CP group and then glanced down slightly. He caught a glimpse of the words ‘Gu Yesheng X Yi Jiamu’ and his footsteps stopped.

Yi Jiamu, “……”

He seemed to know where the strange feeling came from. After a moment of hesitation, his fingers shook as he clicked into this area. Since it was a new section, there wasn’t much content inside. There were only five short posts lying there alone to decorate the facade. Looking at the people who posted it, they were all from the same person.

Yi Jiamu silently remembered the author’s name: It Isn’t Too Late for Sang.


Yi Jiamu returned to the dormitory, entered through the door and was greeted with his roommate’s warm welcome. He casually dropped his backpack on the table, lowered his head and changed his shoes. Then he finally remembered to ask, “Bei Bei, what did you mean by the message you sent me earlier?”

There was a hidden smile on Sang Bei’s face and his expression was meaningful. “You have been busy with the competition these past two days and shouldn’t have time to see the school forum?”

“Oh, if you mean the newly established fan area then I have seen it.”

Sang Bei was expectant. “What do you think?”

Yi Jiamu thought about it and replied honestly. “I don’t know who opened it. It is a bit boring.”

“Why? Don’t you want to look at these things?” Sang Bei felt a basin of cold water being poured on his enthusiasm. “Your relationship with God Ye is developing very well. Isn’t it a good thing to get more people’s approval?”

“It is a matter of the two people involved whether the relationship is good or not. Other people’s approval has nothing to do with me.” Yi Jiamu finished unpacking his things and looked up. “In addition, it feels a bit weird when it is about me. When I see my name appearing in the story, I feel…”

He felt he couldn’t look. After all… it was too embarrassing.

As Yi Jiamu spoke, he imagined the various styles of play between him and Gu Yesheng and his face became hot. He couldn’t help wanting to cover it with his hands. Compared to looking at other people’s stories, the impact of his own name was a bit too strong?

Sang Bei saw Yi Jiamu blushing suddenly and felt confused. He had used a lot of effort to establish this special area but now the person involved didn’t seem to like it very much. He hesitated for a moment before gritting his teeth and deciding. “Since you’ve said this, I will go contact the administrator to cancel this section!”

Yi Jiamu emerged from thoughts about his stories with a certain someone and was stunned. He finally realized. “You are It Isn’t Too Late for Sang?”

Sang Bei was amazed. “How did you know?!”

Yi Jiamu, “……”

Yi Jiamu thought about it and didn’t want to waste Sang Bei’s efforts. “Forget it. If you like it then open it. It isn’t a big deal.”

He was still casual about this type of thing. After all, everyone was free to support a CP. For himself, he was too embarrassed to look and just wouldn’t click into this section.

Sang Bei was in tears from Yi Jiamu’s profound and righteous action. “Mumu, I will be the most loyal fan of the Yemu CP in the future. You will definitely be happy forever!”

“Don’t say this…” Yi Jiamu thought for a moment. “If you really feel grateful, are there any more classics about the Shen Ze Cp? Send me some more!”

Sang Bei was petrified on the spot. “???”

Still supporting?


The day after returning to school was spent comfortably. Yi Jiamu read the new story offered by Sang Bei with satisfaction.

He didn’t know why but Xu Yi sent him a message on a whim. [Mumu, what are you doing?]

Yi Jiamu had nothing to hide from him. [Reading a novel.]

Although Xu Yi previously knew about Yi Jiamu supporting the Shen Ze CP, he didn’t expect this person was still so enthusiastic about it. He deeply admired it and felt the false rumors he saw in today’s gossip group were really nothing.

He had originally taken screenshots of the chat records in the group to amuse Yi Jiamu but now he had a strong interest in the novel that Yi Jiamu was reading. [What are you reading? Tell me?]

Yi Jiamu rarely met an insider he could communicate with and the two people chatted for a while.

At the end of the talk, Xu Yi was inevitably attracted. [It seems interesting? How did you get these? Can you send them to me too?]

Yi Jiamu: [Wait, I’ll sort it out and send it to you.]

Xu Yi: [Take it slowly. I’m in no hurry.]

Yi Jiamu archived the links of the stories he thought were good. Then he made notes on several books mentioned in the chat. Although Xu Yi hadn’t said it clearly, Yi Jiamu was about to touch on some of his preferences during the chatting process. In the end, he didn’t forget to select a few more novels and then finished organizing them.

He changed the title of the document to ‘My Favourites’ and smiled with satisfaction. He saw another window pop up on the communicator. He just assumed Xu Yi was anxious and sent it without looking at the contents of the message. After a few moments, the document was sent.

Yi Jiamu clicked on the chat window again. [Senior, look at these first. If you think they aren’t enough then I will send more to you next time.]

A  moment later, Xu Yi sent a series of question marks. [Did you send it to me?]

Yi Jiamu: [It was successfully sent. Didn’t you receive it?]

He looked through the chat record in disbelief and didn’t find the transmission record. Where was it sent? Just then, Yi Jiamu realized something. The fingertips touching the communicator paused slightly. He quickly exited the chat box with Xu Yi and glanced down.

He could clearly see the social account ID. He opened it hesitantly and saw that the latest message was about a file transfer. Further up, Gu Yesheng had sent a message. [Little friend, what are you doing?]

It was obviously the message that had popped up when he finished sorting the document. Now the other person had received all the links he organized.

Yi Jiamu’s face was unchanging even if a great mountain collapsed in front of him. Now a subtle crack appeared. He was frozen for a long time when a new message appeared in the stagnant chat box: [So this is the CP you support?]

He could imagine the other person’s expression across the screen.

Yi Jiamu’s hand holding the communicator shook slightly. Then he slowly pressed the power button to smoothly complete the shutdown operation. The entire screen became dark.

Yi Jiamu glanced at the communicator, determined it couldn’t make a sound any longer and went straight into bed, burying his head deeply into the pillow. He always felt that his house had collapsed…

The author has something to say:

As long as I don’t receive any messages, I can treat it as nothing happened QAQ.

Proofreader: Grinding Love~

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