OIAA: Chapter 68

From the day before, the number of views on two posts in the Sublime Star campus forum had soared, reaching the top 3 in popularity. One was an earlier post of Gu Yesheng, who had finished the singles match. From the photo, it could be seen that he was hugging another person tightly. As for the background, it was clearly the virtual cabin of the stadium.

Putting aside other things, such a move was undoubtedly too intimate. As for the subject of this hug, the face might not be shown in the photo but the eye-catching silver-white curly hair made it easy to think of the new student who had attracted attention just after school started.

It was already controversial when Yi Jiamu occupied a substitute spot to participate in the competition. Now this photo stimulated people’s nerves. Once the post came out, the number of replies soared all the way and it instantly became popular.

[Doing such things after a game, his mind was on the wrong side. No wonder why he was so terrible.]

[The above person should accumulate some virtue! Did you watch the match? God Ye won in the end. What nonsense are you rattling on about?]

[Heh, so what if he won? Have you ever seen Gu Yesheng play like this before? Can’t you see the decline with the naked eye?]

[Oh, don’t say anything. My house has collapsed! Tell me it is just mutual support between teammates? This Shen Ze girl is in despair!]

[This Yi Jiamu is truly great, 666. I don’t know how he caught Gu Yesheng but he dared to use the relationship so blatantly. Once it is time to graduate, he can write on his resume that he was a contestant in the league. Isn’t this too beautiful?!]

[The HYB (pinkeye) in this post exceeds the standard right? There is an alpha and an omega and they are in love. What’s the matter with a hu? Moreover, saying that Yi Jiamu relies on the back door? Did you watch the game that day? I advise you to go and see who our school relied on to get into the final four!]

[What’s going on? Is there a situation? Wait for me, I’m going to watch the match video!]

[Wait for me to watch the video. I will continue to review it again! Oh my god, forcibly pushing the video of the fourth match! Hurry up and watch it! Who said this Yi Jiamu is a theoretical student? He is better than anyone else!]

[I watched it, I watched it! I will blow it up all the way! If all the students of the School of Theory are like this then other schools can be cold and hungry!]

Those who saw the topic gradually deviating and didn’t have time to watch the match video issued a series of question marks.

Therefore, after this post floated on the forum homepage for a day, a new post appeared that benefited the people who ate melons. The title was even more gimmicky. [Yi Jiamu’s super clear singles match video. Miss this and miss a lifetime!]

It had to be said that the title of this post was excellent. Even passersby who didn’t pay much attention at the beginning were attracted one after another. It was okay if they didn’t look at it but once they did, they would replay it dozens of times. Don’t even mention comments. The number of times it was forwarded went over 10,000 in an instant.

[F*k, I remember that this person is a theoretical student? Is that a lie?]

[I remember the school issued a certification announcement last time? What type of ‘Ability Deficiency Disorder’? Isn’t this a slap in the face @Sublime Star General Affairs Department]

[No, I really didn’t see him using an ability. However, the combat power is really fierce…]

[Wuwuwu, is this actually an omega? He is a good A! An A straight to my heart!]

[After watching this post and then going to the previous one, I seem to inexplicably get a sense of CP?]

[Hahah, above person, I can’t look at God Ye directly now. What should I do if my mind is full of ‘Domineering Omega X Small and Pampered A?]

[F*k, don’t say it. There was a sweet sense of coordination… after that, I was poisoned.]

[Just asking those who said that he walked through the back door if their face hurts? Aside from other things, this combat power is enough to replace the president. There isn’t a problem entering the association, right?]

[Finished watching! My animal blood is boiling! I can watch it again!]

Some people wondered if Yi Jiamu had an ability or not, some were indulging in the inexplicable sense of CP and some were complaining about the envious eyes in front of them… in the blink of an eye, there were new posts popping up. Looking at it, almost all the discussion topics on the homepage of the forum were focused on Yi Jiamu.

Since there were a series of incidents when school started, the name Yi Jiamu naturally wasn’t a stranger to everyone. However, this time the explosion was worse than before. He could be said to have completely burst.

As for Sang Bei, he watched excitedly all day before finally sending a post. [Yemu CP, does anyone know it?]

Originally, he was just thinking of spreading the idea. He didn’t expect it to be completely different from before. The moment this was posted, he received many supporters in an instant. [Supporting! It has to be true! Burst!]

Seeing the post that became popular in the blink of an eye, Sang Bei couldn’t help becoming teary and he revealed a happy smile like an old mother.

His courage finally bore fruit! It was a pity that he didn’t know what the sister who was his only other ally was doing. She hadn’t been online recently. Otherwise, he really wanted to share this joy of victory with his old comrade!


As the party involved, Yi Jiamu was completely unaware of what was happening on the campus forum. After a long journey, he finally arrived smoothly at the gate of the campus and got out of the space car with the other members of the association.

From the moment he arrived at the airport, his communicator had recovered his signal. However, before he had time to contact Sang Bei, he received a message from Wu Qingji. [Contact me immediately after arriving at school.]

There was no need to ask. He knew it was about taking him to register his ability. He might’ve prepared the proof of ability awakening in advance but he had suddenly revealed his ability during the league and hadn’t reported it to the school.

Now that he was finally back, he naturally needed to quickly fill everything in. Since he had to go to the administrative office building, Yi Jiamu said goodbye to the other members in advance. Just before leaving, he remembered something and turned to walk to Gu Yesheng.

Gu Yesheng’s eyes lowered slightly. “What’s the matter? Are you unwilling to part with me?”

Yi Jiamu looked at him speechlessly. “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Gu Yesheng smiled and didn’t speak.

Yi Jiamu carefully examined Gu Yesheng and was relieved when everything seemed normal. Even so, he couldn’t help saying, “I will live in the dormitory from today. If you feel uncomfortable then tell me as soon as possible.”

Gu Yesheng nodded. “I will.”

Then he took a deep look at Yi Jiamu and his smile widened. “In fact, if you really feel uneasy then you can just directly live at my place.”

Yi Jiamu, “……”

Gu Yesheng seemed to find it feasible the more he talked about it. “Look, my place is a separate student apartment and no one will take care of me if anything happens. It is so miserable and lonely every day. Are you willing to let this happen?”

It would’ve really sounded true if it wasn’t for the laughter in his eyes.

Yi Jiamu was speechless. Then he smiled at Gu Yesheng and followed along with his words. “It seems true.”

Gu Yesheng obviously hadn’t expected this person to actually agree with him. His smile was about to spread when he saw Yi Jiamu crouching down to carefully take the cactus pot from his backpack. Then he handed the cactus to Gu Yesheng.

Gu Yesheng, “?”

Yi Jiamu told him, “Recently, your situation isn’t stable and I feel uneasy if you are alone. Therefore, I will leave Cici with you for a few days. If you miss me or feel uncomfortable, then hold it and you will be holding me.”

Gu Yesheng, “???”

Could this be the same? In addition, how could he hold a cactus?

As if unaware of Gu Yesheng’s confusion, Yi Jiamu continued introducing it seriously. Then he pulled out the nutrients solution from his space necklace. “Cici has never left me since I was a child. You must remember to take good care of it. Here are the nutrient solutions that I’ve mixed according to the right ratio. You need to give it a bag every two days. Don’t forget. It doesn’t matter if you sleep with it but in the morning, you must remember to put it on the balcony so it can absorb the stellar light. It won’t be energetic if it isn’t exposed to the sun.”

Then Yi Jiamu put the nutrients solution in Gu Yesheng’s arms and looked up seriously. “You know that I don’t trust Cici to others easily. It is like…”

“It is like your child.” Gu Yesheng was dumbfounded as he held these things. He stood there before smiling slyly. He seemed to sincerely inquire, “Then can this be regarded as raising a child together?”

Yi Jiamu blinked slowly and reacted belatedly as heat rushed to his head. “Don’t talk nonsense!”

Gu Yesheng smiled and nodded earnestly. “Okay, I won’t talk nonsense.”

Yi Jiamu’s face was red under such a gaze. “Uncle Wu is waiting for me to do the ability registration. I’m leaving!”

Then he turned around and ran away in a panic. Gu Yesheng watched the embarrassed figure rushing around and finally couldn’t help laughing.

On the side, Xu Yi had watched the entire process and felt speechless due to this stinky, shameless person. He walked over slowly and asked, “Are you really going to help Mumu raise his cactus?”

“I will raise it, of course I will raise it.” Gu Yesheng glanced at him with a smile. “This isn’t his cactus but our Cici.”

“……” Xu Yi’s spirit was shaken by such a tone.

Damn, why did he have to come over and butt in?!


Everyone in the abilities association went back to the dormitory. Then the few people ‘passing by’ exchanged looks and finally couldn’t hold back.

Several photos came out in the group. In the photos, the gentleness in Gu Yesheng’s eyes couldn’t be hidden. The gossip group that had been silent for a long time suddenly exploded again.

[Ahhh, I’ve never seen God Ye so gentle! I’m melting! I’m completely melting!]

[Let me say it! Let me say it! I’ll say it was just after school started! They must’ve had something then!]

[So this is real? I don’t believe it! I think the Shen Ze CP can be rescued again!]

[Don’t struggle and give up. They publicly acted at the school gate. I also saw God Ye accept a love token!]

[??? What the hell is the love token?]

[Do you see the photo? This is from Yi Jiamu. Before this, can you imagine God Ye holding a cactus so lovingly?]

[…I’ve collapsed.]

[Following upstairs, I’ve collapsed +1.]

[I’ve collapsed +2]


[I’ve collapsed + ID number.]

[Forget everything else. I have very good hearing and used the ability to get information. My god, guess what I heard?]

[? Sister, there is no need for a break in sentences here!]

[I heard that they are going to raise a child together. A name has even been chosen!]

Everyone in the gossip group: !!!

Xu Yi, who had opened the group chat due to the vibrating communicator, “Pfft——!”

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