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OIAA: Chapter 67

“Yes.” Yang Xingwen stared deeply at Yi Jiamu. “He once saved my life.”

He didn’t say much about the rest. People might feel strange if they heard ‘Yi Wenshi’ but if it was changed to Ven, the former supreme commander of the front lines, there was probably no one who didn’t know this name.

The first person to straddle the fields of abilities and machinery and used his own strength to put out the raging wars between the big ability families. it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that a large part of this peaceful world was due to him.

Even now, more than half of the military personnel had come from under him, not to mention the complex forces that had been integrated into other fields. If Ven hadn’t chosen to retire at the most glorious time, there was no doubt that he would be the most important existence in the allied government.

However, decades had passed and Ven’s whereabouts were still top secret. In his biography, it was only mentioned that after he retired, he applied for the richest planet in the interstellar world and disappeared from everyone’s view.

Yang Xingwen had always been a person to repay kindness. He was accidentally saved when he first joined the army and always wanted to repay this person. He was very happy that he could finally get in touch with Yi Wenshi again.

He now chose to work with Yi Jiamu to give others a warning. As for Yi Wenshi’s specific identity, he didn’t expand on it. Even so, this was enough that Zhu Yanghui didn’t dare treat Yi Jiamu lightly.

Everyone in Sublime Star was surprised by the relationship between Yi Jiamu’s family and Yang Xingwen. Then they thought of the boxes of ability stones and suddenly felt that it wasn’t strange. After all, could ordinary people get so many stones?

Yang Xingwen was in charge and Lu Zexiu was rescheduled to do the laboratory tests in the afternoon. The rest of Sublime Star gathered downstairs after a break and went to the stadium to watch the final game of the top six.

It was between Burning Wood and Daybreak. They would compete for the last spot in the semi-finals in the afternoon. Sublime Star’s shuttle car stopped at the designated location and it happened that a car stopped next to it. So as soon as everyone in Sublime Star got out of the car, they ran into the Burning Wood team.

Jing Yao looked up and saw Yi Jiamu standing next to Gu Yesheng. The expression on his face was a bit complicated for a while. Then his captain Yuan Shu walked over to say hello. Jing Yao could only grit his teeth and follow.

Lu Zexiu wasn’t present so as the vice-president, Gu Yesheng naturally became the representative of the team.

They exchanged a few words of courtesy and then looked up to find Jing Yao’s gaze fixed somewhere. The corners of his mouth curved up slightly. “Captain Yuan, it seems a member of your team is very concerned with our Sublime Star.”

The moment his voice was heard, the atmosphere became much heavier. Liang Qiuzhi pulled Jing Yao but he didn’t notice it at all. It was unknown what he was thinking but he suddenly stepped out of the group and walked to Yi Jiamu.

Gu Yesheng’s unkind gaze followed him. Then he heard Jing Yao ask, “We fought against each other, right?”

Yi Jiamu hadn’t expected the other person to ask this. He realized it was referring to the challenger task and nodded. “Yes.”

Jing Yao had been mentally prepared but he still had a heart attack after hearing the confirmation. He took a deep breath and said, “I underestimated you at the time. The next time we meet on the field, I won’t make the same mistake again!”

Regarding the two people’s fight on the virtual platform, apart from Jing Yao, only Liang Qiuzhi in Burning Wood knew about it since he was present at the time. The other members were obviously shocked when they heard the words. This kid Jing Yao actually played against another school’s team member behind their backs? In addition, listening to the meaning of this sentence, he had lost to the newcomer?

However, Jing Yao’s expression was too serious. His Burning Wood team members couldn’t interject and even Yi Jiamu took a long time before saying, “I’m cheering for you…”

Jing Yao’s body shook slightly and he almost fell down. Sure enough, he was being despised… he wanted to die! However, he was too unwilling to give up. He stared at Yi Jiamu for a long time before opening his mouth again. “Um… my words last time were serious. So can we make a bet? If I win on the field, can you promise to try dating me?”

Before the people from Burning Wood could digest the information, they were once again stunned. A serious match was being used for a bet? What was he saying?

As for Sublime Star’s side, almost all eyes shifted in Gu Yesheng’s direction. Seeing that Gu Yesheng was about to step forward with a gloomy expression, Yi Jiamu reached out and stopped him. Gu Yesheng lowered his eyes in an unhappy manner but didn’t say much.

After Yi Jiamu stopped Gu Yesheng, he raised his head and looked at Jing Yao in front of him. “Thank you for liking me.”

The worried Jing Yao heard this sentence and he couldn’t help being delighted. Then he heard Yi Jiamu continue speaking. “However, I can’t make this bet with you.”

“Last time, things happened a bit suddenly and I didn’t have time to explain it to you.” Yi Jiamu calmly spoke in a soft voice. “We aren’t officially together due to some reasons but in fact, I already have someone I like.”

He didn’t look back as if he was stating an objective fact. “The person I like is called Gu Yesheng.”

No one thought it would unfold like this.

Gu Yesheng didn’t say a word even after the two teams said goodbye to each other. Maybe others wouldn’t be able to see any emotions in his face but only Gu Yesheng knew that under the cold surface, countless fireworks were exploding in his mind. He could hear his thumping heart and the joy made his lips curve up uncontrollably.

Yi Jiamu’s words were too straightforward and sincere. It was precisely because of this that he felt it was even more real and deep. This little friend liked him as well. Such a thought was enough to make Gu Yesheng want to hug someone in his arms.

During the match between Burning Wood and Daybreak, Jing Yao turned his grief and indignation into strength and charged onto the field. Meanwhile, two figures in the spectator stands silently slipped away from everyone.

Gu Yesheng firmly pressed Yi Jiamu against a wall in a corner and stared at him. “So many people were there before and I didn’t have time to hear clearly. Can you tell me those words again?”

Yi Jiamu lowered his head due to this gaze and almost shrank back in Gu Yesheng’s arms. “How can there be such a good thing?”

The joy in Gu Yesheng’s eyes grew stronger and he moved closer. “Then what should I do if I want to hear it?”

The low and hoarse voice was filled with indescribable temptation.

In particular, the two people had just finished a temporary marking yesterday. They were extremely sensitive to each other’s breath and Yi Jiamu couldn’t help feeling hot when he was blown in the ear like this. He gently reached out to touch Gu Yesheng’s chest. “It is useless to cheat.”

This was the first confession in his life. Now when recalling the scene, he wanted to dig a hole to hide in. How could he say it again?

Gu Yesheng felt helpless due to the child’s stubbornness. He thought about it and smiled softly. “It’s okay if you don’t say it. Then can you comfort me?”

“How to comfort you?” Yi Jiamu looked up and saw Gu Yesheng pointing to his lips meaningfully. Yi Jiamu was silent for a moment.

This person was really shameless!

Gu Yesheng waited for a long time. Seeing that Yi Jiamu wasn’t responding, he thought Yi Jiamu wasn’t ready. He was about to say something when he saw Yi Jiamu close his eyes and kissed him.

Gu Yesheng’s back stiffened. Once he recovered, he pulled this person into his arms, pressed Yi Jiamu firmly against the wall and responded fiercely.

By the time the two of them returned to the viewing area, the final game of the round of six was over. Burning Wood had successfully gained the ticket.

Xu Yi glanced at Yi Jiamu’s blushing face and didn’t need to ask to know what these two were doing. He felt complicated as he shook his head. “Burning Wood should really thank you for stimulating Jing Yao’s potential before the game. He was originally on the same level as Daybreak but during the course of the match, Jing Yao’s potential exploded… tsk, is this fate?”

Gu Yesheng was in a very good mood and he looked disapproving. “Who is Jing Yao?”

Xu Yi was choked by these shameless words and stopped talking.


Thanks to Yang Xingwen’s supervision, Lu Zexiu’s medical examination report came out very smoothly the next day. The final result showed that all indicators were qualified, directly hitting Zhu Yanghui’s face.

This forced Zhu Yanghui to apologize in front of everyone’s ridiculing gazes. He repeatedly assured them that this wouldn’t happen again and managed to reluctantly get the ‘forgiveness’ of the members.

Zhou Ming didn’t forget to ridicule him. “Mr Zhu, a man shouldn’t talk too much, don’t you think?”

Zhu Yanghui couldn’t maintain the fake smile on his face. “It was my dereliction of duty, my dereliction of duty…”

There hadn’t been any news but after this incident, he could almost predict his bleak future prospects.

Yang Xingwen had a heavy workload and left immediately after solving the matter. Since then, the matter of Lu Zexiu taking a banned drug was regarded as unjustified. Even so, it had been dragged out for so long that other people still felt some anger.

They arrived at the returning light ship and Lu Zexiu called out to Gu Yesheng. Gu Yesheng knew what Lu Zexiu wanted to talk about and in a rare manner, he didn’t sit down with Yi Jiamu.

Yi Jiamu naturally noticed such a move and couldn’t help glancing over. He felt that the two of them were hiding something from him but he wasn’t prepared to intervene. He took out his terminal and was prepared to read something while Gu Yesheng wasn’t looking.

At this time, he suddenly received a message from Sang Bei: [Ahhhhhh, Mumu. Your identity has been overturned!!!]

Yi Jiamu, “?”

What overturned? He was about to reply when he saw that the light ship was going to take off. He had to temporarily turn off his communicator. Forget it, he would go back and ask.

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