OIAA: Chapter 66

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They arrived at the stadium and all of Sublime Star gathered in the reception room to wait for Yang Xingwen’s team to arrive. There was also a report about the morning. Perpetual Full Moon beat Falan to secure the second place in the group and advanced to the semi-finals.

Yi Jiamu obviously wasn’t happy when he heard the news and the corners of his lips lowered slightly.

Yesterday, Yi Jiamu had run to another room to sleep and Zhen Jingyao directly brought Xiang Zhuo to his room. In addition, Gu Yesheng asked for leave early in the morning. Now the entire association knew the two of them had slept in the same room together.

They finished talking about game related matters and couldn’t help glancing at the two people. Zhou Ming was itchy as he thought about how to bring up the gossip. He glanced at a certain position on Yi Jiamu’s neck and was stunned to the spot when he saw the redness.

As an omega, he certainly knew how sensitive and private the glands were. Based on the current size of the area, how frantic had Gu Yesheng been last night? No wonder why they took time off this morning. Wasn’t this making a person completely unable to get out of bed?

Xu Yi followed Zhou Ming’s explicit gaze and also saw the eye-catching sight on Yi Jiamu’s neck. After a glance, he retracted his gaze and cleared his throat. “By the way Gu Yesheng, it seems you had a good rest last night? Looking at your mental state, you are obviously better than yesterday.”

Gu Yesheng didn’t turn red at all from this meaningful tone and smiled softly. “Someone took care of me so I naturally had a good rest.”

Although they knew the meaning of his words, everyone listened to his shameless tone and couldn’t help coughing.

Fu*k, this villain. Did he have to be so brazen?

Gu Yesheng ignored them and walked to Yi Jiamu’s side. He casually put his coat over Yi Jiamu’s shoulder and smiled at them. “There is no need for envy.”

There was a sudden silence in the room. Xiang Zhuo and Zhen Jingyao, who had watched a love drama in their room last night, silently looked away. Damn, they lost!

Yi Jiamu didn’t pay attention at first. Then he felt the corner of the collar that Gu Yesheng had pulled up for him and finally reacted. The ambiguous picture from last night entered his mind and his face became as hot as a fireball. He wanted to find a corner to hide in.

Just then, there was a knock on the door of the reception room and Yang Xingwen entered. “Hello, everyone is already here.”

His status meant there were many things he was busy with every day. Yet after making the phone call yesterday, he really brought the entire medical team here today. Everyone in Sublime Star was very grateful.

“Don’t worry, I will be present during the entire test to ensure the fairness of the results.” Yang Xingwen declared as he glanced at Zhu Yanghui following behind him, causing the latter to wipe his sweat with a handkerchief.

Lu Zexiu opened his mouth. “It is hard on you, Mr Yang.”

“It isn’t hard work. It is just a small matter.” Yang Xingwen downplayed it. Then his gaze shifted to Yi Jiamu standing in the corner and he walked over with a smile. “Yi Jiamu, we meet again.”

Yi Jiamu had met this Mr Yang before and instinctively responded. “Hello.”

Yang Xingwen was kind. “Do you remember how I mentioned you look a bit like a senior of mine?”

Yi Jiamu nodded. “I remember.”

“Now I see I was correct. I’m glad I wasn’t mistaken at the time.” Yang Xingwen smiled but his tone was very respectful. “The next time you go home, please greet Mr Yi for me.”

Yi Jiamu’s face finally showed a bit of consternation. “You know my grandfather?”

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