OIAA: Chapter 65

Gu Yesheng got into bed after returning to his room. All types of inexplicable thoughts emerged in his mind before he fell into a deep sleep. Occasionally, there was the sound of wind whistling outside. It blew through the half-open lattice window and made the curtains a mess.

In the midst of such fragmented sounds, Gu Yesheng woke up a few times in a daze. Then he slowly closed his eyes due to the aching feeling in his head.

There was no other colour in his fragmented dreams. It was either a devastating white or a deep and solemn black… sometimes a bit of blood leaked out and covered his field of view. It was strange and heavy and made the clamouring emotions rushing to his mind even worse.

Gu Yesheng was exhausted and wanted to indulge completely in this feeling, but due to the intense collisions, he frequently woke up. The dull pain drilling into his mind seemed even more painful.

By the time Gu Yesheng opened his eyes again, he looked up and saw that the sky outside the window had become dark. A faint light shone through in a bleak manner and the clear hunger in his body made him frown slightly. He intellectually knew it had been a long time since dinner passed but his heavy body meant he had no desire to get up.

Gu Yesheng rubbed his temples fiercely, turned over and went back to sleep. If yesterday he was emotionally out of control then after today’s singles match, the opening that had some cracks seemed to start cracking open completely. He didn’t know how this situation would continue to develop. At this moment, he could only work hard to suppress all the complicated and frantic thoughts in his mind.

This was clearly a very dangerous state.

Gu Yesheng kept falling asleep and waking up repeatedly. It wasn’t until there was a knock on his door that he was called out of the endless abyss. He opened his eyes and could feel sweat on his back.

He gasped slowly and was about to ignore the person outside the door when he happened to see the screen of his communicator light up. The ‘little friend’ written there was clearly visible.

Gu Yesheng was taken aback for a moment. Then he remembered that he had previously set his communicator to mute. He calmed down his emotions, grabbed and it saw that there were several unread messages on it.

The latest message simply said: [Open the door.]

Gu Yesheng’s hand holding the communicator paused. A long time passed before the pain in his mind made him belatedly return. He immediately draped a coat over his shoulders and got out of bed.

The door opened and he saw Yi Jiamu squeezing in unceremoniously with a stack of quilts. “Let me in.”

Gu Yesheng couldn’t react and by the time he recovered, Yi Jiamu was already standing by the huge bed. He saw Yi Jiamu frowning for a moment but in the end, he didn’t choose to sleep on the floor. Instead, he threw the quilts onto the bed. “This area should be big enough. Let’s sleep in our own areas tonight.”

Gu Yesheng saw him put a pillow in the center as a dividing line after making the bed and he couldn’t help smiling. “You want to sleep with me?”

Yi Jiamu glanced at Gu Yesheng, who obviously wasn’t in a very good state, and lightly replied, “Can’t I?”

“Of course, I’m very happy.” Gu Yesheng saw Yi Jiamu and his headache seemed to be alleviated a lot. He walked over and picked up the soft pillow while raising his eyebrow. “However, you suddenly ran over to share a bed with me and placed such a thing in the middle. Are you underestimating me or overestimating me?”

Was he underestimating Gu Yesheng’s desire or overestimating his control? This short sentence was full of deep meaning.

Yi Jiamu raised his eyes and his mouth slightly opened. Before he could speak, Gu Yesheng interrupted leisurely. “I know, I can’t beat you.”

His line was robbed but Yi Jiamu wasn’t angry. “It is good that you know.”

Gu Yesheng didn’t speak again. He just watched Yi Jiamu for a while before telling him, “Don’t play around… I’m tired today so go back to rest.”

“I’m not playing.” Yi Jiamu spoke calmly. “I argued with Zhen Jingyao and I don’t want to go back. I will stay with you.”

It seemed reasonable but Gu Yesheng wasn’t so foolish. He thought of the several messages Yi Jiamu had sent over intermittently and already guessed Yi Jiamu’s intentions in coming here. His heart was moved but he didn’t expose it. Finally, he nodded with an unclear emotion. “Then go to sleep on the bed. I will sleep on the ground.”

In ordinary circumstances, he definitely wouldn’t refuse if Yi Jiamu took the initiative to climb into bed.

It was just that today’s situation was special. He himself wasn’t sure how long this state would last but his quality of sleep was really bad. It made no difference if he slept on the bed or on the ground.

Nevertheless, Yi Jiamu rejected this suggestion. “No, I said the bed is big enough. taking one side is good.”

Gu Yesheng’s gaze turned in the direction of Yi Jiamu’s glands and his lips slightly curved up. “Okay, it is all up to you.”

After all, the battle with Shen Ling today had consumed too much energy. He might’ve slept intermittently but his body was still in a state of high tension. This increased his feelings of fatigue. Therefore, he didn’t say anything else and crawled back on the bed.

After a while, Yi Jiamu turned off the lights and lay down on the other side of the bed. The room gradually regained its calm and there were no sounds other than the soft sounds of breathing. Perhaps Gu Yesheng was really too tired because he fell asleep quickly.

Thanks to the light leaking in through the window, Yi Jiamu could see the slowly rising and falling shoulders facing him.

Previously, Gu Yesheng hadn’t returned his messages and he was worried something had happened. Now he saw that there didn’t seem to be too many abnormalities apart from the bad mental state.

Had he been thinking too much?

Yi Jiamu watched silently in the darkness for a while. He didn’t know how much time passed. He was just about to turn over to sleep when Gu Yesheng moved imperceptibly. At the same time, his originally calm breathing became heavier.

Yi Jiamu had been paying attention to Gu Yesheng’s movements. He felt his heart thump and he instantly responded. “What’s wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Gu Yesheng didn’t seem to hear him. Gu Yesheng hugged his body tightly as he started to shake. Looking at this state, he hadn’t woken up.

In the process of repeatedly waking up, the surging feelings in his body seemed to intensify. Gu Yesheng didn’t remember where he was right now. In his confused state, he felt an overwhelming darkness that would swallow him up completely. He was like every opponent he had ever faced. His intense depression and fear formed an invisible hand that was pulling him completely into the abyss. Along with the trembling was a strong sense of suffocation.

Gu Yesheng suddenly curled up and gasped like breathing was extremely difficult.

Yi Jiamu was taken aback by this and didn’t care about the pillow in the middle. He pushed it aside and hugged Gu Yesheng from behind without hesitation.

The moment he made physical contact, Gu Yesheng felt the bizarre images in his mind disappear without a trace. Instead, he felt a sense of emptiness as if everything was completely removed and he couldn’t help feeling a chill all over his body.

Surrounding him was the smell of the pheromones that belonged to the omega.

Gu Yesheng’s mind was blank for a moment before he finally realized where he was. He opened his mouth to say a few soothing words but he found that control of his mind and body was temporarily stripped away. He couldn’t say anything.

Yi Jiamu’s pheromones were calm and gentle. They floated around and unknowingly filled every corner of the room. It was like a gentle hand that little by little, calmed all the restlessness in his heart. This feeling was really addictive.

A moment later, Gu Yesheng finally found his voice. “I’m fine.”

His voice was inevitably a bit tight, low and hoarse. Yi Jiamu saw that Gu Yesheng had completely recovered from the nightmare but still didn’t let go of his tight hold. Due to Gu Yesheng’s poor mental state, Yi Jiamu temporarily concealed Ji Wenxing’s words.

However, Shen Ling’s true purpose still made him very concerned.

What was the purpose of these people? Was it just to prevent Sublime Star from winning the game or was it to make contact with Gu Yesheng on the field? If it was the latter, did it mean that Gu Yesheng’s current state was also in their expectations?

The more Yi Jiamu thought about it, the more uneasy he became. He couldn’t help tightening his hold on Gu Yesheng as he continued to use his pheromones to soothe this person. Gradually, he felt the person in his arms stop shaking.

Yi Jiamu slowly leaned forward and pressed his cheek against GU Yesheng’s forehead. He found that Gu Yesheng’s body temperature wasn’t abnormal and sighed with relief. Now he was almost certain that there was a problem with the afternoon’s singles match.

He recalled Gu Yesheng’s mental state from the end of the match to the present and his lips tightened.

The dazed Gu Yesheng felt Yi Jiamu’s actions. The smell of narcissi filled the room almost instinctively as his falling hair caressed the glands and the omega’s pheromones surrounded him. The alpha and omega pheromones blended together, making the atmosphere ambiguous.

Gu Yesheng’s throat was dry and despite the empty feeling in his body, his extreme desire seemed to be calling out a certain impulse. He couldn’t help grunting and despite his aching head, he tried to gently push Yi Jiamu away. “I’m fine. You should go back to sleep.”

Yi Jiamu didn’t move away. Instead, he moved closer. He had confirmed this afternoon that his pheromones did have a soothing effect on Gu Yesheng’s sleep. Yi Jiamu breathed out from behind and gently stroked Gu Yesheng’s sensitive glands. “I think you need to bite me now. This should make you more comfortable.”

Gu Yesheng felt a fire spread from his neck to all over his body. Some residue would remain after an alpha absorbed an omega’s pheromones. Although there was no deep marking, such repeated exchanges would more or less deepen the impact.

It was hard to keep control of things like his sense of reason. He still remembered his previous susceptible period. In the process of absorbing pheromones, he almost failed to control himself, let alone his current situation where he could fall into chaos at any time.

“Don’t.” Gu Yesheng licked his dry lips and gave a half-hearted laugh. “If you are so active, I’m afraid I can’t help wanting to mark you.”

Yi Jiamu fell silent.

Just as Gu Yesheng thought this person was going to retreat, Yi Jiamu seemed to have made a decision. A calm and resolute voice was heard. “Then mark it.”

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