OIAA: Chapter 64

“What about the test report?” Gu Yesheng lowered his eyes slightly with a gloomy expression and threw the file in his hand to the side. “You mean… this one?”

Zhen Jingyao, standing not far behind him, shot a fireball and all the information was burned up.

Gu Yesheng made a smile that wasn’t a smile. “Now?”

Zhu Yanghui had specifically dismissed other people because he didn’t want to make it a big deal. At this moment, he looked helpless. “This is just a copy. It is useless even if you burn it.”

He met everyone’s eyes and tentatively spoke. “I think what we have to do today is determine the follow-up action. I mean…”

He suddenly stopped because he vaguely felt as if something had infiltrated his mind, choking his throat. Zhu Yanghui realized what was happening and looked at Gu Yesheng incredulously. However, the hostility of the other person just caused his body to become colder.

Lu Zexiu had always been frowning silently. At this moment, he noticed Zhu Yanghui’s abnormality and turned around to exclaim sharply, “Gu Yesheng, stop!”

However, Gu Yesheng seemed to be indulged in an inexplicable pleasure. The curvature of his mouth remained the same and he didn’t respond to the words at all. The other members of Sublime Star hadn’t expected Gu Yesheng to dare act so openly when he was a player in the competition. For a while, they were all stunned and didn’t know what to do.

As an insider, Yi Jiamu was obviously very displeased with the results of this matter. He actually didn’t object to teaching the other person a lesson. It was just that the expression on Gu Yesheng’s face was different from usual. It looked a bit alienated and unfamiliar. This made him instinctively grab Gu Yesheng’s arm and whisper, “Senior?”

The moment his body was touched, Gu Yesheng seemed to recover from his demons. He realized what he was doing and immediately put away his ability. Due to the intense negative emotions caused by this incident, the dark tide in his body rushed to his mind.

A heavy sense of fatigue filled him. Gu Yesheng hugged his body and slowly leaned against the wall. The surrounding low pressure suddenly dissipated and the scene in front of Zhu Yanghui became clear again. It was only a moment but the clothes on his back were already wet with sweat.

He obviously didn’t expect the other person to be so tyrannical. He gasped for breath for a while before looking up. “Gu Yesheng, do you want to be suspended too?!”

“Suspended?” Gu Yesheng sneered. “How great. Isn’t this just what you want?”

Lu Zexiu stopped the next words. “What nonsense!”

Gu Yesheng lowered his eyes and didn’t speak.

“I know you are very dissatisfied but I’m only acting according to the test results. I’m meeting with you to discuss what happens next.” Zhu Yanghui forcibly restrained his anger. “I also believe there must be some misunderstanding with Captain Lu. However, these are the results. Captain Lu can only be deprived of his qualifications to compete according to the rules. As for whether this incident will be announced to the public, there is still room for discussion. I think…”

Zhu Yanghui’s words were interrupted again. This time, it was Yi Jiamu talking. The teenager’s voice was calm. “I want to apply for a retest.”

Zhu Yanghui was a bit dazed after being choked. “What did you say?”

Yi Jiamu met his eyes and repeated. “I want to apply for a retest.”

Zhu Yanghui laughed at the successive interventions. “Retesting? Do you know how much money is required to do these tests? For the time being, there are only 10 medical personnel in the galaxy who can perform this test. Do you know how many approval processes are needed to ensure they can spare one day to carry out this type of special testing? Being able to do it once is already very great. You still want to redo it?”

He was so angry that his tone became tough. “Let me tell you this! The medical experts who can do this test are all top medical experts. As long as they hand in the rest form, there can’t be any mistakes! Forget repeating the test. The result will be the same even if it is tested 10 more times! Lu Zexiu, Captain Lu, there are prohibited substances in his body, understood?!”

The moment his words were thrown out, the expressions of the Sublime Star members became even more terrible.

Yi Jiamu’s eyes held back Gu Yesheng, who was going to come forward again. Then he looked at Zhu Yanghui, his gaze still calm and quiet. “I am applying for a retesting, not because I doubt the previous testing process. I am doubting that the test report itself is completely wrong.”

Zhu Yanghui frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Simply put, Mr Zhu, can you guarantee that no one who is involved in the entire testing hasn’t changed anything?”

Zhu Yanghui was stunned and then he couldn’t help sneering. “This student, I think you’ve watched too many spy TV dramas? Changed anything? Our league organizers are partners with the government. Do you mean that someone in the government has stretched out their hands to frame your Captain Lu?”

Yi Jiamu acted like he didn’t hear the sarcasm in the other person’s tone and replied honestly, “That’s right.”

Zhu Yanghui was completely choked up and gave up all the words he prepared. “In short, everything is based on this test report. Since you have refused to negotiate, go back and wait for the official announcement.”

The moment these words came out, the expressions of the other people sank to the extreme. They could no longer remain silent and immediately started arguing.

Yi Jiamu also wasn’t happy when his reasonable suggestion was refuted. He frowned and was ready to argue when his communicator shook. He was ready to refuse when he saw the word ‘Grandpa’ as the source of the incoming call. He couldn’t help pausing. He wanted to answer but he didn’t feel at ease. Therefore, he told Gu Yesheng, “Senior, I’m going to answer the phone. Just… don’t make trouble.”

Gu Yesheng was originally unhappy but he became amused when he heard these words. “Okay, I will be obedient.”

Yi Jiamu walked out of the reception room and picked up the call at the end of the corridor. Yi Wenshi’s voice was heard from the other end. “Mumu, Grandpa missed you. Why did you take so long to answer the phone?”

Yi Jiamu’s lips pursed. “Something happened.”

Yi Wenshi soon discovered something wrong in his baby grandson’s tone. “What’s wrong?”

Yi Jiamu didn’t want to say it but his emotions were suffocating in his heart. Under Yi Wenshi’s repeated questioning, he roughly explained what happened. Yi Wenshi was silent for a moment. “Rest assured, leave this matter to Grandpa to deal with.”


Before he could ask any further, he heard a beep and then a busy tone from the other side.

“……” Yi Jiamu was speechless at his grandfather’s resolute behaviour. Then he remembered the situation in the reception room and didn’t think much. He turned and walked back.

He had only been gone a short time but it was completely noisy.

Sublime Star’s people naturally couldn’t accept this test result. They felt that Yi Jiamu’s proposal just now was feasible and asked for a retest. However, Zhu Yanghui naturally couldn’t agree to a request that wasted so much time. Both sides had their own positions and argued for a while.

Finally, Zhu Yanghui slammed his hand against the table. “Retesting is absolutely impossible. Don’t make trouble!”

Zhou Ming hit the table just as hard. “Make trouble? We are defending our legal rights!”

Zhu Yanghui almost fainted from anger. Just then, someone knocked on the door and the secretary weakly poked his head in. “Mr Zhu, your communicator…”

Zhu Yanghui shouted angrily, “Don’t you see that I’m busy!”

The innocent secretary was yelled at but he still persisted. “However, this communication is… a call from the general office of the Galaxy Ability Masters Association.”

Zhu Yanghui was stunned for a moment before regaining some sense of reason. He took a deep breath and walked quickly to pick up the call. In the blink of an eye, he changed his tone. “Hello, Mr Yang. Did you need something? Please say it…”

He was about to leave the room when he paused slightly. “It is about Sublime Star’s matter?”

The others looked up when they heard ‘Sublime Star.’

Zhu Yanghui ended the call and felt a bit dazed.

He couldn’t understand it. It was just an ordinary player participating in the league. How could it reach the point where Yang Xingwen, the president of the Galaxy Ability Association, would intervene. The even more unexpected thing was that Yang Xingwen was paying so much attention he was going to deploy a team from the galaxy’s medical headquarters to re-examine Lu Zexiu. In addition, he planned to take a trip to personally oversee the entire process.

Such treatment was incredibly high. The allied government was actually interested in supporting the Lu family?

Things had been settled for the time being. Although they needed to stay here for an extra two days, the people of Sublime Star were very happy. Before leaving, Xu Yi smiled and patted Zhu Yanghui on the shoulder. “Mr Zhu, even the ‘absolutely impossible’ retesting was arranged for us. It was really hard on you.”

Zhu Yanghui was clearly being mocked. His mouth twitched severely at the words but he couldn’t say anything.


Back at the hotel, the Sublime Star members returned to their rooms in a happy mood.

Yi Jiamu felt this retesting should have something to do with his grandfather and couldn’t help sending a message to inquire about it. As a result, he just received a kind smile from the old man’s emoticon pack.

Yi Jiamu, “……”

He saw there would be no answer to his question and simply stopped asking. In fact, he used to think that his grandfather’s identity was a bit mysterious. Now his guess was confirmed but it didn’t matter. He would know it sooner or later.

On the contrary, the thing that made him concerned was that the dinner invitation he sent to Gu Yesheng didn’t receive a reply for a long time. According to normal circumstances, Gu Yesheng should’ve agreed very happily. Since yesterday, Gu Yesheng’s state had been a bit concerning. In particular, it wasn’t reassuring after what happened in the match.

Yi Jiamu waited until dinner ended, He saw the sky outside gradually darkening and simply folded his quilt. Zhen Jingyao came out of the shower and saw this scene. He couldn’t help asking, “What are you doing?”

Yi Jiamu picked up the quilt and casually replied, “Oh, by the way, you are sleeping alone tonight. I’m going out for a while.”

The author has something to say:

Don’t ask where I’m going. Asking is… hehehe.

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