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OIAA: Chapter 63

No one knew the fire in Yi Jiamu’s heart. His eyes, which always seemed calm and indifferent, finally showed some waves after entering the match. His past experience with this type of arena told him that the first opportunity was often very important. For the current him, the ability that others couldn’t understand was the biggest opportunity.

Therefore, after locking onto Luo Yixin’s position, Yi Jiamu didn’t hesitate to launch an attack. It was the same style as the opening. There were no fancy moves and it was head on toward the opponent.

The official commentator couldn’t help stammering after seeing such a simple and crude style of play. “Sublime Star’s Yi Jiamu has ignored, cough, resisted Luo Yuxin’s first attack and is rushing over directly!”

“He is closing in quickly and it looks like Luo Yuxin isn’t planning to hide. Oh, ice wall! Luo Yuxin has directly set up an ice wall!”

“It is obviously unwise to make a detour at this time. Let’s see what Yi Jiamu is going to do. It seems he doesn’t want to stop. He is still sprinting!”

“He has rushed to the front of the ice wall! He is ready to go around… uh, he is going through?!”

The capability to attack and defend was one of the main characteristics of ice type players and made it one of the most troublesome elemental abilities. As a top level ice ability player, Luo Yuxin could withstand tremendous damage using the ice wall he created. He had previously used this ability to gain great achievements in team competitions.

Now, in the face of the thick ice wall that left countless ability users at a loss, Yi Jiamu didn’t perform any extra operations and rushed forward blindly. As a result, everyone saw the crystal clear ice quietly melting the moment it touched him, as if instinctively retreating.

Luo Yuxin couldn’t help freezing after he saw such a strange scene. In this gap, his opponent had already appeared in front of him. Before Yi Jiamu officially started, he didn’t forget to explain in advance. “I know that the previous match isn’t your fault but I’m sorry, I need to vent right now.”

The overly calm words seemed out of place in such a competitive situation. His indifferent manner made him seem even more arrogant. Before Luo Yuxin had a chance to sneer, a fist directly greeted his face.

One punch quickly knocked him to the ground. He had to admit that Yi Jiamu’s move just now really didn’t show any kindness.

On the big screen, the melting ice crystals seemed like falling water stains that dripped down the side of the helpless Luo Yuxin’s face. It was like a pitiful flower being ravaged by rain.

Luo Yuxin was a powerful alpha with a top ability. However, at his time, the one punching him with a blank face was Sublime Star’s omega newcomer!

There were no thrilling elements in this match. Everyone watched as Luo Yuxin was beaten up until even his parents couldn’t recognize him. Finally, Yi Jiamu completely vented his anger and ended the match.

Don’t look at the short process. It was really fatal when analyzed from frame by frame. Sublime Star’s omega was a tough character!

Seeing that less than a minute had passed, the audience fell into a deathly silence before completely boiling over. The first to react were the supporters of Sublime Star, who immediately shouted, “Sublime Star! Sublime Star! Sublime Star! Sublime Star!”

It might only be the top six but thanks to Yi Jiamu’s performance, the momentum was just like they had won the championship. Some emotional fans couldn’t help secretly wiping away their tears.

Everyone knew that the captain Lu Zexiu would officially graduate at the end of this year. The old fans who had supported Sublime Star for a long time were deeply worried about Sublime Star’s future. After all, it wasn’t difficult to see their status from Sublime Star’s failure to set up a new doubles partner. They didn’t know what Sublime Star would be like in the next league once Lu Zexiu graduated.

These worries had continued until just now. Yi Jiamu, who replaced Lu Zexiu, directly used his strength to give everyone new expectations for Sublime Star’s future.

Xu Yi felt the enthusiasm of the audience and finally recovered from the match just now. He couldn’t help glancing at Gu Yesheng. “Your little friend is usually… so irritable?”

There was a smile on Gu Yesheng’s face. “How is that possible?”

Xu Yi saw his expression and understood. “It seems like there was a fire in his heart…”

Gu Yesheng also guessed that it was probably because Yi Jiamu was unhappy. He rubbed the ears that were in pain because they were still sensitive and his smile became wider.

Lu Zexiu stood up from his seat. “It’s over. Let’s go.”


The worries about the loss in the doubles match were finally wiped out and the atmosphere became active. In any case, they had won two matches in a row early and already won a ticket to the semi-finals.


Yi Jiamu came out of the virtual cabin after finishing the match and saw Luo Yuxin. The other person glanced at him with a complicated expression and then turned to leave without saying a word. From a distance, he could see the members of Perpetual Full Moon coming to pick up Luo Yuxin.

Yi Jiamu didn’t worry. He had just walked into the passageway when he heard someone calling out to him. He turned around and realized it was Perpetual Full Moon’s Ji Wenxing.

Yi Jiamu asked suspiciously, “What is it?”

Ji Wenxing looked complicated. “You should be the ‘little friend’ that Gu Yesheng mentioned, right? I have something to tell you.”

He had a fierce struggle but eventually, he decided that he couldn’t stay silent. After the second match ended, he noticed the interaction between Yi Jiamu and Gu Yesheng on the big screen. If his guess was correct, the two of them should have a close relationship.

Ji Wenxing faced Yi Jiamu’s inquiring eyes and breathed out slowly. “Yes, it’s about Gu Yesheng.”

He didn’t know if he was right or wrong. Shen Ling might be his teammate but the origin and purpose were too strange. It made Ji Wenxing unable to do nothing. Therefore, he chose to objectively and truthfully tell what he saw and heard.

Ji Wenxing left after confessing and Yi Jiamu stood there for a while before taking another step. Halfway there, he happened to meet his teammates who were coming to him. He saw Gu Yesheng in the group instantly. His heartbeat increased and he quickly walked over. “Why are you awake? Are you better?”

“You took care of me so well and helped me get revenge. How can I not be good?”

Yi Jiamu saw that Gu Yesheng had recovered his usual expression. He felt angry and amused. Yi Jiamu carefully reached out to touch Gu Yesheng’s hand and found that it was still as cold as before.

He thought of Ji Wenxing’s words just now and couldn’t help frowning. He didn’t know the other side’s purpose but one thing was for certain. Someone wanted to attack Gu Yesheng. So who was it?

Gu Yesheng noticed Yi Jiamu’s small movements and proactively sent his fingers to Yi Jiamu’s hand. “It won’t be cold if you help me cover it.”

Yi Jiamu noticed the gazes of others around them and couldn’t help blushing. Even so, he still grabbed Gu Yesheng’s restless hand. Gu Yesheng’s expression seemed indifferent. He glanced in the direction of the still boiling audience and leaned toward Yi Jiamu’s ear, smiling softly. “Do you hear it? The applause is all for you.”

Yi Jiamu had completely vented his anger on the field and hadn’t paid attention to the audience. Now he heard Gu Yesheng’s words and his eyes shook slightly. He slowly raised his head and followed Gu Yesheng’s gaze. He saw the bright light shining through the passageway and it was like blood surged to his heart. It was the first time he knew that gaining honour for a team was so exciting.

Since Gu Yesheng had deliberately lowered his voice, the others only felt that he was biting Yi Jiamu’s ear with no shame.

Xu Yi couldn’t stand it anymore. “You two, I know that you are newly married but can’t you restrain yourself in public? Don’t be too crooked. We have to go. Hurry up.”

Yi Jiamu’s heart beat faster when he heard the words ‘newly married’. Then he reacted quickly. “Going? Isn’t there still the interview session?”

Zhen Jingyao sneered from the side. “Heh, what interview! Let them interview the air!”


Sublime Star was experiencing a spring breeze after winning the game. However, the other school teams who witnessed it couldn’t laugh. Yi Jiamu’s overly strong performance undoubtedly made future opponents feel tremendous pressure. No one showed it but all teams tacitly listed Yi Jiamu’s ability as the main research goal for the next stage.

Among all the players, the one who probably felt suffocated the most was Jing Yao. He followed his teammates out of the passage in a daze. It wasn’t until he received the light of the stars that he came back to his senses. He held a corner of Liang Qiuzhi’s clothes and asked blankly, “So he is indeed that person I met the other day?”

It was a questioning tone but it wasn’t difficult to see that he was expecting a negative answer.

Liang Qiuzhi felt bad but it wasn’t easy to lie. He could only pat Jing Yao sympathetically on the shoulder. “Accept reality and behave.”

Then he was really beaten on the virtual reality platform by an omega, whom he fell in love with at first sight. Then he also reported the other person? He needed high energy for tomorrow but currently, Jing Yao seemed to hear a thunderbolt in the sky.

He felt that his first love had probably ended before it began.


Yi Jiamu’s performance today made all the media lock in their headlines for the next day. However, after rushing over, they found that no one was in Sublime Star’s lounge. This forced all interviews, including the one from the host, to be canceled.

In his office, Zhu Yanghui received the news and couldn’t help smiling bitterly. He could guess that the people of Sublime Star were expressing their dissatisfaction with Lu Zexiu’s suspension in this way. But…

Zhu Yanghui glanced at the file on his desk and frowned.

He took out the communicator and dialed a number. After some questioning, he confirmed that everyone in Sublime Star had come to him. Zhu Yanghui sighed lightly as he stood up, picked up the file and walked outside.

The entire three floors of the office building were empty and only faint figures could be seen in the reception room. Everyone in Sublime Star read the test report brought by Zhu Yanghui and the atmosphere became extremely low.

Zhou Ming was already unhappy from losing the match. At this time, he couldn’t help raising his voice. “So, what do you want to say? Are you saying that our president really took a banned drug?”

Zhu Yanghui also looked very embarrassed. Although he didn’t think Lu Zexiu was someone who needed to take a banned drug to compete, the final test results were indeed…

Zhu Yanghui let out a sigh. “I’m sorry but based on the detection report, it is true.”

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