OIAA: Chapter 62

Yi Jiamu helped Gu Yesheng to the door of the lounge and met the other members who arrived. He slowly shook his head to signal they shouldn’t worry and helped Gu Yesheng in alone.

Lu Zexiu stopped everyone who wanted to follow. “Leave it to Yi Jiamu. It’s time to prepare for the next match.”

Zhou Ming glanced at the lounge. “But…”

Lu Zexiu told him, “Win the match. That is the best thing for Gu Yesheng.”

Zhou Ming’s back straightened slightly. “I will work hard!”

Through the door, Yi Jiamu could hear the footsteps gradually moving away. He looked down at Gu Yesheng lying on the sofa and was about to get up. Before he could even take a step, he found that his fingers were grabbed.

The moment Yi Jiamu’s touch was removed, all the backlash came back like a wave, making Gu Yesheng wake up. Sweat dripped down his back in an instant. He instinctively grabbed Yi Jiamu’s body like it was the last straw.

Yi Jiamu saw unprecedented panic in Gu Yesheng’s eyes and his tone softened slightly. “I’m not going. I just want to pour a cup of hot water for you.”

Gu Yesheng’s voice was a bit hoarse. “Don’t go.”

The tone of the last word was lowered and Yi Jiamu didn’t know if it was his illusion but there was a bit of confusion. Yi Jiamu opened his mouth but didn’t know what to say. He slowly sat back down on the sofa. “Okay, I’ll sit with you and you can sleep a bit more.”

He could see that Gu Yesheng’s mental state was very bad. He was curious about what happened on the field just now but he didn’t ask. Gu Yesheng seemed relieved when he heard Yi Jiamu say this and he slowly closed his eyes again.

The lounge was quiet with only faint breathing floating in the heavy air. Through the door, Yi Jiamu could hear warm applause in the distance. The third match should’ve started. However, he had no time to pay attention to the match. All his attention was on Gu Yesheng.

For the first time, he found that someone’s fingertips could be so cold. Their hands were held together and he could clearly feel the chill coming from the other person. Gu Yesheng might be sleeping but Yi Jiamu looked down and it wasn’t hard to tell from the furrowed brow that his sleep wasn’t too peaceful.

Yi Jiamu remembered the scene when Gu Yesheng entered his susceptible period and his eyes flickered slightly. Then he tentatively released some pheromones. The green plums smell belonging to the omega floated in the lounge like an invisible hand that smoothed out Gu Yesheng’s forehead.

Seeing the results, Yi Jiamu’s mouth finally curved up in a small smile. He carefully surrounded Gu Yesheng with his pheromones.

The star luster spilled in from outside and against the white curtains, this scene looked peaceful. It lasted until there was a knock on the door of the lounge. Yi Jiamu looked up and saw Zhen Jingyao poking his head through the crack in the door. He smelled the pheromones in the lounge and looked surprised.

Yi Jiamu noticed his expression and instantly understood. “The doubles match was lost?”

Zhen Jingyao remembered his purpose and smiled bitterly. “It was bad luck.”

Yes, bad luck. Who would’ve thought that Perpetual Full Moon would actually arrange the individual player Ji Wenxing to play doubles. It also cleverly happened to match with Zhou Ming’s group. The immediate result was that a doubles match evolved into two singles matches. In the end, they failed to withstand the other side’s strong attacks and were defeated.

It was originally arranged for Zhou Ming and Xu Yi to be partners in order to form a new duo. Now that they had lost two consecutive matches, it was unknown how the arrangements would be if they advanced to the finals. However, this was all for the future.

Zhen Jingyao glanced at Gu Yesheng lying on the sofa and lowered his voice to give a reminder. “It’s time for you to play.”

Yi Jiamu nodded as he looked down at the sleeping Gu Yesheng. Then he stood up from the sofa. “I am going to prepare now.”

Zhen Jingyao walked in lightly. “Don’t worry, leave this place to me.”


The victory in the doubles match gave fans of Perpetual Full Moon hope again. Then they thought of the next singles match and felt complicated. Sublime Star had always been strongest in the singles match. Apart from Gu Yesheng, the existence of Lu Zexiu itself was a great deterrent to all teams.

Then the list of singles players appeared on the big screen and the entire venue fell into a strange silence. Sublime Star didn’t send Lu Zexiu? Yi Jiamu? Who was this?

The director turned the camera smartly to the virtual cabin. As a result, a figure with silver-white hair appeared in the audience’s vision. He moved with an indifferent expression as he opened the door of the virtual cabin and entered.

He looked familiar and wasn’t difficult to recognize. It was the omega who helped Gu Yesheng after the match. They realized he was a pure newcomer and a few seconds later, the entire venue blew up completely.

Forget the spectators present, even the players of other school teams watching the match couldn’t understand it. What was Sublime Star’s plan? He didn’t go out against the Falan team and instead sent the newcomer to train against Perpetual Full Moon? However, the fourth match was the last one. Didn’t they want to enter the semi-finals?!

Just as there was a lot of discussion in the audience, someone from the Burning Wood team staggered and almost fell from his chair. His teammate looked at him curiously. “Ah Yao, what is it?”

Liang Qiuzhi next to him naturally recognized who was on the field. He silently watched Jing Yao’s extremely shocked expression and helped cover it up. “Nothing, he just can’t sit still.”

Jing Yao obviously couldn’t hear the words of his teammates anymore. His eyes were fixed on the virtual cabin door and there were all types of bubbles of unidentified colours popping in his mind. He had already lost his calm after seeing Yi Jiamu pick up Gu Yesheng. Now the crazy thoughts in his mind made his heart jump violently.

Why did Sublime Star arrange for a new player to appear at this time? Was it because the player’s strength was enough to gain everyone’s trust? If this was the case, could it be that the new account he encountered on the virtual platform that day was actually…

Jing Yao managed to control his thoughts in time and turned to look at the player seats on Sublime Star’s side.

At this point, most of the attention had been shifted to Sublime Star’s side. They could see Lu Zexiu sitting in the front row with a straight back. There were no superfluous expressions on his indifferent face, as if it wasn’t him that everyone was questioning. The players from both sides entered the virtual cabin and the game reached the final stage of preparation.

Just then, Xiang Zhuo suddenly yelled, “Gu Yesheng? Why are you here? Aren’t you taking a small break?”

Lu Zexiu looked up and saw the slightly pale Gu Yesheng. Zhen Jingyao followed behind him, not daring to touch Gu Yesheng and looking like he didn’t know what to do.

In fact, Gu Yesheng had woken up the moment Yi Jiamu left.

The chaotic thoughts screaming in his mind made all his nerves sharp. Fortunately, after a small rest, it had slowed down slightly. In any case, it was impossible for him to sleep any further so he went back to the player seats to watch the match.

The towel hanging around his neck was soaked in sweat as Gu Yesheng walked to Lu Zexiu’s side and sat down, facing the big screen in the centre of the field. He raised his head and looked at the lineup for the match. Then his lips curved in a smile. “My little friend is making his debut. How can I miss it?”

Lu Zexiu clearly felt that Gu Yesheng’s mental state wasn’t good but he didn’t say much. “You should take a good look.”

Just then, the background noise of the audience changed and the match officially started.


Perpetual Full Moon had arranged for their ace and one of the strongest ice ability players in the league, Luo Yuxin to play in the fourth round.

His popularity might not be as high as the enthusiastic Ji Wenxing but he was a steady veteran. No matter which team he faced, he could always withstand the pressure. He had made great contributions against Sublime Star.

Luo Yuxin was a bit surprised after finding out his opponent in this round but at the same time, he was extremely careful. Anyone who could take Lu Zexiu’s position definitely wasn’t weak.

Still, this was the first time the new player was participating in the league. He definitely wouldn’t have much experience with the map. It was as Luo Yuxin guessed. The choice Yi Jiamu made at the beginning seemed very ordinary. He went straight to the center and took the most obvious road in order to not get lost. Therefore, he was directly exposed to Luo Yuxin before he got close.

An official commentator felt like he had encountered the greatest failure in his career today and he couldn’t help stuttering for a moment before finding an appropriate adjective. “The player from Sublime Star is really… really straightforward!’

Everyone knew he was speaking lightly. To put it bluntly, it was lacking any of the basics. Sure enough, Luo Yuxin quickly found the best offensive position. In an instant, pieces of hail fell straight down

There was a sudden uproar. No one would’ve thought that Luo Yuxin would use the skill he was famous for immediately. A person who took such a hit without warning would definitely lose a layer of skin, even if they weren’t eliminated.

Just as everyone thought that the fourth round singles match would end without any suspense, an unbelievable scene occurred. He was obviously in the midst of ice and rain but Sublime Star’s Yi Jiamu didn’t seem affected at all. On the contrary, after such an attack, he quickly locked onto Luo Yuxin’s location.

His eyes flashed.

The camera director quickly zoomed in. As a result, everyone could see that when the hailstones hit Yi Jiamu’s body, they turned into clear water droplets. Luo Yixin’s offensive was neutralized so quietly.

The entire venue was silent. Even the official commentators were too shocked and didn’t know what to say. What was with the abilities of all the newcomers in the league this year?”

In the Burning Wood spectator area, Jing Yao couldn’t help standing up and his arms trembled slightly as Liang Qiuzhi supported him. It had to be said that… this scene was too familiar!

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Mumu’s attack!

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