OIAA: Chapter 61

By the time Xu Yi returned to the player seats, the match was just about to begin. Yi Jiamu noticed something wrong with Xu Yi’s expression and asked, “Senior, what’s the matter?”

Xu Yi shook his head. “Nothing, let’s watch the match first.”

He looked up at the big screen.

Both sides had refreshed in their initial positions and their movement routes could clearly be seen. Due to his ability, Gu Yesheng was usually very direct when playing singles. After all, his ability to influence the minds within a certain range allowed him to gain insight into the opponent’s position. It was just that the player arranged by Perpetual Full Moon was too unbelievable. He had to be careful until he figured out the ability of the new player on the other side.

Gu Yesheng didn’t rush to the central area and instead observed the situation first. In this way, Shen Ling from Perpetual Full Moon was the first to appear on the camera. It was such a long distance that even the camera director couldn’t capture Gu Yesheng’s location. However, Shen Ling suddenly turned his direction to the front left.

This was where Gu Yesheng was hiding. The surroundings suddenly became quiet. Neither of the two on the field took any action and the entire scene seemed still.

Xu Yi frowned. “It is a bit strange.”

Based on the distance between the two people on the big screen, the other person should’ve entered the range of Gu Yesheng’s ability. However, at this moment, there wasn’t a single change of emotion captured on the face of the new Perpetual Full Moon player. Xu Yi usually wouldn’t have thought too much but Ji Wenxing’s previous words were too ambiguous. It was hard to be reassured with such an attitude.

Yi Jiamu didn’t speak but his lips were pressed tightly together. Every time Gu Yesheng competed, Yi Jiamu always used the terminal to watch from Gu Yesheng’s perspective. Gu Yesheng might not have much emotions on his face but Yi Jiamu noticed the emotions surging crazily in his eyes. This was different from normal.

Yi Jiamu somehow felt a type of uneasiness. It was clear that Gu Yesheng was using his ability and had encountered an unprecedented obstacle.

Yi Jiamu instinctively looked at the players from Perpetual Full Moon and he could see that the atmosphere was pleasant. Ji Wenxing also happened to be looking this way. He noticed Yi Jiamu’s gaze and avoided it.

The teammate next to him gently patted him on the shoulder. “Wenxing, I know you are upset that you aren’t participating in the singles match but I have to wrong you a bit for the victory of the team.” Then he laughed. “Speaking of which, Shen Ling’s congenital neurological defect that causes him to lack emotional receptors is really the absolute enemy of those with mental abilities!”

Ji Wenxing’s mouth twitched. “Watch the match.”

He didn’t join in the discussions of the people around him. He just watched the big screen with shaky eyes, his expression a bit complicated. Ji Wenxing wasn’t a person who disregarded the big picture. He didn’t care if he played singles or doubles as long as the team won.

The main thing was that he accidentally overheard a conversation between the association’s newcomer and a strange man.

The man’s voice had obviously been changed and it was filled with a metallic texture. “Congratulations on smoothly entering Perpetual Full Moon Abilities Association. The next task should go very smoothly. Once you play against Sublime Star, remember to give full play to all your values. You understand right, Ah Ling?”

Shen Ling’s attitude was more respectful than ever before. “I will be sure to do my best, Master.”

Ji Wenxing’s lips couldn’t help tightening as he thought about it. No specific name was mentioned but he always felt that Shen Ling’s goal should be Gu Yesheng of the Sublime Star team.

Due to the lack of emotional receptors, Shen Ling had almost no emotional fluctuations even if his heart was frantic. On the other hand, his ability was also in the mind department. The name was: ability induction.

It was an ability to force the opponent to use their ability. In the league, this type of mental ability seemed a bit useless but combined with Shen Ling’s inherent nerve defects, it had miraculous effects against people with a mental ability.

After all, it was well-known that using a mental type ability consumed a large amount of physical strength compared to other abilities. Sure enough, in just a short moment, it could be seen that Gu Yesheng’s breathing had become heavy.

He glanced at the figure not far away with astonishment, trying to control the crazy haze in his mind while his eyes were completely cold. Since he could feel the fear of all his opponents, Gu Yesheng had seen many different forms of deep darkness. However, he had never encountered a situation like the person in front of him.

A bloody world filled with no life and desperation. It was hard to imagine what type of past this man had. This type of deep heart was like an abyss where he couldn’t see his fingers. Since Gu Yesheng was using his ability, it caused unprecedented waves. Even if he wanted to touch the opponent, he felt a chill rushing through his body as if it would swallow him up the next instant.

Gu Yesheng could feel a black cloth covering his face as he was caged. There was an endless sinking feeling and he was about to lose his vision. Suddenly, he woke up and tried to move his fingers to make sure he had returned to reality again. The accumulated emotions that were originally buried inside his body had subconsciously started to move.

Meanwhile, the opponent was standing in the original position and looking at him motionlessly. In the distance, he could see that Shen Ling’s bloodless lips were slightly raised, revealing a non-emotional smile.

Time passed and neither of the two took any action during the confrontation, making it impossible for the on-site commentary to say anything. The strange picture on the big screen caused the audience to scream again and again.

Xu Yi was unable to sit still. “The player from Perpetual Full Moon is also from the mind department and Gu Yesheng seems to have been targeted.”

Lu Zexiu was frowning slightly as he silently watched the screen.

Yi Jiamu’s attention was always on Gu Yesheng. His fingertips holding the terminal trembled slightly and he suddenly stood up. Zhou Ming was watching the match nervously and he was startled by such abrupt movements. “Where are you going?”

Yi Jiamu’s expressionless face became even duller as he looked over at Zhou Ming. “Picking him up.”

Seeing that Yi Jiamu was about to go out, Zhou Ming was taken aback and wanted to speak. Then Xu Yi grabbed him. “Let him go.”

Xu Yi glanced back to the screen with no smile on his face. “The match should almost be over.”


The virtual cabins were strictly blocked by the staff members during the match. Yi Jiamu couldn’t get past them and could only watch the closed door from a distance. If he could, he really wanted to grab someone directly.

The match was always playing on his terminal. He could only see a virtual image but Yi Jiamu could clearly feel that Gu Yesheng had been driven to a desperate situation. The match was ongoing and even Yi Jiamu had noticed. It was natural that Gu Yesheng, the party involved, had also realized that his ability was neutralized.

At the same time, he discovered the nature of his opponent’s ability. After swallowing the extreme darkness that was enough to cause anyone to collapse, Gu Yesheng seemed to be struggling just to move.

Due to the opponent’s ability, he could only endure the backlash from his own ability again and again. A headache was about to split apart his brain as he staggered forward, strong hostility in his eyes.

His critical point was crossed under repeated stimulation. It was like Pandora’s box opening and all the evil thoughts rushed out of control.

Faint redness appeared in the corner of Gu Yesheng’s eyes. He watched Shen Ling in the distance and saw Shen Ling finally shake slightly from the excessive wear and tear. Then he suddenly showed a predatory look.

It was undeniable that Perpetual Full Moon’s arrangements this time did target him but it was a pity they still underestimated the endurance of a person who had climbed up from the end of despair. Perhaps he would lose sooner or later but he definitely wouldn’t lose to his dark desires!

People who had been at the bottom of the abyss for too long would have unprecedented attachment to the light.

The two people had a few minutes of eye contact and then the audience watched as Gu Yesheng walked to Shen Ling’s side with difficulty. Then… due to Shen Ling’s exhaustion and inability to escape, the confusing match ended with a simple and rough violent beating.

The audience sighed. It turned out that this player from Perpetual Full Moon didn’t just look weak. He really wasn’t hard to hit at all!

Seeing that the winner of the second match was finally decided, the official commentators almost sobbed with joy. At the same time, the organizers fell into deep thought. Should this type of situation where two mental ability players faced each other be restricted in the future? After all, such a match had no visual effect at all.

Gu Yesheng sat in the virtual cabin and could vaguely hear the sound of the door opening. It was just that the backlash he suffered during the match was too violent. Currently, there were countless noisy thoughts in his mind ready to explode.

He hadn’t noticed it in the holographic platform but after returning to reality, he had been unknowingly sweating. At this time, all his clothes were stuck to his body and he felt cold.

Gu Yesheng listened to the noise from the audience outside, took a deep breath and used strength to get out of the virtual cabin. However, the moment he stepped out, he felt his legs softening. He fell forward and planted on a thin chest without warning.

The familiar smell of an omega filled his nose. At this moment, all the crazy clamoring in his ears faded away. The suddenly quiet world made Gu Yesheng feel relieved. Once his tense mood dissipated, his entire body was abruptly calm and he fell unconscious with peace of mind.

Yi Jiamu hugged Gu Yesheng firmly, the entire situation tugging at his heart. He gestured to the staff approaching to leave them and prepared to help Gu Yesheng back to the lounge. As he turned around, he happened to see Shen Ling coming out of the virtual cabin.

A hint of coldness flashed in the apricot coloured eyes.

The author has something to say:

Very angry.

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