OIAA: Chapter 60

Gu Yesheng was stunned for a moment. Obviously, he hadn’t expected the child to be so provocative and it made him feel like he couldn’t bear it. His Adam’s apple moved and Gu Yesheng’s lips curved up in a subtle manner. “How do you want me to motivate you?”

Yi Jiamu didn’t speak but his face became redder.

Xiang Zhuo and Zhen Jingyao left to prepare for the match. Zhou Ming glanced around the lounge and was speechless. “Why do those two keep running out of sight when the game starts? What’s wrong with them?”

Xu Yi didn’t speak. He just glanced in the direction of the corridor outside the door with a meaningful expression.

At the corner at the end of the corridor, Gu Yesheng was carefully leaning over Yi Jiamu, one hand gently placed on Yi Jiamu’s waist. He slightly bowed his head and a hot kiss quietly fell on the sensitive glands.

There was the smell of the pheromones that belonged to an alpha. Yi Jiamu felt like he received an electric shock and his entire body trembled. His heart thumped fiercely and he couldn’t help releasing some pheromones.

The excessively ambiguous atmosphere stimulated the desires in the heart.

Gu Yesheng had a strong and profound look in his eyes. He licked the corners of his lips intently and watched Yi Jiamu lowered his head, as if wishing for a hole to hide in. The haze from yesterday instantly seemed to be swept away.

He controlled himself from looking at the seductive glands and teased with a chuckle, “You’re so embarrassed from just a kiss? What will you do when I mark it later? Will you be able to make it through?”

“Why not… ah, don’t move!” Yi Jiamu felt Gu Yesheng’s fingers pressing gently against his glands. He restrained the urge to submit and turned to look at Gu Yesheng with a strained expression. “We’ll talk about it in the future.”

“Oh?” Gu Yesheng slightly raised an eyebrow. “That’s why you directly denied our relationship yesterday?”

His bad mood wasn’t entirely related to this matter but since Yi Jiamu seemed particularly concerned about it, Gu Yesheng was happy to use this topic to play a trick. It was always fun to tease the child.

Sure enough, Yi Jiamu’s expression changed slightly due to his guilty conscience and he muttered in a low voice, “However, we really haven’t started dating yet…”

At that time, his original intention was to state an objective fact. He hadn’t thought much. It wasn’t until he saw Gu Yesheng’s unhappy look afterwards that he realized he seemed to have hurt this person. After all, Gu Yesheng never concealed his thoughts about Yi Jiamu.

Gu Yesheng didn’t let himself soften from Yi Jiamu’s expression. He reached out and turned the person around while placing his hands on the wall like an imprisonment of sworn possession. He completely encircled Yi Jiamu.

There was a deep smile in his eyes. “So you also know that it made me sad?”

Yi Jiamu lowered his head to avoid the other person’s closer stare. The hands hidden behind him were secretly clenched into fists.

Gu Yesheng’s eyes swept over the red cheeks in front of him. He gently pinched Yi Jiamu’s chin and raised it until the two of them had eye contact again. “However, it doesn’t matter. I forgive you.”

After returning to the lounge, Yi Jiamu went straight to the water dispenser and drank several glasses of mineral water.

Xu Yi glanced at Yi Jiamu’s red ears and then Gu Yesheng’s happy smile and couldn’t help leaning over. “I say, are you so fierce before every game? It is still during the league period. Be more restrained!”

The words reminded Gu Yesheng of Yi Jiamu’s previous reason for rejecting him and he raised his eyes that weren’t smiling.”You know it again?”

Xu Yi saw a crisis in this look and smartly shrank back. “I’m just talking casually.”

Yi Jiamu finished drinking the water and turned his head to see that Gu Yesheng was finally restored to his usual appearance. Yi Jiamu couldn’t help feeling relieved. He instinctively reached up and gently stroked the glands at the back of his neck.

It might be an understated kiss but even now, he still felt this area faintly burning. There was a feeling of something beginning to stir. He didn’t know when the instinctive bond between an AO started but it instinctively made him want more.

Yi Jiamu thought of Gu Yesheng’s teasing and his lips pursed slightly as a thought flashed through his mind that made him extremely hot. In fact, after officially dating, a temporary mark wasn’t impossible…


The first match between Sublime Star and Perpetual Full Moon officially began.

Yi Jiamu had become accustomed to Gu Yesheng sitting by his side and all his attention was on the screen. Previously, Xie Louyuan saying in front of Zhu Yanghui that Falan was a third-rate team wasn’t unreasonable. At least, in terms of strength, Perpetual Full Moon was a few levels stronger than Falan.

Therefore, today the command of the ace Sublime Star duo had been handed over to Xiang Zhuo again. Compared to the radical behaviour against Falan, the overall situation was much calmer.

Xiang Zhuo and Zhen Jingyao were extremely complementary in terms of ability and personality. During the course of the combat, Xiang Zhuo was about to consider things from Zhen Jingyao’s perspective. This type of battle rhythm arrangement had Xiang Zhuo as support and Zhen Jingyao was able to release almost 100% of his fire ability.

Seeing that the match was in full swing, Xu Yi couldn’t help turning his head to Zhou Ming. “Look, this is called doubles okay?! I beg you, don’t forget about me after meeting the opponents, Ancestor!”

“Why are you so polite all of a sudden?” Zhou Ming was suddenly called ‘ancestor’ and he felt flattered. In addition, he had reflected on the reasons for the loss after the previous match and was very sincere this time. “Don’t worry, I will revolve around you in today’s match, Grandson!”

Xu Yi listened to his words and almost spat out a mouthful of blood. However, he thought about how Zhou Ming was finally willing to cooperate with him and felt happy again. Forget it, as long as they could win then he was willing to be the grandson!

Perpetual Full Moon’s duo also consisted of veteran players so the game was full of highlights. In terms of explosive output ability, Zhen Jingyao didn’t lose to anyone when looking at the elemental players in the league.

Finally, he took advantage of Xiang Zhuo’s sacrifice to release a wave of firepower. Fireballs fell from the sky and gave the feeling of meteorites falling. The entire map was almost flattened and the outcome was determined.

As the players came out of the virtual cabin, the camera fell on Zhen Jingyao’s delicate face. Then everyone looked at Xiang Zhuo and a touch of admiration filled their eyes. It was hard work to have an omega with a max violence index at home…

After taking the first match and welcoming the return of the doubles team, Sublime Star was very happy. Under such a system, the first point was crucial. As long as Gu Yesheng won the second match, they just needed to win one more match and they could advance to the next round with a winning record.

The match was about to start so Gu Yesheng got up to prepare. Yi Jiamu also stood up and helped with his coat. Gu Yesheng walked to the virtual cabin only to suddenly stop. He couldn’t help looking back and saying, “Mumu, do you know what you look like now?”

Yi Jiamu obviously didn’t realize what was wrong and asked with surprise, “What am I like?”

Gu Yesheng couldn’t help smiling. “It is like… a virtuous omega sending his alpha to the battlefield.”

Yi Jiamu’s face became hot and he glared angrily at Gu Yesheng. “The match is about to start. What are you thinking about?!”

“I’m your family. Why so shy?” Gu Yesheng laughed and was about to say something else when he heard slow footsteps. He looked up and his gaze paused slightly.

Perpetual Full Moon’s individual player was walking to the cabin at this time. It seemed he noticed such a gaze. Across the narrow passage, he looked up.

This was a new player with a sickly pale complexion and dark circles that were as deep as a ditch. His entire body looked a bit too thin. He looked so fragile that forget about the match. If there was a strong wind on the scene, he might directly be blown away. The person just took a glance and then withdrew his gaze. He walked into the virtual cabin as if nothing had happened.

At the same time, the next match lineup was announced on the big screen: [Sublime Star] Gu Yesheng VS [Perpetual Full Moon] Shen Ling.

It wasn’t until the back disappeared through the door that Yi Jiamu slowly opened his mouth. “He…”

Gu Yesheng’s eyes narrowed slightly. “A newcomer was arranged to fight with me? What is Perpetual Full Moon playing at?”


At the same time, in a back corridor, Xu Yi had just returned from the team room and happened to run into a few people from Perpetual Full Moon. He hadn’t seen the lineup because he just came out. Now he saw Ji Wenxing in the group and was taken aback for a moment. “What’s the situation? Don’t you need to play?”

Ji Wenxing’s mood didn’t look very good. He raised his eyes that had a strange expression in them. “I’m not playing in the first singles match. What field?”

Xu Yi was stunned. According to their guess, Perpetual Full Moon would’ve definitely arranged Ji Wenxing to play if they wanted someone to contend with Gu Yesheng. If Ji Wenxing wasn’t in this singles match then who would Gu Yesheng be facing? Could it be that they were giving up the score of the second match without struggling? Was there such a good thing?!

Ji Wenxing guessed Xu Yi’s thoughts. “Don’t think about it. The next match won’t be so easy to win.”

It was unknown what he was thinking. His mouth curled in an unhappy manner but he didn’t say the following words. He might not like the new recruit but according to the previous training, this seemingly weak guy only existed in the world to restrain Gu Yesheng.

Wasn’t someone very arrogant? Tut tut, asking for more blessings.

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