OIAA: Chapter 6

The School of Theory’s defeat was basically confirmed. Yi Jiamu walked toward the ball picking area but people didn’t pay much attention to him. Even Sang Bei, who pretended to ‘cheer’ enthusiastically for him, had turned his attention nervously to the throwing area of the game.

As Yi Jiamu walked over, the person on the opposite side had just thrown the ball. He picked it up and threw it up before catching it again twice. It was just a momentary pause but those from the School of Combat became impatient.

Someone shouted at him from a distance. “What is happening with that School of Theory student? Pick up the ball and send it back quickly! Are you using this stop method to drag out the time?”

The morale of the School of Theory was low but once they heard this, they were immediately unhappy. “What are you? We didn’t say we wouldn’t pick it up! Aren’t you just relying on your abilities? What right do you have to open your mouths and look down on the School of Theory?”

The other side laughed courageously. “Who is looking down on who, don’t you know?”

There was an exchange of words and the fire on both sides inevitably ignited again. In the blink of an eye, some people started rolling up their sleeves. They probably would’ve started fighting if it wasn’t for the teacher.

Every student who chose to come to Sublime Star’s School of Theory was full of faith in the field of abilities. As a result, the moment school started, they enjoyed the treatment of a ‘third-class citizen’. It was natural for everyone to get angry. Moreover, there were those with passive abilities who couldn’t bear it.

Yi Jiamu saw the chaos in the distance and ignored it. Instead, his attention was focused on the task of picking up the ball. He lifted the metal ball in his hand, weighed his strength and calmly threw it.

The metal ball flew in a beautiful arc in the air and landed near the throwing line of the School of Theory. It rolled twice and stopped at the feet of the student from the School of Theory in charge of throwing the ball.

The people fighting on both sides only reacted after some time.

The surroundings fell quiet. Wait, what just happened?

Yi Jiamu saw his classmate still standing in a dazed manner and reminded him, “Throw it or they will say we’re dragging out the time.”

The freshmen of the School of Combat were petrified in place. Then they heard such a sentence and inevitably heard a somewhat provocative taste in the dull tone. The expressions on their faces became twisted.

However, looking at Yi Jiamu who was standing still, they had to accept this reality. A student of the School of Theory actually threw back the ball they threw with their ability!

The physical fitness teacher to the side also looked a bit stunned and he checked the roster in his hand. The notes for this classmate called Yi Jiamu showed that he was indeed an ordinary student of the School of Theory. A normal theoretical student had physical fitness comparable to the School of Combat?

This omega was a bit tough.

Yi Jiamu didn’t realize that something was wrong. After the strange silence of the audience, the ball throwing task continued. He just quietly stood there and casually carried out the ball picking task. Every time the ball was thrown, he picked it up and threw it to his classmate who was throwing the ball.

The opponent’s throwing distance grew further and further and Yi Jiamu also pulled the distance back. The only constant was that no matter how far away, he could always accurately throw the ball back at the feet of his classmate.

The School of Combat students stared at him and it gradually became like they were looking at a ghost.

Yi Jiamu faced these gazes and scratched the side of his face blankly. “?”

On the tower star, he learned ancient martial arts with his grandfather since childhood. To be honest, the items they used in their training were much heavier than this small metal ball. Moreover, the freshmen of the School of Combat couldn’t fully utilize their abilities and such a distance was really nothing to him.

Time passed unknowingly. By the time the music indicating the end of class slowly played, Yi Jiamu’s breathing wasn’t fluctuating too much. He slowly picked up the last ball and didn’t throw it back. He just held the ball and walked back to the class meeting point.

Sang Bei almost pounced on him. “Yi Jiamu, you’re too strong!”

The School of Combat had solved 90% of their classmates yet Yi Jiamu alone supported the second half of the class.

Yi Jiamu quietly took a step back to avoid such excessive enthusiasm. “It’s nothing.”

Victory came too suddenly. The students of the School of Theory all felt a bit dull. It was only after a long time that they recovered enough to cheer. In comparison, the School of Combat was no longer arrogant and the atmosphere was low.

In this silence, one alpha walked out and came to Yi Jiamu. “Classmate, do you mind competing in one game?”

Sang Bei was worshipping his stoic classmate. Once he saw that the other person came over, he couldn’t help sneering. “What? You are willing to gamble but you can’t accept a loss? Are you not convinced?”

“This time, we really lost. We will take back our previous evaluation of the School of Theory and go to the forum to post an apology.” During the speech, the alpha’s gaze was always on Yi Jiamu. “This is now my personal wish. I hope to formally compare throwing distances with this classmate.”

Obviously, it was a shameful thing to lose to the School of Theory. The School of Combat might have to admit it but they wanted to find a way to recover from other channels.

Sang Bei directly ridiculed him. “A student of the School of Combat came to us to compare physical fitness? Do you have no shame?”

Wei Langbin was originally tidying up the venue. He noticed the situation over here and also came over. “I’m the class leader. If you have anything to say then tell me.”

“It is my personal request. It isn’t about the class.” The alpha lightly dismissed him, looked at Yi Jiamu and repeated solemnly, “Does this classmate mind competing against me in one last game?”

The provocation was too strong. Wei Lanbing frowned and said nothing. He just stared at Yi Jiamu.

Yi Jiamu was just standing there. Once the topic was shifted to him again, he didn’t hesitate. “Me? Of course I mind.”

He was very busy. Why should he compete with others?

The alpha clearly hadn’t expected such an answer. He was speechless for a moment before finally choking out a sentence, “You really don’t have a sense of collective honour. The School of Theory is like this. Are you trying to run away?”

Yi Jiamu looked at him strangely. “Isn’t this your personal request? I am refusing using my personal position. What does it have to do with the School of Theory?”

The alpha, “……”

Sang Bei smirked. “You heard it. We don’t need to pay attention to you!”

The alpha gritted his teeth. “You aren’t willing to compete with me?”

Sang Bei lost his temper at the alpha’s expression. “Hey, you’re not done yet?!”

Just then, Yi Jiamu suddenly asked, “Is it possible to set a condition?”

The alpha was a bit relieved and his eyes were pleased. “Yes, as long as you compete, any conditions are fine.”

Yi Jiamu thought about it and smiled about him. “Then how about a month’s meal card?”

The alpha wondered, “Eh?”

The confused Sang Bei, “?” What type of condition was this?”

Yi Jiamu declared, “Charge my meal card with a month’s worth and I will compete with you.”

He saw the other person freeze for a long time and his lips lowered with disappointment. “Never mind if you don’t want to.”

The alpha saw he was leaving and finally recovered. He hurriedly shouted, “Okay, a one month meal card!”

The metal ball in Yi Jiamu’s hand hadn’t been taken away. He heard this alpha agree and was happy. “Then I’ll throw it first.”

He moved his muscles and threw the ball vigorously into the distance. The metal ball flew in an extremely beautiful arc and flew further and further until it flew out of the end of the fourth training ground and… disappeared.

This distance was enough to kill someone in seconds.

The physical fitness teacher hadn’t left yet. He roughly estimated the distance and his tone was admiring. “Based on the grading index of the senior year, this is almost at the level of a full score. This student is not bad!”

“Thank you, Teacher.” Yi Jiamu smiled politely at the physical fitness teacher. Then he turned to the petrified in place alpha and reminded him, “That… if you want to throw it then I have to trouble you to pick up the ball first.”

The alpha’s original confident expression had long been completely frozen. “……”

At this distance, what could he throw? Anything he threw would be disgraceful.

Yi Jiamu obviously didn’t mean to stay and wait for the other person. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to take out a pen and paper from his necklace storage space. He quickly wrote a series of numbers on it and handed it to the other person with a sincere attitude. “This is the ID number of my meal card. Don’t forget to recharge it when it runs out. Thank you.”


The alpha looked at the small note in his hand and couldn’t help covering his chest to prevent himself from coughing up blood. Now he reasonably suspected that the omega’s unwillingness to compete was just a trick. This dug hole had already been waiting for him!

He had actually been deceived by this innocent, angelic face! Wasn’t this person a student of the School of Theory? What type of monster was this?!

The author has something to say:

Invisible pretense is the deadliest.

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