OIAA: Chapter 59

Jing Yao’s enthusiasm was all on Yi Jiamu so he was stunned when he heard such a sentence. However, Gu Yesheng’s gaze was so cold that he reacted instantly. His mouth twitched as he said, “Gu Yesheng, I don’t seem to have offended you, right?”

Gu Yesheng raised his eyebrow slightly and didn’t hesitate to repeat slowly. “Get out of the way.”

Jing Yao was a bit unhappy. In normal times, he naturally wouldn’t want to offend Gu Yesheng. However, the omega he fell in love with at first sight was standing not far away from him. If he listened to Gu Yesheng then he will inevitably lose face as an alpha.

Jing Yao’s expression collapsed. “Is this the courtesy of your Sublime Star? We are all teams participating in the league. Isn’t it a bit unpleasant to say this?”

Gu Yesheng sneered. “If it doesn’t sound pleasant, then I’m afraid you haven’t really heard? unpleasant things.”

Jing Yao felt like he was having a heart attack.

Gu Yesheng didn’t want to pay attention to this person anymore. He turned and took Yi Jiamu’s shoulders. He glanced to the side and the contemptuous expression on his face instantly turned into gentleness. “Mumu, ignore him. We will go back.”

Jing Yao’s eyes fell on the hand that Gu Yesheng had put on the omega’s shoulder and he was stunned. The entire league knew that Gu Yesheng always avoided unnecessary contact with people because of his ability. It wasn’t clear about his usual behavior but during the league, they had never seen him show such intimate behaviour with someone.

Seeing that Yi Jiamu was going to be taken away, Jing Yao instinctively blurted out. “Wait!”

Gu Yesheng’s eyes were already full of strong dissatisfaction. He kept his posture while holding Yi Jiamu in his arms and raised his head to look at Jing Yao. Sharp, unhappy emotions overflowed from his eyes.

His straight back and slightly raised jaw added an undisguised hostility to Gu Yesheng as he faced Jing Yao. Such an overly straightforward expression made Jing Yao’s breathing become blocked. His gaze slowly shifted between the two of them and he asked tentatively, “What is the relationship between you two?”

Gu Yesheng wondered, “Can’t you see it?”

Jing Yao felt some heartache. “Are you in a relationship?”

Yi Jiamu felt the gazes of his teammates and blurted out without any hesitation. “No.”

The smile on Gu Yesheng’s face froze.

On the other side, Jing Yao felt like he had breathed in fresh air. He impulsively couldn’t hide his heart and asked bluntly, “Then can I pursue you?”

Xu Yi, who was eating melons to the side, couldn’t control himself. He choked on his saliva and coughed suddenly. As he coughed, he glanced at Gu Yesheng’s expression. It was so gloomy that all the hairs on his body rose.

However, Jing Yao wanted to confess his heart. He didn’t feel the threat to his life at all and his tone was sincere. “Gu Yesheng and I are completely different types of alphas. If you don’t like him then you will like me. Yesterday, I saw you on the big screen and fell in love with you. You might not believe it but this is really the first time I felt love at first sight.”

He noticed the astonishment in Yi Jiamu’s eyes and scratched his face with embarrassment. “Of course, I know that this is too sudden. Therefore, I hope that we can exchange social accounts first. Then we can talk about other things later. Do you think…”

At this moment, the pheromones belonging to an alpha exploded. There was the strong scent of narcissi. This aggressive and straightforward suppression blocked Jing Yao’s words. He couldn’t help paling slightly under such impact.

Gu Yesheng lowered his eyes and spoke with a tone that seemed like a laugh that wasn’t a laugh. “Hooking up with the child in front of so many seniors. Is Burning Wood treating Sublime Star as nothing?”

Judging from this expression, he probably would’ve used his ability if it wasn’t for the organizers clearly stipulating that players weren’t allowed to use their abilities to fight privately.

Jing Yao immediately entered a state of alert. It was just that this type of deterrence was too strong and his limbs inevitably felt numb. He could only grit his teeth and use his own pheromones to counter it.

The confrontation between two powerful alphas created an invisible territory. The others were inevitably affected and quickly withdrew. Only Yi Jiamu didn’t show much of a reaction. He probably hadn’t expected things to turn out like this and he couldn’t move.

It was impossible for Jing Yao not to see Gu Yesheng’s careful thoughts about Yi Jiamu but he couldn’t lose his momentum at this time. He gritted his teeth and squeezed out a sentence. “Gu Yesheng, you aren’t his boyfriend. Isn’t your sense of control too much?”

Perhaps it was because he was accustomed to it but Yi Jiamu didn’t feel much shock from the narcissus smell around him. He saw the colour of Gu Yesheng’s eyes becoming deeper and gently held Gu Yesheng’s wrist before the next wave broke up. “Don’t bully others.”

The touch on his skin made Gu Yesheng pause slightly. Gradually, a bit of temperature filled his cold eyes and his lips curved slightly. “I know.”

The sense of oppression on his body loosened. Sweat dripped down Jing Yao’s body and he couldn’t help gasping slightly.

In order to avoid unfairness caused by the person’s sex, all competitions in the league were conducted in the virtual platform. It was precisely due to this system that some people forgot that in addition to having a tricky mental ability, Gu Yesheng was also a top alpha with extremely powerful genes.

Jing Yao looked up again with dissatisfaction in his eyes.

Just then, Xu Yi stepped in between the two of them. A beta was undoubtedly the best mediator in a situation where alphas were arguing with each other. He patted Jing Yao on the back in a conciliatory manner and coughed. “In any case, the league is currently happening. It doesn’t feel good to find the newcomer on our team to exchange social accounts.”

His words were more euphemistic and Jing Yao couldn’t help glaring at Gu Yesheng. “But…”

Xu Yi hadn’t expected this person to be so stubborn and sighed in his heart. “Don’t worry about it and go back today. Once your Burning Wood is eliminated, come and find our Mumu. There will be no worries at that time. Right?”

Jing Yao wanted to nod only to suddenly react. “Who did you say is going to be eliminated?!”

Xu Yi took Jing Yao’s shoulders and dragged him out. “I mean if, if!”

Jing Yao responded in a cold voice. “There is no if.”

Seeing the two figures gradually moving away, the surroundings finally regained their calm.

Lu Zexiu glanced at the two people who were still holding hands and didn’t say his words of reprimand. “Go back.”

After making a fuss for no reason, the others just touched their noses and followed the president, leaving Gu Yesheng and Yi Jiamu standing there. Yi Jiamu had denied the relationship between the two of them and thought that Gu Yesheng would have a lot to say to him.

Unexpectedly, after a moment of silence, the person in front of him just slightly raised his eyebrow. “Aren’t you going?”

Yi Jiamu withdrew his hand, glanced at Gu Yesheng’s expression and nodded. Gu Yesheng smiled at Yi Jiamu, placed his hands in his trouser pockets and started walking again. Yi Jiamu followed.

He only needed to look up a bit and he could see the tall and slender figure in front of him. The luster of the stars cast a long and thin shadow on the ground. He couldn’t say why but he thought that such a Gu Yesheng was a bit strange.

Gu Yesheng could feel Yi Jiamu looking at him but he didn’t slow down. He slowly closed his eyes and quietly suppressed the invisible undercurrent that was surging in his heart. The outside world knew the domineering power of his ability but they didn’t know that the existence of this ability was a double-edged sword.

Everything that the opponents felt would affect his senses as well. Once upon a time, the despair and fear that came from the opponents also became his nightmares. From the despair when he first awakened this ability to the point where he could freely use it, he had never told anyone what he experienced during this period.

However, the dark seeds that were quietly planted had left an indelible mark on his heart. It was like it would burst out and then keep being accumulated.

Just now, he discovered that the endless darkness buried deep in his heart became ready to move when it came to Yi Jiamu related matters. If it wasn’t for Yi Jiamu holding him back, even he wasn’t sure if the subsequent development would’ve simply been pheromone suppression. This type of urge to explode at any time was difficult to control.

In the cold aftermath, Gu Yesheng slowly closed his eyes and took a deep breath. It seemed he had to think of a way.


The next day, the second game of the first round was ushered in. They would be facing the Perpetual Full Moon team. The Sublime Star members were ready in the lounge.

Gu Yesheng was leaning against the sofa with closed eyes to calm his mind. He suddenly felt something cold on his face and opened his eyes to see Yi Jiamu in front of him. He smiled and took the water. “Thank you.”

Yi Jiamu’s eyes stayed on his face for a long time. Yi Jiamu hesitated for a moment before asking, “Do you feel uncomfortable?”

Gu Yesheng had been a bit strange since yesterday. Was he upset because Yi Jiamu denied their relationship?

Gu Yesheng hadn’t expected the child to be so sensitive and he smiled. “Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

He glanced at the uniform that Yi Jiamu was wearing and choked, “Oh, this is quite suitable for you.”

Yi Jiamu saw that Gu Yesheng deliberately changed the subject and didn’t expose it. He thought for a moment before wondering, “However, I’m a bit nervous. What should I do?”

Gu Yesheng looked up and didn’t see any nervousness in that indifferent expression. He suddenly understood something and smiled. “What are you suggesting?”

Yi Jiamu met Gu Yesheng’s gaze. A moment later, a blush appeared on his face and his voice was low. “I want some motivation before the match.”

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Mumu is broken.

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