OIAA: Chapter 58

This question made Yi Jiamu hesitate. He had been hiding his ability from everyone. Once the time came to confess, he didn’t know how to say it.

Gu Yesheng, who was next to him, had already sat up straight. He noticed Yi Jiamu being unable to speak and lightly took over the topic. “It hasn’t been too long. It awakened just a while ago. In fact, it was already reported to Lu Zexiu last week. It is just that there was no plan to let Yi Jiamu play in the near future so we hadn’t told you. We were afraid you would be distracted during the league.”

Yi Jiamu silently listened to the side and couldn’t help glancing at Gu Yesheng, whose expression didn’t change. This was what it meant to speak nonsense with eyes wide open. This half-truth and half-false rhetoric inexplicably sounded true.

Xiang Zhuo was speechless. “Who hasn’t seen an ability awakening? What is so distracting?”

Zhen Jingyao helped from the side. “Yes, the awakening of an ability is a good thing. There is no need to hide it, right?”

Gu Yesheng smiled as he looked up. “The ability is too strong. I was afraid of scaring you to death.”

Zhen Jingyao didn’t agree. “How strong can it be?”

“If I say it is strong enough to crush me, will you believe it?”

The tone of his words sounded casual but the content made other people put away their joking mindset. In terms of combat capability, Gu Yesheng had never been an overly modest person. He never easily used the word ‘crush’ when it came to himself.

All eyes fell on him and Gu Yesheng patted Yi Jiamu on the shoulder. “Should I tell them about your ability or will you say it yourself?”

Yi Jiamu became the focus of the entire car.  There weren’t too many emotions on his face as he scratched his face and told them calmly, “My ability is immunity to all abilities. Strictly speaking, it belongs to the passive type because it only works on abilities that are aimed at me.”

Zhen Jingyao was originally prepared to mock Gu Yesheng. Then he heard this and froze for a moment. “What immunity?”

Yi Jiamu kindly repeated it. “Immunity to all abilities.”

Zhen Jingyao slowly turned to Xiang Zhuo to verify. “Is it… what I think?”

Xiang Zhuo was also a bit dazed. After a moment of delay, he nodded. “It should be?”

The members couldn’t help feeling sluggish. It might not be as exaggerated as Gu Yesheng’s ‘scared to death’ but it was true that they were shocked.

Zhou Ming finally got over it and used some effort to speak. “This ability is indeed going against the sky.”

Zhen Jingyao added, “This is the first time I’ve heard that a passive type ability can be like this. So if I fight Mumu, my ability is useless?”

Xu Yi thought a lot more than others. He recalled the situation where they met Yi Jiamu for the first time and finally understood it. He couldn’t help sending a deep look to Gu Yesheng. “Total immunity to all abilities? So this is how it is…”

He thought about it and finally smiled. “Then it’s fine. Mumu, tomorrow’s second individual match will be left to you.”

Yi Jiamu heard this and nodded carefully. “Leave it to me.”

The lineup adjustment was finished and everyone was relieved.

Next, the topic inevitably revolved around Yi Jiamu’s ‘just awakened’ ability. Zhen Jingyao carefully made a ball of fire and touched it against Yi Jiamu’s body. He saw that the flames were extinguished and he exclaimed, “You really are immune!”

Xiang Zhuo was a bit curious. “What about a body enhancement ability? Are you also immune to it?”

Yi Jiamu nodded. “I have tried it. Any physical enhancement ability will be deflected when used against me.”

Zhou Ming wondered, “What about my speed ability?”

Yi Jiamu answered objectively. “I can’t control my ability so there will be no effect as long as there is no contact. Senior, I can’t restrict your actions when you aren’t in contact with me. I haven’t thought of a way to deal with this.”

Since then, Zhou Ming became the only existence in the car who couldn’t be restrained by Yi Jiamu. He was almost walking sideways with pride when they arrived at the hotel. Xu Yi saw such a sight when he got out of the car and couldn’t help laughing. “Mumu, thanks to you, that guy Zhou Ming is resurrected full of blood.”

Yi Jiamu hadn’t expected such an effect and scratched his face with embarrassment. Then he turned his head and happened to see Gu Yesheng getting out of the car. He quietly pulled Gu Yesheng to the side while the others weren’t paying attention.

Gu Yesheng was amused when he saw the child’s sneaky appearance and cooperatively lowered his voice. “What is it?”

Yi Jiamu made sure the others had left and looked up at him. “Why did you answer for me?”

Gu Yesheng looked at him with amusement. “If I hadn’t answered for you, wouldn’t you have stupidly told the truth? Then the matter about you concealing your ability will spread through the school. It might not violate the school’s rules but it might lead to trouble.”

Yi Jiamu froze slightly. “However, all the seniors in the car are from the association…”

“So what?” Gu Yesheng’s eyes lowered and fell calmly on Yi Jiamu’s body. “Mumu, in order to establish a foothold in this society, the first thing you have to learn is to not trust others too easily.”

Yi Jiamu couldn’t help being stunned from the overly cold gaze. He saw Gu Yesheng’s strange expression and after a long time, he asked in a low voice, “What about you? Can I trust you?”

The emotions in Gu Yesheng’s eyes flickered. “What do you think?”

Yi Jiamu looked up and his eyes gradually became calm and firm. “I trust you.”

Gu Yesheng hadn’t expected this to be the answer and his expression softened.

His heart was moved and he leaned over to drop a soft kiss on Yi Jiamu’s forehead. “Thank you. I will live up to your expectations.”


Lu Zexiu finished the test and met everyone at the stadium in the afternoon. In a while, the match between Holy Sun and Daybreak would be held. Holy Sun was the strongest future opponent of Sublime Star and they were naturally the primary observation target.

Before the game, Gu Yesheng called out Lu Zexiu alone. Gu Yesheng hadn’t spoken when Lu Zexiu glanced at Yi Jiamu sitting next to Zhou Ming and asked, “What happened between you and the assistant?”

Gu Yesheng hadn’t expected that even Lu Zexiu could see that Yi Jiamu was avoiding him. He licked his lips while his face was blank. “After becoming president, your control has become wider?”

Lu Zexiu didn’t comment. Gu Yesheng didn’t continue the topic either. He glanced at Lu Zexiu’s blank face and asked, “What do you think about the report?”

The question was very ambiguous but Lu Zexiu’s answer was straightforward. “It wasn’t done by Falan.”

“Of course it wasn’t them. If they slandered you for taking a banned drug in order to get back the lost game then it wouldn’t just be the organizers who know about it. It would be spread to all the media, right?” Gu Yesheng looked casual. “Have you ever wondered who else besides Falan would do such a boring thing? What type of passerby full of justice is this? From the perspective of the video, it wasn’t a surveillance video at all? However, you are so keen. How could you not notice someone taking a sneak shot? Unless…”

“Unless the person who took the video is far beyond my reach.” Lu Zexiu continued calmly. He was silent for a moment before saying, “You should leave this matter alone for now and hope it doesn’t affect the subsequent games. If it is regarding the Lu family, I will be more careful afterwards.”

Gu Yesheng stared at him deeply. “You really need to be careful.”

He didn’t know the other party’s purpose but there were really no clues in the investigation. It could only be put on hold for now.

As for Yi Jiamu replacing him in the singles match, Lu Zexiu naturally had no opinion. He went with Gu Yesheng to the staff member to adjust the roster for the next day, returned to the audience seats and the afternoon match officially started.

The match between Holy Sun and Daybreak was finally won by Holy Sun with a score of 3:0. As the last championship team, Holy Sun’s strength was indisputable.

Due to the kiss on his forehead, Yi Jiamu couldn’t help feeling a bit hot when he saw Gu Yesheng. Therefore, he stuck to Zhou Ming’s side when watching the match and didn’t pay attention to a certain someone.

Gu Yesheng saw all of this and sat next to Yi Jiamu in the same manner as before. Even when he stood up after watching the game, there was a gap between the front feet and the back feet.
He followed step by step silently, just like a shadow. Yi Jiamu didn’t look back but he clearly noticed the footsteps behind him. He tried to control his expression as much as possible.

The members of Sublime Star had just walked out the gate when they ran into two people who were in a hurry. One of them took the lead in speaking. “Sublime Star, long time no see!”

Gu Yesheng’s attention was always on Yi Jiamu’s body. Now he casually looked up and then stopped. Jing Yao might be greeting everyone but he was clearly watching Yi Jiamu. The flames in his eyes couldn’t be hidden.

Gu Yesheng’s eyes narrowed slightly.

However, Jing Yao didn’t feel the sudden gloomy air pressure due to his chaotic heartbeat. He tried his best to show a surprised expression on his face. “Hey, is this a new member who joined this year? I don’t have your contact information yet. Let’s exchange social accounts!”

Due to numerous practices, Jing Yao’s words had become extremely skillful and natural. He deliberately created this ‘accidental encounter’ with the Sublime Star team in order to have contact with Yi Jiamu. He walked forward and couldn’t wait to take out his communicator.

However, before he could reach Yi Jiamu, a figure blocked his way. Jing Yao finally took his attention away from Yi Jiamu’s body. He raised his head and happened to meet Gu Yesheng’s smiling eyes. An emotionally displeased voice was heard in the surroundings that had instantly become quiet. “Get out of the way.”

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