OIAA: Chapter 57

Of course, Lu Zexiu remembered the scene when he took the medicine. However, he fell silent in such a situation.

Confessing the truth was the best way to solve the misunderstanding. However, in this way, he would directly disclose to all the interstellar people the poor health of the next successor of the Lu family. It would affect not only him but the entire Lu family.

Xie Louyuan watched the situation and understood exactly what was going on. He raised his head and stared deeply at Lu Zexiu. Then he told Zhu Yanghui, “Mr Zhu, I think there is a misunderstanding. Sublime Star’s strength is known to all. As the strongest opponent of Holy Sun, do you think that Lu Zexiu needs to take a banned drug to win against a third-rate team like Falan? Are you looking down on our Sublime Star or our Holy Sun?”

The words made Zhu Yanghui sweat. Xie Louyuan was known in the league for daring to speak the truth. He wasn’t afraid to offend anyone by calling Falan a ‘third-rate team.’

In addition, it was true. It would be fine if today’s opponent was Holy Sun or Perpetual Full Moon. However, Lu Zexiu needing to take drugs to deal with the individual player from Falan was indeed far-fetched no matter how one looked at it.

It was just that the report letter was too certain. In accordance with the usual policy of the league organizers, this report with ‘evidence’ needed to be seriously and objectively investigated, no matter the identity of the reported person.

Zhu Yanghui himself was unwilling to offend the Lu family behind Lu Zexiu. Even so, he could only smile bitterly. “Of course, we don’t mean to look down on Sublime Star. It is just that we have received the report and need to go through the routine process.”

The movements outside finally caught the attention of the members in the lounge. The members of Sublime Star came out one after another. Everyone’s faces were bad after learning about the situation.

Zhou Ming was already in a bad mood after losing the match. He directly asked Zhu Yanghui, “Mr Zhu, you still accept this type of report that is deliberately finding fault?”

In his view, questioning Lu Zexiu’s use of a banned drug before the match was already a great insult in itself.

Gu Yesheng leaned his body against the wall and didn’t speak.

Yi Jiamu naturally knew what was going on. He looked up and received a look from Lu Zexiu, causing him to swallow down the words in his mouth.

The atmosphere around them was weird for a while.

Zhu Yanghui felt like he was stabbed with thorns due to the looks from everyone. He sighed helplessly in his heart and could only look at Lu Zexiu. “Yes, in fact, this matter is very simple. We have considered the possibility of a misunderstanding. If you need to take medicine because of physical discomfort, you just need to provide us with a medical certificate. As long as it is confirmed that the medicine isn’t prohibited, it will be basically fine.”

Zhen Jingyao was feeling angry because someone was slandering Lu Zexiu. It was only after hearing this that he realized another point. He asked with concern, “President, are you not feeling well?”

Other people also looked over at the question.

Lu Zexiu raised his eyebrow slightly at the gazes. “I’m fine.”

On the one hand, it was related to the family’s honor and disgrace. On the other hand, it might affect the next match of the team. No matter which side, he didn’t want to make them feel disappointed. Which option would be worst? This was undoubtedly a very difficult situation.

In the end, Lu Zexiu’s eyes lowered slightly. He was about to say something when Yi Jiamu’s voice was heard. “The president is only taking ordinary vitamins.”

A trace of surprise flashed in Lu Zexiu’s eyes. He looked up and happened to see Yi Jiamu indifferently taking out a medicine bottle from his storage space. “This is it. I always keep it here.”

Since Yi Jiamu didn’t need to play the match, Lu Zexiu’s medicine was always kept on his body in these commonly used small bottles. Of course, such bottles were also used to hold other things.

Zhu Yanghui heard this and finally noticed the newcomer he hadn’t seen before. He took the bottle and looked at it. It might be the same white, unlabeled bottle as the video but it was a bit too much to use it as evidence.

Zhu Yanghui felt some difficulty. If it was ordinary vitamins then there would be no certificate issued by a doctor. It also lacked some convincing power as self-certification.

He thought about it and made a suggestion. “Then let me take this bottle of vitamins back to analyze the ingredients. In addition, I’m afraid Captain Lu will still need to go back with us for investigation. We won’t disclose this report to the public for the time being. Once the laboratory report comes out, the matter will be resolved as long as there are no special ingredients in Captain Lu’s body.”

Lu Zexiu certainly had no problem with cooperating but he was aware of another point. “Mr Zhu, how long will it take for this type of testing to produce results?”

Zhu Yanghui replied apologetically, “It will take a whole day at the earliest. Therefore, while waiting for the results to come out, we will probably need to temporarily ban you from participating.”

“However, we are competing with Perpetual Full Moon tomorrow.” Zhou Ming reacted quickly with an angry expression on his face. “He said that he is just taking vitamins. Is it interesting to catch this just because of a false report? Don’t you think that such a method of handling this matter is particularly ridiculous?”

Zhu Yanghui coughed lightly. “That’s why I said previously to provide a certificate from a doctor if it is due to physical discomfort. Then this matter could be resolved more easily.”

Zhou Ming wanted to continue arguing but Xu Yi pulled him back.

Xu Yi pacified him with a few sentences before asking for Lu Zexiu’s opinion. “President, what do you say?”

During the chaos, Gu Yesheng had always been silently leaning against the wall. At this time, his lowered eyelashes lifted. He watched Lu Zexiu and answered indifferently for him, “What else can he say? Of course, he will actively cooperate with the organizer’s work! Right, Captain Lu?”

These types of good words were coming from Gu Yesheng’s mouth and it made others feel that this was a dream.

Gu Yesheng acted like he didn’t feel the gazes on him and walked up to Lu Zexiu, patting Lu Zexiu on the shoulder gently. “You can rest assured and wait for the test results. Isn’t it just Perpetual Full Moon? After going back tonight, I will adjust the list of players. Just leave it to us.”

Lu Zexiu wanted to say something but then he looked up and saw Gu Yesheng’s smile that wasn’t a smile.

There was an unclear emotion in Gu Yesheng’s eyes. “What is it? Don’t you believe in me?”

They exchanged brief looks before Lu Zexiu nodded slowly. “Yes, it will be left to you.”


Lu Zexiu and Zhu Yanghui went to carry out the tests and Xie Louyuan also left. The rest of the Sublime Star members returned to the lounge silently and continued to pack up. It wasn’t until they boarded the space car to the hotel that someone finally couldn’t hold back.

“There must be a problem with the report! Why did you have the president do the test?” Zhen Jingyao was more and more unconvinced, making him furious. “In addition, Vice-president, what are you doing? Tomorrow our opponent is Perpetual Full Moon? How can we adjust our lineup if the president doesn’t appear?”

Gu Yesheng was leaning lazily against a chair with closed eyes. He opened his eyes lazily and asked disapprovingly, “Why? We can’t win without Lu Zexiu? Then will you continue to depend on him even after the president graduates next year?”

“Next year is next year, this is now. How can it be the same?” Zhen Jingyao was choked up by this person’s venomous tongue and almost stood up. “Besides, I didn’t say that we couldn’t win!”

“If we win then what does it matter? Lu Zexiu is only cooperating with the organizers and he hasn’t been locked up. Don’t make it something as tragic as him going to jail.” Gu Yesheng yawned deeply and quietly turned toward Yi Jiamu, naturally placing his head on the child’s shoulder. “Sometimes, it is necessary to give Lu Zexiu some personal space. Why work him so hard? Go back and change the lineup. Rely on ourselves and fight hard tomorrow.”

Yi Jiamu glanced sideways at him. Gu Yesheng might not have said it clearly but Yi Jiamu knew that Gu Yesheng was using this opportunity to make Lu Zexiu fight less.

Gong Yue hesitated. “However… if the president doesn’t participate, won’t we have no one for the second singles match?”

Xu Yi thought seriously about it. “Or shall we let Zhou Ming go back to playing singles? Then…”

He turned to look at Wu Zhang sitting in a corner. “Xiao Zhang, do you want to fight in doubles with me?”

Like Yi Jiamu, Wu Zhang was a new member participating as a tourist. However, due to insufficient strength, he was acting more like a tourist than Yi Jiamu, who was the assistant of the association. At this time, he couldn’t help shivering and his face was slightly pale. “Me? I can’t do it!”

Zhou Ming glanced at him with displeasure. “Why can’t you do it?”

This made Wu Zhang feel so bad and he almost cried. “I really can’t…”

The atmosphere became more depressing.

Just then, Yi Jiamu’s voice sounded particularly clear. “For the singles match, I can try it.”

The surroundings became silent the moment he spoke. The people sitting in front looked back with astonishment and saw Yi Jiamu’s indifferent expression. Next to him, Gu Yesheng’s lips were curved in a subtle arc.

Xu Yi heard Yi Jiamu could fight but he shook his head. “The league isn’t ordinary. It is easy for you to suffer if you have no ability.”

Yi Jiamu seemed to have made a decision and his tone was serious and calm. “Let me go. I have an ability.”

The words that Xu Yi were ready to say paused. He thought he had an auditory hallucination. “What did you say?”

Yi Jiamu repeated. “I said, I have an ability.”

Xu Yi lost his voice. After a long time, he seemed to finally digest the information and asked for everyone, “You… when did you get it?”

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