OIAA: Chapter 56

Everyone was surprised that Falan could drag Sublime Star into the fourth match and couldn’t help looking at the roster for the fourth match. Lu Zexiu’s name appeared to the public. It wasn’t too unexpected but it still caused an uproar. The entire venue was once again filled with cheers for Sublime Star.

Xu Yi came back after comforting Zhou Ming and he couldn’t help sighing. “Our president’s popularity really can’t be matched.”

Zhou Ming seemed to be in a better mood. At least, he was willing to bicker. “It is useless to envy him. Just give up. You and the president are in different worlds.”

Gu Yesheng joined in at the right time. “That’s right, this type of genius has the highest popularity. Apart from the president, there is only me.”

Zhou Ming unceremoniously rolled his eyes. “I can only say that there are too many blind people in the world.”

Gu Yesheng turned around and asked Yi Jiamu, seeking approval. “Little friend, aren’t I handsome?”

Yi Jiamu raised his head, pursed his lips slightly at such a tender gaze and replied in a low voice. “In fact…. you are very handsome.”

It was like a gentle scratch on his heart. Gu Yesheng thought that today’s lecture wasn’t in vain. The preparations from both sides were finished and the fourth match officially began.

Yi Jiamu didn’t pay any attention to the narcissus that was going to blossom in the wind. He immediately focused his attention on the big screen. The moment Lu Zexiu’s holographic image appeared, the enthusiastic shouts of the audience almost overturned the roof.

The player from Falan obviously wanted to test things out but before he could hide his actions, the roaring wind instantly toppled all the bunkers in front of him. He appeared in plain view and immediately afterwards, he was surrounded by a feast of raging winds.

Everyone knew that Lu Zexiu was the next heir to the Lu family of the Xierya Galaxy. They were one of the top four families in the world of abilities and Lu Zexiu’s every move had always attracted attention.

Lu Zexiu was the perfect model of the heir of a huge family. Lu Zexiu’s ability was a style passed down from generation to generation in the Lu family. However, when used, it felt like Lu Zexiu himself.

Cold and indifferent, tough when necessary and had layers of oppression. There was almost no chance for opponents to fight back.

This was undoubtedly a magnificent performance. It only lasted one minute, including the time it took to walk, but it brought the ultimate visual experience to the audience. Lu Zexiu was probably the only one who could make an invisible thing like the wind look so impressive.

The virtual map was swept away by the wind. At the same time, the final result of the match was displayed on the big screen.

In the fourth round of the singles match, Lu Zexiu won. Sublime Star successfully got their first victory with a final score of 3:1.

It had to be said that Lu Zexiu really did end this match quickly. On the big screen, they saw Lu Zexiu walk out of the virtual cabin. Yi Jiamu saw that he looked normal and was slightly relieved. Perhaps it was as the president said and his physical condition wasn’t that bad.

The morning game had officially ended and the big screen moved to the Sublime Star team’s player seats. In addition to the official host, the reporters were swarming not far away.

Today, many college teams had come to watch the game. In addition to the Perpetual Full Moon team that they would soon face, the other three teams assigned to Group B were also at the scene. This showed the threat of Sublime Star in the eyes of these strong teams.

Now the game was over and the players didn’t intend to watch the aftermath like the audience. They stood up from their spectator seats.

The Burning Wood team was assigned to Group B and tomorrow, they would face their first match against the Daybreak Team. After collecting all the information, they were ready to return to the hotel for pre-match preparations.

Jing Yao followed his teammates to the door. Then he inadvertently raised his head and suddenly stopped.

Liang Qiuzhi was walking behind him and almost ran into him. “What is it? Is there something interesting about the interview after the game?”

Jing Yao’s eyes seemed to be fixed on someone. After a long time, he found his voice. “Look at the person behind Gu Yesheng…”

Liang Qiuzhi frowned suspiciously and followed Jing Yao’s gaze. The first thing he saw was Gu Yesheng being interviewed. Then he saw a blurred figure in the background.

He squinted as he tried to see clearly. “Who is that? I have no impression of him. I remember that this year, Sublime Star put two useless substitutes on the bench. My guess is that he is one of their newcomers.”

Then Liang Qiuzhi had more question marks in his head. “What’s wrong?”

Jing Yao wondered, “Don’t you think that omega looks very familiar?”

“Is it?” Liang Qiuzhi pondered for a moment before there was a flash of light in his mind. “Wait! Are you saying that the one who abused you… wuwuwu!”

Jing Yao saw the teammates in front of him looked over suspiciously and quickly covered Liang Qiuzhi’s mouth with his hand. He gritted his teeth and whispered, “Yes, aren’t they similar? You should keep your voice down. I don’t want people to know what happened the other day!”

Liang Qiuzhi nodded and finally broke free before he completely suffocated. He gasped for breath while wondering, “Then that account belongs to Sublime Star’s newcomer?”

“It shouldn’t be. They should just look similar.”

Liang Qiuzhi thought about it and agreed.

If it was really a new player for the Sublime Star team, a new account shouldn’t have been prepared just before the game. In addition, if he really had the strength that the new account showed, he should’ve been arranged to get real experience in a game like that against the Falan team.

Therefore, Jing Yao had been suffering from lovesickness and God sent an ideal omega to him? This fate was too good!

Liang Qiuzhi had never experienced something like love at first sight and he was a bit envious of Jing Yao’s luck. “What are you going to do next?”

Jing Yao replied without hesitation. “Of course, I have to get his contact information first!”

Liang Qiuzhi cheered for him.


Gu Yesheng, who was being interviewed, felt something cold on his back. He sneezed and touched the tip of his nose doubtfully.

Once the official host left, another wave of media greeted him. He finally sent away all the reporters and Yi Jiamu came over and handed a jacket to Gu Yesheng. “Do you have a cold?”

Gu Yesheng was also very puzzled. “No.”

It might be an expected result but after all, they won their first victory. The members of Sublime Star were very happy. They were ready to pack up when there was a gentle knock on the lounge door.

They looked up and saw Xie Louyuan, the captain of the Holy Sun team. The fateful entanglement between Holy Sun and Sublime Star could be traced back to a long time ago.

Xie Louyuan was also a budding newcomer when Lu Zexiu first entered the Abilities Association. The first meeting between the two of them on the field was still a good story. Now they had become the captains of the two teams and shouldered the important mission of assuming the honor and disgrace of their teams.

In this top six stage, Holy Sun was assigned to Group B. They might not have a competitive relationship right now, but in the long term they would have to face each other on the field. People felt it was a bit inappropriate for him to suddenly appear in Sublime Star’s lounge.

Xu Yi and Xie Louyuan had also joined in the same period and they were familiar with each other. Xu Yi couldn’t help teasing with a smile, “Captain Xie, isn’t it a bit early to spy on the enemy at this time?”

“Don’t worry, I’m not here to gather your information.” Xie Louyuan finished speaking and glanced at Lu Zexiu. “Can we talk?”

Lu Zexiu glanced at him. “Okay.”

Seeing the two of them leave, the others exchanged glances before continuing to pack their things.

Xie Louyuan stopped a few steps outside the lounge, turned around and observed Lu Zexiu carefully. Then he asked in a straightforward manner, “Is there anything wrong?”

It sounded like nonsense but Lu Zexiu replied in an ordinary tone. “I’m fine.”

Xie Louyuan nodded. “That’s good. The match just now didn’t look like your usual rhythm. I thought… it seems I was thinking too much.”

Lu Zexiu hadn’t expected that Xie Louyuan would come to see him just because of this simple guess. He was surprised for a moment before speaking sincerely, “Thank you for your concern.”

In fact, Yi Jiamu wasn’t the first person to know about his condition. If he really wanted to say it, Xie Louyuan was the first one to inadvertently find out he was sick. At that time, his opponent on the field sent him to the hospital and no one else discovered his secret.

Xie Louyuan was surprised by Lu Zexiu’s attitude. “Don’t be so polite. I just hope that you will be in your best state the next time we meet on the field.”

Then he remembered the previous match he had won against Lu Zexiu and smiled helplessly. “Otherwise, I always feel that victory is impossible.”

“In any case, losing is losing.” Lu Zexiu calmly stared into Xie Louyuan’s eyes. “However, this year the champion will be Sublime Star.”

“I’m looking forward to the next game.” Xie Louyuan smiled slightly. “In any case, you are fine. I will go back first.”

He just turned around when he saw a group of people coming over and paused slightly. The person in front was Zhu Yanghui, the main person in charge of this league. The other people behind him should be the managers of relevant departments.

Zhu Yanghui obviously hadn’t expected Xie Louyuan to be here. He was taken aback for a moment and after saying hello, his gaze shifted to Lu Zexiu. “Fortunately, you haven’t left yet.”

Lu Zexiu asked, “What’s the matter?”

Zhu Yanghui was silent for a moment due to such a straightforward gaze. Then he handed over the document in his hand. “It is like this. We have just received an anonymous report stating that you have taken a banned drug before the match. So in this matter, we need you to cooperate with the investigation.”

Then he pulled out a video from his terminal and played it in the air. It could be seen in the video that Lu Zexiu was taking pills.

There was a sudden silence around them.

The author has something to say:

Narcissus, the love rival that you attracted is on the way. Please pay attention~

P.S. Yes, this is the official match for the president. In fact, he has appeared before.

Proofreader: Grinding Love~

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