OIAA: Chapter 55

The outcome of the doubles match was expected but it still inevitably made the Falan team feel a bit depressed. The thing that made them even less motivated was the next singles match.

In the perception of all the players in the league, Gu Yesheng’s ability was undoubtedly the most difficult to deal with in the individual match. The overall strength of the Falan team was really average so when the roster was originally formulated, this match was sent by default to the substitute player.

Therefore, at the start of the much anticipated second match, the Falan individual player Miao Jie set foot on the battlefield like he was dead. He didn’t agree with his identity as a ‘sacrifice.’ He hadn’t tried it so how did they know it was impossible? It was like saying previously that they didn’t expect to make it into the top six.

15 seconds after the match started, Gu Yesheng appeared in Miao Jie’s field of view. Before he had time to react, a suffocating fear instantly poured into his mind.

This was the first year that Miao Jie was participating in the league. He had heard of Gu Yesheng’s ability but he hadn’t experienced it in person. Previously, he had sneered when he saw the other players on the field looking like they were going to die. Now that he actually experienced it, he realized what true despair was.

It was like an invisible hand that completely shrouded his vision. A looming outline could be seen in the darkness, which was the embodiment of the fear deep in his heart. All the blood in his body was freezing and Miao Jie gradually felt that his five senses were being peeled off little by little. He tried to reach out but he only felt the numbness of his entire body. It was as if there was an endless abyss where he was falling.

The audience saw on the big screen that Miao Jie was gradually paling and his eyes were darting all over the place. They also noticed the medical team in the distance, ready to act. This was probably the so-called precautionary arrangement. Every time Gu Yesheng appeared in the competition, he could always make the organizers his enemy.

Just as everyone thought this individual match would be over, Miao Jie’s eyes suddenly flashed with clarity. He seemed to wake up from a dream. His entire body was sweaty as he quickly retreated and gained a distance from Gu Yesheng.

The entire stadium was in a state of uproar.

H-He got free? How did he do it?!

The other school teams watching became curious about Miao Jie’s ability and started to look through the relevant information about him. However, no matter how they looked, he was just an ordinary strength type ability.

In the Sublime Star player seats, Xiang Zhuo was resting after finishing the match. The water he brought to his mouth was frozen for a long time. Then he pointed at the big screen. “What is Gu Yesheng doing today?”

Compared with the other schools, Sublime Star had naturally conducted in-depth research on the Falan team and everyone knew Miao Jie’s level. At this time, Xiang Zhuo’s first reaction was that Gu Yesheng was engaging in some evil operation.

Xu Yi thought of the unknown ‘grievances’ between the Falan school team and a certain little assistant. He glanced at Yi Jiamu and sighed emotionally. “Someone made a complaint. I’m afraid the people on the Falan side are going to die.”

Lu Zexiu frowned slightly. “Nonsense!”

Yi Jiamu naturally knew why Gu Yesheng did this. At this time, his eyes fell on the figure on the big screen and couldn’t help smiling slightly. This was the original ‘value for money’ that was mentioned.

On the field, Miao Jie of the Falan team was stiff. In just a short period of time, Gu Yesheng had forced him into a cold sweat. Once he finally got over it, dissatisfaction filled his eyes.

He might not understand how he got rid of the other side’s dominance but he subconsciously believed that since he got rid of Gu Yesheng’s ability the first time, he would definitely be able to do it the second time.

Then after a moment’s delay, he took the initiative to attack. Halfway through, he suddenly knelt on the ground with his head in his hands.

Zhou Ming stared at it and shook his head. “Still too young.”

Xu Yi added, “After experiencing this beating, he should be able to grow a lot.”

Zhen Jingyao sent a sympathetic look to the big screen. “Being played like this by Gu Yesheng… won’t he have a psychological trauma?”

Just as the audience thought the individual player from the Falan team was going to be officially knocked out, the collapsing Miao Jie sighed with relief and shivered as he got up from the ground.

The camera happened to sweep across Gu Yesheng’s face and captured his interested smile. His expression made it seem that this match was very fun. The audience, including the host, was quiet for a few seconds before blowing up.

Miao Jie’s legs were trembling as he walked away. He didn’t notice that Gu Yesheng had already walked behind him, raised a long leg and kicked him in the butt. Miao Jie directly fell down like a dog eating mud. Then the third round of terrifying oppression began due to the physical contact.


Horrible screams echoed through the venue. Miao Jie’s nerves were already overly fragile and he was overwhelmed. Before he completely collapsed, he made the decision to admit defeat.

The other players of the Falan team couldn’t help covering their faces. Giving up might be within the scope of the rules but it was a simulation battle carried out on the holographic platform after all. This was the first time since the league was held that a player in an individual match lost in such a way.

The other school teams watching the match were also amazed. The individual players who might compete with Gu Yesheng in the future had slightly ugly expressions. Wasn’t this repeatedly ‘whipping the corpse’? It was crazy!

The moment the result of the match was announced, the prepared medical team rushed to the field, took the delirious Miao Jie from the virtual cabin and rushed straight to the clinic.

On the live broadcast interface, they could see Gu Yesheng slowly pushing open the door and walking out. Before going out, he didn’t forget to tidy his hair. This simple action caused screams from the audience.

Gu Yesheng was taken aback when he heard the sound. Then he realized something and raised his head to find the camera. He suddenly smiled, held out his slender fingers and licked them meaningfully. There was silent ambiguity from the extremely natural movement and the desire that spread made the scene almost completely mad.

Yi Jiamu who happened to see this shot, “!”

His gaze stayed on the back of the hand that Gu Yesheng had licked and his mind was blank for a moment. Then he couldn’t help reaching up to cover his hot cheeks. That was the area he had kissed before the game.

Rounding it up, wasn’t this an indirect kiss?! Yi Jiamu would’ve turned around and walked away if it wasn’t for the next match that was about to start.

However, in this moment of hesitation, someone had finished their performance in front of the camera and returned. He walked up to Yi Jiamu and asked with a smile that was asking for praise, “Little friend, are you satisfied with my performance?”

Yi Jiamu controlled his expression as much as possible and didn’t show his shyness. “It’s okay.”

Gu Yesheng looked at him curiously. “That’s it?”

Yi Jiamu looked cold. “What else do you want?”

Gu Yesheng hinted. “Shouldn’t there be a kiss of victory or something?”

He heard Yi Jiamu state very coldly, “Don’t even think about it.”

Gu Yesheng watched him for a moment before suddenly reacting. The smile on his face became even wider. “Did you see it just now?”

Yi Jiamu paused and pressed his lips tightly together. “What did I see?”

Gu Yesheng saw the child’s pretend calmness and finally managed not to laugh. He made a serious expression. “It doesn’t matter if you saw it or not. In any case, an indirect kiss is just for self-satisfaction. Sooner or later, we will officially do it.”

Yi Jiamu was dazzled by this smile. He didn’t speak at all and reached out to push this shameless person away. Gu Yesheng wanted to tease a bit more but then he heard Lu Zexiu call his name. “Gu Yesheng, come with me.”

Gu Yesheng’s expression froze. He could only temporarily let Yi Jiamu ago and helplessly leave with Lu Zexiu.

Zhou Ming, who was ready to play, saw it and whistled. “Hey, he was called. He is going to be scolded.”

Yi Jiamu looked up. “What scolding?”

“The match that could’ve been ended in seconds ended up lasting for more than 10 minutes. Won’t he receive a lecture from the president?”

Yi Jiamu hadn’t expected this to be the result. After all, Gu Yesheng had done it because of him so he wanted to explain. He was about to step forward when Xu Yi called out to him. “Don’t worry, the president will say two sentences at most. It isn’t as serious as you think.”

Then Xu Yi handed over the coat in his hand. “Compared to Gu Yesheng, you might as well worry about our second doubles match. The pressure of a temporarily formed team is great and I always feel there is no chance.”

Zhou Ming heard him say so and couldn’t help raising his head to stare at Xu Yi. “Can’t you look forward to something good?”

This time, Xu Yi didn’t speak. Last year, his former partner officially graduated and the team combination for the second doubles match had become a big problem.

He originally thought Lu Zexiu would partner with him but there was the fact that Lu Zexiu would graduate next year. They considered the long-term perspective and deployed Zhou Ming, a singles player, to try the doubles match. This combination was formally established this semester. Zhou Ming’s personal strength was really outstanding but he had to admit that there were many problems when it came to cooperation.

Xu Yi might look casual usually but he actually saw everything very clearly, including his perception of his own strength. He patted Zhou Ming on the shoulder. “Let’s go and get ready to play.”

Yi Jiamu was naturally hoping the school would win with three straight victories and exclaimed, “I’m cheering for you, Senior.”

Before he left, Xu Yi smiled and waved to Yi Jiamu. However, in the end, Sublime Star ushered in its first defeat.

The Falan team had lost the first two matches in a particularly simple way and were apparently focusing strongly on the third match. In terms of personal strength, whether it was Xu Yi or Zhou Ming, they were far better than Falan’s side. However, the time of their partnership was too short.

Zhou Ming had been playing individual matches after participating in the league. At this time, he suddenly switched to playing doubles and he often forgot about Xu Yi’s existence. In addition, he was an absolute speed player. He repeatedly lost touch with his partner and gave the opponents a chance to fight back. They had a great advantage in the early stages but after repeated mistakes, they allowed the Falan team to complete a reversal.

Zhou Ming realized that a large part of the loss today was his own problem. After returning, the expression on his face was tense and he was in a rare gloomy mood.

Xu Yi didn’t make trouble this time and sighed helplessly. He pulled his teammate to the corridor to do psychological construction.

Three matches were played and the score was 2-1.

The fourth match was about to begin.

Gu Yesheng’s mood wasn’t affected after he was lectured. He glanced at the current score and then at Lu Zexiu. “It’s your turn.”

Yi Jiamu also looked over.

Lu Zexiu stood up from his seat. He noticed the two people’s gazes and told them, “I will try to fight as quickly as possible.”

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