OIAA: Chapter 54

Gu Yesheng was already prepared for a kiss on his face. Then he heard Yi Jiamu’s words and was taken aback. He could choose? Was there such a good thing?

His long eyes narrowed slightly and he approached Yi Jiamu with a smile while coaxing him, “At such an important moment, shouldn’t you at least kiss the mouth?”

Yi Jiamu raised his eyes and his gaze skimmed over the soft lips close to him. Perhaps it was because he read too many stories yesterday. Several images flashed through his mind in an instant. The over-stimulation caused his face to heat up and he shrank back without hesitation. “Not the mouth.”

Gu Yesheng slightly moved his hand on the wall, quietly blocking Yi Jiamu’s remaining path of retreat. He smiled meaningfully. “Then where do you think? How about the glands?”

Yi Jiamu pursed his lips. “That also isn’t very suitable.”

Gu Yesheng smiled and whistled. “The mouth isn’t good and the glands aren’t good. Then where do you want to kiss?”

Yi Jiamu’s gaze fell on Gu Yesheng’s smile and stopped. Gu Yesheng noticed the gaze and moved his face cooperatively, sending it directly to Yi Jiamu’s mouth. Yi Jiamu’s eyes shook slightly. “Then kiss this…”

Gu Yesheng smiled with satisfaction. He might not have deceived the child into a proper kiss but it was still very pleasant to have his face kissed.

Gu Yesheng didn’t expect for Yi Jiamu to be silent for a while after he finished speaking. Yi Jiamu seemed to have done a good job of mental construction. Under this gaze, he gently raised Gu Yesheng’s hand, lowered his head and kissed like a dragonfly on the back of the fingers.

For a moment, Gu Yesheng felt like there was fire on his fingers. Before he had time to feel it, the unexpected touch dissipated. It was like an illusion except for the burning sensation from his fingers.

Gu Yesheng was slightly shocked as he looked at the back of his hand that just received the child’s ‘love motivation’. His lips pressed together. “Is that it?”

Even if the mouth and glands were too much, shouldn’t he at least kiss the face? Yi Jiamu’s cheeks were red and he obviously wasn’t happy with Gu Yesheng’s reluctant attitude. “That place is good. Otherwise, what do you want?”

Gu Yesheng felt like he had experienced a roller coaster. The ups and downs of his mood were a bit too extreme. Unfortunately, there was really no way. He stared at Yi Jiamu in a wronged manner. “I thought a kiss on the face was the bottom line.”

Yi Jiamu, “…..That wasn’t what you said just now.”

“I wanted to make an outrageous requirement first so I could have more room for negotiation. After all, this is a chance to take advantage of you. Who wouldn’t want to take more?”

He was pretty honest. Yi Jiamu was a bit speechless due to such a brazen attitude. His cheeks slightly puffed up. “In any case, you have been motivated. I refuse any returns.”

Gu Yesheng saw this expression and sighed. “Still, this is the first time you took the initiative to kiss me. I won’t wash my hands today. Once I go back, I will find a glove to protect these precious fingers full of love.”

Yi Jiamu listened to this person’s silly words and almost couldn’t control his expression.

Gu Yesheng closed his mouth when he saw it and gently patted Yi Jiamu’s head. “Go back. The match will be starting soon.”

Just as Gu Yesheng was turning around, Yi Jiamu in front of him reached out, gently wrapped a hand around his neck and lowered his head. “Forget it, I will satisfy you.”

Gu Yesheng couldn’t react when he felt a soft touch on his face. In a flash, it was like an electric current shot through his entire body.

He looked up and Yi Jiamu had already let go of him. Yi Jiamu had turned around and was walking away without looking back. His ears were completely red and he pretended to have a calm voice. “It is cheap for you. Buy one, get one free. Be sure to perform well later!”

Gu Yesheng stroked his cheek that was kissed and his lips curved up in an uncontrollable manner.


“Hello everyone, this is the scene of the highly anticipated Abilities League’s top six.”

“In a few minutes, the two teams of Sublime Star and Falan will have a wonderful and fierce duel here. The first match is a doubles match and the players on both sides are making final preparations.”

“We can see that Sublime Star has sent Xiang Zhuo and Zhen Jingyao, the ace partners. Can they take the lead in winning the first match? Let us wait and see!”

The match was about to start so all the members had moved from the lounge to the waiting area. In the distance, they could hear the passionate words of the live commentators.

Xu Yi saw the late Gu Yesheng instantly. There was a completely uncontrollable smile and Xu Yi couldn’t help taking a second look. “Did something good happen?”

Gu Yesheng blinked meaningfully. “Guess?”

Xu Yi didn’t want to give him a chance to show off and stopped talking.

Yi Jiamu was probably calming down his emotions. He had left first but it took him a long time to reappear in front of everyone. Apart from his red ears, the expression on his face was normal like nothing had happened. Rather than looking at Gu Yesheng, he walked to Lu Zexiu’s side and spoke in a voice only the two of them could hear. “President, your medicine…”

“I’ve taken it.” Lu Zexiu’s medicine was usually kept by Yi Jiamu. He didn’t see Yi Jiamu just now so he took it out by himself when other people weren’t paying attention. “I took it from your bag without permission. I’m sorry.”

Yi Jiamu shook his head. “I shouldn’t have forgotten about this matter and ran around.”

Just then, the background sound of the field changed. The first match was about to officially begin. No one spoke anymore. Yi Jiamu suppressed his worry and focused on the live-streaming interface.

Many people thought it was luck that the Falan team got into the second half. Their chance of defeating Sublime Star was almost zero. The audience was currently shouting almost all the names of the Sublime Star members. It was obvious that most people regarded this morning’s game as an exhibition game belonging to Sublime Star.

The first match started and Sublime Star’s Zhen Xiang duo didn’t make any detours. They went straight to the central area.

“I thought they would choose to try something but it seems that Zhen Jingyao is going to face the hard steel.” Xu Yi glanced at the Falan duo that were moving to the upper side in a circuitous way and couldn’t help snorting. “That Xiang Zhuo… he shouldn’t lose to Falan due to Zhen Jingyao’s wild temperament.”

Zhou Ming didn’t agree. “How long have they been partners? What is there for you to worry about? As long as Xiang Zhuo is by his side, Zhen Jingyao can just directly release his lethal power when he sees a person. The two on the Falan side will probably be finished in seconds.”

The two of them both had body enhancing abilities but they were completely different. Zhou Ming pursued extreme speed while Xiang Zhuo’s greatest trait was his absolute defense. It was due to this that he could act as the perfect shield for Zhen Jingyao during the doubles match.

Xiang Zhuo escorted Zhen Jingyao and ensured a stable output environment. Then Zhen Jingyao’s fire ability could be used to the extreme.

The two of them combined attack and defense. Add in their years of tacit cooperation and from the standpoint of strength alone, they could be considered a formidable existence against the Falan team.

This time, Xiang Zhuo chose to let Zhen Jingyao play by himself so he naturally had enough confidence to keep Zhen Jingyao safe. Sublime Star aimed for a direct offensive while Falan chose a roundabout way. The two teams completely missed each other.

The Sublime Star duo had a lot of experiences. A long time passed without them seeing anyone so they guessed what happened and changed courses without hesitation. Finally, the two sides faced head-on. Once in contact, the gap in strength was highlighted.

In front of Zhen Jingyao’s brutal and extremely violent output, there was almost no chance to fight back. They occasionally found an opportunity for a counterattack but it was completely blocked by Xiang Zhuo.

The first match was won without any suspense. On the screen, they could see Xiang Zhuo and Zhen Jingyao celebrating their victory and the audience screaming.

Xu Yi sat in the contestants area and shook his head. “They should focus on the game. Why spread dog food in front of the public? Too offensive!”

Zhou Ming unceremoniously poked him. “You are envious and hateful because you are in the solo period.”

Gong Yue, who was sitting next to them, glanced over and whispered, “Aren’t the two of you also participating in the doubles match this time? If you want to hug then you can also hug?”

Zhou Ming glanced at Xu Yi and shook like he thought of something terrible. “Why would I bother with this type of showy beta? I might as well find an omega to be in an OO relationship with.”

Xu Yi also sneered. “Xiao Gong, can Zhou Ming be regarded as an omega? I’m afraid there will be a misunderstanding about the soft and cute omegas.”

Gu Yesheng slowly stood up and interrupted the two people’s bickering. “It’s noisy. Get out of the way. I’m going to wait at the scene.”

Today, he was playing the first match of the individual section. Yi Jiamu noticed Gu Yesheng standing up and looked over. Gu Yesheng had just taken a step when he turned around and walked directly to Yi Jiamu. The moment Yi Jiamu’s gaze fell on this face, he remembered his impulsive kiss and his back straightened slightly.

Fortunately, Gu Yesheng didn’t act excessively in the crowd. He just looked at Yi Jiamu with a smile and rubbed his head like he was a little cat. “Just wait, little friend, I promise to make your ‘buy one get one free’ valuable.”

Before Yi Jiamu could feel embarrassed, Zhou Ming looked over curiously, “Was there a promotion nearby?”

Gu Yesheng raised his eyebrow. “You have to ask our dear little assistant.”

Yi Jiamu directly pushed him out of the waiting area. “Go quickly. Don’t be late.”

It was the first time Gu Yesheng heard a ‘don’t be late’ during the transition period and he couldn’t help laughing loudly. “Yes, I can’t be late. I’ll just run.”

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