OIAA: Chapter 53

Everyone gathered and they officially set off to the airport. Yi Jiamu sat in the place reserved for him by Gu Yesheng. The other people in the Sublime Star Abilities Association basically acquiesced to their relationship and were tacitly observing.

During the journey, they used their own ways to ease the tension before the match, whether it was dozing off or watching the scenery.

Yi Jiamu didn’t speak after getting in the car and saying a greeting. From Gu Yesheng’s perspective, he could vaguely see some text on the terminal. He had tried to talk but Yi Jiamu just glared at him. Therefore, although Gu Yesheng was curious, he just leaned against the car window and supported his head. He didn’t dare disturb the serious-looking child.

It was estimated that he was looking at data. Their association’s little assistant was such a serious person.

Gu Yesheng’s gaze fell on the side of Yi Jiamu’s face. Although they weren’t officially together, he was a bit worried about his status in the family after marriage. Then he thought about it and felt there was nothing to worry about. In any case, it was right to spoil this person as much as possible. There was no such thing as status.

Yi Jiamu didn’t know the complex inner world of the person around him. Before leaving the dormitory today, he had asked Sang Bei for some spiritual food. At this time, he was reading a new story. The Shen Ze CP might be doomed to a BE in real life but this didn’t affect him from continuing to support it!

He had to say that looking at this type of sadomasochistic story really had a wonderful effect on improving his mood. He no longer had that depressed feeling.

Yi Jiamu read with relish. As the plot reached the climax, he couldn’t help looking over at the soft lips of the man next to him. Gu Yesheng was always paying attention to Yi Jiamu’s actions. He was taken aback by this glance that seemed full of meaning and laughed. “What is it?”

Yi Jiamu told him, “Nothing.”

He answered absent-mindedly and retracted his gaze.

Gu Yesheng, “?” It wasn’t because Yi Jiamu missed him and wanted to talk to him?

Yi Jiamu didn’t pay attention to Gu Yesheng’s doubts. He focused on the terminal interface and continued to look down. It was really convenient to have the real person by his side. He felt like he could imagine it.

They arrived at the airport and everyone smoothly boarded the plane. They soon arrived early at the hotel due to the pick-up car arranged by the organizers. Guan Xueming went to the counter to check in for the members and the others waited in the lobby.

Xu Yi noticed that Gu Yesheng was sitting on a sofa and holding a cigarette with a gloomy expression. He walked over and sat next to Gu Yesheng. “Isn’t there a fire? Why don’t you call Zhen Jingyao over to light it for you?”

Gu Yesheng pinched the mint cigarette in his hand. “No, I quit smoking.”

Xu Yi heard such a sentence and was completely stunned. “You… quit smoking?”

Gu Yesheng smiled at him. “I can’t?”

“Yes yes, of course.” Xu Yi was a bit frightened when he saw this expression. He glanced at Yi Jiamu not far away, who was holding the terminal and studying something unknown. Xu Yi was silent for a moment before shaking his head emotionally, “Just before this semester, I was thinking that you were a flirty bast*rd who wouldn’t understand the meaning of convergence in his life. Now it seems I was really wrong. How can there be such a good day?!”

“You are acting like this just because I quit smoking? What type of pure and innocent boy are you regarding me as?” Gu Yesheng didn’t fall for this at all. Then he thought of Yi Jiamu’s attitude earlier and couldn’t help saying something. “However, you were right about something before.”

Xu Yi wondered, “What?”

Gu Yesheng sent him a gloomy look. “I really can’t be too much when it comes to an innocent person like Mumu.”

“You still couldn’t help doing something?”

His lips tightened and he lowered his voice to comfort Gu Yesheng. “However, I don’t blame you. The attribute of ‘flirtiness’ has become your nature. It is inevitable to release yourself. Yes, don’t blame yourself too much.”

Gu Yesheng glared at him coldly. “Get lost!”

He didn’t care about this type of broken friend. Eventually, he stood up and moved to Yi Jiamu’s side. After reading the last paragraph, Yi Jiamu turned off the screen in a satisfied manner. Then he felt the sofa sinking in next to him and realized that Gu Yesheng had sat down. He saw the ‘unhappy’ expression and asked. “What’s wrong?”

Gu Yesheng stared at him. “I’m thinking about a question.”

“What is the question?”

Gu Yesheng changed his usual casual appearance and spoke in a serious tone. “Before formally entering a relationship, shouldn’t we get to know each other as much as possible?”

Yi Jiamu saw the sudden serious expression and was stunned. “…How to get to know each other?”

Gu Yesheng finally thought of a breakthrough point to alleviate Yi Jiamu’s cold war with him. He thought about it and smoothly opened the conversation box. “For example, your usual hobbies? Mumu, I remember you saying that you like to look at fan works. Which CP do you like? I will take a closer look and perhaps we will have more common topics in the future?”

He finished speaking but there wasn’t the expected excitement. Instead, he didn’t hear any response for a long time. Gu Yesheng noticed that Yi Jiamu was completely frozen in place and frowned suspiciously. He felt there was something wrong with such a reaction. Wasn’t it true that members of CP groups liked to spread their CP to those around them? Could it be that Xu Yi had done something again?

Just then, the stunned Yi Jiamu seemed to come back to his senses and his expression became completely serious. “The official match is about to start. Why are you thinking about these irrelevant things?”

Gu Yesheng didn’t know if it was his illusion but he always felt that the child emphasized ‘irrelevant’ when talking just now.

Gu Yesheng didn’t think too much about it and slowly blinked. He subconsciously started to tease again. “Yes, the competition is starting soon. In order to play well tomorrow, do you want to consider motivating me?”

Yi Jiamu was relieved when he saw that Gu Yesheng’s attention had been diverted and he casually asked, “How do you want me to motivate you?”

Gu Yesheng’s eyelashes lowered slightly and his lips curved up. “It’s easy. As long as you… kiss me.”

Yi Jiamu realized he had fallen into a trap again. He instinctively looked around, moved his body in the opposite direction and whispered, “There are so many people.”

Gu Yesheng laughed at such a shy reaction and also lowered his voice intimately. “Don’t worry. We will kiss secretly before the match tomorrow.”

Kiss secretly? Why did he feel like this sounded like… cheating?

Yi Jiamu’s face became red and his expression tensed. “Be serious.”

Gu Yesheng chuckled. “I have always been serious when it comes to competition related matters.”


Before the start of the top six round, all teams were divided into two groups according to the preliminary results. In the next round, three teams in each group would face each other in turn. Finally, the team in last place based on the total score would be eliminated and the semi-finals list would be officially generated.

After the preliminaries, the participating teams had already received the official schedule. Sublime Star was in Group A and their opponents were Perpetual Full Moon and Falan. The first day of the round of the top six would be a match between the first in the group and the third in the group. This meant that Sublime Star would face Falan.

Compared to the simple rules in the first round, the rules of the second round were significantly different.

In each game, the two teams would fight interchanging double matches and individual matches for a total of four matches. The team that took the lead to win three matches would directly win. However, if the two sides had a 2:2 draw after the end of the four matches, victory would be decided by a team battle.

According to the previous arrangement, Lu Zexiu would participate in the individual match and his was the fourth match. It seemed to be a normal finale position but Yi Jiamu knew there was another reason for this arrangement. If the other members of Sublime Star could directly win three consecutive victories, they would be able to reduce the number of times Lu Zexiu played.

Clear all the opponents. This might be more difficult to achieve in the later stages but it was definitely an excellent way for all school teams to prove their strength.

The game of Group A was scheduled in the morning. Yi Jiamu knew the team they were going to face was Falan and got up early. Others didn’t know about the ridicule of the Falan team during the opening ceremony but he remembered it clearly. Therefore, he looked somewhat serious on the way to the stadium.

Gu Yesheng thought the child was somewhat nervous due to experiencing this type of formal competition for the first time. Therefore, he smiled and handed Yi Jiamu a bottle of water, comforting him. “Don’t worry, today’s team isn’t strong. There will be no problems with winning.”

Yi Jiamu took the water and looked up. The words he wanted to say stopped. Finally, he gently pulled Gu Yesheng’s sleeve for this person to come closer and whispered in Gu Yesheng’s ear, “Don’t be merciful today and abuse them severely. Then I will motivate… motivate you later.”

Gu Yesheng couldn’t react at first. A moment passed before he remembered Xu Yi mentioning that the child seemed to have some type of grudge against Falan. At this point, all his attention was on the word ‘motivate.’

His narrow eyes lowered slightly. His voice dropped in an ambiguous manner and he bit Yi Jiamu’s ear. “I’m looking forward to it.”

Upon arriving at the stadium, all the members of Sublime Star made their final preparations in the lounge.

For a smooth game, the first match was a doubles match with Xiang Zhuo and Zhen Jingyao. Seeing that the time was almost up, the two of them went to the virtual cabin in advance to warm up before the match.

Zhou Ming watched them leave. Then he looked around and didn’t see any signs of Gu Yesheng and Yi Jiamu. He couldn’t help asking, “The match is almost starting. Where did those guys go?”

Xu Yi had noticed the two figures who sneaked out quietly and he looked indifferent. “How should I know?”

Meanwhile, an empty safe passage.

Gu Yesheng smiled and blocked the child against the wall. His lips were curved in a meaningful manner. “I’m ready. When are you going to start?”

Yi Jiamu felt a bit hot hearing such words and he couldn’t help lowering his head. Only then did he realize that the so-called ‘motivation’ Gu Yesheng mentioned was too ambiguous.

There was a moment of silence before he whispered. “Where… where should I kiss?”

Proofreader: Purichan

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