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OIAA: Chapter 52

Yi Jiamu didn’t have much interest in dressing up. However, he was happy after the compliment so he accepted it casually. At first glance, all the data had been packed and compressed.

“It is a pity I didn’t have enough time or I could prepare more for you.” Listening to Gu Yesheng’s tone, there was some regret. Then he saw Yi Jiamu’s thoughtful expression and kindly recommended, “Try the first set. I think you will like it.”

He didn’t know why but Yi Jiamu instinctively looked up when he heard these words.

Gu Yesheng continued to urge him. “Go.”

Yi Jiamu’s lips pressed together as he turned and walked into the modeling space. Gu Yesheng waited outside but never saw a figure coming out. He couldn’t help asking, “What’s wrong? Didn’t it work?”

Yi Jiamu’s soft voice was heard after a long time. “Are you sure you want me to dress like this?”

Gu Yesheng heard it and realized the child was embarrassed. It wasn’t easy to hold back his laugh. “If you won’t go out then I will go in.”

The moment he spoke, he saw the door of the modeling space slightly open. A few moments later, a foot awkwardly protruded and Yi Jiamu slowly came out. At first, Gu Yesheng’s attention was only on the foot. Then his gaze slowly lifted and his smile completely froze. He received a blow and his breathing was slightly sluggish.

He tried to maintain Yi Jiamu’s facial features as much as possible when doing the modeling but the rest he played freely. Even so, his imagination was different from actually seeing it on Yi Jiamu.

The person who walked out of the modeling space had long, flowing silver hair and a pair of light apricot eyes with vague shyness. He wore a double-layered court jacket inlaid with glittering gems and an embellished square kerchief. He looked refined and noble.

However, the most eye-catching thing was the pair of white wings waving behind him. The overly holy colour set off the silver-white hair and he looked like an archangel out of a myth. He was so beautiful that people couldn’t move their eyes away.

Yi Jiamu noticed Gu Yesheng’s stare and couldn’t help the burst of heat on his face. He was trying to avoid the gaze when his footsteps paused in mid-air. “Er…”

The apricot coloured eyes blinked slowly. Yi Jiamu looked back and found that the pair of wings were a bit too big. He was… stuck.

Five minutes later, Gu Yesheng finally helped Yi Jiamu squeeze out of the modeling space. He sat on the ground and couldn’t help burying his face in his palms, shoulders shaking.

Yi Jiamu saw that the instigator was laughing and glared at him angrily. “I told you that it wasn’t appropriate, didn’t I?”

Gu Yesheng put away the laughter and looked up. Since he was working hard to control himself, his expression looked a bit serious. “Why not? Believe me, it’s so beautiful!”

Yi Jiamu stared at him in an expressionless manner and didn’t speak.

Gu Yesheng approached Yi Jiamu and spoke in an ambiguous tone. “Didn’t you notice. Our bodies…”

He stretched out his tone slightly and breathed softly in Yi Jiamu’s ear. “It’s a couple outfit.”

Yi Jiamu’s attention had been on the pair of waving wings. Now he heard the words and glanced at Gu Yesheng. After regaining his mind, his face heated up and he gently pushed away this sticky guy. “We aren’t together yet. How can it be a couples outfit? So shameless.”

Gu Yesheng allowed himself to be pushed further away.  He glanced at the expression on Yi Jiamu’s face, resisted the throbbing of his heart and confessed, “Yes, I am only shameless regarding you.”

Yi Jiamu couldn’t stand this shamelessness and turned to go back to the modeling space. “I will change it.”

Gu Yesheng grabbed his wrist. “Don’t be in a rush. This is such a rare opportunity so we should go and do something very important.”

Yi Jiamu’s mind was blank for a moment. “…What is so important?”

Gu Yesheng’s narrow eyes curved in a smile. “Open a room.”

Yi Jiamu, “???”

Before he could ask, Gu Yesheng’s figure disappeared from the initial platform. Then he received an invitation to enter a custom room. Yi Jiamu confirmed that he would enter and saw Gu Yesheng waiting in the room. Yi Jiamu couldn’t help being silent for a moment. It turned out to be this ‘opening a room’…

Gu Yesheng noticed the strange blush on Yi Jiamu’s face. He seemed to be able to see through the child’s mind and smiled. “Mumu, what’s the matter? You found that I opened a custom room and was disappointed?”

Yi Jiamu stared at him silently while doing calculations in his heart. In this type of custom room, he should be able to hit Gu Yesheng directly, right?

Fortunately, Gu Yesheng didn’t continue to jump on the edge of death and smartly changed the topic. “Speaking of which, what do you think of this scenery?”

He just finished speaking when the battle mode started and the custom room’s map was switched.

There were various user identities on the virtual platform and their purpose for entering the platform was also different. In addition to students of different colleges, there were many professional ability masters. For this group of people, it was necessary to simulate more realistic scenarios.

Therefore, in order to cater to the needs of different groups of people, various simulation maps uploaded by users were stored in the database in order to realize more comprehensive applications. All the uploaded maps were recorded in the database and over time, the platform maps could be said to cover almost the entire interstellar scene.

The map chosen by Gu Yesheng was Holy Temple.

It was unknown where he found this map. The colorful glass of the roof reflected brilliant light, the luster of the stars set off a dreamy atmosphere and the surrounding delicate white sculptures were coated with a soft light.

This was the moment when Yi Jiamu realized the important thing mentioned by Gu Yesheng meant taking photos as a souvenir. He was dumbfounded for a while.

He even wondered if the designer of this virtual platform would angrily remove Gu Yesheng from the database once he found out that the combat system he worked so hard on was being used as a holographic photo studio for fun.

However, he had to admit one thing. Some of the scenes here were truly stunningly beautiful. Yi Jiamu was amazed by the beautiful scene and couldn’t help looking at it a few more times. He didn’t notice Gu Yesheng pulling his arm. He just subconsciously followed the guidance to walk to the front of the temple.

Gu Yesheng tilted his head and his eyes fell on Yi Jiamu’s side profile. He couldn’t help his heartbeat speeding up slightly. A vague emotion was surging in his eyes. He suddenly leaned over and whispered in Yi Jiamu’s ear. “Mumu, seeing us now, don’t you feel like we are having a wedding?”

The system seemed to be intentionally cooperating with him. The moment he spoke, a white dove happened to fly out of the half-open window at the top of the temple.

Yi Jiamu’s eyes followed the startled pigeon flock and a wave stirred in his heart. “What nonsense are you saying?”

He instinctively wanted to retract his hand but it was held tighter by Gu Yesheng. In the low, magnetic voice, there was laughter that couldn’t be hidden. “Okay, I won’t talk nonsense. Let’s take photos.”

Yi Jiamu pursed his lips and his drooping eyelashes shook slightly. He didn’t know if it was due to Gu Yesheng’s words just now but his thoughts couldn’t help straying a bit.

What type of photos could be taken on such a wedding-like occasion? Was it that type of ‘wedding photo’?

Yi Jiamu felt a rush of heat to his mind. He was dizzy and the wings behind him shook slightly, white feathers falling down to the ground. The expression on his face became even tenser.


Jing Yao decided not to continue training. He was bored so he stayed online to wait for the results of the report. Before he got a response, he saw that the new account was moving again. He was ready to follow only to realize that this was a custom room. The system blocked him from watching.

Jing Yao raised his eyebrow slightly and unwillingly clicked on the other party’s data interface. He glanced at it and couldn’t help crying out, “F*k.”

Liang Qiuzhi looked over with a strange expression. “What’s wrong? Why are you blushing?”

Jing Yao opened his mouth. Finally, he felt that all descriptions were lacking and simply threw the interface over.

This time, it was Liang Qiuzhi’s turn to be stunned. He finally knew why Jing Yao was blushing.

After completing the challenge task, this new account was finally willing to replace the lackluster system face. This wasn’t a surprising thing. The most important point was that this new face was simply amazing!

Combined with the holy angel appearance that could accommodate all the words of beauty, this was simply the dream lover of thousands of alphas!

No matter how hard they trained on the virtual platform every day, which person hadn’t formed a perfectly shaped omega for themselves? Therefore, Liang Qiuzhi confirmed it the moment he saw this face. It was exactly the type that Jing Yao liked.

He thought about how many people used their own appearance as the basis for the modeling and Liang Qiuzhi’s gaze toward Jing Yao was complicated. “Ah Yao, you shouldn’t have done something unreasonable like falling in love at first sight, right?”

Jing Yao murmured, “I…”

Liang Qiuzhi couldn’t help reminding him. “You just reported this person.”

Jing Yao, “……”

If God gave him another chance, he would absolutely strangle himself before he pressed the report button! Suddenly, he didn’t want to wait for the results of the report. Offline!


The top six part of the competition was about to begin. In order to be in a better condition on the day of the competition, the members of the Sublime Star Abilities Association departed a day in advance.

The space car to the airport was parked in front of the Abilities Association Building.

The moment Xu Yi got in the car, he was surprised to find that Gu Yesheng had actually arrived early. Gu Yesheng had his head lowered and was smiling as he looked at something unknown.

Xu Yi couldn’t help walking over curiously. “Why are you so early today?”

Gu Yesheng looked up. “There is someone sitting here.”

Xu Yi had long seen through the nature of this man who valued love and despised friends and didn’t care. “I don’t want to sit next to you. I’ll leave soon. However, what are you looking at? Let me see as well.”

Gu Yesheng closed the terminal screen calmly and spoke lazily, “It is my exclusive private collection. You aren’t allowed to look.”

Xu Yi sighed. “Look at your virtue. Who would like you?!”

Gu Yesheng raised his eyebrows and glanced outside the car. There were some doubts in his eyes. It was a bit strange. According to his understanding, the child usually arrived early. Why hadn’t he come yet?

Meanwhile, Yi Jiamu was running on the road and couldn’t help sneezing. He rubbed the tip of his nose. Yesterday, his dreams were full of wedding scenes and honeymoon trips so he almost overslept this morning.

He wanted to cover his face at the thought of those images. He blamed Gu Yesheng for talking nonsense yesterday. So shameless!

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Congratulations to Narcissus. He mentioned a love rival and finally met a ‘true love enemy’!


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