OIAA: Chapter 5

Xu Yi saw Gu Yesheng’s social media account ID and couldn’t help complaining. “Can you change your nickname? Night God feels too chunnibyou.”

Gu Yesheng replied casually, “I’m too lazy to change it.”

In fact, he had wanted to enter ‘Yesheng’ at the time. As a result, there was a terminal identification problem and he registered it directly without paying attention. (God = shen in Chinese)

At this time, his eyes lowered and he saw that the other person had accepted his friends application. His eyes curved with satisfaction and he dropped the communicator on the sofa.

“You little cutie actually accepted you?” Xu Yi took a sip of soda. “His precautionary awareness isn’t enough! Such a chunnibyou name without a note can be accepted. Then should I try to send an application later?”

Gu Yesheng glanced at him, tone not polite. “Don’t stir the muddy water.”

“Yo, are you really protecting him.” Xu Yi felt this person’s attitude was a bit strange and turned to Lu Zexiu sitting next to him. “President, your ‘Shen Ze CP’ can’t be guaranteed. I don’t know how many people in the school will cry blindly because of this. Is there anything you want to say to your love rival about this matter?”

Lu Zexiu took a cold breath and didn’t speak. His gaze clearly showed the words ‘you are boring’.

This was the lounge of the Sublime Star school-level Abilities Association. Only members had access to it and few people came here when there was no meeting. Over time, it became a meeting place for several permanent executive members.

Several members of the Sublime Star Abilities Association had their own supporters in school. There was no shortage of enthusiasts creating fan fiction and there were various CP areas in the school forum.

Among them, President Lu Zexiu and Vice-president Gu Yesheng’s AA combination had the highest popularity. Although no one dared to provoke Gu Yesheng, it didn’t affect fans from secretly supporting the CP. The most interesting thing was that Gu Yesheng always closed one eye to this matter. This made the situation more subtle.

At one point, some people suspected that the Shen Ze CP was real. Now there was such big gossip.

Xu Yi had a side account with a high degree of followers in the campus forum and he was also involved in several gossip groups. It could be said that he could get first-hand information at any time.

He came here today to have a good joke with the two people involved. Who knew that one person was more indifferent than the other and there was a lack of interest. In the end, he changed the topic to the main point. “Gu Yesheng, now your social media account is added. What are you going to do next? According to your thoughts, Gu Xiucheng is targeting that kid. You can either step in or ignore it. If you want to manage it, you will have to arrange for someone to watch him in secret. You’re much clearer about Gu Xiucheng’s means than me. Think about the fate of those who previously had a relationship with you. If you don’t make some preparations then this kid might drop out of school.”

In fact, Xu Yi was speaking subtly. If Gu Xiucheng really started acting then it might be better to drop out of school.

Gu Yesheng raised his long and narrow eyelashes. “If I tried to arrange someone to watch him, who should I arrange? Or do you want to go?”

Next to them, Lu Zexiu closed his book and suddenly spoke. “That Gu Xiucheng, you really shouldn’t indulge him anymore.”

Xu Yi was moved. “Boss, you finally expressed your position!”

Gu Yesheng’s eyes drooped slightly and he leaned back lazily, his entire body falling deeply into the sofa. He turned around to find a comfortable posture, covered his face with a book and closed his eyes lazily. “Do as you like.”

Xu Yi glanced at Lu Zexiu and shrugged helplessly.

Gu Yesheng’s excessive special ability easily made people subconsciously fear him. People who were close to him always got into accidents and this led to other students staying away from him.

Gu Yesheng actually knew who was making small moves behind his back. There was never a good ending for those who tried to provoke him. The only one Gu Yesheng was never ruthless to was Gu Xiucheng, no matter what he did.

The reason was the complicated relationship within the Gu family.

The Gu family’s status had always been high among the ability families with a long history. If it wasn’t for that accident, Gu Yesheng should’ve grown up with the expectations of the entire family.

However, during a special mission, the Gu family was severely hurt and both of Gu Yesheng’s parents were killed. Since there was only one heir left in the fallen lineage, the strong side branches inevitably had other thoughts.

As for the reason why Grandfather Gu hadn’t changed Gu Yesheng’s inheritance rights, the big reason wasn’t his feelings for his grandson. Rather, it was the ability that was unique among all the stars.

Those with mental powers were already very scarce, not to mention Gu Yesheng’s absolutely aggressive ability to amplify the dark side of the opponent’s heart. He was oppressive to everyone.

Still, no matter what, Gu Yesheng was just one person who he was relatively optimistic about among the Gu family’s juniors. He might be a good candidate in Grandfather Gu’s eyes but he wasn’t indispensable.

If they really wanted to talk about someone, it was Gu Xiucheng. He might’ve been born from a side family but he had strong support behind him. He was more like the future heir of the family compared with Gu Yesheng, the legitimate young master. Moreover, Gu Xiucheng was a person with his own set of routines. Among his generation, he was the one most loved by Grandfather Gu. If Gu Yesheng didn’t exist then he would likely become the next family head.

Gu Xiucheng was ambitious and never hid his hostility toward Gu Yesheng.

Since entering Sublime Star, anyone who left a name next to Gu Yesheng would silently disappear from public view. Combined with his arrogant personality, no one dared get close to him over time. Lu Zexiu and Xu Yi were the exceptions entirely due to their prominent background.

In the final analysis, Gu Xiucheng was so fearless due to Grandfather Gu’s favour.

Seeing that Gu Yesheng was ready to go to sleep with the book covering him, Lu Zexiu stopped the noisy Xu Yi and dragged him out before he kept chattering. The footsteps gradually went away and the surroundings calmed down. Gu Yesheng picked up the book and threw it beside him. The sound of the book landing on the floor was particularly clear in his environment.

He stared at the chandelier on the ceiling in confusion for a moment before remembering he hadn’t told the child his name. He lazily grabbed his communicator and sent a message.

[Night God: I am Gu Yesheng.]

It wasn’t long before a reply was sent from the other side.

[Mumu: Yes, I guessed it.]

He could almost imagine that beautiful and indifferent face through the screen. His lips curved up in an involuntary manner and a smile with an unclear meaning appeared. This was indeed a really interesting child.


There was no reason from the other side to his message and Yi Jiamu didn’t care about it. He logged onto the campus network and searched for his course schedule this semester.

The School of Theory was different from the other schools since it was made of ordinary students without abilities and a small number of passive students who couldn’t improve their abilities. The main focus of the course was on various theoretical studies. Just like the slogan when recruiting students, it was committed to training all-rounder talents in all fields related to abilities.

There weren’t too many freshman classes. They had a few lessons every day scattered around the weekly table.

The next morning was a somewhat boring theory class but everyone was obviously distracted. Most of them were still thinking about the physical education class they would be having with the School of Combat in the afternoon.

Yesterday night, the newly elected class committee had mobilized the class group no less than 10 times and the theme was very clear. They must not lose face in front of those guys.

Their class leader was called Wei Lanbing. As his name suggested, he was a cold and proud beta and one of the students of the School of Theory who had a passive ability. At this time, he fully utilized the functions of a class leader and directly sent a 3,000 word paper to explain the importance of the matter. His attitude was expressed but it was unknown how many people actually read it in the end.

Still, they were freshmen and everyone’s motivation was strong. Yi Jiamu arrived at the training ground 10 minutes before the start of class and found that everyone had assembled, their formation quite neat.

In comparison, those from the School of Combat next door were a lot less attentive. It wasn’t until the music for class rang out that people were shouting ‘reporting’ one after another.

Those who arrived on time ran five laps under the instruction of the physical fitness teacher and those who came late had to run another five laps later.

Then the formal content of the first physical training class began. The content was very simple. It was throwing training.

The ball was a school-specific one made of a very rare metal material. It was covered with a layer of soft leather and they had to stand on both sides of the line to throw to each other.

The previous day, both sides had battled on the campus forum for several rounds and they were full of dissatisfaction and anger. Yi Jiamu was casually throwing the ball back and forth with Sang Bei when he saw a student from the School of Combat come over to Wei Lanbing. “I heard that you’re quite confident. Since you think it is no problem to take a physical education class with our group, do you want to have a competition with each other?”

The fire was a bit strong and other people looked over.

“How do you want to compete?” Wei Lanbing still had a cold attitude and he looked like such an occasion was a bit of a drag.

The student of the School of Combat sneered at this response. “It is very simple. The content of this class is throwing the ball. Why don’t we throw it at each other? As long as one person in your class can endure until the end, we will lose.”

Wei Lanbing asked, “The specific rules?”

The other person laughed. “I said it is just throwing the ball at each other one-on-one. If your physical strength isn’t enough then replace it with the next person.”

Wei Lanbing glanced at his classmates and they responded, “Compete with them!”

This type of throwing training was originally to consider the endurance of the arm stretching. It seemed that such a rule wasn’t difficult but once it was implemented, people finally realized the problem.

The School of Combat basically consisted of strengthening abilities. This included the ability to strengthen the limbs, a direct strengthening using their beast shape or the special materialization of the arms. Obviously, the final distance they threw the ball far surpassed that of the School of Theory.

A normal one-on-one consisted of two people of similar strength standing at specific positions and throwing at each other. However, in this case, the School of Combat students threw the ball several times beyond the position of the School of Theory. The School of Theory students had to run to pick up the ball and return to their throwing line. This consumed a lot of physical strength.

After discovering the other side’s trap, the School of Theory quickly made adjustments.

They just needed one person to persist until the end of the class. They simply arranged for some people to be responsible for picking up the ball so that the thrower could keep their physical strength.

Even so, they had to run back and forth over such a long distance to pick up the ball. The person responsible for picking up the ball would be exhausted after a few round trips and they would be out of the game.

Soon after, the throwers also started to withdraw.

The people from the School of Combat started to shout. “Theory students, weren’t you very aggressive previously? How can you not do this?”

Sang Bei angrily gritted his teeth but he couldn’t refute it. This made him even crazier. “Ahhh, how can they be so cocky?”

Yi Jiamu leaned against the railings of the training ground while watching the fierce competition scene in the distance with blank eyes. His thoughts obviously weren’t on this situation and he only felt sleepy.

Just then, someone shouted his name. “Yi Jiamu, it’s your turn to pick up the ball.”

It turned out that the people who exhausted their physical strength was now nearly 90% of the class while there were still 30 minutes remaining until the class ended.

Yi Jiamu awakened from his thoughts when he heard this. He glanced at the students who obviously had a low morale and rubbed his hair in a confused manner. “Oh.”

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