OIAA: Chapter 49

The next round of six teams was just around the corner and the new stage of training officially came to an end. There was the secret support of Yi Jiamu, the ability stone dealer, and the overall improvement of the team was smooth.

In order to participate in a better state, Guan Xueming specifically made an appointment with the infirmary of Sublime Star and took the members there for a pre-match physical examination.

After the physical examination, Yi Jiamu deliberately stayed behind.

Some time ago, in order to prevent others from discovering any abnormalities, Lu Zexiu had participated in the training with other members from beginning to end and didn’t formulate any other training plan. It was precisely due to this excessive training intensity that Yi Jiamu, an insider, inevitably felt uneasy.

Lu Zexiu could guess from the concerns from Yi Jiamu’s actions. The moment he got the medical examination report, he read it and then handed it to Yi Jiamu. “I said there would be no problems.”

Yi Jiamu didn’t say a word. He took it and saw that all the indicators were indeed normal. It was only then that he felt a bit of relief.

He thought about it before taking a certificate out of his space necklace and handing it to Lu Zexiu. “President, this is for you.”

Lu Zexiu took it. “What is this?”

Yi Jiamu pursed his lips. “You have to take a look first.”

This attitude made Lu Zexiu feel more curious. He looked through the papers in his hand one by one and his expression gradually froze. Finally, he glanced at Yi Jiamu and his expression was slightly complicated. “Have you reported this information to the school?”

“Not year. I was originally preparing to wait for my second year to submit it.” Yi Jiamu told the truth. “As for my current choice to let you know, I’m not on the bench for nothing. If necessary, I can always follow the team’s arrangements.”

The documents in Lu Zexiu’s hands was the proof of ability awakening that Wu Qingji had helped prepare. The words ‘immunity to all abilities’ was clearly written in the column of abilities.

There was no need for further explanation. Lu Zexiu had high intelligence and naturally knew what this ability meant. At this time, he heard Yi Jiamu’s words and guessed that this passive ability hadn’t awakened just recently. Yi Jiamu chose to tell him this honestly expressed enough trust in Lu Zexiu.

He was silent for a moment before returning the proof of awakening to Yi Jiamu. “I understand. Put this thing away first and I will speak to you if it is needed.”

Yi Jiamu was slightly taken aback. “You don’t want me to report it directly?”

“Not for the time being.” Lu Zexiu shook his head. “The competition isn’t such a simple matter. After all, you don’t have relevant experience or conducted similar training. Even if you report it now, you might not appear on the field. The next match has its own arrangements. For the time being, you just need to keep this arrangement and continue. As for your ability, you must have your own reasons if you didn’t choose to expose it before. Let’s keep with the original plan for now. Everyone’s life has its own set track. if possible, I don’t want my own affairs to affect other people. I hope you can understand.”

He looked at Yi Jiamu and showed a rare smile. “However, I understand your intentions. If one day, I really drag back the team then I won’t hesitate to ask for your help.”

This statement was probably too real. Yi Jiamu opened his mouth but finally said nothing. He nodded. “Okay, please don’t be polite if you need my help.”

Lu Zexiu smiled. “I promise. Thank you.”

Yi Jiamu didn’t continue talking about this topic. He leaned against the railing in the corridor and carefully arranged all the medical examination reports. He held them in his arms and was ready to go back to the association building. He turned around and happened to see a familiar figure at the corner.

Then his footsteps suddenly stopped. Lu Zexiu noticed his movements and glanced back, his back becoming stiff.

Gu Yesheng watched the two people who fell silent. He placed his hands in his pocket and gave a smile that wasn’t a smile. “I think there must be something between the two of you. Now, can someone explain it to me?”

He just wanted to stay and wait for his future boyfriend. He hadn’t expected to hear something like this. Lu Zexiu had known Gu Yesheng for a long time. Based on this attitude, he knew that things couldn’t be concealed.

Finally, he sighed slowly. “Go back and speak.”


In Sublime Star’s lounge, the table held a few cuts of hot tea but no one took a sip. Lu Zexiu’s explanation was understated but Gu Yesheng’s face was completely gloomy after listening. He had some guesses based on the information he overheard just now. However, it was a completely different feeling after gaining a clear understanding.

Gu Yesheng’s eyes lowered slightly and once he looked at Lu Zexiu, his face no longer had his usual casualness. “Is it the familial heart disease that Uncle Lu had?”


Gu Yesheng stared at him without any emotion. “Don’t participate in the next match.”

Lu Zexiu calmly looked back at him. “Do you think it is possible at this time?”

“Why is it impossible?” Gu Yesheng frowned unhappily. “If it was me or Xu Yi in this situation, would you let us continue to participate?”

Lu Zexiu was silent for a moment. “You aren’t the same. I am the president of the Abilities Association.”

“What a great president!” Gu Yesheng’s slender fingertips touched his forehead. He couldn’t see clearly but he couldn’t help chuckling after hearing the words. “I almost forgot. You are indeed different. You are the greatest pride of the Lu family. From small to large, who doesn’t know that the Lu family has a perfect heir? He does his best no matter what. As long as you are there, nothing can be regarded as a problem.”

At this point, he slowly looked up. “In fact, I have wanted to ask for a long time. You have always carried the expectations of everyone on your back and have always assumed the trust of everyone perfectly. You have been living for others like this for 20 years. Lu Zexiu, don’t you feel tired at all?”

Lu Zexiu’s eyes lowered. “This is what I should do.”

Gu Yesheng sneered. “Yes, you are willing to do this yourself.”

He suddenly kicked the coffee table in front of him, grabbed his coat beside him and stood up without saying a word.

Before he took a step, he heard Lu Zexiu calmly calling out to him, “Please keep this matter a secret from the others.”

Gu Yesheng smiled coldly. “If you want to die silently on the field, it depends on whether I am happy or not.”

Lu Zexiu was choked up and slowly leaned back against the sofa. Yi Jiamu hadn’t spoken the entire time. Now he saw Gu Yesheng slam the door and leave. He glanced at Lu Zexiu’s helpless smile and hesitated for a moment before finally following Gu Yesheng.

By the time he walked out of the association building, Gu Yesheng had already disappeared. It was obvious that he was truly angry this time based on the smell of alpha pheromones in the air. It was different from the previous time. This had a low pressure, as if it could crush everything nearby at any time.

Yi Jiamu was much more sensitive to Gu Yesheng’s pheromones than others. The corners of his mouth lowered and he followed the extremely faint smell.


Gu Yesheng was holding a cigarette when Yi Jiamu found him.

It was the mint cigarette that had been particularly popular lately. The smoke faintly lingered as if surrounding him with irritability. Although he couldn’t feel it, Yi Jiamu felt this person must’ve used his ability as a deterrent. This was why there wasn’t anyone around when it should be full of people.

The entire area was empty. In such a huge environment, this figure seemed even thinner.

Gu Yesheng frowned and took a couple of unhappy puffs of the cigarette. He was a bit tired and wanted to close his eyes. He inadvertently looked up and found Yi Jiamu standing at the intersection.

The moment their eyes met, a piece of ash slowly scattered. In the blink of an eye, it was completely blown away by the gentle breeze.

Gu Yesheng had been irritated by Lu Zexiu’s affairs just now and used his ability to clear out an open space so it was quiet. However, Yi Jiamu had actually followed him. His originally turbulent mood somehow softened. The hand holding the cigarette had nowhere to be placed and in the end, he simply pressed the cigarette on the ground and directly put it out.

Yi Jiamu didn’t seem to notice Gu Yesheng’s movements. He walked over, sat down beside Gu Yesheng and glanced at the cigarette on the ground. “Why aren’t you smoking?”

Gu Yesheng looked over at the child’s side profile. “I’m afraid it will choke you.”

Yi Jiamu murmured somewhat regretfully, “I really wanted to try it.”

“Try what? How can children smoke?”

Yi Jiamu looked at him in a disgruntled manner. “Then why can you smoke?”

Gu Yesheng was choked up and slowly rubbed his own hair. “I won’t smoke anymore and will set an example.”

Yi Jiamu stared at him and stopped talking. It seemed he was a bit dissatisfied with Gu Yesheng’s actions of stopping him from smoking. Gu Yesheng lowered his head under this gaze but he couldn’t help his mouth curling up in a smile.

He certainly knew that Yi Jiamu wasn’t here to discuss smoking with him. His eyes darkened when he thought of Lu Zexiu’s matter. Others might not be aware of the seriousness of the matter but he was well aware that Lu Zexiu’s father had died of the Merck’s heart disease.

In fact, it was more than just Lu Zexiu’s father who was ill in Lu Zexiu’s family. The family’s genetic disease had always been a taboo that the Lu family didn’t want to bring up. If his guess was correct, in order not to worry the elders of this family, Lu Zexiu hadn’t even mentioned this to other members of this family. However, such an approach that completely disregarded himself was simply a mess.

Gu Yesheng thought up to here and couldn’t help frowning. He lay flat down on the ground. The clouds floating in the sky were stained with the luster of the stars and they were so dazzling that he couldn’t help slowly closing his eyes.

There was a faint noise and Yi Jiamu also lay down. Yi Jiamu spoke slowly after what seemed to be careful consideration. “Senior, are you going to tell the others about President’s matter?”

Gu Yesheng still had his eyes closed as his voice drifted in the darkness. “If he wants to look for death then I won’t bother to care.”

Yi Jiamu was silent for a moment and could only think to say a comforting sentence. “The president promised me that he would pay attention.”

Gu Yesheng thought that Yi Jiamu was too naive and wanted to laugh. Finally, he couldn’t help opening his eyes and turning his head. “You believed it when Lu Zexiu said he would pay attention? Do you know his personality…”

His words came to an abrupt end.

Gu Yesheng hadn’t expected that Yi Jiamu, who was lying next to him, was also looking sideways at him. In this posture, their lips touched together without any warning. The soft touch was like a ball of fire and Gu Yesheng’s thoughts scattered wildly.

Yi Jiamu’s mind became blank for a moment.

This was… k-kiss?!

The silent air was full of ambiguity.

The expression in Gu Yesheng’s eyes changed and in the end, only a soft smile was left. The breath he let out between words touched Yi Jiamu’s face because they were so close. “So, how long do you plan to lie down like this?”

Yi Jiamu’s heart jumped. Heat rushed into his mind at the same time and he abruptly stood up.

Gu Yesheng felt like his heart was going to jump out of his chest at any time. Then he saw Yi Jiamu like this and couldn’t help laughing.

He also sat up slowly as he looked over Yi Jiamu’s face. He spoke softly into Yi Jiamu’s ears, “Don’t worry, I won’t say it. If Lu Zexiu wants to do something then the entire team can’t stop his decision. I’m not so cruel as to make other people feel frightened. At most, I’ll wait for the official match and keep watch. If there is something wrong then we’ll just directly take him off the field. Do you think that’s okay?”

Yi Jiamu didn’t notice that Gu Yesheng had included him. He was dizzy and unknowingly responded. “Okay.”

Gu Yesheng felt his depression disappearing and he couldn’t help his lips curving up. He saw the child’s red ears and asked with a smile, “Speaking of which, I have a suggestion. Do you want to hear it?”

Yi Jiamu asked, “What is the suggestion?”

“In order to prepare for situations that require you to play, I think we can consider trying some simple exercises.”

He saw Yi Jiamu watching him and smiled. “Lu Zexiu isn’t wrong. The Abilities League isn’t a simple thing. No matter how strong you are, it will be risky to participate directly if you haven’t adapted to the environment.”

Yi Jiamu thought about it and felt there was some truth to this. “We can try it.”

“Then once there is time, I will take you to try the simplest one in the virtual cabin.” Gu Yesheng rubbed his head lightly. “We will take it step by step. Don’t worry.”

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