OIAA: Chapter 48

In this ABO world, medical developments had advanced. In order to promote free love, various corresponding medical drugs came into being. One of them was Enthus.

It was just that Enthus didn’t affect the entire population like other medicines. It would only have an effect when used on an alpha. Therefore, it was called by another name—Alpha Reverse Agent.

If an alpha took in a certain amount of Enthus, it would cause a disorder in the pheromones system. This reverse inhibition could reduce the instinctive possessiveness of an omega by obstructing the secretion of pheromones.

On the other hand, it was precisely because the process of releasing the pheromones were restricted that inner desire was squeezed to its peak. Once the effect of the medicine was over, the user’s sensory sensitivity would reach an unprecedented high. For this reason, it wasn’t just a temporary control medicine when an alpha’s susceptible period came. Some omegas would use it to reverse inhibit an alpha but the most widely popular use was for hotels to provide it to AO lovers to increase the fun in their relationship.

In fact, Zhou Ming’s original intention behind giving such a bottle of Enthus to Yi Jiamu was in case Gu Yesheng intended to use his pheromones to pressure Yi Jiamu. Then two sprays would be enough to give Yi Jiamu a short opportunity and also make someone suffer. He didn’t expect that Yi Jiamu hadn’t used it when they went out. Instead he came back and ran into Gu Yesheng, the party involved.

Before this, Yi Jiamu had no idea about Enthus. He listened to the explanation and almost stopped breathing on the spot. It took him a long time before he could squeeze out a sentence. “This really isn’t mine.”

In fact, Gu Yesheng hadn’t thought so. Yi Jiamu didn’t look like a person who played so wildly. Even so, his eyes fell on the red face and he couldn’t help wanting to tease. “It isn’t yours so you borrowed it from someone else? Little friend, can I understand that you are looking forward to something?”

Yi Jiamu’s lips pursed and he stopped talking.

Gu Yesheng stared down at Yi Jiamu for a moment and he smiled. He grabbed Yi Jiamu’s hand, opened it and placed the medicine back in his palm. “If you are interested, do you want to try it now?”

The moment he finished talking, the alpha’s pheromones surrounded Yi Jiamu. It seemed like there were some narcissi in the water that quietly blossomed, making the surroundings ambiguous.

Yi Jiamu felt the touch on his palm like it was a ball of fire. He instinctively pulled his hand back and pushed the person in front of him with his other hand. “Don’t make trouble.”

“I’m not making trouble. In the past, if I knew an omega was carrying something like this then I would be very angry. However, this person is you.” Gu Yesheng took the opportunity to take a few steps back, his eyes filled with emotions. “Mumu, I didn’t have any unhappy thoughts just now. Rather, there was a hint of happiness. I actually thought that if you want to use Enthus on me, this isn’t something that is hard to accept. I even feel a bit of anticipation. Can you tell me why this is?”

Yi Jiamu’s voice was tense. “I don’t know.”

“I like you. You really don’t know about this matter?”

He gently inhaled the scent floating around him. “Look, your pheromones have already told me. You might’ve avoided me these days but in fact, you have feelings for me, right?”

At this time, there was the faint scent of green plums in the air. The scent from the omega was particularly clear among the faint scent of narcissus. Yi Jiamu noticed Gu Yesheng’s movements and only realized now that the pheromones in his body had been released. For an alpha and omega, the release and integration of pheromones was far more honest than themselves.

Therefore, the instinctive reaction of his body had given the answer directly instead of Yi Jiamu. His pheromones had never been so straightforward to another alpha. It was only Gu Yesheng. He had also never blushed so much and felt so confused when facing an alpha, except for Gu Yesheng.

Yi Jiamu had no experience in emotional aspects and didn’t know this feeling. However, at this moment, he could clearly perceive his heart that was almost jumping out of his chest and could clearly feel the pheromones in his body reacting instinctively to the alpha in front of him. He wanted physical contact, hugs and even wanted to try…

Yi Jiamu thought up to here and his mind went blank for a moment. His straightforward thoughts froze here.

Gu Yesheng saw Yi Jiamu’s expression change momentarily and probably guessed what Yi Jiamu was thinking in his little head. Thus, he waited quietly. He wasn’t in a hurry. It wasn’t until the end that he slowly leaned forward. “Are you ready to give me the answer?”

Yi Jiamu raised his eyes and stared at the person in front of him. His lips were pressed tightly together and he slowly nodded. Gu Yesheng was originally just asking a casual question. He was stunned when he saw the reaction. “There is an answer?”

Yi Jiamu’s expression was tense. He thought for a long time before slightly lowering his eyes. “I think I have to admit that you might indeed be the first person I like.”

Gu Yesheng felt his heart jumping and the corners of his mouth rose uncontrollably. Then in the next second, Yi Jiamu continued to speak in a serious tone. “However, we aren’t suitable to be together now.”

The expression on Gu Yesheng’s face suddenly froze. “Why?”

Yi Jiamu stared into his eyes. “The second half of the competition is about to start. This is such an important moment. Senior, you should be putting all of your mind on preparing for the match. Two people falling in love at this time can have a bad effect on the subsequent results. You know how hard everyone has worked to gain the championship trophy and some people have paid a lot for it. This means that less uncertain factors can be allowed. It is the same for me.”

Everyone was training hard every day. Yi Jiamu thought about how Lu Zexiu had discarded his physical condition for the league and felt his decision was extremely correct.

Gu Yesheng had thought of many reasons but he never expected the child’s professionalism to be so strong. He heard Yi Jiamu talking about the team at this time and was completely suffocated. If it wasn’t for the serious expression, Gu Yesheng would wonder if he had pressed too quickly and the child was forced to use this excuse to block him.

After a long time, he took a few deep breaths in succession and finally got rid of the suffocating feeling. “So you mean, in order to not affect the next match, you are refusing to be in a relationship with me?”

Yi Jiamu nodded. “This is good for us.”

The big words ‘no discussion’ were almost directly written on his small face.

Something surged in Gu Yesheng’s deep eyes. “Then aren’t you afraid that I will be discouraged after being rejected by you, lose confidence and lose fighting spirit in the next match?”

Yi Jiamu, “……” He really hadn’t thought about this.

Gu Yesheng saw Yi Jiamu’s complicated expression and rubbed his hair. In the end, he slowed down his tone and spoke in a tempting manner. “I can understand your painstaking efforts to choose your career first between love and career but… you always said the road to winning the championship is hard. I finally like someone but as a result, I can’t even get the nourishment of love. Isn’t it too pitiful? For the sake of me liking you too much, can you think about leaving me some expectations?”

“…What do you want?”

“Wait until this league is over.” Gu Yesheng thought about it. “Since you don’t think it is appropriate to be together now, wait until after the league. Once everything is over, I will make a declaration once again. Then at that time, you won’t reject me, right?”

Yi Jiamu’s heart thumped abruptly due to this straightforward gaze. He couldn’t bear it and moved his gaze away, his voice extremely low. “Yes, you can as long as you still like me at the time.”

Gu Yesheng accepted the words and his eyes were clear. “Don’t say ‘at the time.’ I will only like you in this life.’

Then before he received a response, Gu Yesheng reached out and held Yi Jiamu’s wrist. He used a bit of effort to pull Yi Jiamu into his arms.

He leaned over and gently dropped a kiss on Yi Jiamu’s forehead. “Then please advise me, future boyfriend.”

Yi Jiamu felt the soft touch on his forehead and burned up in an instant. He was dizzy as a thought emerged…

What was future boyfriend? This person was truly shameless…


The next day, Yi Jiamu came early to the Abilities Association Building due to yesterday’s events. He pulled Zhou Ming to a corner and quietly returned Enthus to him. Zhou Ming noticed Yi Jiamu’s nervous attitude and was taken aback for a moment. Then he became excited. “Do you know what this is? Did you use it?”

Yi Jiamu stared at him silently for a moment. “I know. However, I haven’t used it.”

“It was useless? That old vagrant Gu Yesheng, he can still be a human?” Zhou Ming looked disappointed that it wasn’t used on Gu Yesheng. Then he glanced at Yi Jiamu with a bit of confusion. “No, if it is useless then how do you know about Enthus? Did you check it on the Internet?”

Yi Jiamu explained, “I accidentally dropped it on the ground yesterday and it happened to be seen by Senior.”

Zhou Ming was about to put the spray away when his actions paused. “Senior? Which senior?”

“Senior Gu.”

Zhou Ming was silent for a moment before asking, “Then he knows I was the one who gave it to you?”

Yi Jiamu thought about it. “He shouldn’t know.”

Zhou Ming didn’t speak immediately. He grabbed Yi Jiamu’s hand and suddenly returned the bottle. “I declare that from today on, I am cut off from this bottle of Enthus!”

Yi Jiamu, “?”

Zhou Ming patted his shoulder gently. “Don’t tell anyone that the Enthus belonged to me, including Gu Yesheng. From now on, it is yours! Since Gu Yesheng taught you about it, you should know that Enthus has another effect besides being an anti-wolf spray. This effect is a bit unfriendly to alphas but I believe that pervert Gu Yesheng will be very fond of it from the perspective of pleasure. Since he returned the bottle to you undamaged, it means this bottle of Enthus is likely to help you!”

“…It isn’t necessary.”

Zhou Ming stared at him deeply. “Don’t be polite to me. Believe me, it will be useful!”

Before Yi Jiamu could speak again, he was gone in the blink of an eye. He was known as being the fastest in Sublime Star and even in the league.

Yi Jiamu stood alone, looking down at the bottle in his hand. It wasn’t known what he was thinking but there was a burst of heat on his face. A look of struggle flashed in his eyes before in the end, he put the bottle back in his pocket.

The author has something to say:

Zhuo Ming: Believe me, it will be useful!

Mumu: …No.

Narcissus: This can really be used, future boyfriend ~^_^~

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