OIAA: Chapter 46

Gu Yesheng hid his smile and entered the room with a calm expression. Apart from the somewhat messy bed, the hotel room was tidy. It was clear that Yi Jiamu had been on his bed since returning. The blushing Yi Jiamu suddenly appeared in Gu Yesheng’s mind.

Yi Jiamu saw Gu Yesheng standing still and wondered, “Didn’t you want to take a shower?”

“Oh yes, then I’ll go.” Gu Yesheng’s senses returned and he walked into the bathroom.

Yi Jiamu’s gaze followed this figure all the way until the closed door blocked his sight. He was slightly dazed for a moment before turning around and walking over to the sofa to sit down. He grabbed a magazine and flipped through it.

The faint sound of water could be clearly heard through the door. In addition to the water vapor drifting through the gap, there seemed to be the faint smell of alpha pheromones. They spread wantonly like invisible vines and tried to occupy all the space in the room.

The sexy picture of the deep V flashed through his mind. Yi Jiamu paused as he flipped through the magazine and his Adam’s apple moved. He found that he couldn’t see the magazine at all. He sat silently on the sofa for a while only to suddenly get up and open the side window.

The cold wind that entered made him feel a bit more awake. His blank eyes stared at the neon lights in the distance and his thoughts drifted away. There were too many things that happened today. In addition, he hadn’t encountered this type of relationship problem before and it inevitably left him a mess.

He didn’t know how long he was in a trance for. Through the door, the sound of water in the bathroom seemed to have finally stopped. Gu Yesheng didn’t come out. After a moment, he called out to Yi Jiamu. “Mumu, are you there?”

Yi Jiamu was awakened from his thoughts, walked to the bathroom door and asked, “What’s going on?”

Gu Yesheng told him, “I forgot to bring in a bath towel just now and there are none in the bathroom. Can you help me see if there is any in the closet?”

Yi Jiamu checked the closet and saw that there were indeed bath towels neatly placed on the shelf. He picked one up and asked, “Shall I put it at the door for you?”

Gu Yesheng looked at the layout inside the bathroom and wondered, “Can I trouble you to bring it in?”

Yi Jiamu’s actions paused. Bring… it in?

Gu Yesheng heard that there were no movements outside and added with a smile, “Just put it on the washstand.”

Yi Jiamu also noticed that his attitude was somewhat oversensitive. His face was hot and he responded in a low voice. “Wait a minute.”

The moment the bathroom door was opened, the pheromones belonging to an alpha enveloped him. There was obviously no aggressiveness but an invisible force seemed to be driving it. Yi Jiamu was completely enclosed by the pheromones in the blink of an eye. Combined with the steam, it all seemed to have more of an impact than usual.

Yi Jiamu’s original intention was to put down the bath towel and walk away. He avoided looking at the shower as much as possible. As a result, he forgot about the huge mirror on the wall of the washstand.

Every inch of Gu Yesheng’s body was well proportioned and he had slender limbs. At this moment, he was standing naked under a stream of water and his wet hair was hanging down. Although the drops of water on the glass door blurred the view, Yi Jiamu could still clearly see the sexy collarbone and the delicate lines. It was amazing.

Gu Yesheng seemed to notice the suddenly quiet atmosphere and suddenly looked back. The long and narrow eyes in this steamed filled environment were more attractive than in the past and the corners of his sexy lips curved up. “Does it look good?”

“……” Yi Jiamu’s hands shook and the towel fell directly onto the washstand. He had a strange feeling like his entire body was almost completely burned. His mouth twitched. Yi Jiamu tried to make a response but in the end, he turned and ran away.

There was only the sound of the heavy door slamming in the small space. It echoed a few times and became the only dynamic. Gu Yesheng witnessed the entire fleeing process and his eyes twinkled slightly. He couldn’t help looking down at his body and he pursed his lips.

After a long time, he raised his right hand and slowly covered his face. The roots of his ears were hot. This scale seemed to be bigger than he expected.

By the time Gu Yesheng came out of the shower, Yi Jiamu was no longer on the sofa. Only the bugling on the bed was slightly noticeable.

Gu Yesheng gently wiped the ends of his wet hair with the towel around his shoulders. He walked slowly to the bed and wasn’t in a hurry to speak as he looked down at the person curled up in bed. He felt another cute blow.

Of course, Yi Jiamu also heard the movements outside the blanket. He was still as he heard gradually approaching footsteps and he couldn’t help his heart beating faster. In fact, in the final analysis, Yi Jiamu felt so embarrassed just now because his own attitude was too revealing.

This made Yi Jiamu inevitably feel some doubts. For example, did he previously like the Shen Ze CP because he was greedy for Gu Yesheng’s body?

Some strange thoughts started circling in his mind again. Just then, Yi Jiamu felt a light in front of him and he looked up. He saw that the quilt had been lifted by Gu Yesheng. In a moment, the smell of narcissus that had been isolated outside suddenly leaked in and surrounded Yi Jiamu willfully.

The alpha in front of the bed looked at him with slowly lowered eyes.

Time was relative. Right now, he felt as if time had completely stopped. After a moment, laughter flashed in Gu Yesheng’s eyes. “I’m done washing.”

“Oh.” Yi Jiamu tried his best to avoid the other person’s slightly wet neckline. “Then go back and rest quickly.”

Gu Yesheng captured every trace of Yi Jiamu’s emotional changes and his lips curved up. “Thank you for letting me borrow your bathroom.”

Yi Jiamu’s expression became even tenser. “No need.”

Gu Yesheng wasn’t in a hurry to leave but suddenly changed the topic of discussion. “I have a question I wanted to ask you.”

Yi Jiamu vaguely had a not-so-good hunch. “…What is the question?”

Gu Yesheng just looked at him with a sincere attitude. “Mumu, how much did you just… see?”

Yi Jiamu paused slightly before blurting out, “Not much.”

Gu Yesheng sighed. “So you did see something.”

“……” Yi Jiamu didn’t speak. He just felt the light around him dim and saw Gu Yesheng leaning toward him. He instinctively wanted to move back but he was still pressed underneath this person.

“Let me ask you something again.” Gu Yesheng’s hands were on both of Yi Jiamu’s shoulder, there was a slight smile on his face and cunning in his eyes. “I remember that you like to read fan works? In the novels, if a person peeks at someone else’s body then shouldn’t they take some responsibility?”

He saw that Yi Jiamu was completely stunned and slowly approached as if afraid the child would play tricks on him. Then he blew on Yi Jiamu’s ear. “For example, take me home or something?”

Under his gaze, Yi Jiamu felt a bit like he couldn’t resist. He took a deep breath to calm his emotions but the close breath of the alpha made him more feverish. After some time, he managed to maintain his calm tone. “The same person belongs to the same person and it isn’t suitable to take you home. If I really take you home like this…”

He tried to think objectively. “My grandfather might break your legs.”

“I was the one being watched but my legs will end up being broken. Is your family so overbearing?” Gu Yesheng obviously took Yi Jiamu’s words as an excuse. He thought for a moment before smiling. “Then I feel wronged. As long as you answer one more question for me, I will barely stop caring about being watched.”

Yi Jiamu avoided his gaze. “What is the question?”

Gu Yesheng’s gaze always stayed on Yi Jiamu’s body. He could smell the omega’s pheromones in such an ambiguous atmosphere and it started to drift away uncontrollably.

It was impossible to say he had no desire in this situation but Gu Yesheng still shifted his gaze away from the other person’s glands and asked playfully, “I just want to know. Based on your omega’s point of view, is my body considered one that you like?”


Yi Jiamu heard the question and took a long time for his senses to return. He finally couldn’t bear it anymore. His lips lowered and despite the heat moving throughout his body, he wanted to push Gu Yesheng away. However, the other party was unmoved.

Yi Jiamu’s eyes shook and he didn’t speak. Instead, he pressed his hands to Gu Yesheng’s shoulders and flipped them. His vision spun and he was directly pressed on top of Gu Yesheng’s body.

Gu Yesheng was originally waiting for Yi Jiamu’s answer and was caught off guard. His wet hair stained the surrounding sheets. He blinked before coming back to his senses. He wasn’t angry at all and couldn’t help laughing loudly. “So you like this position. So active. It seems that I am quite agreeable to you, little friend?”

He naturally followed his thoughts. “I always feel that it isn’t too far away from the day when we are officially dating.”

He added, “Since it isn’t far away, you can think slowly.”

Yi Jiamu’s face was flushed and he didn’t give Gu Yesheng a chance to make trouble. He turned over and pulled Gu Yesheng out the room before closing the door impolitely. A moment later, the door opened again and the towel left on the bed was thrown out. Then the door closed again with a bang. In the process, he ruthlessly didn’t say anything.

Gu Yesheng reached out to take off the bath towel covering his face. He noticed the smell of omega pheromones on it and something strange surged in his body. Finally, he couldn’t help cursing and smiling.

In the atmosphere just now, forget Yi Jiamu, even he couldn’t help feeling like he was about to explode. It seemed that the shower had been in vain. After returning to his room, he had to wash again with cold water to cool down.

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1 year ago

The water not working in my room trick, ok lah. Cornering someone on their bed…. This is obviously crossing some lines, but why do they sound so adorable?