OIAA: Chapter 44

Gu Yesheng seemed to see through Yi Jiamu’s mind. The laughter in his eyes increased while at the same time, he moved closer. His breath brushed against the tip of Yi Jiamu’s nose and made it itchy.

Yi Jiamu couldn’t help shifting his gaze to the side. He stared straight at the ground beside his feet, grabbed a tissue and blindly reached out to rub Gu Yesheng’s face. Then he heard Gu Yesheng chuckling in front of him. It was as if an electric current rushed all over his body.

Yi Jiamu, “……”

For the first time, he felt a bit overwhelmed in front of an alpha.

Meanwhile, there was a suspect who had been ignored for a long time. No 23 saw the sweetness of the young couple in front of him. If it wasn’t for the dim light, he would’ve visibly become pale with anger.

He raised his hand and the roof exploded due to the laser beam that was fired. The surrounding tourists screamed while his voice became colder than before. “Do you really think I’m joking with you?”

The ambiguous atmosphere that had just been brewing suddenly disappeared.

Gu Yesheng raised his eyebrow impatiently and turned his head. “Too noisy.”

His expression was almost impossible to see at such a distance but even so, No 23 felt like a hand was locked tightly around his throat. It felt like falling into an ice cellar and he fell silent. Gu Yesheng was about to use his ability when he felt someone gently pull at his clothes.

He looked down into Yi Jiamu’s bright eyes and smiled again, “Are you ready to agree, little boyfriend?”

Yi Jiamu felt Gu Yesheng’s gaze and instinctively avoided it. He stated in a low voice, “Resolve this matter first and then talk about the other thing.”

Gu Yesheng couldn’t help smiling wider at the shy expression. “Why don’t you just say it now?”

Yi Jiamu raised his head when he heard the ridiculing tone. His voice was serious and fierce. “Go out and talk about it!”

Gu Yesheng originally wanted to tease a bit more but seeing the fierce expression, he collapsed and gave in. “Okay, I’ll solve the matter here first.”

He was about to turn around when he was pulled by Yi Jiamu again. Moreover, Yi Jiamu was pulling Gu Yesheng behind him as much as possible. “Don’t do it. Let me go.”

Gu Yesheng froze for a moment and soon understood. The space here was narrow and the surrounding tourists were relatively close. If there was an error then it was likely to hurt the innocent.

Yi Jiamu might just be an assistant but he had a deep understanding of everyone’s abilities. He knew what type of result could be caused by Gu Yesheng’s ability if a mistake was involved. At this time, he didn’t want to involve innocent people.

That being said, the unknown weapon in the opponent’s hand meant Gu Yesheng didn’t want to let Yi Jiamu take the risk. The child was really good at fighting but dealing with idle gangsters was different from facing a dangerous person with an unknown origin.

Yi Jiamu could guess Gu Yesheng’s worries. He increased the strength in his hand and pulled Gu Yesheng back. Then he stepped forward and calmly stretched. “Senior, remember I told you that you can’t beat me.”

Before Gu Yesheng could reply, Yi Jiamu slowly smiled. “I have learned ancient martial arts from my grandfather since I was a child and I have participated in many fighting competitions. They might be non-governmental events in remote galaxies but I have come into contact with many top masters wandering around. Since three years ago, I have never lost when it comes to fighting.”

He cocked his head and had a thought. He seemed to be worried he wasn’t expressing it properly so he stared at No 23 in front of him and added indifferently, “Therefore, he can’t beat me.”

No 23 had been shocked by Gu Yesheng. Now he saw the soft-looking omega in front of him was so arrogant and he became furious. “I think you won’t be convinced until you face the grim reality!”

Then he raised his hand in a violent manner. The tourists on the ground covered their ears in a frightened manner. The next second, they didn’t hear the expected shooting sound. It was replaced with a low, muffled grunt.

No one noticed how Yi Jiamu, who was far away, suddenly arrived in front of No 23. The omega’s seemingly small fists smashed into the other person’s face and blood instantly spurted.

The dizzy No 23 instinctively wanted to use his elbows but Yi Jiamu locked his joints. No 23 was unable to see what was going on. He just heard a ‘clock’ and then a piercing pain surged to the top of his head.

No 23 looked down in a muddled manner and found his entire arm hanging by his side in a weird posture. As for the other arm, the metal instrument around his forearm was twisted so that the original shape wasn’t visible. The beam gun was completely crumpled into a ball and the muzzle was blocked. It was obviously completely useless.

The change was too incredible. No 23’s mouth opened and he could only scream with pain. All of this took less than half a minute. It could be said to be the rapid dispatch of an opponent. After Yi Jiamu dismantled the machine on the spot, his gaze stayed on the opponent’s left hand that was surrounded by a mechanical device for a long time. His eyes flickered slightly.

He hadn’t seen it clearly previously and thought this man was only carrying a mechanical weapon. It was only now that he discovered the metal equipment had become a part of the body. It was in perfect contact with the arm and had no sense of disharmony. At this time, a green and viscous oily liquid was flowing along the broken energy line and leaking to the ground drip by drip. It merged with the red blood that had been splashed. The bloody smell gained a rusty feeling and it was extremely strange.

Yi Jiamu was distracted and didn’t notice No 23’s distorted expression.H His senses didn’t return until he heard the shout in the distance. In the dim lighting, he saw a flash of green. He instinctively moved to the side and saw the beam of light pass by his shoulder. It slammed into the wall and left a deep hole.

Yi Jiamu was slightly surprised. Were the exposed mechanical products just a cover? In the blink of an eye, a figure had rushed at him.

Gu Yesheng’s voice was low. “Are you hurt?”

He hadn’t done anything just now but Gu Yesheng had always been paying attention to the situation over him. No 23 tried to sneak away, only to clutch his head tightly from a relentless pressure. The extreme fear and physical pain made him struggle for only a short moment. His posture twisted and he completely fainted.

Yi Jiamu glanced at the mud on the ground and let out a long sigh. He showed his undamaged shoulder to Gu Yesheng and spoke in a voice that only the two of them could hear. “It’s okay. An ability can’t hurt me.”

The coldness in Gu Yesheng’s eyes only slightly dissipated. He was about to say something when he felt his communicator vibrating. He took it out and found that in a short period of time, he had received a number of unread messages. They were all from Meyan. Perhaps because he didn’t reply for a long time, Meyan chose to call at this time.

Gu Yesheng took a deep breath and in the blink of an eye, his expression had returned to its usual casualness. He pressed to connect the call. “Hello?”

Yi Jiamu didn’t pay much attention to the call until he realized that Gu Yesheng had fallen silent and looked up curiously.

At this time, Gu Yesheng was also watching him. The gaze focused on him for a bit before Gu Yesheng broke the silence. “Yes, it has been resolved inside. The people from the police department can enter.”


Half an hour later, the scene was cleared.

Wang Lu released his previous alert state and couldn’t hide his appreciative smile when he looked at Gu Yesheng. “You are really the young man that Teacher Meyan values! This time, the suspect could be caught thanks to you. I will definitely give you the credit when I report on today’s events!”

“You don’t need to report it. I just happened to encounter him.” Gu Yesheng replied and glanced at Yi Jiamu with a smile. “Right Mumu?”

Yi Jiamu had always maintained a well-behaved and docile appearance after coming out of the haunted house. He never left Gu Yesheng’s side and was almost like a pendant.

He heard the words and nodded gently. “Yes.”

It was such a harmless appearance. Anyone who didn’t know him would think that in this incident, he was just a soft, weak and frightened omega student. Who would’ve thought that this young man could be so fierce and straightforward when moving his fists?

Wang Lu was an admirer of Meyan. Due to the relationship with Teacher Meyan, he focused all his attention on Gu Yesheng from the beginning and subconsciously regarded Yi Jiamu as someone who was protected.

At this time, he heard Gu Yesheng’s words and couldn’t help replying politely, “No matter what, the two of you have solved great trouble for us. These meritorious awards are worth noting and should be yours. They are indispensable! Don’t be polite with me about this. In addition, if you need any help in the future, please come to me. If it is possible then my police department will definitely help!”

“Since Director Wang is so polite, I do have something to ask you.” Gu Yesheng saw Yi Jiamu’s pretend obedience and knew the child didn’t want a big fuss. “You know that we are participating in the Abilities League. If you can, please don’t divulge our presence today. After all, the media outside wants to make news all day long. I’m afraid it will affect the next match if shady reports are released.”

“I understand what you want!” Wang Lu was happy to do this favour and agreed without hesitation. “Don’t worry. After all, the suspect is an ordinary person with no abilities. The follow-up will mainly be handled by our police department. It can be finished after some small arrangements. There should be no time for the Abilities Association to take care of these things. I will control the reporters and ensure it won’t affect the subsequent games!”

“That would be good.” Gu Yesheng nodded with satisfaction. Then he turned around and saw Yi Jiamu abruptly raise his head.

Gu Yesheng saw that Yi Jiamu was hesitant to say something and was about to ask when a man came over and said Meyan wanted to ask Gu Yesheng a few questions.

“I know.” Gu Yesheng replied before looking at Yi Jiamu. “Rest here and I’ll be back soon.”

Yi Jiamu nodded. “Go ahead.”

After Gu Yesheng left, Wang Lu and Yi Jiamu exchanged a few polite words before Wang Lu left on his own business. There was no one around so Yi Jiamu found a chair and sat down. Only then did he start to recall Wang Lu’s words.

His fingers slowly intertwined together. He leaned down and placed his chin on the back of his hands as his brow furrowed slightly. Director Wang said that the man in the haunted house was an ordinary one with no abilities. However, the sneak attack the man launched later was obviously an ability.

For a time, many images flashed through his mind. The out of control mech, the flying sparks, the scorched clothing, his unharmed skin and his immunity to abilities…

Every image seemed to show something but there was a sense of violation that couldn’t be described. Yi Jiamu didn’t know who long he had sat in this position when a bottle of ice water was gently placed against his cheek.

The cold touch brought him to his senses. He realized there were no more people in the police department around him. The lively scene of people coming and going was restored like nothing had happened.

Gu Yesheng had hurriedly returned after sending off Meyan and he saw the child sitting down.

The clothes torn around the shoulder made him look pitiful but then Gu Yesheng thought about the cool scene in the haunted house and there was another type of strange brilliance that made people unable to look away.

It was very rare.

Gu Yesheng’s eyes flickered when he met Yi Jiamu’s eyes and his tone was slow and long. “Now that the matter has been resolved, is it our turn to talk?”

The police department had handled things very cleanly. All the tourists involved in the haunted house incident were taken away and the amusement park was as peaceful as ever. It was all just like a thrilling dream. He hadn’t woken up from the dream as soon as possible. Now due to Gu Yesheng’s words, Yi Jiamu was pulled into an excessively real reality.

In the haunted house, Yi Jiamu didn’t have time to think about it. This time, facing Gu Yesheng’s deep gaze, he finally reacted. So was just now a confession?

The heat on Yi Jiamu’s face became more and more uncontrollable and his Adam’s apple moved due to tension. Under such an aggressive gaze, he could only feel his heart beating faster…

He felt a helplessness he had never experienced before. At the same time, his feverish mind had an inexplicable thought that appeared. If this confession was serious, did it mean he was to blame for his CP’s… BE (bad ending).

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