OIAA: Chapter 43

There were harmonious scenes around the amusement park and the air was filled with the smell of sweet cotton candy. It made the serious looking people in plain clothes at the entrance of the tea restaurant seem a little out of place.

There were no smiles on their faces. Their eyes were firmly locked on the exit of the haunted house and the atmosphere around them was solemn.

Wang Lu, the director of the police department had appeared here during work hours. If anyone who knew him passed by then they would be very surprised. At this time, he couldn’t help squeezing the cigarette butt in his hand and he asked, “Are you sure that No 23 is in here?”

The plainclothes officer next to him responded, “Yes! Both witness evidence and the locator shows that the coordinates are right!”

Wang Lu nodded. “Be careful. Don’t let him run away! Also, don’t forget to sort out the tourist information about those in the haunted house as soon as possible.”

“Yes, Sir!”

Wang Lu slowly let out a breath, constrained the solemn expression on his face and turned to the bigshot sitting at the round table. “Mr Meyan, if there is a conflict later, please try not to leave our protection area.”

A few days had passed since the mech incident. The media’s attention might’ve been attracted by the opening of the Abilities League but the investigation in this area hadn’t been lax. After Meyan arrived on the planet to take charge of the overall situation, several suspicious people had been quickly identified according to various clues. The ‘No 23’ they just mentioned was the 23rd person locked onto after the allied government investigated the relevant events of the Arbiter organization. During the hunting process and under the heavy encirclement of police officers, No 23 finally escaped to this amusement park.

Such an excessive flow of people obviously made investigations by the police department more difficult. It wasn’t easy to surround the suspect in the small area of the haunted house. The police officers had been working hard on this matter for several days and naturally didn’t want to miss it again.

Meyan was sitting there drinking coffee. He glanced at the police officers waiting around him and chuckled. “Yes, I’m also an abilities master. Director Wang, you don’t have to worry too much.”

Wang Lu felt choked up and then spoke bitterly, “Mr Meyan, don’t make fun of me. I won’t be able to explain if something happens to you.”

Meyan waved his hand and was about to say something when a plainclothes officer ran over with a stack of materials. “Sir, here are the tourist information materials that you wanted.”

Wang Lu took them and quickly looked through them, pausing when he saw one of the pages. “Isn’t he the one at the opening ceremony?”

The police officer took a look and agreed. “Yes, that is Gu Yesheng from the Sublime Star Star College team. My brother really likes him!”

Meyan paused as he was bringing the coffee cup to his mouth. He looked up with astonishment in his eyes. “Did you say that Gu Yesheng is inside?”


At the same time, the tourists in the haunted house had reached the last scene.

It was a pool of scarlet. Looking at it from a distance, they could see that there were many ‘corpses’ stacked. This scene being too lifelike was one of the biggest selling points of this haunted house.

Those who dared to enter this haunted house weren’t people who fainted from the sight of blood. The experience along the way had increased everyone’s courage. The alpha at the front even dared to lie on the railing and look at it closely. He was curious. “What is this made of? It is too real!”

Others who hadn’t left the haunted house apparently wanted to see more. The bad premonition in Gu Yesheng’s heart intensified. He was about to reach out a hand when he saw that Yi Jiamu had stopped.

“What’s the matter?” Gu Yesheng asked.

Yi Jiamu sniffed and his brow furrowed. “This smell… it doesn’t seem to be fake.”

He seemed afraid that Gu Yesheng wouldn’t understand so he turned to look at Gu Yesheng in the weak light. “My nose is very accurate. It should be real blood.”

Gu Yesheng’s eyes slightly shook and he stared straight ahead. He saw that the others had surrounded the pool in an instant. Previously, they had been timid but now they were so bold.

“You see, there is someone moving over there.”

“Isn’t it uncomfortable to stick so much blood on his body?”

“I say, did this man forget to change out of his work clothes? Should I remind him?”

“Wow? He’s crawling over! Ah, why is he climbing up here?”

Once someone shouted, other people couldn’t help crying out. Gu Yesheng looked over and could see someone covered with ‘blood’ moving hard toward this platform.

This type of visual effect was actually quite exciting. The alpha at the front suddenly gained the desire to express himself. He walked to the side with an expression of disapproval and pulled back the hand of the person who just climbed onto the platform. “Hahaha, this acting is really hard. I say, you’ve already scared us the entire way. Can’t you stop at the end?!”

The frightened people couldn’t help laughing at this teasing.

The man fell directly into the ‘blood pool’ and reached out to the top in despair. “Save… save me….”

The alpha lay on the railing and was about to tease a few more words when he suddenly heard someone say stiffly, “I remember him! He… he seems to be a tourist who came in after me. He isn’t a staff member!”

The moment this voice spoke, the surroundings fell into a strange silence. The alpha’s face was pale and he slowly rubbed the scarlet liquid on his fingers. Then he almost jumped up. “Blood! This is real blood!”

A cold wind suddenly blew. In such a terrifying atmosphere, everyone’s hair stood up. Before they could react, they saw a figure passing by. One hand picked up the victim who was half immersed in the blood pool. It was as if the air froze for a moment. The person slowly stood away from the only exit of the haunted house and ordered in a cold tone, “Be quiet if you don’t want to die.”

The voice was hoarse and deep, like a dull knife. It was uncomfortable to listen to. However, just this was enough to convince people that every word was true. For example, if they didn’t do it, this person might actually kill them.

A few timid people couldn’t bear this atmosphere for a long time. They were already crying out of fear while also covering their mouths in order to make as little noise as possible. In the end, there were only vague sobs.

Gu Yesheng probably felt such low sobbing was very annoying. He frowned and pulled Yi Jiamu strongly behind him. Yi Jiamu looked at the sudden change and was thinking deeply. By the time he recovered, there was already a tall figure in front of him. He blinked and looked up.

His eyesight had always been good. Even in such a low and dark environment, he quickly saw the person’s appearance. There were a lot of white hairs mixed in with the black hair which seemed to be due to high-intensity fatigue. His chin was sharp and the large eyes in the shriveled face were particularly prominent. There was no need for a camouflage effect. Just this appearance in the surrounding atmosphere was enough to make people feel uncomfortable.

He didn’t know about suspect No 23 who was being arrested by the police department but Yi Jiamu was reminded of the mech incident that he just experienced a few days ago. No 23 obviously wasn’t happy with the crying environment around him. He threw the man in his hand into the crowd. He heard the agitation and ordered cruelly, “Everyone, sit down! Don’t cry!”

The bloody man who was thrown into the crowd scared the others for a moment. Then they didn’t have time to care about what happened. They covered their mouths one by one and curled up in the corner crying.

No 23 was irritated but he was still satisfied with such an attitude. He mainly wanted to take hostages to deal with the policemen outside. In fact, he hadn’t wanted to make things so big. He would be happy not to do anything if no one resisted. After all, he needed more physical strength to continue to escape.

He took a deep breath and saw that almost all the people were gathered. He was just about to say something when he saw two people standing. This caused him to frown with displeasure. “You two, didn’t you understand what I said?”

“I understand.” Gu Yesheng smiled lazily. “However, I brought my little boyfriend on a date. Doing such a low gesture in front of him feels a bit bad.”

As he spoke, he glanced at the short distance between No 23 and the tourists and felt uncertain for a moment. He might involve other people if he rashly acted.

There was still a certain gap in the physical fitness of those with abilities compared with ordinary people. He didn’t know how much force it would take to get rid of this guy. He was afraid it wouldn’t be too light. If it was too heavy, he would be in a lot of trouble if he accidentally threw these ordinary people into the psychiatric department.

Gu Yesheng frowned slightly while the person behind him was also locked in thought.

Yi Jiamu didn’t quite understand why at this critical junction, this person could still talk in such a natural way…

It was as if it was real.

Just then, a sharp beam of light was fired, passed by the side of Gu Yesheng’s face and broke the wall not far behind him. It was so sudden that the tourists on the ground panicked again.

No 23 laughed coldly. “Don’t talk nonsense! Why are you pretending at this time? I’ll give you another chance to sit down with your little boyfriend. Otherwise, next time I’ll directly hit you in the face!”

Gu Yesheng smelled the faint scent of blood. He gently wiped the cut on his cheek with his thumb, licked the blood and revealed a happy smile. “What did you just say?”

No 23 was particularly grumpy by his attitude. “I said, believe it or not, the next shot will blow away your head!”

Gu Yesheng’s gaze flickered slightly. “Not that sentence.”

“I told you not to talk nonsense!”

However, Gu Yesheng ignored him and turned to Yi Jiamu behind him, a slight smile on his face. “Mumu, he just said that you are my little boyfriend.”

No 23 was confused. “Didn’t you say that you brought your little boyfriend to play?”

Yi Jiamu’s lips lowered and his expression was a bit unhappy. “You wipe the blood off your face first.”

Gu Yesheng saw this expression and seemed to realize something. The smile in his eyes became more intense. “Are you caring about me?”

Yi Jiamu told the truth. “I’ve always cared about you.”

Such a straightforward answer stunned Gu Yesheng for a moment. Then he laughed softly and came closer. “Since you care so much about me then… how about being my little boyfriend?”

The moment he spoke, the surroundings were so quiet that a needle falling would be able to be heard. The tourists whose futures were unknown didn’t know what expression to make in this sudden situation.

Yi Jiamu obviously hadn’t expected Gu Yesheng to say these words in such an untimely situation and he was also stunned. He gradually realized the meaning of the words and his face filled with uncontrollable heat. He forcibly resisted the urge to avoid this gaze and reached for a tissue to hand to Gu Yesheng. He stammered out a sentence, “You… wipe the blood on your face first…”

Gu Yesheng smiled and leaned over. “My hands hurt and I have no strength. Please wipe it for me.”

Yi Jiamu, “……” Wasn’t it his face that was injured? Was all his sense of shame gone?

The author has something to say:

Night Narcissus: Don’t ask. I’m asking you to feel the atmosphere.

No 23: ??? Do I have no face?

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what is this situation lmaooo 😭

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He must have the most courage in situation like these LOL or the perfect distraction.