OIAA: Chapter 42

The afternoon of the next day, the other members of Sublime Star were led by Guan Xueming to gather and check out. They prepared to go to the airport for boarding.

Zhou Ming was obviously very unhappy that someone was abandoning the group to play alone. Before leaving, he didn’t forget to do something secretly. He took advantage of when Gu Yesheng wasn’t paying attention to quietly pull Yi Jiamu to the corner. He took out a small spray and stuffed it into Yi Jiamu’s hands. “Mumu, Gu Yesheng isn’t a good person. If he dares to act carelessly then take this and spray him with it!”

Yi Jiamu looked blank. “What is this?”

Zhou Ming smiled mysteriously. “You will know after you use it!”

Zhou Ming heard Xu Yi calling him from a distance and patted Yi Jiamu on the shoulder. Then he hurried in the car.

Gu Yesheng watched the others leave before glancing at the time. “Let’s go too.”

The amusement park was located in the middle of the hotel and the airport. Although the mech accident two days ago was serious, it didn’t affect business. The square outside the entrance was crowded and very lively.

After queueing up to get the tickets, Gu Yesheng opened the app and glanced at it briefly. Then he handed the map to Yi Jiamu. “Which one do you want to play?”

Yi Jiamu seemed particularly casual. “All of it is fine.”

Gu Yesheng saw the child’s glowing eyes and directly converted this phrase into ‘I want to play all of them.’

He determined the queueing time for several rides and chose one where tickets could be obtained in advance. Then he led Yi Jiamu to the other side. “Let’s go play the underwater roller coaster first.”

The movements were so natural that Yi Jiamu followed for a few steps. Then his eyes fell on his right hand that had been held somehow. Gu Yesheng noticed the pause and looked back. “Why? Don’t you like such an exciting ride?”

Yi Jiamu’s eyes still didn’t move away from their hands. His ears became slightly hot and he replied with a sullen expression, “It isn’t because of that… it’s not very exciting…”

Gu Yesheng followed Yi Jiamu’s gaze and finally understood. Instead of letting go, he gripped tighter. “That’s good. Otherwise, there will be more stimulus later and I’m afraid you can’t bear it.”

Yi Jiamu looked up to see Gu Yesheng’s smiling expression and suddenly became shyer. In addition, more stimulus? He was led away and the expression on his face was serious.

He didn’t know why but there was an inexplicable eagerness to win in his heart. No matter how stimulating, he must be able to bear it!

Gu Yesheng sat on the roller coaster, turned his head and saw Yi Jiamu’s overly serious expression. If he didn’t know the reason in advance, he would think the child was really afraid of this ride. Gu Yesheng barely held back a smile and leaned over Yi Jiamu to grab the security belt on the other side and buckle it for Yi Jiamu.

Then he leaned back in his seat. As he passed by Yi Jiamu, he tilted his head slightly and gave a low laugh. “I’ll lend you my hand. If you are scared then remember to hold onto it tightly.”

Sitting behind them was a pair of lovers. The girl had been nervous at first. Then she happened to hear such a sentence and spoke angrily to the alpha next to her. “Why don’t you have any words of comfort? Look at people. This is what a boyfriend should look like, okay?!

The alpha reacted by laughing and apologizing. “I will give you my hand, I will give you everything. Is this okay?”

Yi Jiamu listened to the word ‘boyfriend’ and didn’t react at first. It wasn’t until the palm of his hand became slightly hot and he lowered his head to see the hand that Gu Yesheng had placed in his palm that his face became a bit red. He was about to explain to the two people behind them when Gu Yesheng turned around and smiled. “Are we worthy?”

The girl was obviously a very supportive character. “Of course you are worthy. Just look!”

Seeing that Gu Yesheng wanted to continue teasing, Yi Jiamu lowered his head and hit this person lightly with an elbow to make the swaggering guy become a bit more restrained.

Gu Yesheng saw Yi Jiamu’s reddish ears the moment he turned his head and didn’t continue making trouble. He sat back in his position, smiled and spoke in a voice only the two of them could hear. “Little friend, they said we are a good match.”

Yi Jiamu quietly pushed Gu Yesheng back into his seat and curled his lips silently. He whispered in his heart, ‘You are also a good match for the president.’

After riding the underwater roller coaster, the girl was almost lying on her alpha boyfriend’s shoulders. Yi Jiamu walked lightly behind them and didn’t quite understand it. “Is there such an exaggeration?”

Gu Yesheng glanced at the stumbling tourists around them and couldn’t help laughing. “It feels exaggerated because you are too amazing.”

He walked to the exit of the ride, saw Yi Jiamu’s eyes and became more curious. “So is there anything that scares you?”

Yi Jiamu thought about it seriously and became realistic. “I haven’t found it yet.”

Gu Yesheng glanced at the app, determined the location and pulled Yi Jiamu again. “If you don’t have anything then let’s go to the next one.”

The previous advance ticket he obtained was to the haunted house. The full range, real layout brought an absolutely immersive experience. It was one of the characteristic attractions and the five star reputation could never disappoint.

Gu Yesheng brought Yi Jiamu to the preparation area and suddenly whispered in Yi Jiamu’s ear, “Mumu, this is a special stimulus.”

Yi Jiamu felt that he had a stress response to the word ‘stimulus.’ He heard such a soft sentence and his heart suddenly jumped. Other people entered the venue one by one and the group to explore the haunted house would soon be full.

The last two people who walked in were very familiar. They were actually the couple sitting behind them on the roller coaster just now. The girl had obviously recovered from the fright of the roller coaster. She saw Yi Jiamu and Gu Yesheng instantly and greeted them with a smile. “What a coincidence. You also came here to play this? It is said that the haunted house here is very realistic. You might remember to hold hands tightly later! Look, we are already like this!”

She raised her right hand that was attached to her boyfriend’s hand like glue and shook them. This action made people wonder if this was purely a show of love.

Gu Yesheng ‘learned’ from them as he grabbed Yi Jiamu’s hand and held it up. “Is it like this?”

“Yes, yes, you must grasp it tightly! Otherwise, you might get lost and separated inside!”

Yi Jiamu, “……” He felt it was unnecessary. He moved his wrists in order to take his hand away, but he failed because the other person held it too tightly.

Gu Yesheng felt such an action and looked down. “Don’t move. It isn’t good if we get separated after a while.”

“I’m not going to run around. I’m not afraid of this.”

“I know you’re not afraid.” Gu Yesheng smiled and blinked. “However, I think I might be afraid.”

“Are you afraid?” Yi Jiamu stared at him in a baffled manner. “Then why are you here?”

“Probably because I am seeking stimulation?” Gu Yesheng raised his eyebrow slightly and pointed around. “Look, these people are worse than me but don’t they like to run here?”

Yi Jiamu looked in the direction he was pointing. He saw several nervous faces and felt like he had been successfully persuaded. ‘Stimulation’ was really a subtle existence…

The moment Yi Jiamu wanted to say something, all the surrounding lights suddenly went out without warning. The abrupt darkness caused agitation around him and screams were heard. In this pitch-dark environment, Yi Jiamu couldn’t help looking around. Then a magnetic voice gently entered his ears. “Stand with me and don’t move.”

The touch brought a faint heat. Yi Jiamu lowered his head and didn’t move any longer. Fortunately, this darkness only lasted a short moment. Two rows of dark green lights soon lit up to indicate an endless dark passage in front of everyone.

This type of atmosphere could be called very strange. It was quite for a moment but then a few bolder alphas started to move. The others followed suit.

Gu Yesheng originally thought that with Yi Jiamu’s personality, he would indifferently go to the front. Seeing him follow the group so obediently, Gu Yesheng asked curiously, “Why are you going so far behind?”

Yi Jiamu watched him with a strange expression. “Didn’t you say that you are afraid?”

Gu Yesheng hadn’t expected there to be such an answer. A slightly shaken look appeared in his eyes and then they gradually softened. “Yes, I’m afraid to death.’

Yi Jiamu’s hand was originally held by Gu Yesheng. At this time, he gently shook their hands and comforted Gu Yesheng calmly. “Just follow me. Don’t be afraid.”

There was a hidden smile on Gu Yesheng’s face. “Yes, I’m not afraid when you are here.”

The whole group walked a long way without knowing it.

In order to create the atmosphere, the surrounding light was very dark. Combined with the panoramic view without blind spots, there were always bursts of restlessness every time a ‘living person’ appeared. Every time the front row’s screams just ended, the back rows started to fall into chaos. Thus, there were screams one after another like the duet from hell. Among them, the screams of many tourists were mixed with faint crying. The alphas who led the way had long lost their initial bravery but they couldn’t get off the tiger. They could only tentatively stretch their feet in front of them.

The overall atmosphere was full of fear and tension. At the same time, it also brought the ‘stimulation’ that Gu Yesheng mentioned several times. As for Yi Jiamu, he had been walking calmly the whole time while tightly holding Gu Yesheng’s hand. Even the frequency of his steps hardly changed. It wasn’t scary but he felt that watching the story effect of the entire haunted house was really fun!

On the way, a staff member playing a horror clown almost stuck to his face. Then the two of them fell into a wide-eyed weird silence.

Yi Jiamu broke the silence first. “…Excuse me, what’s the matter?”

The horror clown, “……”

Gu Yesheng found it hard to suppress his laughter as the child continued to lead him forward without any disturbance. He walked forward and didn’t forget to give the frustrated ‘scary clown’ a pitying look.

In this way, they walked forward for a while. They had just gone through two-thirds of the haunted house when Gu Yesheng’s footsteps paused slightly and the smile on his face slowly faded. He was particularly sensitive to certain things because of his own ability.

The purpose of the haunted house might be to scare people but it was just an ordinary amusement park facility. It was far from the dark psychological that made people really terrifying. It wasn’t actually harming.

However, just now, Gu Yesheng vaguely caught a feeling that made him uncomfortable. It was a very dangerous signal. It was just so fleeting that he couldn’t be completely sure.

Gu Yesheng slowed down and his gaze fell on the darkness where it was hard to see his five fingers in front of him. The group moved forward and the feeling in his heart became clearer.

It might only be a light touch and the other person was trying hard to control his emotions, but it was enough to paint a chaotic darkness in Gu Yesheng’s consciousness. This darkness was mixed with scarlet, blood-like colours…

Such an overly realistic dark emotion clearly shouldn’t appear in this haunted house. It was a pure and incomparable gloominess and he could even feel a cold and ruthless killing intent fluctuating in the darkness. The person who could make Gu Yesheng feel this way was extremely dangerous.

Gu Yesheng’s pace slowed down even more and Yi Jiamu also felt the strangeness. He looked over. “What’s the matter?”

Gu Yesheng was silent for a moment. He didn’t know where this uncomfortable feeling came from and couldn’t be sure it would have a bad effect. He looked up and saw that Yi Jiamu had stepped back to his side. Yi Jiamu suggested, “If you’re afraid, let’s go slower?”

Gu Yesheng calmly hid the vigilance in his eyes. In front of such a caring attitude, he slowly smiled. “Okay, remember to hold me well.”

Yi Jiamu obediently held his hand tighter and shook it gently like he was coaxing a kitten. “I’m holding it. Don’t be afraid.”

The author has something to say:

Night Narcissus: Hold on for a bit longer. I really was ‘scared’ at that time~ :)

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