OIAA: Chapter 41

At the end of the game, Sublime Star successfully won the ticket to the second half of the league and everyone was very happy. They didn’t spend much time in the lounge and instead went to the stadium to meet today’s heroes.

The moment Gu Yesheng walked out of the virtual cabin, a bottle of elemental water appeared in front of him. The bottle cap had been unscrewed and Yi Jiamu’s sincere smile was behind it. “Congratulations on being first in the group!”

Seeing Lu Zexiu take the water from Xu Yi’s hand, Gu Yesheng’s expression eased a lot and his lips curved up. “Thank you.”

A staff member ran up to Lu Zexiu but glanced at Gu Yesheng from time to time with a hesitant expression. “Captain Lu, the interview after the match has been arranged. Do… God Ye, would you like to go together?”

Obviously, he hoped the two of them would show up together.

“I won’t go.” Gu Yesheng didn’t give the other person a chance to say anything more as he interrupted the following words. “I played too well today and I’m a bit tired. I need to go back and rest.”

Xu Yi couldn’t help laughing. “It isn’t false that you’re tired but is it really appropriate to say that you played too well?”

Gu Yesheng glanced at him. “Why? Didn’t I do well?”

Now Gu Yesheng was like a hedgehog waiting to see who would be pierced. Xu Yi was too lazy to care about him. “Yes, yes, particularly good! Today, you are the prettiest kid in the house!”

Gu Yesheng also didn’t care about him. At this moment, Gu Yesheng had turned his head to find that Yi Jiamu’s eyes were on Lu Zexiu, who was walking away with the staff member. He seemed to subconsciously be following them.

The expression in his eyes sank slightly and he gently placed a hand on Yi Jiamu’s shoulder, bringing the little friend’s soul back. Yi Jiamu met this gaze and his face was full of blankness.

Gu Yesheng’s mouth moved and he finally uttered the words, “Go back.”

Yi Jiamu remembered that Gu Yesheng was tired and immediately nodded and followed. The others were chatting in a lively manner. They saw these two people going back to the lounge and were about to take a step when Xu Yi quietly stopped them.

He swept a scornful look over the group. “What is so urgent? The president is still conducting the post-match interview. Wait and then we’ll go back together later.”

Zhou Ming wondered, “Then should I call Gu Yesheng and Yi Jiamu back?”

Xu Yi pulled at his collar. “Don’t be busy. Stay here at ease!”


Yi Jiamu walked for a while before realizing that none of the other team members were following. He wanted to say something but he didn’t notice the person walking in front suddenly stopping. He almost ran directly into Gu Yesheng.

Gu Yesheng could feel the question in Yi Jiamu’s expression but he didn’t say anything.

He took a few steps towards Yi Jiamu and looked down. Then he suddenly leaned forward and whispered softly in Yi Jiamu’s ear, “Little friend, I have helped you so much. Are you going to do nothing other than say thank you?”

In fact, when he walked out of the virtual cabin just now, Yi Jiamu had already felt the smell of narcissus around Gu Yesheng. It was obvious that after the fierce battle, some pheromones leaked uncontrollably from his gland. It was just that the previous environment was open. The passage they were currently in was too narrow and the smell seemed to be amplified by several times.

Seeing Gu Yesheng’s deep gaze, Yi Jiamu felt his heartbeat increasing and couldn’t help speeding up his movements slightly. The phrase ‘little friend’ that should’ve been extremely normal made him inexplicably think of the publicity during the pre-match interview. This sense of ambiguity had never been felt before so it shrouded him without any warning.

Yi Jiamu instinctively took a step back. He felt the breath rubbing over his ears and he couldn’t help his ears heating up. At the same time, he looked at Gu Yesheng in a questioning manner. “Yes, what did you mean?”

Gu Yesheng’s gaze fell on the obviously tense expression and his mouth twitched. “Are you asking me?”

Yi Jiamu nodded. “Yes.”

He hadn’t experienced this type of thing before and he really didn’t know the most appropriate way to express gratitude. The expression in Gu Yesheng’s eyes changed and his gaze swept over Yi Jiamu’s soft lips. He suddenly laughed softly and his tone was playful and teasing. “Why don’t you kiss me?”

“Huh?” Yi Jiamu couldn’t react. Then he looked up and saw that Gu Yesheng seemed slightly dazed.

The previous sentence hadn’t passed through Gu Yesheng’s brain. A ghost in his heart moved and he just blurted out the words. However, since it had been said, he simply followed the trend after a moment of being dazed. “Why? Is it hard?”

“It isn’t because of difficulty…” Yi Jiamu replied but the expression on his face was tense.

Originally, his ears were already burning. At this time, his gaze flicked over Gu Yesheng’s lips and a vague image floated in his mind. After that, his face became a bit hot. It was probably because the bite that was taken during the susceptible period left Gu Yesheng’s pheromones in his body, making him more sensitive to Gu Yesheng’s breath.

Right now, the smell of an alpha was fermenting around him. It might only be a shallow wisp but his heartbeat was still uncontrollable. Yi Jiamu made a vague sound before he slowly stated, “However, this joke isn’t funny.”

The smile on Gu Yesheng’s face froze for a moment. Immediately after, the angle of his mouth went up and the distance between the two people narrowed again. “Why do you think I’m joking?”

“Because…” Yi Jiamu wanted to answer only to suddenly stop. He found that he couldn’t find a reason. Because of the Shen Ze CP? However, he knew that the two men weren’t dating…

Gu Yesheng narrowed his eyes before slowly straightening. He leaned against the wall with his hands in his pants pockets and smiled. “I’m really teasing you.”

There was no flowing wind around them but for some reason, Yi Jiamu felt the air pressure had seemed to sink a lot.

He looked up and saw Gu Yesheng casually rubbing the hair on his forehead. He seemed to be thinking about things again. “Let’s do this. Tomorrow, please spare some time for me. It can be a thank you gift.”

Yi Jiamu secretly licked the dry corners of his lips and his accelerated heartbeat finally eased slightly. “I’m fine but don’t we have to go back to Sublime Star tomorrow?”

“It doesn’t matter. We can just tell Professor Guan that we’ll go back later by ourselves.” Gu Yesheng leaned over and watched him. “Didn’t you see that amusement park on the way here? It just so happened that I’m also quite interested in it. The match is over anyway.”

Yi Jiamu was a bit surprised. “Are you going to take me?”

Gu Yesheng slightly raised an eyebrow. “You don’t want to go?”

Yi Jiamu’s eyes lit up. “I want to!”

“Then tomorrow?”

Yi Jiamu answered without any hesitation. “It is an appointment!”

Gu Yesheng finally couldn’t hold back his laughter. His gaze inadvertently passed over the smooth neck. It was unknown what he was thinking but his eyes flicked slightly. “That’s good.”

At this time, the other members of Sublime Star walked over.

“Why are you still here?” Zhou Ming’s voice was heard. Before there was a reply, his footsteps abruptly stopped. “F*k, Gu Yesheng. Why are your pheremones leaking?”

Gu Yesheng, “……” Were they?

Zhou Ming asked, “Mumu, are you okay?”

“I’m fine…” Yi Jiamu originally felt that he was a bit abnormal just previously. Now that he heard this question, his entire face became slightly hot. Even Senior Zhou Ming had noticed something. Were his strange mood swings really due to the pheromones?


That afternoon, Groups C and D were officially decided one by one.

The four strong teams that had received a lot of media attention all entered the second half. Overall, the list of the top six wasn’t much different from the initial public estimate.

After watching the matches in the space car on the way back to the hotee, Xu Yi flipped through the preliminary data and spoke emotionally, “Why do I feel that this year’s league is a crazy fight? The schools that have qualified this year are in better shape than ever. I’m afraid it will inevitably be a tough battle in the future!”

Zhen Jingyao took a sliced apple piece from Xiang Zhuo’s hand and chewed on it. His cheeks puffed up. “Which year isn’t a tough fight? Just fight them!”

Yi Jiamu sat behind Xu Yi and glanced through the gap between the chairs. He hadn’t been paying attention previously but he suddenly found something. “The Falan school team qualified?”

“Yes, Falan is actually pretty good this year. They have good luck. Group C didn’t have a particularly strong team so their total points allowed them to be ranked sixth.” Xu Yi remembered Yi Jiamu pointedly raising his middle finger at the opening ceremony. “Speaking of which, how did these people from Falan upset you? Tell me so that I can help you out!”

Yi Jiamu muttered, “Nothing, I just don’t like the way they talked.”

Xu Yi was even more curious. “So what attitude did they have while speaking?”

Gu Yesheng spoke in a cold tone next to him. “What are you doing? We can just greet them when we meet on the field.”

Xu Yi sincerely gave him a thumbs up. “I will leave being fierce to you.”

Gu Yesheng didn’t continue to respond to this person and called out to the leader in the distance. “Professor Guan, you don’t need to book air tickets for Mumu and I tomorrow. We plan to stay one more day.”

Guan Xueming looked back from the co-driver’s seat. “What do the two of you plan to do for an extra day?”

Gu Yesheng felt the gazes around him and leaned back in his chair lazily, his voice stretching out in an ambiguous manner. “There are many things to do in one day. The little friend and I are going on a pleasant private date. Professor, is this not allowed?”

Guan Xueming muttered, “Of course…”

Gu Yesheng interrupted by asking Lu Zexiu. “The preliminaries are over and we aren’t in the competition right now?”

Lu Zexiu told him, “It will be the next round in a week. Don’t delay training later.”

Gu Yesheng smiled. “Good.”

Yi Jiamu sat in the back and listened to them. He stared ahead of him in a slightly distracted manner. At this time, he had already put the people from Falan out of his mind. He was full of other thoughts. Wasn’t it going to the amusement park? Why had it suddenly become a private date?

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