OIAA: Chapter 4

For the students of the Sublime Star Abilities College, there were two names that everyone knew.

One was Lu Zexiu and the other was Gu Yesheng.

Lu Zexiu was the president of the university’s highest student abilities organization, the holder of an S-grade ability certificate, the youngest member of the Galaxy Society of Abilities and the best existence in the eyes of all the teachers and students. No one could resist this flawless perfection and he was undoubtedly the highest student representative of Sublime Star.

Gu Yesheng was completely different from Lu Zexiu. Everyone remembered his name to remind themselves that they should stay away from this person at all times. His unpredictable temperament combined with his absolutely frightening ability meant his existence was like a bomb. No one knew when he would suddenly explode.

They still remembered that a year ago, there was a society that made Gu Yesheng unhappy. Finally, everyone was sent to the Galaxy Hospital for psychological treatment. There were still people who were in a state of madness and hadn’t come out after entering the psychiatry department.

Even though anyone with a bit of knowledge of the situation knew there was a reason for it happening, Gu Yesheng’s unique ability was enough to make everyone fear him. Obviously, this didn’t include Yi Jiamu who didn’t know him at all.

Gu Yesheng hadn’t heard someone talk to him like this and try to touch porcelain. He inexplicably felt it was interesting and asked with a smile, “Child, I just saved you yet you want me to compensate you?”

“Isn’t it because of you that I was targeted by him?”

In addition, he had already dodged. It was because this man suddenly kicked open the door and  Yi Jiamu was dazed for a moment that the fire burned the bag with the milk tea. Simply put, he was pitted twice. He didn’t think there was anything wrong with asking for compensation.

Gu Yesheng crouched beside him and this height allowed them both to look at each other. He heard the question and didn’t have a guilty conscience. Instead, he looked disapproving. “Even so, I still saved you.”

He didn’t know why but seeing this harmless appearance, he was in a teasing mood.

At this time, the expression on Yi Jiamu’s face was a bit unhappy. Eventually, he didn’t say anything and just stood up sullenly. “If you can’t afford it then forget it.”

Gu Yesheng saw he was ready to leave like this and reached out to hold him. “Who said I can’t afford it?”

Yi Jiamu looked at him silently with an expression that said ‘you clearly know the person who said it in your heart.’

Gu Yesheng was silent for a moment under this gaze, the smile on his face disappearing slowly. Then he walked up to this little student and looked down at him, speaking quietly, “Yes, I’ll compensate you. How many cups do you want?”

A sincere smile instantly appeared on Yi Jiamu’s expressionless face. “Two cups, thank you. You’re a good person.”

His smile made his facial features appear extraordinarily soft. His eyes were crystal clear and sincerity shone from inside him. This expression entered Gu Yesheng’s eyes and made him fall into a trance. He didn’t know why but there was an inexplicable illusion.

Regardless of Jiang Hean who was still on the ground, the two people walked out the door and back to the milk tea store.

There was a long line in front but everyone froze when they saw Gu Yesheng and gave way. Gu Yesheng walked slowly to the window. He was just preparing to order when he found he had never tried this thing before. He turned back to Yi Jiamu. “What flavour do you want?”

“Oolong milk tea and caramel milk tea with ice cream. Both of them should have the third level of sugar.”

Gu Yesheng repeated it to the employee, took the bill and waited for the order. Neither of them felt there was any problem with this type of interaction. However, the students who distanced themselves were secretly shaking.

What was happening? Did this ancestor suddenly want to fall in love? Someone glanced at Yi Jiamu. He felt excessive shock and couldn’t help risking his life to secretly take two photos with his terminal.

Thus, a hidden gossip group of Sublime Star Abilities College was completely turned upside down.

[Shocking news! Shocking news! The school bully seems to have an omega!]

[Oh my god, isn’t this fake? Which cute little OO is so unlucky?]

[You haven’t seen it. The school bully personally brought this person to buy milk tea. He spoiled this person!]

[Slow down… spoiled? Are you sure the school bully you’re talking about is the same school bully I know?]

[I am asking for a photo of this omega. Let me see what type of peerless beauty this O is!]


[F*k fu*k, this omega is a bit cute! Are there any other photos?]

[Sisters, don’t you know that these two photos were taken at the risk of falling to the ground?]

[Oh? I always thought that the school bully would be with the president. Isn’t an AA love sweet?]


[You still dare to gossip about Gu Yesheng? It turns out that after a holiday, all of you are tired of living.]

[Yes, it is a matter of life. Here is the dividing line to end the topic——]

Yi Jiamu was satisfied as he received two cups of hot milk tea. He opened a straw and inserted it. He looked up to see Gu Yesheng, the gold master standing beside him empty handed. He casually wondered, “Didn’t you buy yourself a cup?”

Gu Yesheng’s lips curved up. “I don’t drink this type of thing.”

“Oh.” Yi Jiamu didn’t say anything else. He just drank with a satisfied and happy expression.

Gu Yesheng saw that this person was ignoring him and smelled the milk tea that filled the air. “Is it so delicious?”

Yi Jiamu nodded. “Yes, it was my first time drinking it yesterday and it’s very good. If you want to drink then you can still buy a cup to try it.”

“There is already one ready-made. What should I buy?” Gu Yesheng reached out and grabbed the milk tea in Yi Jiamu’s hand. He raised it to his mouth and took a sip.

The strong caramel flavour accompanied by the milk flavour swept through his mouth. Um, it didn’t seem as bad as expected.

Yi Jiamu’s hand was empty and he couldn’t help frowning as he reminded, “This cup is mine.”

Gu Yesheng corrected him. “I bought it for you.”

Yi Jiamu once again corrected it. “It is compensation.”

Gu Yesheng smiled at him and didn’t speak. He took a large sip and saw that the milk tea had visibly decreased by a large amount. Then he placed it back into Yi Jiamu’s hand. Even the tear drop mole at the corner of his eye looked arrogant.

He thought he could see an angry expression. As a result, Yi Jiamu directly placed the milk tea back into Gu Yesheng’s hand. His tone was quite disgusted. “You take it. Next time, pay for a new cup.”

Gu Yesheng raised his eyebrows. “You drank a lot before me.”

“As long as there is less than half, it isn’t a cup. You have agreed on the compensation. It isn’t right to be cheap and take advantage of me, Senior.”

It was quite right.

If someone else talked to him like this, Gu Yesheng would’ve kicked them a long time ago. However, today his temper was surprisingly good. He narrowed his eyes with the straw in his mouth. “Okay, child. What’s your name? I’ll buy it for you next time.”

“Yi Jiamu. I’m a freshman of the School of Theory.”


Yi Jiamu returned to his dormitory where Sang Bei was lying on the bed and playing games. He didn’t raise his head when he heard the door open. “You finally came back. I thought you got lost in school and was ready to call a guard if you didn’t come back.”

Yi Jiamu placed the milk tea on his table. “Is something wrong?”

Sang Bei saw his crystal explode in the game and covered his chest to suppress his heartache. Then he turned over to look at Yi Jiamu. “Didn’t you see the class group chat?”

It was only now that Yi Jiamu took out his communicator and saw that it had exploded with messages.

The number 999+ messages made him too lazy to read through it all. He directly asked, “What happened?”

Sang Bei shook his head at this person’s disregard of what was happening outside and explained patiently, “You know how some of our courses have a two class system? There will be a combined physical education class tomorrow afternoon. The system has placed us with a class from the School of Combat.”

Yi Jiamu heard this and was more confused. “So?”

“You really don’t know anything!” Sang Bei was helpless about this roommate and couldn’t help feeling anger as he remembered this matter. “Originally, the class combinations are produced randomly every semester. However, the people of the School of Combat are dissatisfied with this arrangement and went directly to the Academic Affairs Office. They were finally refused but it is clear that they are looking down on the students of the School of Theory! So what if we don’t have abilities? Is it so amazing? The class committee has held a meeting just now. This time, the entire class is required to unite. Tomorrow, we must let those students of the School of Combat take a good look! We must not lose the reputation of our School of Theory!”

Yi Jiamu heard up to here and finally understood.

Physical fitness classes were very similar to physical education classes in ordinary schools. In this class, the School of Combat students had physical strengthening abilities and were like decathlon sports students. The students of the School of Theory were obviously fragile and delicate in their eyes. Now they were arranged together and they naturally looked down on the School of Theory.

Once Sang Bei finished speaking, he couldn’t help asking, “Aren’t you angry?”

Yi Jiamu wondered. “Why should I be angry?”

“Because they are looking down on us!”

Yi Jiamu blinked. “Still, the School of Combat is indeed better than us.”

Sang Bei choked up.

He wanted to refute it but he painfully discovered that  Yi Jiamu was telling the truth.

After too much enthusiasm, he felt suffocated and could only say, “We might lose but we can’t lose our backbone!”

Yi Jiamu agreed with this and smiled sincerely. “I’m cheering for you.”

Sang Bei, “……”

He felt that he might need some quick-acting, heart-saving pills.

At the same time, he realized that this new roommate seemed to be able to talk him to death.

At Sang Bei’s silence, Yi Jiamu returned to his seat. He first replied to Wu Qingji and then went to the balcony and took out a watering can. He filled it with nutrient solution and prepared to water his cactus Cici.

Just then, his communicator vibrated twice.

He glanced at the message that popped up.

[Night God has applied to be your friend. Notes: None.] (Gu Yesheng. The Ye in his name means night.)

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