OIAA: Chapter 38

The diagnosis and treatment room was quiet. Lu Zexiu sat opposite the chief doctor and the missing inspection report was on the central table.

The chief doctor gave a brief explanation of the situation. Then he saw Lu Zexiu’s calm expression and said, “It seems like you already know about it.”

“Yes, I have a physical examination on time every year. Other doctors have already told me about the situation and I know all about it.”

The chief doctor tapped the tip of his pen on the table lightly. “However, I’ve heard that you are in one of the participating teams of this year’s Abilities League? Judging from your inspection results, I don’t recommend that you continue to participate in such a high-intensity competition.”

Lu Zexiu’s tone was calm. “According to the inspection results, my indicators are only in the initial stages of the disease. At this stage, under normal circumstances, it can be controlled by medicine. I have asked the opinion of many cardiologists. I only need to take the medicine on time and there should be no big problems.”

“Oh, you did your homework pretty well.” The doctor almost laughed angrily at this attitude. “According to the situation of the examination report, if I am guessing correctly, your family should have a history of Merck’s heart disease, right? I acknowledge that the early stages can indeed be relieved by drugs but this type of heart disease isn’t a normal situation. It might be able to be controlled in the initial stages but you know what type of situation you will face if it deteriorates, don’t you?”

The chief doctor wanted to scare this person by saying something serious. He had seen many patients who didn’t take the doctor’s words seriously. Once they realized the seriousness of the situation, they would naturally obey.

He didn’t expect that after hearing his words, Lu Zexiu would just slowly raise his head and watch the doctor calmly. “I know.”

His gaze was too calm, calm to the point where it didn’t seem like they were talking about his illness.

This made the chief doctor unable to keep speaking.

However, Lu Zexiu didn’t want a response. He spoke sincerely and politely, “I know what you are worried about but I know my own physical condition best. I also know what I am doing now. Please rest assured, I have been taking the medicine on time. Even if I participate in the competition, I will consider my own ability to bear it. So in this matter, please keep it a secret from my other team members.”

“You want me to keep it a secret? I have been in the industry for so many years and every time I see this type of stubborn patient, I want to scold them.” He saw the other person’s calm face and his lips curved up in a smile. The doctor stretched out a hand toward the door and pointed. “You should tell that little student over there yourself.”

The expression on Lu Zexiu’s face became unusually stiff. He looked back and happened to see Yi Jiamu standing at the door while holding a folder.

Their gazes met and no one spoke for a while.


The Sublime Star’s Abilities Association was the only visitor the medical centre was entertaining today so it was empty apart from the nurses dressed in white. Far away, two figures, one tall and one short, could be seen walking out of the door.

Lu Zexiu glanced at the time. “Wait here and I’ll call for a car.”

He was ready to step away when he heard the person behind him suddenly shout. “President.”

Lu Zexiu’s footsteps stopped and he turned around.

Yi Jiamu hadn’t asked too much since the diagnosis room. At this time, he seemed to have made a decision. He looked very serious as he asked, “In the end, why do you have to insist on participating in this competition?”

Lu Zexiu had already briefly described the situation to him. He might’ve promised to keep it a secret but he still couldn’t help asking the question in his mind.

Lu Zexiu seemed calm, perhaps because he already had the answer to this question in his heart. “It is because my childhood education told me that no matter what, there is no reason to give up.”

Yi Jiamu frowned slightly and clearly didn’t understand. “However, the doctor said that this might have a bad effect on your body.”

“It might but that doesn’t mean it will.” Lu Zexiu’s expression was still peaceful. “I said that I can control this much.”

He saw Yi Jiamu’s frown and gently patted the omega’s thin shoulders. “You are now a member of the Sublime Star Abilities Association. After all this time, you should know how important the championship trophy of the College Abilities League is to everyone. Whether it is me, Gu Yesheng, Xu Yi, Zhou Ming or the others, everyone has trained hard and improved for this year’s competition. Last year, we missed the championship. I can’t let it happen again because of my personal situation. This year’s championship must belong to our Sublime Star, do you understand?”

Yi Jiamu nodded. He vaguely felt the blood in his body surging and he couldn’t help repeating, “This year’s championship must belong to our Sublime Star…”

Lu Zexiu showed a rare smile. “Only in this way can you look like the assistant of the Abilities Association.”

Yi Jiamu was suddenly praised and he couldn’t help scratching the side of his face. However, he still looked up at Lu Zexiu and spoke with a serious expression. “President, you must do as you say and never force yourself. I will always be there watching. If something goes wrong then my promise to keep it a secret will be invalidated.”

Lu Zexiu was silent for a moment. “…You will break the contract.”

Yi Jiamu smiled. “We haven’t signed any confidentiality contract. So I have the final say in this matter.”

It was obviously a cute and lovely face but at this moment, the dazed Lu Zexiu seemed to see some of Gu Yesheng’s shameless behaviour.

Finally, he could only sigh slowly. “I know.”


Back at the hotel, Yi Jiamu sorted out the medical examination reports and sent them to Guan Xueming. He returned directly to his room without mentioning anything about Lu Zexiu.

There were four omegas among the members who came to the competition. Gong Yue was a girl and naturally needed a separate room. Zhou Ming and Xu Yi, a beta, squeezed into one room. This left Yi Jiamu and Zhen Jingyao to share the last room.

Zhen Jingyao had just gone to play with Xiang Zhuo when Yi Jiamu returned so no one was in the room.

Yi Jiamu looked at the cactus on the balcony and took out a nutrient solution from his storage necklace. He mixed it according to the best ratio he previously studied with Yi Jiaqin and seriously poured it. Once this was done, he leaned against the window and stared at it in a daze.

From every point of view, his ‘Cici’ was no different from other cacti that could be seen everywhere. However, several people in the family knew that this was the gift his father Yi Hang had given Yi Jiamu on the day he became an adult.

This cactus was related to Yi Hang’s ongoing research project. The plant cells had been perfectly integrated with Yi Jiamu’s gene fragments and it was unique in the universe. This was why Yi Jiamu suddenly thought of using the word ‘child’ to describe it when talking to Gu Yesheng that day.

After walking away in a daze, Yi Jiamu’s thoughts floated back to the hospital and he frowned. After a while, he stood up in a determined manner and called a number using his communicator. Soon, Wu Qingji’s voice came from the other end of the communicator. “Mumu, aren’t you going to the league? Why did you suddenly look for me? Did something happen over there?”

Yi Jiamu replied, “Nothing happened. Uncle Wu, can I trouble you to help me?”

“Why are you so polite to me? Tell me, what’s the matter?”

Yi Jiamu was silent for a moment. “I would like you to help prepare an ability awakening certificate.”

“An ability awakening certificate? Do you want to register your ability in the database?” Wu Qingji knew what Yi Jiamu wanted this for but he obviously couldn’t understand the reason. “It’s only the first half of the freshman semester. Teacher didn’t say it at the time but wasn’t he hoping for you to hide it before you get the certificate of an ability master? What is going on? Why are you so anxious all of a sudden?”

“It isn’t that I’m going to use it now. I just want it prepared in advance.” Yi Jiamu paused for a moment before saying, “Don’t worry, Uncle Wu. I’m fine. I just think it will be useful in the future.”

In fact, this matter wasn’t particularly important if it wasn’t for the old man. Seeing that Yi Jiamu was unwilling to say more, Wu Qingji didn’t continue to ask. “Okay, I will prepare it for you. Contact me whenever you need it.”

Yi Jiamu smiled. “Thank you, Uncle Wu.”

Wu Qingji sighed. “Thank you. Then if Teacher… if your grandfather knows about this, remember to prove that it was your own request!”

Yi Jiamu knew that Wu Qingji had always been the most frightened of his grandfather and couldn’t help laughing. “Okay, I will remember it.”


Yi Jiamu watched the report of the opening ceremony in his room all day.

Among them, the most frequent one who appeared was Ji Wenxing, who was killed in the group competition.

These reports, with no exception, mentioned Gu Yesheng who was apparently taking revenge for a personal matter. They also mentioned Lu Zexiu and Xie Louyuan being in the same team.

Judging from the feedback in the comments area, fans of the league were obviously dissatisfied with the two captains being placed in the same group.

In the eyes of the public, the captains of two rival teams like Lu Zexiu and Xie Louyuan should naturally be placed opposite each other to make it more exciting. However, from the organizers’ point of view, the league hadn’t even started yet. This type of ‘fateful battle’ should naturally be placed in an official match to gain more attention.

Sublime Star and Holy Sun were both centuries old schools. Competition for the ranking of the top university wasn’t something that happened overnight. New colleges such as Perpetual Full Moon and Burning Wood might’ve become popular in recent years but in everyone’s minds, these two teams could be regarded as the real battle between kings.

Yi Jiamu followed the comments on these reporters and learned about the ‘love and hatred’ between his school and the so-called enemy. By the time he emerged from the reports, it was already late when he remembered to call the front desk.

In order to allow the members to be in their best condition, Guan Xueming already told them that they could order food to their room at any time.

This hotel was star-rated and the dinner delivered to the room was naturally very elegant. Yi Jiamu finished eating and simply cleaned up. The rest would be taken away when the room was cleaned tomorrow. Then he walked to the bathroom.

He had just finished bathing when he happened to see Zhen Jingyao enter through the door.

Since the last time when he accidentally ‘injured’ Yi Jiamu, Zhen Jingyao seemed to be guilty towards him. He was cautious every time he touched Yi Jiamu like he was a porcelain doll that was particularly easy to break.

Yi Jiamu didn’t know if he should laugh or cry at such an attitude. However, it wasn’t easy to explain so he just let it go.

Zhen Jingyao came back and headed straight to the bathroom to take a shower. Then he lay on the bed in his pyjamas and happily took out his communicator to start playing. Yi Jiamu was too familiar with such a scene. His roommate Sang Bei would chat passionately on his social account every night.

Yi Jiamu’s gaze paused on Zhen Jingyao’s smiling face illuminated by the screen. Yi Jiamu’s fingertips flicked over his communicator and then he stopped on an ID. He remembered that his senior said to talk to him even if there was nothing.

Yi Jiamu sent a message. [Are you free?]

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