OIAA: Chapter 37

The opening ceremony of the College Abilities League ended smoothly and it meant the official competition would begin.

One day later, the participating teams would start the preliminary rounds in this passionate venue. They would compete for the six valuable spots in the second half of the competition. The Sublime Star team members ran back to the lounge to pack up their things. They were about to leave when they saw Deng Hao rushing over. “Everyone, please wait a moment.”

After the previous mech incident, it would be unexpected if the government didn’t come to understand the situation. Then Lu Zexiu heard they would be taken to a hospital for a comprehensive health examination and he frowned slightly. “There is no need for so much trouble.”

Deng Hao also received the notice just now. He realized that a lot of attention was being paid to the physical examination and smiled. “No trouble, no trouble! The space car is waiting outside and the time has been reserved in advance. Once you arrive at the hospital, you can directly enter the inspection process. You won’t be waiting a long time.”

Lu Zexiu wanted to say something else when someone pushed open the door and came in. “You are about to participate in the official competition. As the captain, shouldn’t you ensure that every member of the team is in the best shape?”

Deng Hao turned his head and looked astonished when he saw the visitor. His mouth dropped open. Before he could politely greet this person, he was blocked by Yang Xingwen’s eyes.

A person of Yang Xingwen’s status had never shown up in public in front of the media. The Sublime Star members were school students and naturally didn’t know him. However, the Zorfa domain master Shanji who walked in afterwards had been seen on the news and was easy to identify.

At this time, Shanji was walking behind Yang Xingwen with his lips pressed tightly together. He looked quite worried.

In order to let his nephew be liked by the president of the Abilities Association, he had his nephew say hello in advance. However, it was clear that after watching the opening ceremony, Yang Xingwen was only interested in the people from Sublime Star.

Lu Zexiu’s gaze flickered over Shanji’s face. He wasn’t sure of Yang Xingwen’s identity but he knew this person must’ve come from a special place and didn’t refuse anymore. “Then thank you.”

Yang Xingwen looked at him with a smile. “Did you formulate the strategy in the group competition just now?”

Lu Zexiu heard him suddenly mention the content of the performance and looked suspicious. Still, he replied, “Yes.”

Yang Xingwen praised him. “You chose the method to win in the shortest time with the lowest consumption. The effect was remarkable. It is really rare.”

Shanji’s back straightened.

Yang Xingwen finished speaking and turned to Gu Yesheng. “Speaking of which, this student’s ability is a bit… evil?”

Gu Yesheng was leaning against the wall with crossed arms. He heard the topic change to him and he raised his eyes as if asking: Who are you?

Deng Hao was sweating hard and he almost couldn’t stand it. Then Yang Xingwen chuckled lightly, took out two business cards and handed it to them. “If you are interested then we can have more contact in the future. If you have any difficulties, you can call this number. I will be very happy to help.”

The moment these words came out, Shanji finally felt a bit nervous. He looked up with an expression full of consternation.

Everyone knew how difficult it was to enter a galaxy level abilities association. Yang Xingwen was going to choose some good candidates from this abilities league. Now only the opening ceremony had passed and Yang Xingwen was already throwing out two olive branches?! Was there a shortage of people right now? Or did this mean he wasn’t prepared to give others a chance to steal them away?

At the scene, some people finally learned about Yang Xingwen’s identity and the atmosphere became serious for a time. Yang Xingwen acted like he didn’t notice at all. He was still smiling and chatting with the other members of Sublime Star.

He talked to them one by one. Then he came to Yi Jiamu and his expression froze for a moment. His eyes flashed with amazement. “You…”

Yi Jiamu didn’t understand such a reaction and spoke politely. “Hello. Is there a problem?”

“Oh, nothing. I just suddenly remembered a senior when I saw you.” Yang Xingwen watched Yi Jiamu with a smile and seemed nostalgic. “You are a bit like him.”


“it isn’t about looks. It is the overall feeling.” Yang Xingwen didn’t know how to describe it and didn’t continue the topic. He asked kindly, “This student, what is your name?”

“Yi Jiamu.”

The smile on Yang Xingwen’s face froze again. “You said… your last name is Yi?”

His gaze stayed on Yi Jiamu for a long time. Then he finally regained his senses and took out his communicator. “Do you mind exchanging social accounts?”

Shanji heard this sentence and his body shook. He almost couldn’t stand. Handing out two business cards at once was enough to shock him. Now exchanging social accounts clearly wasn’t a simple matter. If the previous two people was due to the performance during the all-stars event, what was it this time?

Shanji stared doubtfully at Yi Jiamu in silence. Just now, Mr Yang said he thought of a senior. Did he exchange social accounts simply because of the face?


The Sublime Star team arrived at the hospital and the physical examination hall that should be crowded was empty due to the government’s arrangements. It was just like a private room.

Zhou Ming leaned against Zhen Jingyao’s shoulder and sighed emotionally. “Tut, this is the legendary extravagance!”

Gu Yesheng scoffed coldly. “What type of extravagance can be found in a hospital? Do you want me to prepare a separate ICU for you?”

Zhou Ming was choked up. He wanted to refute it but he was blocked by Gu Yesheng’s cold look.

He shrank back and couldn’t help muttering to Zhen Jingyao, “What’s wrong with this guy? He’s so angry. Has he taken medicine?”

Xiang Zhuo’s focus was always on Zhen Jingyao but he heard Zhou Ming’s words and sent him a soothing look. “The vice-president isn’t too happy. You better not mess with him.”

Zhou Ming sneered. “Previously, he was rough on the field and now he isn’t happy. He really has a broken temper.”

On the other side, Xu Yi finished filling out the form for the medical examination and handed it to Yi Jiamu. In addition, he handed over a bottle of water with a mysterious smile. “Thank you. Can you please pass this on to Gu Yesheng? He should have something to tell you.”

As the assistant of the association, Yi Jiamu was collecting the forms with due diligence. It turned out that the last person who hadn’t submitted anything was Gu Yesheng so he easily agreed.

Gu Yesheng was filling out the form with no expression on his face. Then a bottle of water suddenly appeared in his field of view. He looked back and met Yi Jiamu’s apricot coloured eyes. After a moment of silence, he frowned slightly.

He hadn’t thought much about it in the lounge but after hearing Xu Yi’s reminder, he felt more and more that there was something wrong. Why would a person like  Yang Wenxing add the social account of an omega student for no reason?

In addition, today was obviously their first meeting.

There was a huge difference in the identity of the two people. In addition, an alpha and omega had different identities. Xu Yi might watch those miscellaneous TV series and read the novels but his words made sense this time.

No matter how he thought about it, it could only be summed up with one sentence: one who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions.

However, the child was too innocent and he could only speculate about Yang Xingwen’s motivations. For a moment, he really didn’t know what to say.

Seeing Gu Yesheng watch him without speaking, Yi Jiamu glanced at the form. “Why are you so slow to fill it out?”

“……” Gu Yesheng had been thinking about other things just now and was naturally absent-minded when filling it in. He heard this and quickly filled it in before handing it over.

Yi Jiamu took the physical examination forms and counted them. Once he confirmed that the number was correct, he stacked them neatly together.

He was ready to go to the information desk to submit it. He had just taken a step forward when he paused and looked back. “Senior, wait here for me. I’ll be back soon.”

Gu Yesheng waved his hands. “Go.”

Yi Jiamu watched the service desk nurses finish the registration and came back. He asked Gu Yesheng, “Do you have something to say to me?”

Gu Yesheng heard Yi Jiamu tell him to wait and thought the child had something to confess. Now he heard this question and was taken aback. “Who told you that?”

Yi Jiamu pointed his finger. “Xu Yi told me.”

Gu Yesheng followed the direction and could see a figure tiptoe around the corner of the corridor before disappearing. There was only a vague shout, “I’m going to the bathroom!”

It was quiet again. Gu Yesheng temporarily suppressed the urge to take care of Xu Yi and asked Yi Jiamu, “How many people have you added to your social account?”

Yi Jiamu thought about it. “It shouldn’t be too many people.”

Gu Yesheng was silent for a moment.  “After this, it is better not to casually add strangers.”

Yi Jiamu nodded. “Okay.”

Perhaps it was because his expression was too good. Gu Yesheng was unable to maintain the serious expression on his face. He controlled his emotions and said, “If you add it, don’t chat too much with strangers. An omega should learn how to protect himself, you know?”

Yi Jiamu obviously hadn’t expected Gu Yesheng to say such a thing. He responded obediently before adding emotionally, “Senior, you sound like my papa when you talk like this.”

Gu Yesheng, “……” Why did he suddenly become older?

He cleared his throat and found his voice. “It isn’t necessarily only elders who say these types of words. Another identity is fine as well.”

Yi Jiamu stared at him blankly, obviously not understanding. Gu Yesheng failed to send a hint and the expression on his face inevitably became a bit cloudy and uncertain.

Then he heard Yi Jiamu’s words. “Don’t talk to strangers casually. Then it should be okay if it is Senior?”

Yi Jiamu raised his eyes inquisitively. “Speaking of which, it seems that you haven’t used it much after we exchanged social accounts. Senior, do you not like using this to chat?”

“Of course not.” Gu Yesheng replied before continuing, “I especially like to use social accounts to chat. You can talk to me any time, even if it is because you have nothing to do.”

Yi Jiamu couldn’t help smiling as he recalled Sang Bei lying on his bed every night and chatting to the early hours of the morning. “That’s great!”

The two of them were chatting when the nurse’s station became ready. Several people in white uniforms came along and led them to the physical examination rooms. The physical examination was just a regular routine that was divided into several groups. Multiple examinations were done simultaneously and they were all completed quickly.

As the assistant, Yi Jiamu stayed behind afterwards and waited for the final inspection report. Originally, Gu Yesheng cheekily wanted to follow him but he was chased away in order to recharge some energy for the competition.

The hospital’s efficiency was very fast and combined with the reservation, the medical reports were also issued quickly. Yi Jiamu received all of them and counted carefully before standing in a stunned manner. Then he counted it again. This time, he determined that he was indeed missing one medical examination report. It belonged to the president, Lu Zexiu.

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Xu Yi said that today he is also working hard to assist God Ye!

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