OIAA: Chapter 36

Ji Wenxing ran for a while before discovering that his other teammates weren’t following him. He gradually slowed down and finally realized what was wrong.

He was used to facing Gu Yesheng in the individual competition and could do some preparations in advance. Even if he knelt down, he wouldn’t kneel too tragically. This time, he changed to the group competition and he forgot this person’s damn ability for a while.

F*k, he was careless!

Ji Wenxing was silent for a moment. The expression on his face became serious and he was about to turn back to find his temporary teammates. Before he could take a few steps, a hurricane suddenly blew up the soles of his feet.

Ji Wenxing, “……”

The person with the strongest wind ability in the league was naturally Lu Zexiu.

Lu Zexiu’s sneak attack could be called simple and neat. In a moment, Ji Wenxing was completely thrown up before he could react. He was thrown back into the open space beside the tree where Gu Yesheng was located.

The other team members of Group B were just about to look for this person when they heard the movement and looked back. They happened to see Ji Wenxing falling down and immediately surrounded him with concern.

Gu Yesheng was sitting on the tree and looking down at the scene below. He smiled and tapped his fingers.

Ji Wenxing had fallen down solidly. He swore and stood up with the help of his teammates. He was about to complain but at this moment, he looked up and saw the appearance of the people around him. He saw frightening faces above his teammates’ heads and a scream pierced the sky again. “Ghosts!”

On the scoreboard, Group A’s score count received a point and the score was at 2-0.

The people of Group B finally realized something was wrong. For a moment, no one could care about the mentally suffering Ji Wenxing. They decided to find Gu Yesheng who was hiding nearby.

Lu Zexiu raised a hand and the surrounding leaves fluttered due to the wind. Xie Louyuan had been watching this scene for a long time. Now he received the signal and finally acted. Layers of fog rose in the deep jungle and covered everyone’s vision.

Group B’s Bo Tong was a person with a light ability. A ball of light immediately appeared in his hand to be used as a signal for his teammates. Unfortunately, it wasn’t very effective in the fog so thick that his fingers couldn’t even be seen.

Xie Louyuan patted Cen Jian’s shoulder gently. Cen Jian nodded and ran toward Gu Yesheng. His movements caused the surrounding fog to dissipate. Gu Yesheng jumped down and met up with his teammate.

Gu Yesheng slowly sorted out his clothes as he asked, “Which direction did Ji Wenxing go?”

Cen Jian told him, “I’ll take you.”

He was about to leave when he remembered Lu Zexiu’s previous reminder and added, “Captain Lu asked me to tell you that the official match is starting soon. Don’t waste too much unnecessary effort here.”

Previously, Lu Zexiu changed his mind and decided to participate in the group competition. Gu Yesheng guessed that it was out of fear Gu Yesheng would mess up so Lu Zexiu decided to watch from a close range. Gu Yesheng couldn’t help sneering in a bored manner. “I know, I have a sense of appropriate behaviour.”

A moment later, Cen Jian smoothly delivered the person. Unfortunately, the nearby Ji Wenxing had his vision obstructed by the thick fog and was completely unaware of the danger.

On the large screen in the centre of the stadium, the audience could see a slender hand appearing behind Ji Wenxing out of thin air. Then the fingertips lightly stroked Ji Wenxing’s face. Ji Wenxing’s entire body stiffened for a moment. This time, he didn’t scream like the last two occasions. His eyes rolled and he lay stiffly on the ground.

The group grabbed the point and it finally ended in Group A’s victory.

3-0, this could be called a complete crushing and all three points came from the same person. The happy situation made the interstellar media think about today’s headlines: ‘The opening ceremony ended successfully! Little Sun gave away points like crazy!’

After the group competition, the audience’s attention wasn’t on the host. They looked in the direction of the virtual cabin and could see several people in Group A walk to Group B to help Ji Wenxing out of the virtual cabin If it wasn’t for the fact that the previous point grabbing was too obvious, this probably would’ve been a very friendly scene.

Ji Wenxing took a deep breath with a pale face and he glared at Gu Yesheng. “Surnamed Gu, don’t bully people too much! Don’t let me meet you on the field or I will absolutely…”

“Absolutely what?” Gu Yesheng raised his eyebrows and smiled lightly in a confident manner. “I’m really looking forward to it.”

Ji Wenxing almost broke his teeth. “Don’t be so arrogant! Do you think no one can beat you? Just wait, sooner or later I’ll have an alpha contest with you!”

Gu Yesheng glanced at his angry face. “If you hadn’t reminded me, I would’ve almost forgotten that you are an alpha as well.”

“I grew up like this and you have the qualification to say that I’m not an alpha? You’re not an alpha, your entire team aren’t alphas!”

Next to him, Lu Zexiu glanced over and frowned slightly. He obviously wasn’t very satisfied with this scolding that involved innocent people.

Gu Yesheng made a bored yawn and patted Lu Zexiu’s shoulder. “Let’s go back.”

Seeing that the unconvinced Ji Wenxing still wanted to catch up and vent, the others pulled him back and spoke sympathetically. “It’s okay, don’t care about Gu Yesheng. He just has a bad nature.”

He might care but under normal circumstances, it wasn’t really worth arguing. Ji Wenxing was forced to endure and endure it. In the end, he couldn’t suppress his heart full of anger and grievances. He turned to look at his team captain. “Captain Wen…”

Wen Hongyu patted him on the shoulder. I’ll be on the field at that time and I’ll help you fight back.’

Ji Wenxing, “……”

As a good old man in the healing department, his captain’s words really weren’t convincing. In the end, he had to sigh and change to a tone of anticipation. “Captain, I believe in you!”

Wen Hongyu smiled slightly. “Thank you.”


Back in the Sublime Star contestant seats, Gu Yesheng directly pulled away someone who was sitting in his spot.

He saw Xu Yi’s reluctance to move and frowned. “Why? You don’t recognize my position anymore?”

“That’s not what I meant.” Xu Yi had a bit of understanding about the situation with Yi Jiamu. At this time, he looked at Gu Yesheng and inevitably had to stop talking. He couldn’t help showing a bit of sympathy.

He sat back in his seat for a while before turning over and speaking so that only the two of them could hear. “In fact, the whole operation of your interview was quite touching. That’s right… well, if you really want to chase people, perhaps… probably… you need to deal with the previous unhappy love affairs?”

“What unhappy love affairs?” Gu Yesheng glanced at him. “Do you think I have so many romantic debts like you?”

“It isn’t necessarily a real love affair. It is the type…” Gu Yesheng racked his brains to get his point across while being as tactful as possible. “It might be a type of fake love affair that other people think is true. Can you understand what I mean?”

Gu Yesheng thought for a moment. “I understand.”

Xu Yi was about to take a long breath when he heard Gu Yesheng added, “Have you been watching too many abusive love dramas recently?”


Gu Yesheng sighed. “Seriously, you should watch these types of things less recently. It is the same with the fan works or whatever. Living in an imaginary world isn’t good.”

Xu Yi had deliberately lowered his voice but Gu Yesheng was different. Yi Jiamu heard the words and looked over.

Gu Yesheng was taken aback by the sudden gaze. “What’s wrong?”

Yi Jiamu was silent for a moment. “I also look at fan works.”

Gu Yesheng, “………”

Yi Jiamu added, “It’s pretty good.”

He didn’t continue after saying these words. He just stared at Gu Yesheng with apricot coloured eyes.

A moment later, Gu Yesheng raised the white flag. He looked at Xu Yi and repeated, “In fact, it doesn’t matter if you look at fan works. The messy romantic dramas should be watched less.”

Xu Yi, “……”

He heard the sentence ‘it doesn’t matter if you look at fanfiction’ and felt that a certain someone would cry after finding out the truth.

However, when he found out the little secret, he promised Yi Jiamu that he absolutely wouldn’t expose the matter of Yi Jiamu supporting CP. Now it seemed that a man like Gu Yesheng wasn’t worthy of an easy love.

Gu Yesheng saw that Xu Yi was silent and thought he couldn’t refute Gu Yesheng’s words. Thus, he was satisfied and turned to Yi Jiamu. “Little friend, you actually read fan works? Who do you usually read about?”

Yi Jiamu stared at Gu Yesheng’s face for a moment before slowly revealing an innocent smile. “It’s a secret.”

He smiled so widely that Gu Yesheng couldn’t continue asking.

Next to them, Xu Yi saw everything and it wasn’t easy to suppress the urge to hold his forehead. His shoulders trembled slightly. He had never felt that Gu Yesheng’s life was so miserable. More importantly, it was clearly a tragic story but why did he want to laugh so much? Hahahahaha, he really wanted to share this with people!

Meanwhile, Gu Yesheng had changed the topic. “You watched the team competition just now. did you set the positioning on the terminal?”

In addition to the large screen on-site, people could download the app to their personal terminal and watch the live broadcast from different perspectives simultaneously.

“I did it.” Yi Jiamu recalled the exhibition game just now and wondered, “Senior, will you keep participating in this type of team competition in the future?”

Gu Yesheng laughed. “Do you like to watch me participate in the team competitions?”

“Yes, I like to see you with the captain… participating in the competition.”

Xu Yi was stretching out his ears to eavesdrop. Once he heard this sentence, he finally couldn’t help laughing. In order to cover it up, he had to severely cough. His final evolution was a person curled up on his seat with his face buried in his hands and his shoulders shaking.

Gu Yesheng turned to look at him. “…Are you sick?”

“Cough cough. No, leave me alone!”

This was really too hard to bear. He was going to die of laughter!

The author has something to say:

Xu Yi: When I was young, I had to bear too much by myself. I can only help you up to here~ *dog head)

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