OIAA: Chapter 35

Due to Gu Yesheng, the interviews of the next few people passed in a hurry. The host’s eyes were still resentful when he stepped down. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the incident that just happened was the failure of his career.

The players of the other teams had the attitude of watching a good show. After the interview, they stepped down from the stage and surrounded Gu Yesheng as they walked backstage. This was the first time Gu Yesheng had been treated this way by his opponents. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Have you suddenly found my charm?”

“Don’t be so garrulous.” As an individual player of the Perpetual Full Moon team, Ji Wenxing hated Gu Yesheng’s existence. He couldn’t help rolling his eyes. “We just want to find out which unlucky person attracted you, the big-tailed wolf.”

He couldn’t help secretly glancing at Lu Zexiu as he spoke. The AA CP in Sublime Star was well known. Now looking at Gu Yesheng’s actions, someone in this pair was finally ready to fly alone?

The moment Ji Wenxing spoke, the others fell silent and waited for Gu Yesheng’s response. Gu Yesheng noticed the light of gossip shining in their eyes and sneered. “In any case, it isn’t you.”

This attitude obviously didn’t want to say anything. Ji Wenxing was disappointed but he was reluctant to give up. He gave a provocative smile, “Looking at this attitude, it seems you haven’t caught him yet!”

His words caused the people next to him to follow in the heckling.

At this moment, even the silent Lu Zexiu glanced over. “The two of you, when did it happen?”

Zhou Ming also looked shocked. “I said that you wouldn’t be kind enough to help someone borrow an inhibitor! You originally moved with this type of heart!”

Ji Wenxing was stunned by such an overwhelming sentence. He couldn’t help his tone going higher. “F*k, inhibitor?! What happened? Is your Sublime Star school life so exciting?!”

The lively movements also attracted the gazes of the passing staff members.

Gu Yesheng, “………”

His corners lowered in a frown and his gloomy gaze skipped over his teammates to fall on the group of idle gossips. His lips curved in a ridiculing arc and his tone wasn’t easy. “Yes, my little friend and I have reached the stage of solving each other’s heats and susceptible periods. How about it? Are you envious?”

The entire scene was silent. The star players present were mostly single for various reasons. At this moment, they couldn’t help falling into contemplation. F*k, why did they rush to suffer this grievance?

A moment later, Zhou Ming finally came back to his senses. “F*k. I was wondering how your last susceptible period passed so easily. It was because of…”

Gu Yesheng stared at him without a smile. “Shut up!”

Just then, a staff member came up to remind the individual contestants to prepare for their events. Zhou Ming was yelled at fiercely for no reason but he had no other way. He glared back fiercely before following the staff member.

Gu Yesheng leaned against the wall with his arms crossed and watched Lu Zexiu. At this time, his attitude was extremely sincere. “President, do you have anything to say?”

The other people’s attitude didn’t matter. They just wanted to watch the excitement. However, Lu Zexiu took the approach of a teaching director and he was more troublesome than the actual teaching director Yu Sheng.

Fortunately, Lu Zexiu thought about it before only saying, “Don’t let it affect the competition.”

Gu Yesheng smiled and his reply was simple. “Okay!”

Just then, deafening cheers from the stadium could be heard from a distance.

The personal performance had finally begun. The performance performance of the opening ceremony was divided into two parts: ability display and competition.

After the elemental ability players created a variety of special effects on the scene, the atmosphere was instantly raised to the highest point. Then they became even louder when it came to the intense and fierce competition event.

Zhou Ming had been known as the fastest player in the history of the college league since his first competition. The obstacles course took place in a holographic, realistic rainforest map. He was ahead of the second place by half a lap, proving his strength once again.

The entire venue was filled with shouts. “Sublime Star! Zhou Ming! Sublime Star! Zhou Ming…”

“He is really the most fame-seeking omega I have ever seen.” Gu Yesheng sighed emotionally and straightened up while neatening his clothes. “Let’s go. It is our turn.”

The last personal event was currently occurring. After that, it was the well-deserved highlight of the opening ceremonies over the years, the group competition.

As the name suggested, in this event, the remaining eight all-star players would be divided into two groups, A and B. Subsequently, according to the theme designed by the organizers, they would compete for points according to the rules. The team that was the first to get three points would win.

The group was randomly generated by the system but if there were players from the same school participating in the group competition, the organizer would usually let them be together by default.

Therefore, Lu Zexiu and Gu Yesheng were naturally assigned to Group A. All the players in the group competition entered the virtual cabins and two platforms appeared in the centre of the stadium. This was obviously the initial refresh location for the groups.

“It’s starting, it’s finally starting!” Xu Yi had been looking forward to this group competition. However, after a long time, the person beside him showed no reaction. He looked over and saw Yi Jiamu staring at the holographic image on the stage with a faint look in his eyes.

Xu Yi couldn’t help asking, “What is it?”

Yi Jiamu’s gaze was always on the two figures standing next to each other and he couldn’t help sighing. “A good match…”

Xu Yi, “?”


Following the host’s final introduction, the light around the audience dimmed. A glowing dark jungle appeared in the centre of the originally blank holographic map. At a glance, there were traces of a ghost movie enthusiast and a careful person.

Then a line of bloody subtitles slowly appeared on the map: Who is the master of despair? The groups in this round can get one point by making their opponent lose self-control.

The audience shuddered at the gloomy music but looking at the players on the screen, they couldn’t help feeling into a weird silence.

They could understand that the planners of the opening ceremony were struggling to develop ideas but such a setting… did they forget the existence of a certain bug?

Gu Yesheng saw this rule description and smiled like a blossoming flower. He glanced at Lu Zexiu and raised his eyebrows slightly. “President, how do you want to play?”

Lu Zexiu looked at the two temporary teammates next to him. One was Cen Jian from the Burning Wood team and the other was Xie Louyuan, the captain of the Holy Sun team that was Sublime Star’s old enemy.

Xie Louyuan heard the inquiry and smiled. “I’m not good at scaring people. You decide what to do and I’ll cooperate.”

Cen Jian didn’t dare say anything in front of the two captains and agreed. “I have no opinion.”

Lu Zexiu nodded and directly made the decision.

Since it was only the entertainment part of the opening ceremony, he didn’t want to consume too much physical energy before entering the official competition. The moment he left the refresh point, he determined the direction of Group B’s refresh point. Then he directly summoned a gust of wind and sent Gu Yesheng to a big tree at a fork in the road.

Lu Zexiu was the heir of an ancient wind family and his control of wind was precise and fierce.

The audience had a god’s perspective and could see that after sending Gu Yesheng to that position, the players of Group B didn’t notice anything.

Under the influence of Xie Louyuan’s ability, the already incomparably dark forest started to become filled with fog. After entering the range unknowingly, the audience looked from the perspective of Group B and it was as if they saw ghosts drifting one after another. In fact, it was Cen Jian who was responsible for this.

Under the arrangement of Group A, the members of Group B gradually approached Gu Yesheng’s hiding place. Many viewers were already unable to bear it and lowered their heads, their hands on their foreheads. This was no different from a home delivery.

There was a close-up shot of Gu Yesheng. He could be seen lying on a tree branch, slender legs hanging down casually and his eyes full of excitement.

The faint moonlight that was the only light source fell on his face, making his white skin and vermillion lips brighter. At a glance, he was like a vampire earl who came out to find his prey and there was a strange coordination with the scene.

Just as the audience was feeling some wonder, they saw Gu Yesheng’s mouth slowly curving up and he raised a finger calmly.

At almost the same time, there was a hysterical scream on the scene. “Ahhhhhh—! MIce! Why are there such big mice on the map!! (Omitted here! Cursing) Don’t come here! Don’t come here! Help ahhhhhh!”

The main screen switched and the audience could see Ji Wenxing running away from his team alone in a panicked manner. The surrounding atmosphere was so depressing that under such stimulation, Ji Wenxing obviously failed to control his true feelings.

The rest of Group B watched this ‘no physical objects performance’ and didn’t even have time to grab him. A series of question marks couldn’t help surfacing in their minds. Where were the mice??

At this point, the first point of the game appeared on Group A’s scoreboard off the field.

The score was currently 1-0.

The audience, “……”

They had no evidence but there was reason to suspect that Ji Wenxing had offended Gu Yesheng. It was obvious that Gu Yesheng could’ve ended it instantly just now. How could his ability grab Ji Wenxing alone?

The interstellar media recovered after a while and immediately wrote with great enthusiasm.

Unexpectedly, Ji Wenxing who was known as ‘Little Sun’ was actually afraid of mice! Write it down!

The author has something to say:

Ji Wenxing: F*k! I said f*k! Did Gu Yesheng hear it!!! (#lifting the table)

Gu Yesheng: Curse me more. It is very good to hear ~^_^~

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