OIAA: Chapter 32

In the blink of an eye, the surroundings were chaos. The group got out of the car and were almost swept away by the influx of people.

Deng Hao thought about and decided to take them to a nearby underground safe area. After determining the direction, he held the beam instrument up high and led the way while looking back at the situation of other people.

Yi Jiamu was in the chaotic crowd and he could see Gu Yesheng’s back as soon as he looked up. Intentionally or unintentionally, they seemed to maintain such a close distance. If they got slightly away from each other, Gu Yesheng would pause and pull him quietly.

It was pretty tight.

A number of people from the city administration had rushed over, including the nearby mech rescue team. Some people were arranging the dispersal of the crowd while some people were trying to shut down the violent mech.

The ability masters who heard the news wanted to rush over and have a quick fight. However, this was a busy downtown area. Since it might affect the ordinary people, they could only wait until the evacuation work was completed before dealing with it patiently.

The only problem was that the positioning system of this mech might’ve malfunctioned. Once it lost control, it moved toward the city centre. Once it entered the third ring road of the city, the impact would be far greater than it was right now.

Just as the emergency evacuation was in full swing, the regularly moving mech suddenly raised its arm. A scarlet beam of light converged on the mechanical arm and gradually intensified.

Due to his own ability, Zhou Ming helped an old man move a certain distance at once. Then he returned up a lost child in the crowd to their mother. In this evacuation, Zhou Ming was more comfortable than others.

At this time, he heard a different sound and looked back leisurely. Then he was stunned. “F*k, is this loading something?”

Deng Hao was in the front not far away. He heard these words and his expression changed. “Run!”

Before he finished speaking, a scarlet light beam shot up and hit a pillar of the viaduct at the top. Suddenly, flames exploded. The ground kept shaking due to the huge turbulence. There were screams as the bridge collapsed. The crowd, who had been evacuated in an orderly manner, became completely panicked due to the sudden attack.

Yi Jiamu frowned at the screams piercing his ears and moved quickly to avoid the huge stones scattered in the air. Then he raised his head and saw Gu Yesheng holding out a hand to him. He didn’t think and directly grasped it.

Gu Yesheng held Yi Jiamu’s hand smoothly and saw that the bridge deck above his head was collapsing layer by layer. He was about to take a step when there was a sudden increase in strength in his hand. In the blink of an eye, Yi Jiamu had already pulled him to run away.

Gu Yesheng, “………”

The chaotic scene had already caused several stampede incidents. However, under the instinct of fear, the crowd never stopped. Behind them was the giant mech that was still pressing forward and above them was the collapsing viaduct…

Yi Jiamu dragged Gu Yesheng through the crowd while silently avoiding every collision. It was as if this confusion didn’t affect him at all. In the blink of an eye, he had run out of the crowd and came to the entrance of the underground safety zone.

Gu Yesheng was dragged all this way. He finally got a chance to breathe so he bent over and started to gasp. Yi Jiamu walked over and patted him lightly on the back in a soothing manner. Meanwhile, his gaze was on the still chaotic scene in the distance.

The nearby ability masters had probably been assembled and gorgeous abilities could be seen in the distance. The originally bright metal shell of the mech was charred black in an instant but the mechanical arm still shone with a scarlet light that fired recklessly.

The distance might be far away but he could still feel the fierce battle situation. Regardless of the fact that the ability masters had an advantage, casualties might not be avoided.

The people of the mech support team started to remove the wounded to a safe distance. Some ability masters in the healing department waited in the safe area. As soon as a person was taken over, they rushed to do the treatment.

After a while, the last wounded person was rescued smoothly and a violent sound was heard. The back half of the viaduct had collapsed, separating the violent mech and the ability masters fighting it to the other end.

No one thought that the accident scene would be divided in this way but at least it meant the people here were safe.

The moment a faint cold wind blew, it was unknown who started sobbing first. In the blink of an eye, people who had survived the catastrophe started to cry because of the atmosphere.

Yi Jiamu could feel Gu Yesheng by his side slowly straightening up and removed his hand from Gu Yesheng’s back. Yi Jiamu was still looking at the battle situation not far away with a slight frown.

It was only after his arm became cold that his senses returned. He looked down and was taken aback when he saw a hole burned in the sleeve. Gu Yesheng came over and noticed the burnt sleeve. Then he checked Yi Jiamu’s arm several times. “When did you get hit? Are you hurt?”

Yi Jiamu lowered his eyes and watched Gu Yesheng fussing. He didn’t have any impression of being hit.

After thinking about it, he remembered that he seemed to have experienced a stone rain with sparks during the evacuation. There were many special materials on the bridge that were hot after being hit by the mech. He should’ve been burnt at that time. As for why only his clothes and not his arms were burnt, he could probably explain it with good luck. However, even he felt that such an explanation was far-fetched…

How lucky was this?

Yi Jiamu always felt that there was something in his mind but he couldn’t grasp it. In the end, he didn’t think too much. He raised his head to look at Gu Yesheng and shook it. “I’m fine.”

Gu Yesheng still didn’t feel relieved and grabbed his hand directly. “Look for Xiao Gong.”

Yi Jiamu wanted to say something. Then he saw the back in front of him and ended up following obediently. Not far away, under the siege of the city administration, the mech that caused the accident was turned into a pile of scrap iron. The energy sign on its head flashed twice before it went out completely.

The culprit of the incident was completely resolved and there was no longer a need to seek refuge in the underground safety zone. Those with wounds were treated in temporary medical vehicles while others had dispersed with a lingering fear.

Guan Xueming sent a message to everyone in Sublime Star to confirm their safety and finally set a relatively safe location to gather.

Soon, the members of the association arrived safely.

As the only one with a healing ability on the team, Gong Yue was naturally the most concerned about injuries. She listened to Gu Yesheng and then glanced at Yi Jiamu nervously. “Mumu, are you injured?”

Since both of them were quiet people, Yi Jiamu only had a handful of conversations with Gong Yue after entering the association. It was rare to see her like this. He rolled up his sleeves and extended his arms to her with a smile. “No, I just burned my clothing.”

Gong Yue sighed with relief before quickly saying with a serious expression. “If there are any injuries, you must remember to tell me! The damage of the mech just now is very high. Please don’t deliberately conceal it!”

Xu Yi overheard this sentence and couldn’t help smiling. “Xiao Gong, listening to you, do you wish we were injured?”

Gong Yue realized she had said the wrong thing and her face turned red. She immediately lowered her head. “H-How can that be? D-Don’t talk nonsense!”

At this time, Deng Hao finished his all and his expression was apologetic. “I’m sorry to let you experience this type of thing on your first day. I’ve already contacted headquarters and they will arrange for an aircraft to come over soon. Please wait a bit longer.”

Now the roads on the ground had been almost completely destroyed. They needed to be repaired and it obviously wouldn’t be a short-term thing. They could only get to the hotel by an air route.


Sublime Star wasn’t the last time to arrive on the planet but the following school teams arrived earlier since they landed at another airport. After settling in the hotel, Lu Zexiu brought everyone from Sublime Star Abilities Association to the hotel auditorium. The competitors from the other schools were already waiting there.

The mech rampage event had become a hot topic. Most of those present knew why Sublime Star was late. They had varying expressions but no one said much. Most of those who came to participate in the College Abilities League were knowledgeable. Usually, the nature of a school team was reflected in the captain who was the representative.

Sublime Star had an unsmiling leader like Lu Zexiu. In addition, the absolute strength of the entire team was in the top three so many schools didn’t dare to joke about them. In addition, there was another reason for today’s excessive silence. It was the person standing next to Lu Zexiu.

In the circle of individual players, Gu Yesheng had been a nightmare since his first year in the league. They hadn’t seen him in a year but today’s Gu Yesheng looked gloomier than ever. Just look at that face and they could almost see the words ‘don’t mess with me’.

The people present exchanged glances and saw the thoughts in each other’s eyes. It seemed that today’s mech accident had a certain impact on Sublime Star. It was unknown if any members were injured and if it would affect the subsequent matches.

Gu Yesheng didn’t know that his actions caused the other association teams to think so much. At this time, the corners of his mouth were lowered and his expression was visibly gloomy.

Their rooms had just been arranged. Not only was he not living near the little friend, he was even transferred to a separate floor. The reason the organizers gave was that considering the experience of other contestants, participants with the mind type ability had to live separately.

Were they so uneasy? These people were participating in the league. Why were they so delicate?!

The host on the stage reported the names of the teams. Lu Zexiu glanced at Gu Yesheng and patted him on the shoulder. “It’s time to draw lots.”

Gu Yesheng’s face was blank as he walked onto the stage with a cold atmosphere. The host was shocked by the gloomy atmosphere and couldn’t help stepping back. He saw Gu Yesheng walk to the drawing box and grab a metal ball.

Once activated by touch, the metal ball flashed a bit and a letter gradually appeared: B.

Gu Yesheng raised his head and looked at the grouping situation on the big screen. Then he shifted his gaze toward the Time and Power College.

The host hesitated before handing over the microphone as usual. “Does Sublime Star’s player have anything to say to the opponents in the preliminary match?”

Gu Yesheng played with the metal ball in his hand a few times before showing an excessively kind smile. “I am really looking forward to the next match.”

It was extremely polite but the players of the Time and Power College shook when they heard it.

Wuu, who would’ve thought they would’ve collided with Sublime Star at the very start? Looking forward to it? What nonsense! Who would look forward to being beaten up on the stage?!

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